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I wish I had read this board before I joined Softscript

Posted By: FORMER SS MT on 2007-05-10
In Reply to: Softscript - Miryam Knackstadt

Not only were they liars and cheats but they are incredibly Dumb.  The VP of Human Resources has to be one of the most incompetent people on the face of the earth.  No, don't quit your good job for THIS MESS.  Run away!  Run away!

I'd be interested in joining that lawsuit... 

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read recent posts on this board and on the company board
here is a link from the New MT board-you might want to read a bit on this board
Are you serious? Have you read this board?
We have MT's on here all the time that are in foreclosure and losing their homes, who can't afford to buy clothes for their kids and shop at Goodwill, who need us to take up a collection for Christmas presents!

Enough said!
I read all the way down the board and only saw 1
thread complaining. OH, I forgot this thread. Make that 2. I don't think that's so bad. Besides, people have to vent. Imagine if every time we got mad at our husbands or kids we just quit. Wouldn't work out too well.
If you had read this board, you might would have
thought differently. I just saw 1 person posting the other day and had stars in her eyes about the future of transcription even when others saying how it has gone down over the years. If I were younger and had just started, I think I would weigh very seriously the postings here, knowing they have experience in how this job has gone from 1 of being able to raise a family on to 1 of just chump change basically.
should have read except on job seeker board
except solicitations on Job Seeker boards here for MT/coding etc. 
Read through all the posts on the New MT board. Top 3
Read your post on the other board....
It discussed not having health insurance any more, not being an employee, having 2 IC jobs, etc. You speak of this as the CURRENT/FUTURE situation, not in the past. I know the subject of Keystrokes not hiring ICs has been addressed many times on this board.

I don't mean to make you defensive, but you posted pretty much 2 separate messages about a single job and they give conflicting information. I'm just confused.
Look down this board and read the thread titled
"How to make money MT'ing" by Dano. It is excellent advice. It should help you a lot. Also on about page 4 or so there are a couple of threads that discuss how some of the higher producers get their production, hints and tips on expanders, macros, etc.

You can do very well at this line of work if you want to and really appy yourself!!
How do you do a search on this board - my topic will never come up and I know I have read about it
People who read this board still apply
at companies they are warned about.  Your book would not only be a waste of time, but no one will buy it. 
Hayseed, I am so sorry to hear that. Last I read the board, sm
you were very happy at DeVentura. How did it go so bad....!!!

I wish you well.....Good luck!
Here's a hint: Read the rest of the board.

Yes, Jay certainly does read this board. I know because he threatened to sue me if I didn't remov

certain posts some months ago essentially about the same subject content as now.  If Jay truly owes previous employees and current employees clearly it would behoove him to do so as it certainly doesn't look very good when his indiscretions are plastered all over MT sites.


Read the well written post on the offshoring board. (nm)
Just read on the AI board that Anthony Federov is dating
Heather Cox.
I hope that student doesn't read this board. sm

I don't think this was a good place to look for a laugh at a student's expense, even though I suspect you weren't intending to be mean or condescending. We were all there once.

After 30 years in this business, much of it in QA and QA management, I've gone back to transcription and I am still learning things from my QA people. Humiliating at times, yes! But its all a learning process.

Oh yeah? Go to company board and read about Heartland's layoffs.

it's really not fair to tell people to get into this business when it's obvious there's big trouble and the S--- is just starting to hit the fan...

Read the tips from the poster at the top of the board about Word. Good suff! nm
How comes this person wasn't reported to the monitor board? I told someone to read the red note on
I'll probably get banned for writing this, but my comment was much milder than this. I didn't call anyone any names. What's up with this?
and joined?
Do they keep your info confidential - don't want to be fired, but I do want to join.
I saw this too, I joined.

Certainly can't hurt.

I joined when they first started. sm
I disagree totally with old MT, so sorry.  I trust we are allowed our opinions.  Other than being a really expensive publishing house (Stedmans is way better AND cheaper) they haven't fulfilled any promises, espeically the most important ones.  Now reading this, they are actually in India meeting with the Indians and forming a "network."  Whose interest do they have at heart?  Sorry, I quit them and I am glad I quit them.  Let them make their money stabbing us in the back.  I think clubs like AAMT are oftentimes just a social event with an empty payback.  And that's how I see AAMT.  There are too many bad CMTs out there to make the CMT worth anything.  I guess this is the way the steel industry and automotive industry went, head in the sand and daily platitudes from the higher ups tht all was well.  I guess it is in AAMT-land, where THEIR pockets are lined, just like corporate America.  It never hurts to live in the real world. Phooey on AAMT.
re-joined AAMT
I re-joined AAMT. Especially appreciate the journal articles and quizzes about diseases, procedures and medications I would not otherwise know. I feel more competent because of this and probably save time looking things up.
I joined for free as they do not take
any payment info, so therefore they cannot automatically bill you. Just wanted to check it out.
Don't do it! I wasted my money when I joined, and

I will NOT be renewing. They support offshoring. They're trying to get an RMT exam up and running now, hoping that it will become essential to employment (right now it's elective). They support an apprenticeship program on which they helped get the ball rolling with AHIMA. This program hasn't come out yet but will if they can iron out the wrinkles. This program calls for TWO YEARS of apprenticeship making practically minimum wage to start and not ending much higher than that. It will only accept graduates from AAMT-approved schools, and it's going to drive the MT pay rate down even further! As if we need that!

