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I was not pointing fingers at a particular region, sm

Posted By: W on 2005-12-07
In Reply to: I have said that for years. The only moaners and groaners are from the - me

just pointing out that we in the Northeast have our share of bad weather.  In fact, we get just about everything here.  Blizzards, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, even earthquakes for that matter, albeit, minor earthquakes in the last century.  Highest recorded winds were on top of Mt. Washington in New Hamphshire.  Been there several times.  Cold.  It's expensive to live here, too.  Due to proximity to the Big Apple, we get a lot of celebrities and rich types living here, driving up the per capita, while the rest of us pay the price at the pump, for real estate, you name it.   Nobody tries to give us a hand.  Just take from us.  Funny, I work for a national, but don't get paid anymore than those in lower expense areas.  When I worked for corporations before MT, pay was gauged to the region of the country we lived in.  Those on west coast and Northeast made a little more because of the expenses in our areas. 

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what region of NY are you in?
Just curious - I'm in upstate NY and hardly ever see anyone else on here from NY
New MQ QA? New MQ pay? I just got offered IC in SW region? Please tell me more. nm
Curious, are there any IC MT's from the So. Cal region?

I was wondering if there are any IC MT's in the Ventura Country region.  I may be looking for some help soon, and I was hoping there might be someone in need of work. The hours would be flexible.  It would also require driving locally one day a week.  



Can anyone tell me how they like working for the NE Region of MQ as all offices in the NE are
going there one by one as the local offices close down. What are the people like to work for there and the QA people as far as feedback on things. Thanks
Again as has been said many many times I think it depends on the office and the region.

I work in Pennsylvania and it has definitely gotten worse. Seems like this region is bad.

No, I am not trying to brag. I just wanted to know if others who live in my region are charging app
I did speak to another local MT this evening and she is charging .15 per line. That is all I wanted to know, what was the norm for this area and if I was overcharging.    
I was not pointing you out. (SM)
Just reminding of the other boards. Posts need to be on the correct boards.

I said nothing of the kind. I was pointing out

a high enough rate to pay subcontractors 15 to 18 cpl and I said that I only get 14 and 15 cpl myself  as an MTSO and I have 25 years of experience and great references and all my accounts from word of mouth.  Sorry, but the money's not there.  I also pointed out that I knew of a hospital that was charging clinics 18 cpl for their MTs to transcribe the clinic work and the clinics did not want to pay that much and found services to do it for less. 

It's nice to DREAM that you are going to get 15 to 18 cpl, but it's not going to happen.  Wake up and realize that competition is driving the price down.  Even with your own accounts, 15 cpl is about the top you are going to get and that's if you're lucky.  Go out and look for your own accounts and you'll come back a little wiser.  That's why I said you're not going to get 15 to 18 cpl.  I didn't say you aren't worth it; I said you're not going to get it.  If you think you are, you are dreaming.

Pointing hand
Okay, what does the symbol of the little hand pointing to the right on this forum mean? 
It is pointing south, but ...
it has to be aimed directly at a particular satellite. There is evidently an arc of them to the south, but we are aimed at one that one of the techs admitted they were having problems with.

past pointing
no past pointing
some of us have been pointing to this for the past two years
and there will be others who will reply "plenty of work for GOOD MT's" which I wish they would have posted that for the 150 US Heartland MT's that got canned. You might say "Come ON people!  Offer more than that!  We are WORTH it!!!"  Apparently we aren't worth it or they would offer more. As they say in Economics 101, "the market will only pay what the market will bear."  Offshoring, EMR and VR are eating away at MT, the only thing left will be the junk ESL....
Neuro exam: no pes pointing?? nm THX!
I found "past-pointing", but woe is me! nm
For more years than I care to remember, LOL, I always typed "pass pointing" and QA never, ever caught it. YECHHHH! :(
geesh yourself. I wasn't being rude, just pointing out that

the people I worked for, over the years 4 different chiropractic offices in different states, and they all had cases filed against them for various complaints regarding treatment.  So, in MY opinion, I do consider them bone crunchers and I would never go to one for treatment. 

Sciatica affects the nerves and acupuncture is HIGHLY effective in the treatment of sciatica because they treat the nerve not the spine.  Acupuncture for sciatica is the better way to go than by treatment of a chiropractor. 

