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T-shirts el al will be strange to him to and in trying to get those off, he could still get at

Posted By: sutures. Leave the collar on. nm Old vet tech on 2005-10-17
In Reply to: Off the topic but really need help with my dog. sm - mlstoo


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I am with you.  I know a source to obtain them and someone to do the artwork and lettering.  While we are at it, why not have one that lets patients know whether or not their hospital is one of the ones outsourcing out of the country? 

I am buying a new car this year and am buying the one that is the MOST AMERICAN that I can find.  Any ideas?   My husband came home from work last week with this story.  He has three co-workers who had brand new pickups (big ones, diesel) and their automatic transmissions had died.  These guys are professional drivers and so I know stupidity was not an issue.  One guy got his fixed and two traded them in on 5 speeds from another manufacturer.  They told him that they heard all the automatic transmissions are supposedly coming from out of the country and they are garbage.  Have you heard this?  

Yes, I realize I went "off topic", but I think it is all related.  I am getting busy with my T-Shirts.  I plan to offer them for cost.  Bumper stickers might work too.  How are we to tell people to check their hospitals' policies regarding outsourcing out of the country?  That one is hard.  I guess we could just walk around inside the hospitals wearing these shirts until they throw us out?  Could we afford a big billboard if we pitched in?  Could we be the "Outsource Busters"? 


Great idea about the bumper stickers.  As far as getting ourselves inside hospitals, how about putting something on hospital bulletin boards which in a lot of cases are just inside the main door (at least they are here in Minnesota).  Right now I am "monetarily challenged" and don't have a job so perhaps I could do something more behind the scenes?  We have Mayo Clinic (the parent company) about 100 miles from where I live (worked there from 1964-1978 right out of high school) who has and still to this day never outsourced nor will they.  They have an international population of patients that could be interesting!*!*!*!*  I might be able to get someone to listen there??!

With a slogan like "Outsource Busters" we may need Tim McGraw and Faith Hill to penn a song which we could chant!  Aw...c'mon now JUST KIDDING.....

I'm thinking about making T-shirts
The front would say "Do you know where your medical records are?" and the back would have maps of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam and the Philipines with Al-Quada (sp?) and other terrorist activity in those countries highlighted.  I could start wearing it while walking around campuses of hospitals and clinics.  I feel so helpless watching my career, livelihood, house and retirement circling the drain.
Strange, really strange response. NM

I have to say I go with the rudeness.  This industry is falling apart.  Poor management runs rampant.  I have encountered the same thing as you have.  Once in a blue moon, I will run in a recruiter or manager who is on the ball and actually returns phone calls.  Most of the time, they act like you should feel blessed if they deign to call you back. 

I too am in search of intelligent management/MTSO. 


Do you think it is strange that
a father would take a bath with his 2 year old daughter and not see anything wrong with that? Or is it me?
Yes! Very strange! and even if it were the other way around
a mom and her 2-year-old son it would be just as strange.

There is just no need and absolutely no reason for it other than...well you know the answer to that...it's in your gut instinct already.
That's strange...
I don't see where anyone was rude to her.  Everyone has given her excellent advice!
That is strange

Patti, I wonder if that MT might be just using all letterhead so that is all that needs to be ordered, so they do not have to order matching paper for second pages. However, IF that were the case, I would assume the letterhead page would cost the doctor more, so that may be a way to present it as well to the doctor once you take over the account completely since $ talks for most of these docs. :D Also, if I understand you correctly, some reports are being done on letterhead that should be on plain paper and, if so, that is a real waste of money for the docs! I am with you - I have never seen anyone do that in my life. It is not only incorrect but, as I said, may actually cost more for the letterhead paper.

I was told on one account I work for that there are a couple words that I should divide/hyphenate that technically are one word. I was told that they wanted all the words  consistent that begin with this same prefix as some are divided/separated; however, some are not, and it is not correct, and I just can't force myself to do what I know is wrong! I guess if I were to told "do it my way or else", then I would. Otherwise, I am doing it correctly. :)

BTW, congrats on landing the new account and best wishes!

I don't think that is strange at all....

the harder the work, the more money it pays.  That makes sense to me, if you have work that you HAVE to get done.

No, there's others. But it's strange, I almost took a job there too.

Wow, I guess I'm just destined to have to put up with it.  I'm so scared about it though.

