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I waitressed when I was in a bind and made

Posted By: notarutanymore on 2006-06-13
In Reply to: Anyone have any ideas on how to get some extra money? sm - Need extra money.

about $700-900+ extra a week, but I burned out after six weeks, but it was enough to get me out of my financial rut temporarily. It depends on where you live on if you can make this type of money and of course, the season.

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Double bind for an MT
You know, spouses tend to undervalue what we do when we are trying to do it. We put up with a lot to work at home (I know I did when I was married). He had no trouble spending the money, despite is constantly berating my efforts and undermining my contracts by calling the companies I worked for and pitching a fit about my not being paid enough, or I was working too much or he couldn't figure out why I could not take any old time off I wanted...again not respecting that this is a REAL JOB that has to be DONE ON A TIMELY BASIS. I could rant all day, but I won't, you get the idea.

Then, when we divorced he wanted to know what it is was worth. Ummm nil since you managed to lose most of my work for me? I was holding only one contract my own for about $3000 a year when they bothered to get me paid.

Just an observation because some men seem to think they can have it both ways.

I am joyfully single now, and have been single for as long as I was married. The single time has flown by in a flurry of doing my own thing, working when I want to, sleeping when I want to, eating what I like, when I like. So much nicer than doing everything on HIS terms.
I'm helping a local MTSO out who is in a bind.

He uses Word and my company uses WP5.1.   He sent me some templates and I can pull those up, but there is some header information with patient name, etc. that is shaded gray and I can't get to that to enter the information and I don't know enough about Word to know what to do at this point.  The MTSO knows even less about Word than I do and the MT that did the account is out for surgery. 

I hope I'm making sense and someone can tell me what to do or what to go to look for the information.   I've done straight typing in Word using templates previously and I have not had to do any formatting, so this is all new to me.




Offer 1 week notice, but willing to offer 2 if they would be in a bind. Also, (sm)
make sure your resignation letter is written with class.  Never good to burn your bridges.
i made $15/hr before and didn't stay long because i made so much more on production. sm
that was with full benes too. i wouldn't do it for less than $20, but i think even with $20, i'd want benes. are you in-house?
I don't know how it made such a small diff in your invoice... made a $100 diff in mine! (sm)

If it were only adding up to three bucks, I wouldn't sweat it. $100? Yeah, that's baseball registration for my son for this year. I am not giving tabs, returns, etc. away free when it adds up to that much difference!  Why should I charge less for a Return than I would for a"K"?



because they are not as bad as they are made out to be sm
I would be willing to bet the majority of people posting negativity about MQ have been fired by them! I've been with MQ for over four years and am very, very happy. My check is always on time, sometimes early, I always have work, my coordinator is great, I can't say enough good about them. I would recommend you at least give MQ a chance. I admit, I was disappointed when they called me, but at the time, I just needed a job, so reluctantly I accepted their offer. Now four years later, I'm so glad I did. Everyone has their own opinion and experience about each company, and the same is with MQ. Not everyone will be happy there, but I certainly am. Good luck to ya!
made some changes...let's see

yes...you made my day..:-)
Thank you so much...works like a charm.
I have definitely made more
Plus, it saves on the hands and wrists. I never want to go back to straight typing. Still enjoy straight typing, and do about 70% VR editing and 30% typing. Love it.
You have just made me $$$
I have to wonder if this is made up BUT if you are
be appreciative of the opportunity to become a superior MT by the QA guidance. If you allow yourself to fall into that pit of self destructiveness by playing 4th grade _the teacher hates me/likes me more than you_ routine, you only do yourself harm. Ask yourself...by having the information that someone is _getting away_ with something you can't, how can you _win_? You win by your superior skills. You learn and you thrive and if you need to, you move on. In the meantime, you learn things that you should have taught yourself as the proper way to transcribe 15+ years ago.

