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It may look silly, but, (sm)

Posted By: ta_shi on 2005-10-16
In Reply to: Off the topic but really need help with my dog. sm - mlstoo

you could try using a pair of toddler training pants (or something similar) while you are supervising him.  I have a female dog that was injured in a fight with one of my other dogs and she would not stop licking the wound.  Since it was on her shoulder, I got one of my grandsons old shirts and put it on her, didn't look all that good, but it did the trick long enough to get it to heal. I would suggest you make sure it is something fabric, as the disposable types may be too easy to chew up and swallow, causing a whole new set of problems to deal with.  By the way, let me just say thank you for being a good pet owner and having your pet neutered.

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WMD, does not seem silly to me when that was our justification to send our troops to Iraq..why is it silly??  It was a lie and you Chimp Boy lovers have to try to hang onto anything you can to back up the jerk for his invasion into a soverign country that meant no harm to us, in fact, we were their friends just a few years back, even sold WMD to Saddam, which we then destroyed in the Gulf War and during our sanctions in the 1990s..
Silly you
Not silly
Why is this silly?  If you do type those without getting paid for it, basically you are working for free.  Do you think management works for free?  How about the CEO?  As an IC getting paid on production, any typing without being pain, is me giving them my precious time for free.
I'm not being silly

I should have removed "you" and inserted "I." 

I have nothing but the greatest admiration for anyone who has the time and patience to learn these programs, the memories to retain the information (tpwbttop ...), and the brain power to read quickly and make the decision over what you what lickity split.

I'm glad to finally know why I hated school so much. 

to Silly Me
You've got that right
Not silly. Go for it!
I have around 50 pair of underwear for the same reason and enough clothes to wear a different outfit every weekend for a year I am sure! I hate to do laundry and at times would just rather buy new. LOL!
Silly Me

I should have known this. Thanks for the info.  

Maybe he got into the medicine storage room? LOL I used to type for a doc that would enunciate words so funny that he sounded like he was acting. I think those ER docs get so busy they have to get silly for awhile to make sure they don't go bonkers!!!
Doc dictates, " He presents looking like a kidney stone".   

The admin. wants to put this entire thing on me.  She is stating things in comments that are so wrong.

You girls take it easy.  Thanks for all your responses.  I know my business, contracts with ICs, pays, etc and I do not need this stress and the admin is wanting me to somehow show her things that Doris Latta has created in Word or something? Not sure...........  but I was able to clear this up with the Labor Board and everyone else that had to have a response.

So 10-4 and I am out!  XO 


ha ha...don't you look silly now
to look bad...when it was you that were wrong....ha ha

Open mouth...insert foot.
probably silly but.....
what does the little fire thing beside some of the posts mean?
thats silly. what are they afraid of if
I mean come on, we won't become millionaires.  There should NOT be a limit on how much you make.  A raise per year for cost of living, a raise or higher rate for experienced and good MTs, and also a raise for putting up with the BS.
silly boycott
If you observe the boycott, a- you bought gas yesterday, b- you don't need to buy gas.

Personally, I know the boycott (even if everyone follows it) won't work. Someone, somewhere WILL need gas, then everyone will head back to the pumps. My job is over 50 miles away, and I drive a truck (no I'm not changing, i LOVE my truck), so I have to gas up every week without fail, and I gas up when my truck says to, not when some unknown person says to (not referring to the OP, referring to whoever started this movement). Plus, I work in oil and gas, have to support my OWN measly paycheck (and yes, I get paid peanuts).