That is really strange.  I have no idea why that would be happening.  They must not pay for spaces or something.  I would ask the company she works for.  Sorry, I'm not much help.
Very strange
I just began filling out an application to a transcription service advertising on another MT forum.  Halfway down the application page it is asking for my social security number.  There is no way in (you know where) I am giving that out.  I find this a bit shady if you ask me.  Why do they need my SS#?
Well I have to agree with you there. That was strange. That is so rude to start firing questions off at you when she is the one that should be answering the questions. I mean I could understand after you were done with your questions her asking a couple things she was interested in knoweing. But that is strange. And then tell YOU I will let you know in a couple days. I think you made a wise decision against using her to fill the position.
That would be really strange
I can't imagine any computer sold now that didn't have more than 1 USB port; Looking at all the old computers laying around here, I've got an old laptop that's about 10 years old that only has 1. Are you sure there isn't a batch of USB ports on the front? If you really are total computer newbie, you might be mistaking the internet input for a USB port. If you truly only have 1 USB port, I suggest you immediately invest in a hub. Speaking for myself, I use a port for my keyboard, a port for my mouse, and a port for my footpedal. Then you get into accessories- my camera requires a port, my printer needs a port, and my jump drive gets a port. There's other stuff that I don't use quite as regularly. I can't imagine a new computer with less than 4 ports.
I think it is strange
that dictators don't ask for feedback. If I were dictating, I would let the transcription company know that I wanted feedback regarding anything I could to to be more effective. And there are those who HAVE to know that they make it very difficult. That's pathetic if you ask me.
Is it just me, or is this strange?
Today, I had a doc, under family history, include the medical history of the family dog. It wasn't anything contagious or anything like that. He even reported on when the dog gets his yearly physical exam and immunizations. Strange..
A little strange, yes...
... I had an overly-detail-oriented dictator once who discussed the bowel habits of the patient's dog.

Only thing I could think of was, if it was on the patient's mind, then the doc figured it was part of the entire "holistic" picture, if you will. And since I was being paid on production, I wasn't gonna argue that it was a waste of time.... Although I once asked him, to his face, why use one word when ten will do? (He didn't quite get it.)
you are asking strange questions
I don't post anything that is not true!  Guess I'll have to sound like it was back in the 60's with Nixon......I have a very reliable, high level source in the company, that is all I can say....    PLUS the account is small enough, and the number of transcriptionists covering the account is small enough that when your job numbers jump by over 100 from one report to the next and all you get are the "bad" dictators I would hope even you would realize that something is going on, don't you? 
Seems kinda strange,
if it is just for 911 purposes, it could be so that emergency personnel could have several contact numbers in case of an emergency.  However, I've moved 6 times in the past 8 years, and I've never had to give that info out for any of my utilities.
Strange but true:

You may want to be careful when you criticize a company, because your remarks may have the opposite effect from what you intended.  I work for a relatively small MT service. Some time ago, we had a lady work for us who, for whatever reason, was angry when she left and said whenever she saw our company name mentioned on any of the message boards, she would say negative things about us... and she did. But here's the interesting part - inevitably, shortly after each time she has flamed us, we've had an increase in job applicants - people saying they've heard of us on whatever message board her remarks have appeared on. As a result, we've hired several really good transcriptionists.  Not exactly the effect she intended, but we're all pleased with the way this has turned out.

Strange but true - NOT
Could it be that after someone posts something negative the owner of the "small company" comes on and posts how great the company is to work for posing as one of the MTs.  I would believe that before believing your story.
You are undoubtedly strange indeed
What the heck are you smoking? You are a total whack job! Actually, you are making me a bit uneasy with your wierd thoughts and comments. You are very contradicting - go re-read your posts?!?!?!

Seriously, did I do something personal or what? Please, don't act like little miss nicey-nice - I am not alone on picking up your strange comments. I want clarity - and by that I mean, what are you implying by saying multiple, welcome back everybody, we missed you all, etc! No time for games, cut to the chase and tell me exactly what you are talking about!
It is strange to me that one of the criteria
is whether the company made money. Gosh.

It sounds to me like they are copping out on paying you period. Especially if by your calculations you earned the bonus.

No communication; no bonus payout ... for me, I'd never type another minute for them again.

