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Actually, throw out the BOS and use the physician's preference.

Posted By: not worth arguing over on 2005-08-17
In Reply to: Disc or disk-- - Confused

I learned that disc is eyes, disk is computer disk, and disc/disk for back is up to the account preferences.  The doctors do not care what some stupid AAMT BOS book says because it's THEIR notes and they aren't regulated by the AAMT.

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A lot of this is the vet's preference -
My current vet will do as young as 10 weeks if the animal is large enough. They also use laser there, which really speeds recovery in the females. I had my last female done at 4 months when she went into heat! The surgery is much easier when they are younger too. The little ones bounce back within a day. Good luck to you.
Must just be personal preference then..
because I absolutely love it.  Been using it for over 3yrs.  Very easy to query the fields to change to correct DOS or patient if need be, upload statuses to use if info is not available.  I am so sorry you detest this platform...I absolutely love it.  As far as the ESP expander, adore it too.  Sure, I had to add everything from scratch but once you get through the major bulk of it, adding ones here and there over time is a piece of cake.  I even have complete reports including headers set up in my ESP files.  Some Expander programs will not allow that.  In answer to your question, no I have never used SmartType (sp?)...but I have no complaints with what I have now.  Guess it's all what you're used to and what you like your expander to be able to do. 
it's really client preference......NM
Personal preference
I am a former nurse as well and I promise you that the CMT exam is not a speck compared to boards .. something I think I may still be traumatized by and it was way too long for me to feel that way!!  You are going to get a lot of negative feedback here and I can only tell you that as a nurse with really good experience and an MSN there was no real reason for me to take the CMT exam save for personal validation.  I think that if you work in a field and there is a credential then it is a personal choice whether or not you take the exam.  Many companies do pay for your CMT and will pay as well for you to do the continuing education to maintain it.  Additionally, promotions and the like are often given to CMTs first and I'd say mainly because it shows an employer you cared enough personally to validate yourself.  I don't need someone to force me .. it was driven by my own personal goals in this business.  I'd like to see people stop bashing AAMT because of issues that were not put into play because of AAMT but because of politics and big business squeezing for the buck.  I'd like to see people give each other encouragement and support, but women seem not to be able to do that easily.  I'd like to see this business shake itself off and start to live up to principles that make some sense too .. but I fear that my bubble has burst and still life goes on and we need to make a paycheck.  If you think you will benefit from taking the exam (if only personally) then just do it.
Headphone preference
I'm looking to purchase some new headphones and am not sure which ones to get.    Does anyone have a pair they really love??  Or really hate??  Do you prefer regular ones or noise cancelling??  Thanks!!!! 
Just a personal preference
I am not the original poster but some people just prefer to do certain types of transcription and it has nothing to do w/ being scared. For me, I prefer clinic notes b/c they are a lot more repetetive and so I find I get more lines with them.
My preference is Handeze.
According to your client's preference.
I think that is probably client preference. I have
worked for different facilities and have seen them called both. I was taught that if a procedure does not involve actual incisions it is a procedure and if there is an incision it is an operation. But like I said, it is whatever the particular client wants.
coffee preference
I found Folgers Black Silk a nicer, richer flavor with using lesser amount.  husband is happy still (he drank coffee-flavored mud for years).  I would reduce the amount I put in the pot a little at a time until I reduced 4 spoons of grounds to 4 cups of coffee (small pot) down to 2 spoons of grounds.  He used to call it "sissy coffee" but he says it does taste better when I make the coffee.  Go figure... 
He dd NOT give them preference. THEY are stuck TOO
My cousin and 3 of her friends are stuck there. If he gave preferential treatment. THEY WOULD BE HOME instead of US worrying about them and not hearing ANYTHING from them.

By the way. They also called ahead before they left here Friday and asked their hotel if it was safe or should they cancel and rebook later. They were told to come on. They would be safe, this was nothing to worry about.

I have read that OTHER tourists were told the same thing when THEY called ahead before the hurricane to see if they should cancel and reschedule.

Get off your high horse and DONT comment on things you know NOTHING ABOUT!
Preference is split in my house
My idea of an Easter dinner is ham, mashed potatoes, and a veggie. However, my husband enjoys leg of lamb - YUCK!

I usually make him and the kids a leg of lamb and I make myself a ham steak.

