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It seems to me I had to change a preference on Shorthand to prevent that...

Posted By: sm on 2006-07-11
In Reply to: Meditech Expander on Citrix - Debbie

but it's been so long ago I can't remember...I think it had something to do about the playback speed. You should mess around with it.

To change Operation Preferences

Choosing "Preferences" from the File menu brings up the Preferences Dialog Box.  Click on the Operation tab to access Operation Preferences.


Use this option to add a delay (in milliseconds; 1000 msec = 1 second) after a specified number of keystrokes.  This option is useful if you find that ShortHand is playing back text too fast for the target application to handle.

Verify Target Window Receives Keystroke

When this option is checked, Shorthand waits for a keystroke to be properly received by the target window before playing back the next keystroke; this prevents Shorthand from accidentally overrwriting text in another window.  The disadvantage is that, on some systems, this could result in very poor playback performance.  Unchecking this box causes Shorthand to playback Keystrokes at maximum speed without verifying if the keystrokes reach their intended target.  If you experience lost or transposed keystrokes, use the Pause option above to slow down Shorthand.

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Prevent CTS
I am not sure if CTS is something you can get disability for, its certainly worth a try if you have disability insurance via your employer. To prevent CTS however I recommend that you get a chair and keyboard tray that combine to put your elbows at right angles, you need to make sure that your wrists make a straight line (you want minial wrist flexion, and no ulnar or radial flexion). I have found that a split keyboard (MS Natural old style is my favorite). There are more expensive ones, but this is what I use and my pain has been gone.

On another note, a lumbar pillow has made vast differences for my back.
Even 4.5 is too low. doctors do not change - they still hem and haw, change, change stuff along wit
It is just not enough for the work. Speech is great on the wrists but you are not just reading what is typed, you are making a lot of changes. I have a hard time doubling a lot of days with all the changes I have to make. Just my opinion.
WARNING to those trying to PREVENT it.....
A few years ago my daughter's 2nd grade class kept having a lice problem. My daughter never showed any signs of it BUT one day she came home and told me her 2 best friends, who she played with and sat by, were sent home with it. So I panicked and did the stuff in her hair just to get anything that (in my mind) was probably there.

Well, my daughter had a neurologic reaction to the RID or whatever I used. Her one arm was shaking, it was scary. I took her to the ED and the doc made me feel about 1 inch tall. He said "WHY WOULD YOU PUT IT ON HER IF SHE DIDN'T HAVE LICE???"

I explained but he said people just don't get it, this stuff is basically a PESTICIDE.

So if your child has it then use it, but PLEASE don't just use it to keep him/her "clean" as a measure to prevent it. Take it from a ~guilt-ridden~ mother.

Editscript has some way to prevent that too.
I don't know how it works though.
There are all kinds of ways to prevent
a pregnancy, not the least is abstinence.   Why people are so irresponsible is beyond me and then an innocent life will suffer because of her stupidity. 
They definitely need to go digital, which may prevent hiring another MT
Elliott needs to be with his very sick Mom. Being the Idol would prevent that. sm
Besides, from what he said about AI being a "steppingstone," he's probably been contacted by someone big. He's going to make it, no matter what. I think being the Idol at this time would be too much for his personal life. His mother needs him now, and he knows it.

ctrl+space will prevent expansion.

... to prevent neck strain. Lift it up on something if it's
I stopped my HRT when studies showed it did not prevent osteoporosis. sm
I have osteoporosis.  The govt halted a study on HRT as the women involved had more heart problems than those on the placebo.  Too scary for me.  In addition, my hair was falling out excessively.  Since I have been off it, my hair is back to normal, but the flashes have come back.   Even more repulsive to me was when I found out that the HRT I was on came from the urine of pregnant mares that were impregnated just to get the HRT ingredients, then the colts were destroyed.  No way.  There are over-the-counter remedies for hot flashes, but now they claim that black cohosh causes liver cirrhosis.  So, I'm not taking anything. 
How do you prevent them? EZ! Tell you husband to splurge on a Brazilian Wax for Mother's Day!!!!
That's how you prevent them!
A lot of this is the vet's preference -
My current vet will do as young as 10 weeks if the animal is large enough. They also use laser there, which really speeds recovery in the females. I had my last female done at 4 months when she went into heat! The surgery is much easier when they are younger too. The little ones bounce back within a day. Good luck to you.
gloves will not prevent a needle stick, only exposure to a spill. nm
...to prevent carpal tunnel and other repetative stress injury. nm
Don't change. I had to change back to cable. SuddenLink DSL stinks! nm