Bless your heart.
Their hours are strange. SM
One by me was opened and hour and a half in the morning, closed for "lunch", then reopened for another hour and a half. I thought I would be able to fit time in, being MT and all, but whenever I went, they were always closed. I would strongly consider asking about hours and really thinking about it. Actually, program is lots of fun, when able to get to it.
Yes, but here is a strange thing. SM
A friend of mine hired on with MDI-FL and when she got her material overnighted, the Fed-Ex slip had Transcend on it.  She called Transcend and MDI-FL called her back.  What's up with that?
Strange though this may sound.....sm
Your persistent encouragement, although admirable, could be perceived by him as a type of nagging. I hope you don't take offense to this, but I can tell you that is exactly how I took all my well-meaning friends' and family's encouragement to stop smoking. As bizarre as it may sound, I would continue to smoke in spite of their encouragement and sometimes even more heavily. A "I'll show them" attitude.

A different approach you might take is to back off of the subject of smoking and, if hubby should ask you why, just tell him that you realize that he will make the decision to quit when he is ready and that you will be there for him when he does make that decision. Just a thought. I hope he does stop smoking because that "enjoyment" just is not worth risking the enjoyment of watching your kids grow up, reaching your golden years together and then seeing your grandchildren come into the world.
I also thought it was strange.
The tone of this sounds off somehow.  I found the 'copy' part strange also and it almost felt confrontational.  Maybe I read too much between the lines...it just felt strange. 
strange posts
Has anyone else noticed there are some very strange posts today? I'm wondering if it is the Internet Trolls or what.
This is strange, why would the tax place ask you
about your hours?? I am independent and one of the most known places is where I have my taxes done year after year and they asked no such question. I am sorta scratching my head on this one as seems like an hmmmm.
This was the strange part...
Immediately after I submitted my testing, I received an email with all of the contracts to sign etc.. which I did and faxed back..but nothing since then. I will say, however, that we are 2 hours behind them and by the time I did get them sent back it was later in the day which was probably way later there...So, I guess I will hear if they got them back or not on Monday.
Very strange behavior...
Were cherrypicking work, or calling in sick...or anything else going on?  I ask because that's just crazy for a high quality producer to be treated that way.
strange wording

"The patient is doing well from his colon cancer point of view."

Colons have opinions?  Oh yeah, that's right.  Everyone has one, opinions and colons, and the other part of the anatomy which shall remain nameless, from which originates some people's opinions. 

Reply to strange but true
Assuming this story is true, then companies should be glad for all the flaming they can get -- yet routinely, one of their reps gets on here and gets defensive -- why is that? They're messing up our plot to send them workers -- dammit! Surely our negative remarks have ABSOLUTELY NO effect, and we are no threat whatsoever, so why do they still yet feel they must get defensive? Sorry, I just don't get the problem -- there isn't one. You said so.
I seems strange that clients would be jumping
ship when the TAT time is pretty much up to the minute. You would think transcriptionists would be jumping ship instead. I don't believe the clients are jumping ship.
It's really strange that you post this when there is no negativity here,
as I perceive it anyway, for the recent posts.  Why bother when the recent posts seem so positive and helpful?  And, as I scan down through all of today's posts I guess I missed the negative ones, cuz it all looked pretty positive and helpful to me. 
You want strange movies - check out the
Joaquin Phoenix and Vince Vaughn was really a good one.  Also, I happened to come across a movie about 3 or 4 years ago that turned out to be one of my favorites - Last of the Dogmen with Tom Berringer and Barbara Hersey - I HIGHLY recommend this movie - It's not a war movie but I don't want to tell you what it's about because it would ruin the surprise.
This whole JonBenet thing is really strange...sm
I've been reading about the suspect and it's really strange.  He's lived virtually all over the world...teaching, tutoring, and being primary caregiver to many, many children.  Check out his resume...pretty impressive! Still don't know if he's guilty or just plain obsessed with the whole thing...what's your take on this?  
Strange--I JUST got an email from Stedmans--sm
stating the 2007 version was out and offering a reduced rate until the end of Febr. that is so funny that it arrived just now when I was reading these posts.
Strange experience with MTSO. sm
I answered an ad for some p.r.n. work about a month ago, and I ended up getting hired. It's a very small MTSO, from what I gather, and I immediately received some work. I knew goingin that the MTSO didn't pay until they received pay from their clients, and that was okay because I have my own accounts and just wanted some extra work as filler. I looked the place up online and asked here about it and someone responded that they paid in a timely fashion, were good to work for, etc.