I find most everything in your post to be finger pointing.
You are putting every excuse in the world out there as to why you are not able to do the job you were hired to do.

Sorry to hear about your past but that is NOT why you were FORCED to take a job. You made a CHOICE to take the job.

Yes, it is legal for an employer to ask you to do more than one account. It is NOT abuse but, by the other statements in your post, that you feel everything is someone else's fault.

If the job isn't for you, then go find one that is. The point is that your most profitable work might not be in medical transcription.
I meant eligible to take the certification. Thanks for pointing out my error.
I didn't express that clearly.
Pointing out minor errors is not amusing. It is simply rude.
Sounds like all the doublespeak inflicted on us at our employee meetings. Finger-pointing, no const
same here- my fingers just do not

.... with fingers.
Could it be something on your fingers?
And I ask that in all seriousness and no offense meant. I have had 3 MS Keyboards and have not worn the letters off any of them. Are you maybe putting some kind of lotion on your hands that would eat the letters off? Maybe if you get the sticky letters another poster was talking about you could stick the letters on the front of the keys instead of the top so they don't wear off, but you can still see them.
Nothing to do with your fingers sm
The "Million Dollar Question" was once, "What is the most used vowel in the English Languate?" I supposed "E" as this lasts least on my keyboard.Guess what - it was "e" - DON'T THINK IT WAS ANSWRED CORRECTLY but we who pound the keyboard would have known. Understand 1110 per cent!
Ya know what FINGERS

You speak ridiculous.... let's all tell our employers we are not working until..........

The idea was to organize and get all your ducks in a row.  If you are going to do something, do it with a plan and organize.  You can't just jump the gun and go into something blindly.  You will look ridiculous and get nothing accomplished. 


Cold fingers
Even though I keep my house comfortable, I find my fingers getting cold when I type.  Is it just me. Does anyone have any suggestions.
frozen fingers
do you guys have troubles with her hands getting cold? and what do you do about it?
cold fingers
All the time when I start out before the work area is sufficiently warmed up with the SPACE HEATER. Space heater essential to get fingers going.
let ur fingers do the walking
No....but I transcribed asleep once. I was working 3rd shift and dozed off. I don't know how I managed to work the foot pedal and my C-phone and go through several reports. Luckily for me I woke up and realized what I had done. I scrambled to put my last several reports on hold to check them before the doctor received them who was one hallway over. It scared me so bad I wasn't sleepy for the rest of the night. I've never let myself sit there that sleepy anymore either. I get up and walk around to get myself more alert. Funny thing was I was not transcribing what the doctor was saying. I was using some of their phrases. I guess I would hear a word and it would trigger my memory and I would type a regular phrase. Scared the bejeebers outta me that is for sure!
trained fingers
Makes me think of what it is like for your fingers to "know" a telephone number but for the life of me I couldn't tell you what it is--I'd have to dial it for you.
Cold Fingers
Try typing gloves! I have the same problem. They do help some. I also have been known to sit on a heating pad while typing -- helps warm me up.
Actually the ones I have do not have fingers, just a thumb.

I really love them, There is a strap around the wrist to adjust the tightness, but the neoprene is a great fabric that seems to work really well for me.  I hate to recommend anything because sometimes what is good for one is not so good for another.  I would recommend going to a surgical supply store and they should let you try them on, that is what I did. 


fumbling fingers

When that happens to me, I consciously slow down and meticulously try to make no errors and eventually increase my speed.  That seems to help me. 

Another trick is to not think about your fingers at all, but still slow down a bit, and then you will find you are on the right track again after a while.  I think it also happens when the dictator does not speak in a good flow of words, is choppy and starts and stops a lot.  Your rhythm is off when that happens.

Hope this helps. 

Gee you must have bionic fingers

and/or a very good line rate.  How do you do it?