I love Easter dinner. It is usually just my own family here at home - no going away and nobody comes over, unless it is just to visit.
I think it depends on the client's preference. nm
my preference is for Times New Roman n/m
Personal preference is mostly irrelevant, IMO. SM
I single or double as requested or to conform to a standard mode, even if I do prefer double for readability. The VR accounts I work on are set to single space. FWIW, typing single spaces is faster.
I have a preference for Dead in Bed syndrome myself
"facility's" preference before the flames start lol
It seems to me I had to change a preference on Shorthand to prevent that...

but it's been so long ago I can't remember...I think it had something to do about the playback speed. You should mess around with it.

To change Operation Preferences

Choosing "Preferences" from the File menu brings up the Preferences Dialog Box.  Click on the Operation tab to access Operation Preferences.


Use this option to add a delay (in milliseconds; 1000 msec = 1 second) after a specified number of keystrokes.  This option is useful if you find that ShortHand is playing back text too fast for the target application to handle.

Verify Target Window Receives Keystroke

When this option is checked, Shorthand waits for a keystroke to be properly received by the target window before playing back the next keystroke; this prevents Shorthand from accidentally overrwriting text in another window.  The disadvantage is that, on some systems, this could result in very poor playback performance.  Unchecking this box causes Shorthand to playback Keystrokes at maximum speed without verifying if the keystrokes reach their intended target.  If you experience lost or transposed keystrokes, use the Pause option above to slow down Shorthand.

QA Pay Preference -- hourly versus per line? SM

I've been offered two QA jobs; one that pays $15 per hour and one that pays 4 cpl.  I'm told that I can make more than $15 per hour on production because you get credit for all lines in a report, even if you make only one correction.  So I figured that to make the equivalent of $15 per hour, I would have to QA 3000 lines a day.  So here's my question, is 3000 lines of QA in an 8 hour day feasible and is it possible to do more lines than that in an 8 hour day?

Both offer employee status, benefits, etc.  Benefit plans are pretty much exactly the same down to the same health insurance company. 

curet or curette? is there a preference according to book of style? nm
Now can we please throw away ....
the AAMT Book of style for Medical Transcription - or better yet, send all of our copies to India.  They will need them more than we will.  We have at least been through grammar school and now that the AAMT book is full of flaws, but because the industry standard is to follow the Book of Style we have had to compromise our teachings by our own education system to do what the "Book" says.  YUCK - I have hated that book.  My aunt was an University English teacher - way smarter than anyone who wrote that book.  I call her for clarification. 
Yes, and I believe the responses were to throw the bum out
if he gets even the tiniest bit annoying.  We also can't forget the comments about having a man support us, not having to work and being told what to do.
I might as well throw my opinion in there. sm
There have been so many opinions posted, I might as well give you MY best advice: Call your husband and talk to him. Just be honest. Tell it to him exactly like you told us - that you and the kids have really been missing him and were looking forward to seeing him, and that you were kind of hurt when he said not to come. Be honest with him, and give him a chance to be honest with you. Actually listen to his reasons and try to understand his line of thinking. At the very least, you'll have let him know how you feel, and he deserves to know that and have the chance to explain away your fears. The posters below don't know you, or your marriage, and that's OK because they were trying to help. But bottom line is this - he's your husband and you love each other for a reason. He's not going to want you to spend the next days/weeks feeling bad and he'll take the time to make you feel better.
Don't throw in the towel yet.
I know things may not seem positive right now but look at counseling as a possible way of turning this all around.  Try to get your husband interested in a hobby or something.  It sounds as though he has no zest for life anymore.  If he is not happy with himself it can cause problems in your relationship.
Think I am gonna throw up! ugh! nm
To throw a statement out such as a
single mother just means, again, nothing more than a person working, same as a divorced mother or father but you know, you never hardly hear that term, do you? People donít go around saying I am a married mother as they do with I am a single mother. I will say again, to me that denotes just another person in the work force, nothing more, nothing less. Seems like you went off the deep end trying to make something out of the fact that I said 1 person working is just like another. No favoritism for anyone in the work field.
put the throw rugs back. nm
When is it time to throw in the towel entirely?

It doesn't work for me to be a fulltime employee for a big national.  However, it doesn't work to be an IC for a small MTSO either.  The obvious middle of the road would be SE for a medium sized company.  However, it seems like that just takes the bad from employee and combines it with the bad from IC.  I wonder if I'll ever find a good place to work.  I should just bag MT entirely.  I know I'm not the best MT or employee.  I'm not perfect.  There are a lot better MTs out there.  I'm not all that bad either.  Maybe I could make a living posting stupid auctions on ebay. 

