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It could have easily cost you your life. nt

Posted By: You're lucky though on 2005-08-25
In Reply to: Periodontist is making me quit SM - Becky


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You can do this very easily....sm
I've got the same type of setup that you're looking for. I use the Linksys routers and have a wireless router for the desktop PC that is on the other end of the house and use a notebook wireless card for my laptop. The entire setup took less than 10 minutes and their directions are idiot-proof to follow (trust me, I'm technically challenged and I got it right the first time - woo-hoo!)

Do be sure that you set up a password on your wireless access, otherwise someone could easily hack into your access. The easy directions for this was on their website as well.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any specific questions and I'll try to help you.
Especially easily happens
because we use expanders. I once had a report sent back because I had expanded ankle pain out instead of abdominal pain (twice in the report!)... I couldn't believe I didn't catch it when proofing. I guess it must have been one of those brain fog days when I have trouble proofing (along with trying to hurry).

Really when you consider all the poor dictation (along with their actual content), how easy it is to transpose letters or hit the wrong key and expand out something totally off the wall in a particular document, trying to hurry as fast as we can while making tons of little decisions along the way ... we do pretty darn good!

Don't beat yourself up. :)
It can EASILY cause that feeling and yes, it is ...
working from home that does that.

It nags on you because it is "never completed", there's always more to do.

You need to get out of the house and do something OUTSIDE and something WITH OTHERS. That is why I volunteer (see my post a few threads below under "Answers").

You have to really keep a tight rein on disciplining yourself to keep a firm wide boundary between your home life and your work life because they are BOTH at home.
oh please, you can get AIDs here just as easily.
MDs not so easily impressed.
<MTSO for firing this lady>>

No, no, no, he was probably quite surprised and annoyed to be called by an a subcontractor he doesn't know from Jack, rather than the MTSO he hired to do his work. The MD is the one complaining to the MTSO when she doesn't meet TAT, and she CAN't meet it if the IC she hired doesn't send her work in on time. So what does she do? Offer the work to somebody who is more motivated than you. It's business.
You would be surprised how easily someone....sm
gets "lost in the shuffle."  There are so many people applying for jobs and sending resumes.  I found that the applicants who continued to check with me where much more apt to get positions.  If I really didn't want someone because of their abilities, I would just tell them I had no openings, and they would stop contacting me.  You don't want to bug them to the point of irritation, but you certainly should check.
I can easily see the difference.
I don't think you have a problem here.
You can easily do it without the macros. sm
Add an autocorrect. Now do a search for the .acl file by the date you made your change so you know you have the correct file. You need to make sure you are searching the hidden files and you probably need to change your search view to Details so you can see dates. You can right-click the file and send it to your CD (or however you want to transfer the file).

Do the same thing on the new computer so you can find the correct folder path and paste your file.

Sometimes the MS macros don't work because you probably have some entries that are multi-line with paragraphs.

Life is life....the haven't bonded the same as if it were a 2-year-old!
Yes, I could easily become a recluse. Force myself to go out
???? She didn't! We can easily see the difference.
Enrichment is done easily in IT, although it can be done in Shorthand sm
This is where you take several days' worth of work for one doctor (if you have your dictionaries divided by doctors) and run the Enrichment option in IT. It looks thru the work and picks out the common phrases and words and automatically adds them to your dictionary. It's really cool! Shorts you didn't know were there suddenly pop up for you all the time. A lot of times it's things it never even clicked to me that the doc says it all the time.

If you want to do this in Shorthand, it's not automatic but can be done. You need to have another piece of software (or a website) and you enter your text in there. It picks out the common phrases and lists them out for you. Then you have to manually go to ShortHand and enter them. Takes quite a bit longer, but still worth it!

I would suggest y'all head over to productivitytalk.com and start absorbing all the knowledge for your particular expander. There is just a ton of knowledge over there, it will blow you away!
and you could have just as easily skipped my posting by that reasoning
Okay, Message Board Police. Next time I decide to express my opinion I'll run it past you for permission first, okay?

Open, easily approachable, and true communication is key.
But since you can switch so easily from one to the other, I just use my email on my main computer &
Static IP address are not as easily attained as you would imply.
Also, most newcomers to the idea of FTP file transfer are not anywhere near the technical level of experience that you claim to have. My answers are being given to provide a SIMPLE solution for this person.
Static IP addresses are not free, either, so despite what you want to assert, your solution is not FREE.
If one is a nonproduction job, managerial,etc wool can be easily pulled
Google "soap note" and you can find it easily.
Did you just say: You can very easily "add lines by inserting a word here and there"
I recall back in the mid 1990s, I was working with a fellow MT who was on midnight shift in medical records. He was making a huge sum of money and we all thought he was "the Whiz."