Someone who has been around for 20+ years and this was standard back then for quality MTing.
5 yrs ago, I made as low as $26 K, as hi as

Thank you. This just made my day.
probably made her day! (nm)
But maybe if she made that $500
AND talked to her mortgage lender....offered the $500....then maybe they would be more likely to work with her. It was a suggestion, and a fine one. Lets just help the girl out. OK!
There are several. Most of them are made by
Infinity, but can be wired to work with various systems, so just because it is Infinity doesn't mean it will work with one particular system.  If you don't already have a job that requires a pedal I would wait until you do.  Some pedals are configured to work with proprietary software and are only good for one program.   Some companies require serial port pedals, some game port, and some USB.  You can get adapters to switch them, though they aren't always easy to find. 
Made changes
Yes, I have made the changes you outlined. Unfortunately, stuff like wthi and placentia have gone right on through. I work with Instant Text and the Expander will not run at the same time as Instant Text. Even if I turn the expander on, the first time I use the IT, the expander shuts off. Thanks for the suggestions!
One more thing - does naybody else rememebr those commercials - made in the USA, and "buy American" - I do, instead of outsourcing lets bring back the USA pride, If I could I would use USA instaed of my initials on documents I transcribe.
Sorry I am in a bit of a tizzy about outsourcing - just ranting, but mean every work of it
YES!! I made $15/hr at my first MT job...
and that was with excellent benefits back in 2001. I live in the midwest where the cost of living is very reasonable too. So, $12/hr for an experienced MT is awful! I only had experience as a medical assistant before becoming an MT and made more than that.
I used to do this but made more as MT. Now I also
LOL, you made my day. nm
You just made my day:) sm
You don't know how much I personally appreciate hearing you say that. So many people (even family) think that all I do is sit home in my jammies and straight "type." It's good to see someone who has an appreciation for how indepth the MT field actually is. You are awesome for making my day!
THANK YOU! You made my day nm
Most of us know by now that it's mostly made up.

yep, that made my day. NM
Thank you!
And I made about $60,000 in the 80s
and now, horse of a different color, totally.
I think it's because he's doing too much. Look at how many movies he's made in the last fe
all in a row.  Plus, the divorce surely is adding to that.  As far as Angelina, don't blame her.  If Brad was in love with his wife, he wouldn't have strayed.  Plus, it obviously isn't just an "affair."  It seems they are developing a relationship.  Also, don't forget, Angelina was the victim of a cheating husband and had her heart broken, so she knows that pain.  I think Brad and Jennifer spent too much time apart.  And he does have a history of falling in love with his co-stars - Gwyneth and Juliette to name two. 
You made several of my points..
With hard work and encouragement, the helping hand from the government helped produce productive citizens.  You had the advantage at least of an intact family.  Think of a poor baby born to an uneduated teenager mother with no father.  Without a lot of hard work and self determination, no amount of money from the govt. is going to end that vicious cycle.
Thank you. Just read it and made

I produced what you do and made less
Where do you work? I worked my fanny off, produced 10,000 lines per pay period and got only $800 per pay period, for about $16,000 a year since we do not get paid vacation. IT STINKS

Please, please, where do you work?
If I could have made even the same amount
someone who lives near me, an ex-MQ'er, who went to work there.  She would never come back.  We worked on the same account, which MQ is losing, expected to go live there before the end of the year.  I wanted to stay with my account, of 7 years, had normals up the wazoo! 
I made this for a party once..sm

You may have already seen these, if not they are rather cute.

Purchase some plastic (deli type) disposable gloves.  These are made to touch food, etc.  Put a candy corn in fingertips (for fingernails) stuff rest with popcorn.  Tie top with colored black/orange ribbon, and put plastic spider rings (found everywhere at halloween) on top of glove after they are stuffed.  These are really kinda cute.

In OR I made $16.50/hr, in NE I was offered $11.30.
Actually, I made just under 56K last year...
It is only in the 40K range for the first year. 
Made more 10 years ago
Better dictators back then and the company/facility you worked for didn't give with one hand and take with the other.
Just made the switch to

PC-Cillin from Norton.  I heard from a guru that it was much better.  My friend had Norton and it did not pick up a virus, and I was having a problem with my automatic scan.  I had it set for every week, and sometimes it would run, other times not.  I also have the Ad-Aware.