Must just be personal preference then..
because I absolutely love it.  Been using it for over 3yrs.  Very easy to query the fields to change to correct DOS or patient if need be, upload statuses to use if info is not available.  I am so sorry you detest this platform...I absolutely love it.  As far as the ESP expander, adore it too.  Sure, I had to add everything from scratch but once you get through the major bulk of it, adding ones here and there over time is a piece of cake.  I even have complete reports including headers set up in my ESP files.  Some Expander programs will not allow that.  In answer to your question, no I have never used SmartType (sp?)...but I have no complaints with what I have now.  Guess it's all what you're used to and what you like your expander to be able to do. 
it's really client preference......NM
Personal preference
I am a former nurse as well and I promise you that the CMT exam is not a speck compared to boards .. something I think I may still be traumatized by and it was way too long for me to feel that way!!  You are going to get a lot of negative feedback here and I can only tell you that as a nurse with really good experience and an MSN there was no real reason for me to take the CMT exam save for personal validation.  I think that if you work in a field and there is a credential then it is a personal choice whether or not you take the exam.  Many companies do pay for your CMT and will pay as well for you to do the continuing education to maintain it.  Additionally, promotions and the like are often given to CMTs first and I'd say mainly because it shows an employer you cared enough personally to validate yourself.  I don't need someone to force me .. it was driven by my own personal goals in this business.  I'd like to see people stop bashing AAMT because of issues that were not put into play because of AAMT but because of politics and big business squeezing for the buck.  I'd like to see people give each other encouragement and support, but women seem not to be able to do that easily.  I'd like to see this business shake itself off and start to live up to principles that make some sense too .. but I fear that my bubble has burst and still life goes on and we need to make a paycheck.  If you think you will benefit from taking the exam (if only personally) then just do it.
Headphone preference
I'm looking to purchase some new headphones and am not sure which ones to get.    Does anyone have a pair they really love??  Or really hate??  Do you prefer regular ones or noise cancelling??  Thanks!!!! 
Just a personal preference
I am not the original poster but some people just prefer to do certain types of transcription and it has nothing to do w/ being scared. For me, I prefer clinic notes b/c they are a lot more repetetive and so I find I get more lines with them.
My preference is Handeze.
According to your client's preference.
I think that is probably client preference. I have
worked for different facilities and have seen them called both. I was taught that if a procedure does not involve actual incisions it is a procedure and if there is an incision it is an operation. But like I said, it is whatever the particular client wants.
coffee preference
I found Folgers Black Silk a nicer, richer flavor with using lesser amount.  husband is happy still (he drank coffee-flavored mud for years).  I would reduce the amount I put in the pot a little at a time until I reduced 4 spoons of grounds to 4 cups of coffee (small pot) down to 2 spoons of grounds.  He used to call it "sissy coffee" but he says it does taste better when I make the coffee.  Go figure... 
Actually, throw out the BOS and use the physician's preference.
I learned that disc is eyes, disk is computer disk, and disc/disk for back is up to the account preferences.  The doctors do not care what some stupid AAMT BOS book says because it's THEIR notes and they aren't regulated by the AAMT.
He dd NOT give them preference. THEY are stuck TOO
My cousin and 3 of her friends are stuck there. If he gave preferential treatment. THEY WOULD BE HOME instead of US worrying about them and not hearing ANYTHING from them.

By the way. They also called ahead before they left here Friday and asked their hotel if it was safe or should they cancel and rebook later. They were told to come on. They would be safe, this was nothing to worry about.

I have read that OTHER tourists were told the same thing when THEY called ahead before the hurricane to see if they should cancel and reschedule.

Get off your high horse and DONT comment on things you know NOTHING ABOUT!
Preference is split in my house
My idea of an Easter dinner is ham, mashed potatoes, and a veggie. However, my husband enjoys leg of lamb - YUCK!

I usually make him and the kids a leg of lamb and I make myself a ham steak.

I love Easter dinner. It is usually just my own family here at home - no going away and nobody comes over, unless it is just to visit.
I think it depends on the client's preference. nm
my preference is for Times New Roman n/m
Personal preference is mostly irrelevant, IMO. SM
I single or double as requested or to conform to a standard mode, even if I do prefer double for readability. The VR accounts I work on are set to single space. FWIW, typing single spaces is faster.
I have a preference for Dead in Bed syndrome myself
Change provider vs change to business plan

In your place, I would seriously consider changing providers if there were others available in your area, but I'd ask around about their service quality first.  It may not be any better.  If there are no other providers, then consider changing your service package to a business account rather than residential.  They're usually more expensive, but they also tend to get faster service if there's a problem.

Last summer, I had no electricity for 3 days due to severe storms, but there were some 600,000 in the same boat with me.  We just had to wait it out.  It's a downside of working at home.

"facility's" preference before the flames start lol
QA Pay Preference -- hourly versus per line? SM

I've been offered two QA jobs; one that pays $15 per hour and one that pays 4 cpl.  I'm told that I can make more than $15 per hour on production because you get credit for all lines in a report, even if you make only one correction.  So I figured that to make the equivalent of $15 per hour, I would have to QA 3000 lines a day.  So here's my question, is 3000 lines of QA in an 8 hour day feasible and is it possible to do more lines than that in an 8 hour day?

