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keep the cone on for safety

Posted By: Nanna23 on 2005-10-17
In Reply to: Off the topic but really need help with my dog. sm - mlstoo

my poodle got such a horrible infection from licking post op that she ended up in Doggie ICU, we almost lost her and it cost a fortune.  Just have patience, scratch his ears for him and the cone will be off sooner than you know.  Remember, you probably feel worse about it then he does

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"the cone"
When my little boy (dog) was neutered, I thought for sure the vet would make us use "the cone." However, he said to just get an all white cotton t-shirt and you can slip it over the dog's head and the dog's legs fit perfectly in the arm holes. The cotton t-shirts are nice and soft and come down long enough to cover that private area!
What is worse? The cone for a week or so, or having him lick the sutures out and having a really
It all comes down to safety
An ESL wishing to practice medicine in the US should not only have to pass a written exam, but a verbal one as well.

Just how many ESL are lawyers?? Can you imagine someone unable to speak clear, intelligible English attempting to argue a case before the court?  How long would a trial last with all of the "Objection! YOUR HONOR, WHAT DID HE SAY??!!"  Plus, the number of appeals would be staggering!

And oh, the poor court stenographer...don't even want to go there!!

If you want to call me a bigot...go ahead! I could care less. Since when does being PC come before a patient's life? 

this is not about medicine but still about safety. My DD was in a bad car accident in September when she was hit by a car going 60 miles an hour in a 35 mile an hour zone. The other driver spoke nor read a word of English, yet managed to have a valid driver's license. Apparently he was able to take the driver's test in his native language, but he was unable to read the speed limits signs, the yield signs, or the construction zone signs he sped through!

Saddest thing about it was she was found at fault because she was taking a left even though he was speeding, did not yield and was driving in breakdown lane!

Safety last
When an ESL surgeon says "The patient gave informed consent" I always wonder who informed the patient and how they could understand what was going to be done if I can't understand it with all my experience. 
There is safety under the Whistle Blower's Act
employees at the surgery center were to be named as litigants in ANOTHER lawsuit for knowing but not having reported it? Sorry, but I'm not going to jail or losing my house from a civil/criminal case because some doctor wants to commit professional suicide. Also, the surgery center should have a toll-free number for employees to report any misconduct without having to disclose any identity...most medical employers do to promote an lawsuit-free business. I used one for sexual harrassment and was given an ID number and a toll-free number to call back in a certain amount of time to listen to a recorded message of the outcome of the company's investigation. The guy didn't lose his job, but the top manager admitted they knew and allowed his behavior because he was just being himself (????) -- I don't work there anymore (my choice), but I know he won't be climbing that corporate ladder and no one else will be subjected to his behavior.

Same goes for anyone doing drugs on the job...it CANNOT be tolerated!
JCAHO and AAMT is a crock. Patient safety means not hiring DIMWITS
who can't read or retain what they have been taught. If you don't know what TYPED p.o. means or are confused, do not take care of patients. You are obviously too stupid. Go flip burgers somewhere where someone can instruct you every step of the way and you can do no harm. No brainer. Just a little wrist action and by all means DON'T TOUCH THE HOT GRILL. Think you can remember what that means. HEAT BAD!