Anyway, the strange thing is, I never received any kind of contract to sign and the MTSO has never even asked for my SSN for 1099. Has anyone ever encountered this? Maybe they just ask for it at tax time, but I think it's rather strange. I have all the emails where the MTSO stated the terms of the account, which I guess could be considered an oral agreement, but I'm somewhat uneasy about this.

I haven't received any pay yet. My first invoice was submitted about 11 days ago. Knowing they wait until their clients pay, that's not entirely unreasonable. However, I'm getting more work and kinda feel like I'm flying on blind faith here. I just wondered if anyone else worked for an MTSO that didn't require a contract or tax ID no. up front. Do I have cause for concern? How long should I consider too long to wait for pay, 30 days?

Sorry, all my experiences before have been with larger MTSOs that provided contract, etc., so I'm just not sure if this is par for the course with the smaller places or not. I guess I'm hoping someone will share their story and put me more at ease, or tell me it's highly unusual and to run like mad. I'm starting to feel leery of taking on more work for fear I'm being duped!!
strange baby names
I did the birth records for a set of twins whose parents must have been BIG Harry Potter fans...the babies were named Lucius and Draco.

Strange request from MTSO

I applied with a company that advertises on this site.  One of their requests was that they wanted a picture of my home office and one of myself - a full body shot - I thought that a little strange.  I didn't know whether to contact the IRS or what as far as the home office went - but then, of course, the MTSO which was hiring only ICs required working specific hours, so that blew that deal - since I do know that the IRS can and will disallow your home office deductions if you are an IC and are required to work specific days or hours - as you are then deemed an employee under their rules.  But the picture thing, that just seems weird.

Strange, when I went to work for the company
I am with now, they offered so much a line, did not ask where I lived so I think your post probably is just all in your mind.
Hoping, that sounds like a strange way to SM
get fast. Where did you read it? I have to say it sounds like a big waste of time.

Back in the old Selectric typewriter days my friend typed an amazing 140 WPM with very few mistakes, but no amount of watching her sped my clumsy, badly coordinated fingers up. After years of experience I probably eventually did about 75 with lots of mistakes.

With intensive use of an expander, tho, which I recommend over any other method to get fast, I now easily beat that old seemingly-forever-unreachable 140wpm standard (but I prefer not to think what her count must be with one.)

Also, when I'm working "in the groove," I know I'm as fast as I can be, so I'd also suggest researching methods for reducing distractions and whatever else it takes to settle down and concentrate.

And something I've never done--learn to the get most from your programs.

Boring, "same old" type of advice, I know.
True. Strange, isn't it? No message
I've encountered a strange situation and I don't know if I'm being paranoid or not.

I worked at the same company for 17 years, left in 2003.  Since then, I've been job hopping.  The problem is, any company can tell you anything they want about how good they are.  You can't really find out the actual workings of a place until you work for them.  So, I get hired, no problem, work for 3-4 months, and if I'm not happy, I start looking again.  Since 2003, I've tried 5 different companies.  I'm looking again. 

This is the weird part:  I always seem to get responses because I have extensive experience.  This time, I applied 4 places, got 3 responses, one of which I immediately ruled out after searching them on the company forum, so I applied and tested with the other 2.  Passed both tests, they were both "very interested" and passed me on to the next step.  Talked with the next person in line, received e/m from one "will call you by such-and-such a date."  The other, message on my answering machine, called them back, person was busy and would return my call.  Then.... nothing!  From either one.  It has been one week and no contact from them.  So I'm wondering if there is a blacklist of MTs.  You think it's possible ... names of MTs who have had more than a couple jobs in recent history and left after a few months?  I just really don't know what to think. 

One of the companies that I was really interested in, I even wrote to the last person I had spoken with and asked them to let me know if I was still being considered or not, because I had other offers to consider and needed to make a decision.  Nothing.  What do you think?

If this isn't the case, this is all extremely rude!  Don't you think?




i can relate. don't let anyone talk you into thinking you are strange or different.
there are good qualities in loners.
That DOES sound strange, I'd call back
and try to find out what was going on if it was me. I try to remember whenever I have to call an entity like that to make a note of who I am talking to so if I have to call back I have it available.
strange but I do not see a "Depression Board" anymore
a "pets" board, comedy board, holiday recipe board. I know the forum has been "remapped" but what to the posts that were on these boards if the boards no longer exist?
That is strange. Here in NY they run like crazy! Maybe it's reflection startled it?? nm
Really strange, sorry it's annoying, we're cking to see what's up.