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It's not rude to suggest a job. (nt)

Posted By: If you need money that's what you do, get a job on 2006-06-14
In Reply to: Some people answered your question rather rudely below, SM - IHJB

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I would suggest
giving them a call.  I would imagine they would hire PT whether they're advertising for PT or not.  I work PT but do as many or more lines than is required for FT.  I know they bend over backwards for me in every respect and I doubt I'm treated any differently than their other MTs.  I think you'll find them to be incredibly nice folks even AFTER you're hired!     And, believe it or not, they do know how to coordinate hiring and work flow so it's unlikely you'd ever run out of work, might be ASKED to work extra but that with more than adequate compensation IMHO.
I can suggest one

AT&T CallVantage. - You can make all LD calls (including with your dictation system) directly through your DSL line. I've never been billed more than $35/month (I think that includes taxes), and I'm on close to 10,000 minutes a month.

So how to you suggest they do it then?
Unfortunately they have to keep track of who is getting these cards and they have to make sure there is no fraud going on, so they have to make some stipulations.

I think it's a great effort regardless!
Can I suggest something?
Two lines of thinking, actually:

1) Please consult a behavior specialist. There is an underlying reason or reasons for his behavior. It's much healthier for him to find out the causes for his behavior and design a treatment plan and work for changes rather than to just cover them up by changing the environment.

2) Please consider going against what seems to be the attitude today: Everything made-to-order. What I mean is that children learn quickly what is acceptable and what isn't. If we constantly are taking our children out of normal social situations and putting them in "specialized", "personalized", "made-to-order" situations they will never learn how to cope and get along with others. They will also be robbed of the joy of learning community-mindedness. Not teaching them how to get along in life is hateful. Not easy skills to learn as a teen, as an adult.

Just my opinion. I faced behavioral problems with mine when they were young. I know how it feels. My best wishes for you.
I would suggest..
going to a psychiatrist. I also suffer from anxiety and depresson. I take a combination of Wellbutrin and Neurontin, and this seems to work very well. I have had a hard time finding any medicine that works for me. I still have episodes sometimes, but they could prescribe you Xanax for those in between momements. I don't take Xanax though, just the Neurontin for the anxiety.
What do you suggest

How much do you guys charge for a late fee when invoices aren't paid in time? 

My terms are invoicing the first of each month and payment due within ten days. 

I've decided to impose a late fee since I'm having a horrible time getting paid.  What do you recommend?  Thanks.

Thanks! What do you suggest then?

I would suggest
investing in the Stedman's Medical Terms and Phrases book. It is kind of spendy, but it sure is a nice comprehensive reference book. Definately worth it..
oh, i was going to suggest
carboplatin and Paclitaxel...?
May I suggest

Shortkeys2?  That's the program I have at my office (I do transcription for a major medical institution) and at home (home transcription on the side).  It works with most programs and platforms.  I've only had one or two programs so far that it wasn't compatible (AOL and GMAIL).

I would suggest
If at all possible, I would suggest you get a job working in-house, so that you can get paid by the hour. I don't know about the rest of you, but when I first started out, I don't know how many lines I typed per hour, but I worked 8 to 2, and I only transcribed about 18 to 25 reports a day.  My speed and comprehension built up slowly and it helped greatly having co-workers to help me.  I feel that the MTSO will take advantage of you in several ways and believe you will probably not make a decent living in the beginning. You have to learn the system you are working on, the physician's style of dictaton, etc.
I'd suggest...(sm)
...using "AA (Photography)" or "AA (Media Arts)" in order to show the relevance of the degree.
May I suggest --sm
Shorthand V10 as an expander? It works just like autotext, which is exactly what I was looking for when I wanted an expander. It works with almost all platforms, and has a free 30 day trial. There is also an option for paying at the end of the 30 days. To receive all upgrades, I chose to pay once a year, at 29.99! It is the best Expander I have ever used and for the price, it's a steal! good luck.
and i would suggest
Your response does not surprise me.  I would suggest you read between the lines in the entire thread that I wrote.  I did not CALL FOR anything.  I was simply making an observation and throwing some thought out there.  As far as my spelling of HIPAA...... I am not an MT, nor a typist, nor grammar specialist.  I am, however, a very very successful consultant in many areas.  My expertise has afforded me very nice wealth.  How about you????? 
I would suggest only if you need benefits.
I'd suggest it if you want a job when you come back. nm
You need to be upfront with them. What you suggest isn't right.
To begin with, I would suggest
Paying for your rent/mtg, food and utilities without fail first.