Sorry, just sounding off ... feel free to ignore me. Blast me if 'you' (the unknown you) must, but I won't pay attention, that's just me :)
Now you're just being silly. LOL
It doesn't make you seasick and doesn't slow the process down at all, especially when you consider how much more productive you are without having to memorize everything. The glance down is maybe an inch if your windows are positioned right. I usually remember the first three or four characters of the shortcut, so it's not like there's a long list, maybe one or two to choose from.
That is silly and obviously that recruiter is not an MT or sm
she would know the benefit of hiring someone that has acquired some speed. The formula for speed though is knowledge. The less you have to look up things, the faster you can go--no stopping to look up--and there is a point where you can do that for the majority of your work. Unfortunately, many in the workforce today are newbies and they have not gotten there yet...but the day could come where they will. Speed means a lot, but bottom line is knowledge, accuracy and speed. Put them all together, know the account, and you are set to go.
you can't have stock in NP org silly!

hey, are you talking about that company who makes employees sign a contract not to talk about them on any internet forum?

you mean the one where the account managers get bonues and are investors and don't care if you meet your line count as long as their assigned accounts get TAT met so they get monthly bonuses too and screw you out of your bonuses?

Oh, well, why didn't you say so!  Nay, I couldn't do it.  I have e-t-h-i-c-s.

Silly, I think the poster was
the fact that most of us are looking for jobs right now :-)
Don't worry, though I know that's silly to say.
About 20 years ago, I had an abnormal Pap. You probably will have what they call a punch biopsy next. Donein the office routinely. Just a little biopsy for further study. I actually had the idiot OB/GYN doctor call me at work as I was on my way out the door to tell me it was cancerous. Nearly died on the way home. It was nothing in the end. Normally if your punch biopsy is atypical, they will simply do a cone biopsy or LEEP procedure - done in same day surgery under anesthesia. Simple, painless, fast. They basically zap any abnormal tissue - very common in women, and normally simply the HPV virus. I had the procedure 20 years ago, was convinced that I would be dead by 40, but have had nothing but normal Paps for years since. Think positive. Hope I didn't freak you with details, but it sounded like you wanted to know what the next steps might be. They also will probably do a repeat Pap first, as LOTS of labs turn up false positives on Paps. Try not to worry - very common and the cone biopsy is not only diagnostic, but normally curative as well. Feel free to email me if you would like to talk more about it. Praying for you. Please keep us posted.
Obviously pro AAMT - that was a silly
comment to make - do you think most people are gonna make a recommendation to something that they are against???? Whatever...
A silly question, but
When you work for a company at home, do you have to take an hour for lunch or can you just work your 8 hours straight through and then quit?  How exactly does it work if you are required certain hours and not lines..or hours/lines??  Thanks
sorry for the silly question but...

I don't recall ever hearing of them before. Are they commonly found in the New England area or just in the warmer parts of the country?

Silly girl
You're kidding?  I really thought they were.  What a silly girl to go through all that and not have a good crack at all his money.    But then, she might be better off if she didn't marry him.  This might make her rethink things. 
Silly question
I'm new here and have a silly question, I'm sure.  It's really only a matter of curiosity.  What does the "sm" and "nm" you see on a bunch of messages mean?  Thanks!
This may be a silly question, but......sm
Is there any way to get rid of the little paperclip dude in MS Word?  He's driving me crazy today!! 
This may be a silly question but (sm)
Are you clicking on the "Apply" button after you add the entry? If you are just clicking the "OK" button that may be the problem. Just a wild guess though!
Feel Silly Asking

I've been an MT for 12 years now.  The Drs I worked for used WordPerfect so that's what I used.  Well, new job uses Word.  That's fine except I'm having 1 glitch...I have it set so that the 1st ltr/1st word of sentence is CAPS.  However, when ending a sentence with a number, this doesn't happen.  One of the Drs I now type for uses dates to end sentences ALL THE TIME.  What am I missing? 


May be a silly question,
but what hours are 3rd shift usually?
Silly question

I see the abbreviations of MTSO, ICs and am wondering what these are. Feel like I should know, but never really worked for a company other than a Hospital.

Thanks Carla

Ideas like this one are just silly.

