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DON'T use the RED PEPPER! Can you

Posted By: grundies on 2005-10-17
In Reply to: Off the topic but really need help with my dog. sm - mlstoo

imagine if you had surgery and got capsaicin from the peppers in the wound?  OUCH!  Try men's or boy's underpants.  Turn them around backwards so you can pull the tail through the crotch hole, then pull the waistband tight and safety pin it.  We used to use that for our female breeding dogs who were in heat.  Otherwise, you can try him for a few minutes at a time without the collar to see if he'll leave it alone.

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LOL!! :) Me too...with salt and pepper too! NM
Be careful using hot pepper and such
Animals will literally scratch out their eyes if they get that near them.  There are other more humane options depending on the animal.
Cayenne pepper may help

look up "health benefits of cayenne pepper" on Google and/or www.curezone.com.

Some of the benefits are amazing, and pain relief is one of them, increased blood flow to extremities, etc.

Gotta have Dr. Pepper
The phone, cell phone, TV remote, lots of post-it notes, the blinds up on the window for sunshine (if I'm lucky). The standards already mentioned, Kleenexe's, q-tips, fan, lotion.

Things that I have to have but not by choice........the dogs at my feet (hopefully not on the pedal), the cat roaming around annoying the dogs, and last but not least, hubby in the next room snoring away! (thank heavens for noise cancelling headphones!)
No, he is salt and pepper so it is really hard...
to find the fleas on him when bathing him.  The long haired guy is blonde.
Black pepper very bad for arthrtis.
Will pepper spray work?
I was considering getting some as the dogs behind me mauled another dog  (blind in one eye, collapsed lung, laceration on its front leg, back claws broken off from resisting being pulled under) by pulling it under the fence between the yards. Animal control says we can't do anything as long as the dogs are fenced in. But, it is just a matter of time before they dig a big enough hole to get under the fence - as it is, they look like they can make it over the fence if they try hard enough.  Animal control told me to build a privacy fence with my own money.  TG we are moving soon.  I swear if those dogs come in my yard and get anywhere near my kids, I will be tempted to shoot them.  They have bitten two neighbors already.
Carry mace or pepper spray for this. (nt)

Be careful with pepper spray, you'll get your dogs too

and possibly yourself if the wind is blowing just right.  The stuff is extremely powerful and won't just bring down the offending animal.

I agree with calling animal control, as they are the "animal police" and the "people police" won't even bother. 

The dog owner needs to be reported whether he was in his yard trying to get his dog back in or not.  Sure, maybe the dog "got loose," but he should have at least been decent enough to apologize.


Red hot pepper poured in the garden works wonders. sm
I had moles and rabbits and cats eating everything in mine so I poured red pepper and bought a cheap can of jalapeno peppers and threw them around as well. As if by magic, all the animals went away. I just got the cheap 2 for $1 stuff at Dollar General.
BBQ shrimp, red pepper and squash; garden salad, new potatoes.

toss in olive oil, sprinkle with salt, pepper and paprika

I just make like a meat loaf mixture with egg, cracker crumbs, salt, pepper, egg and milk. SM
Form into patties, cook with some chopped or sliced onions, then add an envelope of gravy mix and water, cook a few minutes. Easy, you can add other stuff or use canned gravy. Enjoy!
Dogs; Cheech, Timida, Pepper, Franco. Cat; Nellie Belle. Finches; Norman & Betina.