I ended up in BK 13 so I can't help you with a company name but this is what I learned, food and shelter come first.
I would suggest getting a 9 pin pedal

With the new systems, the problem is within the wiring that causese the incompatability.  I've tried a total of 5 different coverters/adapters (including Radio Shacks) that did not work with the 9 pin pedal to my new Dell.  I found one converter than even the inventer is unsure would work and costs about $30.  I have a 9 pin foot pedal that I would sell to you for about that same amount if you want it.

The only adapter that I found that does work is with converting a 15 serial port to USB with a product by Radio Shack with a game switch on it.  That is not a shelf item and has be to purchased through their web site.

I would suggest an inpatient
detox program if you are feeling really badly.  Your pain management physician or your primary care physican would be the best source for information.  Please call their office and let them know how you are feeling, they should be able to help get authorization for you to be admitted for inpatient detox.  Do not feel badly about this - OxyContin is a highly addictive medicaiton which should have been explained to you when it was first prescribed. Good Luck. 
I suggest going to some place like Best Buy
that has lots of keyboards on display and try them out.  I have a keyboard that came with another computer that has a light touch, but you can't buy the keyboard separately.   I also have carpal tunnel and have had surgery twice.   What works for me is to use a pillow under the keyboard.  You can push your chair back a little, put your pillow on the edge of the desk or the edge of the keyboard try and then put your keyboard on top of the pillow.  It supports your wrists and arms and it makes you sit back in the chair, thus relieving back/shoulder strain.   My orthopod also recommended soaks, 15 minute cold, 15 minute hot, and then 15 cold again.  I also recommend wearing splint(s) at night because you may bend your wrists while sleeping and wearing a splint will prevent that, which will help the discomfort during the day.  
i can suggest a book that might help - sm
I started reading Melodie Beatty's "The Language of Letting Go" - helped me tremendously. Congratulations for finding the strength to leave that mess. I wish you lots of happiness.
I would also love to suggest the following:
Insert a picture of a happy MT transcribing from her beach towel as the kids and hubby splash in the surf! LOL!
She is obviously OCD, cannot let it go. I suggest we move on.
suggest after that post that you do not.....sm
Here's a thought - don't move to Tampa, especially if you think it lacks culture, try SE Florida.....can't tell me SE Florida lacks culture; there are so many cultures, it feels like NYC!   If you could pay $2200 rent in NYC, you could find a 2 BR, 2 BTH in SE Florida for same or a tad less, $1500-$2000 1500 sq. ft.
Sorry, but to suggest that she use the questions...

from another company's test or website is just downright dishonest and is a violation of copyright laws as well. 

Good grief.  It just isn't that difficult to come up with a batch of test questions.


This is what I will suggest so we can all speak up.

On one day, say May 1, every MT that reads this sends a letter to the Editor of their local newspaper calling attention to the fact that protected medical information may be going overseas, complete with SSNs.  If people don't start becoming involved in protecting their own information, then they don't know or maybe even don't care, but I think many will start to ask questions.  But I could be wrong. 

Worked as MT for 15 yrs; I'm 60. Can you suggest another
You suggest being less offensive ... yet
you are obnoxious!!!
I would suggest you give it a try and see if you like it. nm

I used to work use Express Scribe and out of all the employees (there probably was 10 or 15) only one that I knew of used the function keys.  It felt awkward to me.

Suggest to go to Amazon.com and buy SM
"When The Name Of The Game Is Saving Keystrokes" by Diana Rolland. You have to have a system. The book teaches you that.

Don't start just making them up randomly or you will go crazy. One thing I use is dividing word in half like nesc for nephrosclerosis, but, as stated, buy book.
Not only do they repair, they can suggest, and
I suggest trying Medware

I'm starting with them 7/1, but I can tell you the hiring process was one of the best I've experienced. The recruiter was super friendly. Once I applied, they got back with me within a few days.  Also, the testing process was very reasonable. Great benefits from what I've read (on here) and they don't change your accounts frequently. Take care and good luck!

I would suggest trying some of the free ones out there....sm
There are plenty that can be found on line and IMO are WAY better than Norton. I tried it twice and both times got viruses. For the $$ they charge, I don't think that should happen! Do a Google search for "free antivirus program," which should give you plenty from which to choose!
Can anyone suggest a good company

Not perfect just decent, I have a year experience so deffinately still learning, I work as an IC on Acute Care but the work runs out and I want to keep this job and have another MT job for I'm getting tired of my office job... Figure I might as well do what I like for a living