And I could tell you more stories!

Joined up with the old folks group and
starting doing ceramics and now they have a travel group, wanting to plan a trip to Italy. That is right down my alley! Another trip before too long is Macinaw (spelling?) Island in Michigan. Now with my other 2 vacations this year, this senior citizen group should just be the therapy I need.
Your child JOINED military. Did she do so with

Sounds like apple doesnt fall far from tree if she made life changing move with no forethought.  You say this is 2nd tour. To me that that means she and her hubby signed up for second time so its not like this was sprung on all of you. You need to learn to look ahead and plan better.  And I dont mean plan on better ways to rob your fellow citizens.

not a shock - they were bought or joined up with Healthscribe
who has a huge office in India and does not make it a secret that they outsource. Healthscribe also got into a bit of trouble a couple of years ago for "altering" lines on US transcriptionists;
When I joined a couple of years ago it was something like $30 a month and you could either pay

monthly or have it deducted automatically from your account.  If you elected to pay monthly, I think the membership went up about $5 to $10.

There wasn't any high pressure sales.  I basically called them and asked could I come in a check it out and they give you like a week trial or two weeks (my memory is sooo bad!).  Then if you decide to become a member, you fill out the paperwork and they weigh and measure you (fun, fun) and file it all away.  And then periodically they will ask if you want to be weighed and measured to see how much you've lost.

They are really encouraging there (at mine anyway).  They gave way prizes for different things like if you came a certain amount of times in like three months, you got a T-shirt.  And then there are prizes for when you lose 10, 20, etc pounds.  And at mine everyone had a little paper doll that started out at 0 and when you lost weight you moved your little paper doll around on the wall.  It was kind of fun.

Well, I've just convinced myself! 

Her child was not drafted, JOINED military. Do
I joined in the 70's because their goal then was professional wages.
it's 2008. they must not be very good at what they do. However, they do self promote extremely well.

I joined forces with the 3 original MTs in their pursuit to bring MQ to court.
Get over yourself.
Just do a search and read the posts. There are plenty of posts about OSI on this board. nm.
Try http://www.softscript.com - never runs out of work.
try softscript
SS hires newbies, you can try them, but BEWARE!!!! I wish you the best. It would be a foot in the door and experience, but be thick skinned!!!!
SoftScript (rip-off)
I am looking for an honest MT position from home.  SoftScript is stealing my lines and I am sick of it.  Any suggestions?????
weshouldstarttypinglikethissincewedonotgetpaidforspacesANYMORE. SEE HOW THE CLIENTS LIKE THAT
Yes, amazing huh? The minutes transcribed were approximately 80/90 so it was not like I transcribed a bunch of one liners but what is even more amazing is they actually had the nerve to scold me for being under the daily requirement, imagine that..
You are right, I know this has happened at least twice last month and I cannot tell you how many since I started, the line counter goes down and they tell you to continue working it will catch up and be accurate which I can't see how as it seems not to be accurate when it is working. Don't get me wrong, I do not wish to bash anyone and whether the inaccuracy of their line counting software is intentional or not, I could not say for sure, but it is definitely inaccurate and what started out as a company with management friendly and helpful quickly turned to cold shoulders and snappy remarks. Thank you for your replies

Hi ladies and gents,

I would like to know more about Softscript, so far I passed the test for a QA position and will have my interview today, but the Recruiter's messages sound very rude.

I have a good job right now although I am running out of work frequently. Any opinions welcome.  Miryam.



about softscript

Has anyone worked for SoftScript recently, or no of anyone who has? If so I would appreciate some feedback on them and what they are like.


Worked for them 1.5 years and they were great for acute learning at first but thentheydidntpayforspaces and lied and my checks were getting smaller and smaller for the same hours.  I worked to exhaustion to make what I did in 8 hours.  I left.

Can anyone tell me anything about softscript.  Are they a good company to work for?

They are a terrible company - don't go there!!! Look in the archives for more about this company. I have never seen anything positive about them. I worked there for about a year and it was awful.
Softscript does
whazzup with softscript??? cant seem to get my line count up they keep changing my accounts when i do and give me Dr. asplkgabppsdkgiapdofnb every time.  evidently this is not uncommon.  glad to accept a new position today!!!!!!

I have only been an MT for about 8 months. SS hired me right out of school (though I do have a nursing school background). I am very rarely out of work. I get paid on time. Most of the dictators are good. I have a few that are not, but doing the same ones repeatedly helps to learn their accents. I have no complaints. Management can be a bit loopy, but hey, that can be anywhere you go. Unless an email is directed straight at me instead of GLOBAL I just keep chugging on my merry way.
Does anyone know anything about this company? They have sent me some information on their requirements, but I'm questioning them because I will have to shell out over $200 to start working for them. This doesn't seem right to me, so if anyone can help me out I'd be grateful.

I have to pay for the foot pedal (which is $169) and a medical spellchecker program. I'm just guessing that's going to be around $30 or so, plus I'll have to buy more memory for my computer because I'm almos out, and I am on my computer all the time because I design website templates (personal) and don't have enough space right now. My computer is almost 5 years old.
Run away from them!!!