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InScribe upgrade- can still use Express Scribe with my pedal

Posted By: Rosey on 2008-01-04
In Reply to: I just use the F keys with InScribe - Tracy

That is amazing!  I did play with InScribe while ago to see what all happened with the different options and in case the upgrade would not let ExpressScribe work with my pedal, but surprising to me, after the upgrade, my pedal still works fine with ExpressScribe.  I have an Infinity USB.  The tech guy at Inscribe had said some people had problems with Express Scribe and Vista, so I guess if I get a new computer in the future and am forced to have Vista, at that point I'll learn to use the keys....anyway, thanks everyone for their input.

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Express Scribe and pedal DO work with InScribe upgrade
That is not the case with me. I just upgraded to 4.91 and am still using Express Scribe and it's working fine. I do have an Infinity USB pedal. I do, however, have Windows XP or ME (I never remember which - XP I think) and not Vista. The tech guy at InScribe said some people have problems with the upgrade of 4.91 and Express Scribe with Vista. They have special directions on their download site for Vista users. Hope this helps someone. The new upgrade looks good, though I've not had a good run with it yet.
Be careful with new Express Scribe upgrade..
Apparently, there have been problems with it reading DSS files.  Just be aware....
Can you try your pedal with Express Scribe?

It is a free software program and you can just Google to find it. I really like it. It might help to determine if it is your foot pedal or as another MT suggested perhaps the problem is your adapter.

I sure hope you get things up and running.

pedal and express scribe
Can I use my Start/Stop footpedal with Express Scribe? Thanks!
Foot pedal/express scribe
Can anyone tell how to get a DVI/USB pedal to work with express scribe - the pedal works with DocQScribe and Emdat - but cannot get it to work with this one??? T
Express Scribe foot pedal
I have an Infinity pedal I have used with Express Scribe I would sell.     Let me know if interested.
foot pedal with express scribe help
I have downloaded Express Scribe to try to do something (not medical).  The only thing is, I don't know how to get the foot pedal to control it.  I don't know what kind of pedal it is, the MTSO sent it to me.  Any ideas or help???
Use any pedal compatable with Express Scribe - sm
Save yourself some money instead of getting the one specifically for INscribe.
Are you playing it thru Express Scribe using a foot pedal? nm
Can you download Express Scribe and see if you can get your pedal to play through that? nm
Foot pedal wizard is in Express Scribe.
Have you tried to reboot your system since installing the new foot pedal? Sometimes the computers don't recognize new hardware until it reboots.
Infinity USB pedal and Express Scribe software. sm
You may need to install an additional file to play .dss files.

This setup works for me.
Not sure, but from what I understand just about every pedal works with express scribe. HTH.
Need Express Scribe help with foot pedal controls

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong.  I have express scribe and a USB infinity foot pedal.  The foot pedal controls on express scribe do not let you set the foot pedal to back up a few seconds.  When you lift your foot off the pedal, that is exactly where it starts again when you push back down on it.  I want it to back up a few seconds so I can listen to something again, but I cannot see anywhere that it lets you adjust it to that.  I don't want to have to rewind it all the time.  Please help thank you 

Will Olympus foot pedal work with Express Scribe? TIA


Lanier Foot Pedal will NOT work with Express Scribe
Sorry to tell you but no a lanier foot pedal from a transcription machine will not work with an wav.player.
Most foot pedals out there are at least 69.00. - (cheapest I found) - and be careful what kind you get - if you have a newer computer - you will want the USB one - (faster, works great)
NEED RECOMMENDATIONS on foot pedal compatible w/Express Scribe (sm)

I realize they sell them on the Express Scribe website, but I was just wondering if anyone found any that were cheaper, worked well, and were still compatible with Express Scribe. TIA!

Will fiddling with the pedal settings for Express Scribe screw up
Anybody know of any free foot pedal/transcription software besides Express Scribe? TIA. nm
Pedal won't work with Media Player, download Express Scribe. nm
Trying to take a test in Express Scribe and cannot get my foot pedal to work. I dont want to
cause a problem in DQS with the foot pedal either.  Any suggestions.  I have the foot pedal that you use for DQS.  It is an Infinity foot pedal.
InScribe upgrade

I sent this question to Inscribe and the answer I received from this is below it.  I'm going to upgrade and then "back up" if I have to until I can in get a pedal.  This does at least give us warning that the upgrade will be forced later on. 

Q:  I have not upgraded to 4.91 InScribe, but still use 4.3.202. I have been told that the upgrade will not allow Express Scribe?

A:  This is mixed results. I know some people are using express scribe sucessfully, but there are some issues with windows Vista and espressscribe

I believe they meanwith the new version. Also there is a USB configuration tool for footpetals built into InScribe that may work for you as well.
The only way to test it is to really just try it out. You can always uninstall the new version and download the previous version, although in the near future the new version of InScribe will be a forced update.

Scribe and Inscribe are two different platforms...sm
Isn't Inscribe used by an MTSO in Kentucky??

Anyway, just wanted to clarify that. :)
Inscribe foot pedal
If you go to Dictation on toolbar, there you can cut the playback time. It took me a while to get used to it, but once you have the playback to where it works for you, it's actually not bad at all. I used the F2 instead of the foot pedal for a while, and when the upgrade came, my foot pedal now works with the new version. I have my playback at 2 sec, and I cruise now. Good Luck. I think you will like it once you get used to it.
Inscribe foot pedal -
I think I found something that will help. Go to options and click on Set date/time values, there it had where you can pick the seconds on the recall. I believe the reason why those other options were in the gray is because you have to be in a report to make those changes. Try and let me know.

will Infinity pedal work with Inscribe?
I'm switching companies and foot pedals and don't understand.  I'll be using Emdat-Inscribe, and the pedal I have is an Infinity USB1.  Are these compatible? I've done what it says to do on the site for other pedals and it still won't work.  Does anyone know if this Inifinity foot pedal will work with Inscribe?
Emdat/Inscribe foot pedal?