Google Suggest Rocks!
I would suggest that you have your thyroid checked--sm
It is the number one cause of fatigue and most often overlooked by physicians. Have a complete TSH blood test. T3, T4, free T4, and an iodine uptake test.
I would also suggest dumbbels for toning. NM



if you really want to know, I suggest you attend an EMR conference..
I did. I was considering selling EMR's for my next career. Omigosh, if MT's would get their fat rear ends out of their chairs and into the real world and see what these babies can do, you would really hear people sweating it.  Every year, the docs that come out of medical school are more and more savvy with computers. I've seen lots of young docs who can type as fast as I can... so be educated and make educated decisions about your future...don't guess!
Suggest she and the other office staff take a pay cut, too.
Can anyone suggest some helpful radiology
I am going to be starting radiology transcription next week for the first time (lots of experience in acute) and was wondering if there are any radiology-specific websites that radiology MTs like to use.  Thanks!
What good expander do you suggest and
do you have to remember what you want to call up or how does 1 work? I know in ShortHand I put in Tp and it comes up the patient. Does an Expander work identical to that?
Yes, I would suggest using a commercial expander sm
Like ShortHand or Instant Text. They will increase your productivity tremendously.

As for the buckling down and just getting to work, well, as soon as you realize the secret to that, be sure and share it with the rest of us! If I knew the answer to that, I would not be sitting here on MTStars at 10:03 replying to your message, I would be cranking out the lines!! :)
I suggest you seek out an accountant sm
Since you have no experience as IC, you really need to talk to an accountant. Honestly, that is the only way to be knowledgable about it. I had to do that 18 years ago when I started as IC. Each year, the tax laws are updated, new write-offs, things you were deducting can't be deducted anymore, etc.

I have had the same accountant now for about 12 years, and he is not that expensive. Last year, he charged $180. Not too bad.
I donít think he would just out of the blue suggest the medicine
Probably you made mention of having had the cervical cancer and that is where the dialogue started, right? As far as the x-ray, think that is being overplayed with that and fertility. Loads of children, females included, have x-rays when younger and do not lose their ability to have children. You sound like you are stressed out, mentioning this and that, xrays, miscarriages, sterility, etc., etc.
I'd suggest a gentle cycle and even then you may come out with a tangled
mass, depending on how the yarn was rolled up.
suggest finding out if your state is a community

When I divorced the ex, we had just bought a house.  We live in a community property state - everything you accrued during the married is pretty much split 50-50.  I hired an attorney for $600 !!!  He hired a real-property attorney for $350 as he was worried about the house.  I gave him the house and the dog and I took the child.  It is a joint custody state but I was the primary custodian. 

It's worth it to hire a divorce lawyer, and like you said you're only married 2-1/2 years (I was married 12 yrs) and you probably have little to no equity in the house at this point (just like us back then).  

Check out cheaper divorce lawyers and see what you can do.  Best of luck!

I would Not suggest Wolf Creek, very disappointing to me
I'd suggest you look for a local doctor's office if you
want no ESL.   If you do acute care you're going to have ESLs. 
I wouldn't suggest wearing them while you work.
Magnets and computers don't go well together. 
Wow, what a thread. Ridiculous to suggest no vacation..sm
Everyone needs time off to regroup. To suggest she either takes a vacation or quits is unbelievable. This office has apparently lost sight of what an IC truly is, and if they want to call the shots, they need to start paying her taxes. Plain and simple. And Burned Out, you need to remind them of that constantly, lest they do forget. Make sure the doctors are in on the discussion and not just an OM, too, so you can get their feelings on the matter (often differing from an OM's POV).

What I don't get is they have other ICs working for them right now, so it's not like this is solely YOUR account. If your service alone had the account and supplied the other ICs, then yes, I would advise you to provide coverage. I always do, mainly because I don't want someone swooping in and taking my account while I'm on vacation. If I supply an SC, I still have an account when I get back.

However, I don't see why they don't just ask the other ICs provide coverage, period. Whether the other ICs can handle the extra work or not should not be your concern in this situation, IMO. If the other ICs don't want the extra work, they can turn it down, because they are INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS.

I think your biggest problem is that your client needs a quick reminder what the IRS thinks of businesses that try to dictate hours, methods, etc., to ICs whose taxes they don't pay.

Be sure to ask that person next time if THEY ever take vacation (the one that made the smirky comment about other ICs never taking time off). If not, then it's only a matter of time before they all go down in flames. Personally, I wouldn't want fried workers, because they are more error prone, but that's just me.

I do try to schedule my vacation when I know at least one doctor will be out of the office at my largest practice. Even though I do provide SC coverage, it cuts down on the phone calls and headaches while I'm away. And yes, you will still get phone calls, emails, etc. When you run a business, it comes with the territory, so you may have to deal with some aspects of the business even while on vacation. Just plan your vacation at an opportune time, and this won't be so bad, and there won't be a huge backlog when you return. Good luck!