The only movement should be fingers. I have
 and keyboard where I dont have to reach up or down to type. I wedge a pillow between the arm of chair and my body so arm is resting on pillow and supported.  Also have comfort keyboard configured like capital L and reverse capital L.  Hands are in neutral handshake postion at all times.  Also have left backspace bar set up as backspace to stop groping of backspace key (I have small hands).  Took a lot of tweaking and paying attention to what I was doing to streamline things.  Also am streamlining all aspects of work.  Every second I can shave off is more money in my pocket.
lol. I figured my fingers
got all jumbled up and I somehow did it to myself.  It would be quite a coincidence if we both jumbled up the same way at the same time, I think.  Maybe we can get some help from the site administrators. 
fingers won't work
Your mind and fingers seem to be at odds. Try to relax more and have a look out the window and maybe free your mind some.
Could be other things also on the fingers sm
I have had my MS Natural keyboard for about 7 years, and the only key that is fading is the N. It wasn't until I left my previous company a few months ago and had to send back their computer that this key started getting messed up. The difference? My kids, my husband, and I all use this one computer now, and I am constantly on them to stop eating at the computer. My mother-in-law is a constant on-line game player and eats at her desk frequently. She has gone through about 5 keyboards in the same 7 years due to the letters wearing off. We're getting another computer soon, and I'm buying a new keyboard for myself so we do not have this issue again.
Let's hear it for bionic fingers!! (nm)
Painful fingers from typing
I experience sore, aching fingers each day from typing.  Because of this, I cannot do more than 1000 lines a day.  Ibuprofen helps somewhat.  I do not know what is wrong.  The knuckles appear a bit enlarged and upon waking in the morning each finger appears swollen.  I am a thin person.  I wear fleece gloves with no fingers all day while typing for warmth.  This is more than just an annoyance  but rather something that gets bad enough that I have trouble concentrating on typing because all I can think of is the pain.  The doctor I saw was no help at all.  Anyone else having this problem?
Keep your fingers on the keyboard and not the mouse. sm
I average anywhere from 500 to 600 lines an hour on recognized files; however, it took a little while to get there.

There are eScription provides tips and shortcut keys so you do not have to use the mouse (a lot of control + keys).

Do you have those tips? If not, I could try to e-mail them to you.
cause is brain going faster than fingers
I don't think there's anything we can *do* about it - except perhaps proof better as we type and/or not type as fast as we are.....it's our own flaw..I think.....and every time I re-read - I find something omitted - so I'm re-reading it all :) 
fingers not working today

I have had my days with horrible dictors, and today I have a dream dictor, could no thave been happier to get her and my fingers do not work.  I can't seem to type anything correctly. lol.  Thank goodness I proof my work before sending - thank goodness for spellcheckers and grammar checkers - cause I suck today lol

Does anybody else have that kind of day - or is it just me? Now be nice lol

QA response to flying fingers
I know exactly what you mean.  In the company I work for, there is 1 QA director which is in charge of 100% hold and then there are 7 shift QA people.  I was told by the head QA person what a great job I have done and was released 3 weeks into QA.  then begin to send to clininc with sending in docs with blanks and oh my god I am made to feel like my job is on the line at night when I sign off by these people. I was even told by one that if I though the doc was good enough with just a few blansk go ahead and send them in,  and of course my check is still not here from the 15th,  I guess we are just expected to keep up the typing with no pay and all the belittling we have to put up with.  If I do receive pay today I am not going to type today.  MY time is to valuable just to type for the heck of it. 
What do you use for cold fingers while typing?
and I disagree with your statement. It's all in the fingers.

I MEAN *lessen* - arthritic fingers let me down....
fingers feeling tingley

I have been doing medical transcription for a year and lately, if I type for more than an hour at a time, my fingers start to tingle and then get stiff and numb.  I am using an ergonomic keyboard and have a beanbag wrist rest.  Does anyone have a suggestion as to what I can do to keep my hands in the correct position while typing?  I have heard there are gloves I can get - does anyone have experience with this?


SRT shortcuts that are easier on your fingers

If you have Instant Text you can create command entries in your glossary for all the editing shortcut combinations of your platform and create short forms that are easier to type.

If you are using marker keys to expand, you can even give these short forms a longer, descriptive name which will be easier on your memory, knowing that you don't have to type the whole short form. The command entry will show as soon as you type 2 letters, and then you can jump ahead within the short form and type the most relevant letters. Each command entry should end with an underscore to avoid adding a space.

You can always email me if you have any questions.

Textware Solutions

opps - that's if they say...(fingers numb) NM
no need for stupid police to arrest me. lol
Help! My fingers aren't working!
Have you ever had a day when your fingers just don't want to cooperate? I feel like they have a mind of their own this morning! I'm having to backspace every other word because they keep throwing a letter in there or typing them out of order!

Maybe they are trying to tell me to TAKE A BREAK! LOL