I do not keep anything - pretty much give it away or throw it away.
I have no piles of anything around. I am a neat and tidy "freak". As far as finances, I keep a check book, but could not tell you where every penny went or is. As long as I am within $200 from the actual balance +/-, I am happy. I use MAC card for everything, don't keep much cash in hand, and pay my bills on line most times.

I have a stress free life most days, other than the daily little peaks and valleys related to work. Our family just lives life and we don't sweat the small stuff. It is simple once you get the hang of it. You need to learn to "let go" of "stuff" whether it be monetary things or emotional controlling issues. Be carefree sometimes and just live life to the fullest and stop worrying what anything is "worth". Some things are only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it, and in most cases, it is not much!

I am happy giving things away if someone can use them. It makes your heart feel good to help somebody out once in a while.

So, get rid of all of the "stuff" you have piled up and live carefree for a while. Let me know how it goes! You will be much happier!
Yes - hubby is the pack rat. I throw everything that is not being used out.
After I read the newspaper, it is in the trash. Nothing sits around. Hubby would save everything; however, he works shift work, so when he is at work, I toss things in the trast. My home is neat and clean and everything is in its place all of the time!

Taught my 2 teens to be the same way - Love neat and clean and organized!

My home is not enjoyable if crap is everywhere - in my opinion.
Yes, as below and throw in some black olives

Don't mind me, I just need to throw a little fit and gripe a little!

I HATE HATE HATE this dictator.  This is how he dictates if I were to strictly adhere to the verbatim rules of transcribing:

PROCEDURES PERFORMED: Cysto, retro, uretero with stent placement.

INDICATIONS:  This is a lady who had perc litho by Dr. X.  She had a perc tube. She had a nephro stent.  On the pull of the nephro stent, did an antegrade nephro and apparently had obstruction in the ureter which was a probable stone.  She was set up for a cysto retro Friday, but she ate, so she was set up for this morning. She understands the risks, options, complications, etc.

HE DRIVES ME INSANE!  He has a very conversational style of dictating that makes it incredibly hard to make sense of his reports! He abbreviates everything, makes up his own words, and has been known to dictate one-word sentences!!!!!

We need a firing squad for dictators like this! 

Breath in, breath out.  Okay, I'm finished now.  I'm just having one of those days, crappy dictators, communication channels between my brain and my fingers have broken down, and I just need a nap!

Back to work.

Please tell me you are worth working for. That you don't throw
don't only have mush mouths for dictators, that you are not difficult to work for and put ridiculous requirements on us.  I have worked for several people who boasted how wonderful their company, pay was great, but ended up having a slow platform, client specifics the size of telephone books, not enough work and being pushed off onto other accounts that only slow me down even more, to the point that I make practically no money.  Then, on top of that, told that oops my paycheck was going to be late, or it bounced, and given endless excuses.  The door swings both ways doesn't it?
You might throw some visual aids in there too.


throw a blustering, indignant fit, though. Maybe
Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents
On the GoMDT board, the company proveros was offering an internship.  The pay was going to be 4 cpl for straight transcription and 2 cpl for editing.  Well I have been working now for about 6 months so I am still a newbie but I do have a little bit of experience under my belt now.  I was not interested in the internship but I applied so I could test just to see what the test was going to be like.  This is for an internship, MTs fresh out of school with no experience, so they have no idea what it is like to be working for an MTSO.  I get the test and it's one of those test voice files from the site that a lot of MTSOs use as their testing site, which IMO all of those tests are horrible and I cringe when I try to start taking one of them.  Of course, the file sounds horrible.  There are a lot of words that I can't make out.  The voice quality is horrible compared to where I work at.  I do my best and leave blanks for the words I can't make out.  And you know what?  I failed the test. lol  It just boggles my mind.  Why are they making a test so difficult and hard for newbie mts?  I could understand if this was for a company that requires exp., but this is for an internship.  It just shows how unfair this profession is to people trying to break into it.  
HEY, Throw this poor dog a bone?

I am a "newbie", been looking for MT opportunity with no luck.  I would gladly take one of the jobs you didn't like, just for the experience......

At this time, I would just like a job doing Mt but beginning to think this was a mistake.....definitely must not be the same as it used to be.....