Come to find out, he was inserting phrases, embellishing dictated sentences I guess you'd call it, to get more lines per report. He got away with it for a number of years but was kissing up to the supervisor and director, always available to help out, nicest guy in the world - but a thief - who fooled us all.

Radiologist would surely notice eventually if not QA.
I make sure the job is not my life and that it does not take over my life. sm
I have been at this 25 years, even once had my own accounts and worked 24/7 with cat naps to keep going but no real sleep. I really burned myself out. Now I work a regular 40-hour week, but it is not my life. It is a means of making money so I can go live my life. I work for a company that is not all about production. They want us to take our time and do it right. I am doing that, and it feels so good to be able to work at my craft and be allowed to do a good job while I am at work.

But after I get off, I have my family and I take time to have fun and enjoy life. I think that is the key to not staying burned out. You need down time, time to have fun, exercise, relax, etc.

Exercise is very important, too. It rejuvenates the hormone system so you have more positive hormones flowing through your body and helps get rid of stress.

That's what I do.

Why is Andrews so much higher than Career Step?  Do you think it's worth it in the end? 

You will not be disappointed with Career Step. It is affordable, thorough and helpful.
TAT cost

A few years back, we got a mass email out of my office about just how much the out of TAT issue had cost over a particular week...somewhere in the ballpark of over 30 grand for just the top 3 major accounts. 

Yes, we've been told that the company has to pay hefty fines to the accounts for not being within TAT.  Not sure how it is today, but I can't assume much has changed.

CMT cost?
how much does it cost to take the test to be CMT?
It DOES cost a lot more to be IC - SM
On top of the self-employment tax, etc., you don't get the benefit of your company paying 1/2 of your social security so that is where most of your money at tax time goes to. If you are an employee, they match what you pay into social security so it's not as much. I went through the same thing and decided it was not worth my time to work any extra as an IC. I saw the difference in the taxes I paid. Good luck to you.
You can, but it's going to cost you. sm

Several references on Google that will cost you between $40 and $80 for a search, but it would have to be worth what you're looking for before coming up with that kind of money and  I really thing that these sites will not give you adequate information.

Check with your post office.  They may not be able to give you information, but if you or someone you know is getting unwanted mail from a P.O. box address, they can stop it for you.

cost (nm)
Don't know if you ever got an answer for that. I purchased a model 0421 a couple month ago. While this is an older model, it works just as well as long as you get an honest seller. They are expensive and you tend to go out on a limb when trusting that they one you are buying actually works. I paid $145 for mine. Total w/S&H was 170, which was an excellent deal. Either deal through ebay or this site. You can find them in the 150-175 range. Read instructions on ebay closely some say not tested. I actually emailed a seller and gave him him a number of how to test the machines and he was tickled to death. He had no clue what the machine was for. I would say buy a used one before spending the money on a new one. There are a lot of these floating around for sale that have just been collecting dust because people are downloading off the internet. Nothing wrong with the machine, these people just have no use for the machines right now.
You say it does not cost you anything? How about your
time? That is worth something, isn't it? Time is money in my book that I could be working instead.
It doesn't cost $800 either
Can't imagine a chair more comfortable that it.. i'm sure the Aeron is built much better, though. I noticed it does have a 12-year guarantee.
Sorry! Forgot the cost! They can run anywhere
from $10 to $50 range - definitely under $20 last I saw, which was only a few months ago.
the problem with that is the cost
Before deciding to get a BA in psych, I looked at many different quick fix schools.  I was interested in cooking, the cheapest school is 15,000 up front, nine month course.  Was also interested in aesthetics, 6000 bucks!  If they would offer pay as you go for these schools so you could pay cash, that would be more feasible.  Collins college, DeVry, all in the thousands.  I pay about 500+ per semester...sure it will take me years BUT I think a BA degree opens many doors.  The person who says it doesn't is crazy!
Cost of going digital

I am trying to decide if it's worth it to get a local office to go digital.  They don't even have a website, so technology is not their thing.  I assume that because of this I would still have to print/drop off reports?  Is that right?  This is a very small office, so I don't want to spend a lot of money to try to do this.  When I try to do an internet search, there is way too much information that is way too complicated.  I just want to know what I would need for the most basic setup.  Anything advice/help you can offer would be helpful.  Thanks!  LL 

we went last May, cost us a fortune!

Our expenses were for 2 adults....