Both offer employee status, benefits, etc.  Benefit plans are pretty much exactly the same down to the same health insurance company. 

curet or curette? is there a preference according to book of style? nm
change attitude, change life
The first thing you need to change is that defeatist attitude! I know that's hard at times like this, but that's when you need to most.
I won't go into detail, but my financial situation is also at an all-time low, we couldn't even exchange gifts., daughter in hospital twice, & no med insurance)..but then I heard about how much worse things were for others around me this season. Now I'm thankful instead!
SpeedType and Shorthand are the exact same program. Shorthand is lots cheaper and also has a trial.
{@KEY BkSp}-pack-per-year is for Shorthand. Using the semicolon works with both Shorthand and

;yo = -year-old

;py= -pack-year


Shorthand and SpeedType are exact same program. Shorthand will cost you lots less.
you can import your autocorrect into Shorthand.
I took shorthand too. But it sure comes in helpful for my expanders. I view words in shorthand for
i did use shorthand once in a job but i was so nervous the "boss" took pity and dictated the report on dictaphone.
If it is Shorthand, save the SPF file to a disk, then if you buy Shorthand yourself....
you can just drop the SPF file into it. That is not dishonest since you are the one who put the macros in. I am sure is it is another Expander there is a way to save the macro file and then drop it in the expander you buy on your own.
Get out while you can. Things will *never* change unless you change them. (nt)

Yes you need to change everything to

reflect GA as your residence.   In my state you have 30 days to notify DMV of an address change.    You don't have to be head of household to claim office expenses and can claim in GA if you meet the criteria needed for a home office. 

From someone who has BTDT be sure you have a legal contract with your renters, even if family member and do a video of your house before you leave for your protection.  Also you might want to look at getting some additional insurance.  I had a trusted family member living in my house for a year, rent free in exchange for upkeep, and they practically destroyed the house, which is why I suggested the above. 


I once had a QA from HS change BMI to PMI sm

This was in vital signs.   The pt BMI was 35.  She/he changed that to PMI....... 

Anyone else have any QA mistakes they'd like to share?

The very first QA notice I received when I started (January) was to double space at the end of a sentence. I felt like the biggest dummy for not knowing this. But, after viewing these posts, I guess it is not such a common knowledge thing. I NEVER, NEVER hear from MQ. I wonder if it is because I don't have their e-mail. I know they have my e-mail address, but NEVER hear from them. I wonder how many CHANGES I have missed?
change that from 375 to
365, but feels like 375.
Wonder if they will change
the offshore concerns board to the offshore board.
Actually no change at all...
just venting. Sorry to have gone on and on with being upset and angry all day and other family issues that have caused stress. I could state my personal life on here and all of my business dealings, but do you really need to hear every bit of a story? Should I recount every little detail about my work habits as an MT? Is that really necessary? Fine, I was crying and upset in the beginning thinking of ways to find work, what to do, then that turned to anger. Then that passed and I realized how businesses are run and that posting on a board and not editing my post and misspelling words and not using proper grammar (EMPLOYED AS AN IC) is just unfortunate I guess for me and I won't be posting on any boards any time soon. As far as the year of working as an IC (hope that sounds better for you) there were plenty of times when I made mistakes and yes, even the MTSO admitted to having made a mistake or two and overlooked a document and then paid me for it on the next check or found something she thought I hadn't turned it and I actually had and I covered for someone who was sick that day and did extra work and yes, I really made a few mistakes when I missed the TAT. I am not wanting to hear something terrible from anyone, like, yes, you should write a letter. I guess just a little venting and typing out loud and..wow, I hope things get better soon too. Don't worry, everyone, PLEASE don't worry!! I didn't do anything terrible, I didn't send a nasty e-mail to anyone, I didn't write a letter and I apologized again to the MTSO.
This is what I am saying. She isn't going to change.
I'd begin trying to drown her out with the stereo or a water fountain that is somewhat loud and runs all of the time. I'd not say anything at all but what you could do, in a kind way, is when you talk with her, say something to her that you overhead her saying and then mention that you didn't mean to be eaves dropping but that sound carries and it is impossible to not hear her. Keep it friendly. A neighbor who dislikes you makes life hell if they are the kind who act out.
Name change SM
They should change it to DEFUNCT
Does anybody change
just the first few reports to get the difference in price per line and just use the new rate figured to calculate for their font and margins?

In other words, if the difference is 2.4 cpl or whatever, you just add that to your rate and count lines with their font and margins without changing them each time. Would that be kosher?

I was wondering if you could make a macro to do it. Excellent idea!

Thanks everyone.