AND they are trying to throw in more nit-picky things about what this doc wants...
and this doctor always needs to go to QA and this resident needs an extra signature line and make sure the visit you selected was at the right place and be sure to change this worktype for this doctor because we cannot teach him to do it and we can't tell this doctor that worktype 800 is really not an EEG because we don't think he'll get it and no we can't get the software to recognize a visit ID when its entered and no you cannot start the audio in the document information screen so you can verify the patient and please automatically know when the doctor gives one name at the beginning of the dictation and a different one at the end who he is really typing about and take the following VR sentence and make it a lucid part of a medical report - CT scan guided biopsy performed February refills banding is without mucus brain which is negative.

My VR plan is quickly shaping up like this...take a 20-hour a week job at the local nursing home for full health insurance benefits and find an IC job doing transcription for supplemental income and repeat year after year until ready to be in nursing home.
Yes, I like to keep things and my husband likes to throw everything out
To me, either keep it, sell it, or give it to charity. He just wants to throw it all out. Sentimental things I do like to keep though. Are you the need one or the pack rat? I just have a problem letting go of things that we might someday use though. I look at it like this, why go and spend the money on it in the future if it can just be stored away until then :)
LOL! Let me just get my steamin' cuppa java to throw!
Seriously, though, H, you are so right. My family were all healthcare support workers (engineering, housekeeping, etc.) and my dad calls hospitals "the shrine of the physician" where all other staff are expected to worship at the altar of their godhood with the VPs and dept. heads expected to lead all the worship services.
Makes me want to throw the computer away and start over
Don't throw up hands in resignation, EDUCATE
yourself. Immigration has been made into a HUGE issue to distract you from what you should REALLY be concerned about: FOREIGN POLICY. If Americans would sacrifice the 30-60 minutes they waste on TV garbage on any given night and actually PARTICIPATE in their own democracy, they'd be shocked and outraged to know WHERE AND WHAT their tax dollars are actually spent on...

Immigration IS a problem, but NOT in the way we've been led to believe.

Okay, lets just throw aside the fact he lives
Just wanted to warn her not to throw good
ADHI sux.
DD is a 1st grade teacher, and is ready to throw in the towel
already - not because of the kids, but because of the interferring parents (mothers) who cannot bear to let "little Suzie" out of the nest, cuz, you know, she is my baby, so I want to be with her as much as I can.  She thinks these mothers cause more harm psychologically for the kids that anyone realizes.  They lose coping skills, other kids make fun of them for being a big baby, and they lose all identity.  Can't these mothers get a life away from the kid's school?   She has 3 or 4 that think they know everything and are constantly interrupting her to "correct" her way of teaching.  She is not a new teacher, has been teaching for over 10 years now and is rated one of the top teachers in this area. 
I've also been known to throw a party for the littlest things...sm
1. Son's 1st soccer game.
2. 1/2 parties. You know. My son is turning 4-1/2, so come and join us for a party!
3. Husband's coming home party (he was only gone for a month).
4. Come and meet my mom party (she lives in another state).
5. Of course ALL the big parties: Baby showers, (never done a wedding shower), graduations, retirements.
6. Hunting parties. If your husband hunts, come on over and join us for lunch with the kids so we can talk about how lonely it is during deer season.

So, any major occasion is a big occasion....You don't even want to know what Christmas is like over here.
Amen to that sister. Meant to type throw not through. NM
Also, be careful that little girl/parents don't throw something toxic in your yard sm
for the puppy too eat.  Sad, but a lot of sickos out there.
From one who worked for MQ nearly 18 years, no matter was MQ bone they throw out, I know with a full
Always has been, always will be.
YOU gather up his belongings and throw them out your window onto the curb, or in the driveway, or
wherever.  Down to the last razor blade!  It is highly unlikely that your husband will gather all of Loser Dude's belongings and bring them back into your house.  Dude will gather up his Loser Belongings and find another place to be a hospitality sucking leach.  (leech?)  Good riddance.  Just DO it!  And if you have one molecule of sympathy in your brain for this Loser, then you need to go to therapy. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty, nice lady. 
Per my physician....
"All the antibiotics in the world will not clear up your sinus problems because you need to dry your sinus passages out." Get those little red Sudafed tablets and take the maximum dosage for several days. Also, try avoiding dairy products to see if that's a trigger. I can't even eat Ranch, mayonnaise or gooey cheese anymore because it triggers postnasal drip with that irritated ticklish throat and cough.