Does anyone have any experience with what foot pedal to use for this? I went to the site and they suggest a DicTran pedal that is pre-programmed to work with your keyboard. Also, when you do use it, do you need to press the F1, F2, etc. keys on your keyboard or just use the pedal and that's it? It's also been suggested to use a Gearsplayer, but that's kind of expensive with getting the software, totalling $200. It would be $106 for the DicTran pedal. I have a Dictaphone pedal right now, but was told that would not work with Emdat. Please help!


Emdat foot pedal/Inscribe
I've read mostly negative comments about this.  Does it work with Microsoft 4000 Keyboard?  Is it decent to use as long as demos are pre-filled?  Is it hard to learn?  Thank you for suggestions. 
An InScribe foot pedal question. sm
I've just installed a USB pedal in order to work with the built-in player in InScribe.

This pedal is not like any other I've ever used. The voice continues a few seconds after I release the pedal and when I push down again, it has backspaced several seconds, which slows me down like you wouldn't believe!

It's bad enough with not being used to the pedal, but with the built-in player, there doesn't seem to be any way to speed up the voice or adjust the backspacing.

Does anyone know of a way to do this?

I would really appreciate some advice as it takes a while for the Emdat folks to respond.
emdat/inscribe foot pedal

What type of pedal works with this and where did you get it?


need emdat/Inscribe foot pedal
What type of foot pedal do you need to use Emdat/Inscribe?
Is it USB? If you have a 9-pin, can you use a converter?
EMDAT/InScribe foot pedal issues

I have an Infinity foot pedal that I am using with EMDAT/InScribe.  The pedal works, just not very well.  There is a 2-3 second delay and sometimes it will not stop the audio.  I cannot play the audio file at all if I am not in the InScribe program window.  Sometimes I will lose the audio all together if I am on the web researching things.  It is very frustrating!  I have tried every suggestion on the support page.  I have updated everything on my computer and ran every scan possible.  I do not want to buy a new pedal as this one works.  I hope there is some kind of "fix" for this.  Any suggestions would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! 

I am running Windows XP professional with Service Pack 3, DSL, Trend antivirus, and the latest versions of Windows Media Player, IE, InScribe, etc. 

Thank you  Thank You  THANK YOU  in advance! 

Express Scribe
I have been using it for almost 3 years. I have been very happy with it and not had any problems.
Express Scribe
On the voice files that you have in the program, just click on them and then there should be a button to click on that says Done. This should remove the files. Good luck!
Express scribe
Do you know if there is a hot key or Function key for building macros or speed type in Express scribe?
Express Scribe

Is there a setting in Express Scribe where when you let up on the pedal it rewinds?  Is it in options somewhere?



express scribe
I use express scribe for transcription.  I have been able to download files just fine with it for months, but now when I down load files it only gives me the option to save the file and does not load it into express scribe.  These are the same type files that always worked before.  Any ideas as to why or how to correct the problem?  Thanks in advance!
express scribe
Try deleting the express scribe and reinstalling it.
Express Scribe
Mine did exactly the same thing ONLY in reverse. I had to manually move it into Express Scribe from the voice files; then all of a sudden it started to load into Express Scribe immediately. I talked to the gal I was working with and she said this had happened to her also. Can't figure it out but it works OK now.
Express Scribe
Open Express Scribe,  one click on "settings", scroll down and click on "pedal and hot keys".  Foot Pedal Control:  Make sure "Use Foot Pedal Playback Control" is checked.  Make sure your port is "VEC Pedals USB.  Make sure the No. is "3-pedals".  Then click on "Foot Pedal Control Setup Wizard" and follow instructions exactly.  This is where I made my mistake.  I didn't follow the wizard's exact instructions.  Sounds complicated but absolutely is not.  Once you do this you should be good to go.
Express scribe
express scribe sm
I have used infinity just to test out express scribe itself after I loaded it. Does anyone actually use this program for their work? If so, where can I get some work in this program? Have it downloaded but have not used it yet. I believe it's supposed to be good for testing, etc. for different companies.
Try Express Scribe
software. You will likely also need the file VECUSB.exe in order for the software to recognize the pedal, but all of it is free, and it works with lots of different sound files.
Good luck!
Express Scribe
I find it works well with downloading directly from FTP. Have done it for about 2 years. Also MP count is really nice line counting software. It used to be free, but I think you have to pay to get it now. I still use the free version.
Express Scribe
It is almost the only program I ever use. I love it! It is very easy to use and it has never let me down. One of my part-time gigs requires me to use something else, otherwise it would be ES all the way! You will like it.
Express Scribe
I am starting a new job soon.  We'll be using Express Scribe, just wanted some opinions on it.  Like it, Love it, Hate it.....I wanna be prepared, so throw me some hoensty, THANKS
Express Scribe
The only time I had a problem with sound quality was when files were converted from C-phone to WAV. DSS and unconverted WAV files are clear/good as long as you have a good dictator. No player can make up for a poor quality doctor dictation.
You can do it with Express Scribe

It's a small pain, but you can use Express Scribe instead of the EditScript player and, therefore, use your USB foot pedal.  It's possible that way.  I did this for several months.

Express scribe
I am presently using Express Scribe for a company and just got another account that uses Express Scribe also.  Am I able to go back and forth between accounts?  Each has a separate spot when I am pulling the files off of. 
I use Express Scribe-
It's free and have been using it for a little over a year with no problems.