RadGuy made me wonder...
This should be fun... make I won't feel so bad about what I have gotten in past!  LOL
Been there, doing that, wish I had made a better choice.
My personal experience with the good captain has also been unsettling.  I have been with them for almost a year and it has been bad for half of that.  Man am I tired of bounced checks, late checks, no work, and ridiculous reasoning.  I have been appling with other companies but have not found anything yet.  Good luck and lets hope the ship doesn't sink until we get off!!!
Newflash... Most everything you buy ANYWHERE is NOT made
So.....Ms. Fasttype. Looks like you made the
Next time you want to stir up some mess about Klaar or any other company, you might want to make a point of changing your monniker. It's quite obvious to all what you have done here or what you are 'trying' to do.

Your condition has a name and you might want to see a doc about it. Who knows, maybe one of us will get to transcribe your report. Maybe me, I love psych transcription.

That's really what made it easy for me - sm
When we have our taxes done every year, our preparer gives me an estimate of what quartery amount I should be paying, as well as gives me a schedule with payment coupons and envelopes already addressed. So, all I have to do is write a check. Like the other posters say, you can fix the problem. It may take awhile, but you will feel much better once you start the process. Good luck!
I made $13,000 last year

working full time.  Constantly out of work. I moved to a different company in September of last year as an IC QA and still had the same problem.

really? made more money as an MT?

Wow, you must have had your own accounts independently then, right? It seems with some of today's trends in the MT field, that the pay will be not as good as it was, or harder to make equal to or close to what an RN would make. 

Yes, you have made several assumptions
This person's situation is too intricate for someone here to be offering her any kind of advice other than to get an attorney.  This is not the place for her to be seeking advice about situations such as hers.  This should be common sense. I don't know if this person has some sort of attention seeking problem or what...but I think it's rediculous for her to air all her personal affairs on this board and expect people here to provide advice that only an attorney or someone who knows all about her financial affairs can offer.  I truly hope that Jodi is not her real name. 
How unique and to have it made FOR you!
Hehe, that made my day...nm
Overall they are poorly made
vehicle with lots of service issues.   On some rating system they ranked lowest of any vehicle.  I just read yesterday where they are building the first KIA factory in the U.S.  It might improve quality issues, though the price may also increase as well. 
Look, you made a mistake.....
no need to go on the defensive and start calling people fanatics.  Just because someone loves their dog like their child doesnt make them fanatical.  It also does not mean that because their pet is treated like a child that their pet is not trained.  Are your children untrained?  My goodness!  My children behave very well.  Treating a pet like a loved child, in my opinion, would mean they are treated with a lot of love tempered with discipline and boundaries.  I think that you are fanatical in that you cannot seem to have a normal middle ground when it comes to these two issues. 
I made the cake before -
and it was soooo good - rich of course, but delicious.  Gotta try the meatloaf tonight. Thx for the recipe.
I have made SO much money doing MT,

if I were doing it over again I would have finished my degree (which I am doing now).  I have been an MT for 25 years, as a hospital MT and an MTSO.  The money has been very good.  Being able to be home with my kids through the years was good.  But in other ways being home has been bad - for one not being able to walk away from work and leave it at the office.  I feel like I should always be working because there's always more money to be made.  I know over the years I have thrown 100% into my business and home/family have suffered.  I really think that other than being physically available for my kids, my home life was better when I worked in a hospital - because then when I was off work, I was off.  I came home and started dinner and cleaned the house while it was cooking and settled in for a relaxing evening.  Now I am often still working at 6 or 7 p.m., fast food dinners, house not cleaned, etc.  Yes, it's POSSIBLE to organize yourself so that you take care of those things too when you work at home, but I think for a lot of us we get into a rut.  I feel psychologically healthier getting out of the house, etc.  Which I am doing now that I am back in college and I will never go back to just being at home full time again.

Another downside - weight gain from being sedentary!

You made the right decision nm