While it is a small hassle to fix the age--and everyone would agree to that--it's ridiculous to suggest that you start charging for this service. The OP is obviously a conscientious worker and wants to do a good job--applause! Details of the job, while sometimes annoying, are what we paid to do. If the compensation is not overall adequate, then this is certainly not going to improve the situation and may, in fact, result in the office finding someone else to do the job.

I hope the next idea is not charging to turn on the computer.

ROFL. Silly man.
silly question i'm sure....
if you work as an employee and they tell you that you need "X" amount of lines in an 8 hour period, are there any benefits to going over you "X" amount or can you quit early if you have already met your "X" amount. 
Silly me. It is the server. Still would like
I would like to try this but I have a silly question,...
How does this secret santa work? How do you know where to look? How do you know what you are looking for? where do you look for it? How do you know it if you see it?? I have done Secret Santa before, but by giving little presents instead of looking for something. TIA.
No more silly than saying you dont want more
Silly question
What exactly falls under the category of acute care, and why is it so difficult?

Is it because there are so many different issues handled; therefore, not as much redundancy to minimize research and maximize expanders?
sounds silly but
try a Baby Einstien's classical CD, one specifically for sleeping. Usually they play very soothing classical and stay away from anything too stimulating. Also I love listening to any of the Cirque Du Soleil CDs, especially Varekai.
This may be a silly question
but I've done it before LOL. Is your F-lock key turned on?
Oy, I misread! Silly me. Thanks. nm
This is maybe a silly question for you,
but I wonder why the average MTschools give not instructions and training how to build and use Expanders and macros. My school. some years back, did not teach me that.
Not even the use of Autocorrect, it is only through expanders that high line counts can be achieved.

But on the other hand, even this is in some way outdated, as VR cannot make use of expanders, hardly.

That seems silly. Accuracy, yes, but speed, too.
Why would you want to hire someone with 99% accuracy who could only type 30 wpm? Telling a potential employer you can type quickly in a test situation doesn't mean you're automatically fast and sloppy. Besides that, typing tests take accuracy into consideration. How about 99%+ accuracy with a typing speed of 90 wpm? Speed is a huge part of this job, especially considering TAT and pay on production.
Oopsie, silly me. You said 3 a.m. I was thinking 3yo. sm

My 11-year-old just got over a nasty stomach flu and vomited until there was nothing left in her. Temp of 101 to 103 off and on, etc.

She felt better on day 2 and wanted a blue "slushy". After convincing me that her stomach was fine and that all she needed was a blue "slushy" I ended up cleaning a blue bathroom floor.

If it is this flu, it took about 3 days to run its course. Ginger ale and popsicles helped.

She was ready for tacos on the middle of day 3 and is making up for lost time. Good luck.

"don't" was a joke silly
Silly, but I use Staples. I have a rewards
card and am always getting $$ back from them. Plus now they give you $3 coupons for each empty ink cart you return. And I shop for the ink I use when its on sale. I really save a lot - probably 50% - on brand name ink via Staples. Am a happy camper! I have tried E-bay before. In fact, I am a power seller on E-Bay, but really had bad luck with ink carts in the long run.
darned, silly girl
Not so silly. I still don't know what SOAP means.
Another silly, unprofessional response.

What does this prove except that you, as an employee, are small-minded and mean-tempered. I'm betting with an attidue like that, you don't get the raises you "think" you deserve.

The offer is what it is and the poster has to either decide to take it or leave it. Your response is just ridiculous.

Silly me, you posted t his on the Gab board too - sm
I got confused!!!!!
Why did I leave that profession? Silly me! nm
This doc took a silly pill today!
I am doing a string of ER reports from a doc who must have taken a silly pill!  He is drawing out certain words at a slow pace, then speaking as fast as he can, and now he just made the silliest gutteral noise for about 30 seconds OMG!   silliness
Silly ole tapes.... I'm poster below
I have three of my own accounts.  I also IC for a company online to supplement just a tad.