We actually did one of those timeshare tours so we could get 3 nights free at our hotel. So we paid for 4 nights = $400, there was supposed to be a shuttle going to/from the parks but that didnt work out so we had to rent a car (dont remember how much that was), Disney tickets for a 4-day park hopper pass was nearly $500, Universal 2-day tickets were about $200, cab from the airport was about $80, food was very expensive - about $100 day.

We flew JetBlue & i thought they were wonderful & reasonably priced. I want to say our flight was a total of about $400-500.

All-in-all, I'd say about $2500 for the whole trip including gift shopping & food.

total cost
Total cost of $60 for two phone lines, which includes taxes, etc. It also includes call waiting and voice mail. But my C-phone line has nothing on it, no call waiting, etc. by my choice. First month on my residential phone is free because they are just starting up in my area.
Had you complained that you did not okay all this, they probably would have taken off the cost
I would do the printing and eat the ink cost - sm
write it off of course. If you can, use a separate ink cartridge just for their stuff and keep track of how fast you go through the ink. If it is excessive, then brink it up possibly and maybe you could bill them a printing charge every time you have to buy a new ink cartridge. But I'd probably just eat it regardless, it is not going to hurt your bottom line much and it helps them out (they save time obviously); the little extras help and you could get more work out of it, who knows.
Is the cost less if you are in India. Why do I think it probably is?
Pay their own operating cost sm
This is not for the MT to pay for heaven sakes, this is the MTSO operating expenses, (the cost to do business, it is THEIR CLIENT) It is all a bunch of bull and the MTs are thinking, well--ll okay-yyyy I guess.
Cost and other things
It is a little costly, but don't forget, you are buying food anyhow. It might be a little more, but you won't be buying your Twinkies, etc. ;-)

I did NS after my first baby about 100 years ago and did lose the weight and managed to keep it off until I went to work at home. I don't know how the program has changed since then.

After gaining a whole bunch when I went home to work, I tried WW and lost nearly 80 pounds and pretty much maintained it, up and down 10.

I like WW because they painlessly teach you how to eat right. It's a reprogramming of sorts and it really works.

Whatever you choose, good luck!!
Medispell cost me $39.
Also did not include most drugs.
cost of transcription
I am hoping that someone can help me.  I am wanting to go into business for myself.  I actually have the physicians lined up, but I am having a problem with cost.  It seems to be a big secret on how much MT companies charge the physicians.  Is there a ballpark figure?  Do they charge by the line or how do they charge?  And how much?  Any help or information I get can would be helpful.  Thanks.
Cost of food
I was spending over $75 a week for three meals and one snack a day and that was over five years ago (not sure how it is now). If you are single, not too bad. If you have to also feed a spouse/family and buy regular food as well it is rough. It works though ;)
DocShuttle. Does it really cost $269 to get it?
Or am I looking at the wrong thing?  I'd love to apply for a position that needs this but cannot afford that big a bite in my finances.  Any help is appreciated!
Buy by hub by Targus - cost about $80 from a
computer store.  This is not an adapter.  It has various kinds of ports.  I hooked my pedal to it and it worked fine - play, forward and reverse.
4 cpl goes further when cost of living is less. nm
Ditto here...the cost of some her..
favorite things could feed some people for a month! She has no regard for the poor in her own country. You would think with her humble beginnings she would remember a thing or two...guess money can buy a selective memory!  I agree, she is a snoot!
A very low cost option without having to
spend a lot of money on hand held units is EZ-Voice.  We offer a toll free call in solution for 9 cents per minute REGARDLESS of how many or how few minutes you need per month.  We also offer FTP server space.  Click on the link below to learn more...
Thanks. I found out that it will cost about $300..sm
to cancel my service early with Direct,or about $320 to upgrade to an HD DVR receiver with Direct. So either way Direct is going to get about $300! Now I just have to decide whether to stay or go with Dish. Hope the HD (limited as it is) is worth it! Thanks for taking the time to help!
Why would it cost $140? inc. labor?
you can do it yourself, it's easy.  I doubled mine for about $60, but I think I got another 512 MB or so, then got I think a $20 rebate. I noticed the speed.  It's easier to keep multiple programs running and loaded and properly functioning at one time.  Multitasking is easier.  My work computer is 256, tell me that doesn't suck!  I spend half my day waiting, it seems.
Cost should not be an issue!
Do not try to save money by getting a cheaper chair, that is exactly what you will get....Cheap!  I have a chair that has 4 different adjustments plus I use a lumbar support.  Your back is worth it, don't skimp!!!