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ctrl+space will prevent expansion.

Posted By: MissouriMT on 2006-06-01
In Reply to: Shorthand word expander - - anon

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MedQuist? Ctrl+shift+F, period, space, tab, period, space, space, change all. nm
I find Ctrl/X stops the expansion. nm
go into expansion and delete "phantom space" by backspacing....
if can't copy/paste, highlight text, ctrl/x, go to shorthand, ctrl/V
Select text, Ctrl-C copies, Ctrl-V pastes...nm
Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4 prompts to save and close documents
without closing Word. Ctrl + N opens a new document.
You're hitting Alt+Ctrl+S. Hit Alt+Ctrl+C to get back.
...functions should be there. Ctrl+N to send, Ctrl + I for line
I meant "One space or two", not "l space or two" nm
Prevent CTS
I am not sure if CTS is something you can get disability for, its certainly worth a try if you have disability insurance via your employer. To prevent CTS however I recommend that you get a chair and keyboard tray that combine to put your elbows at right angles, you need to make sure that your wrists make a straight line (you want minial wrist flexion, and no ulnar or radial flexion). I have found that a split keyboard (MS Natural old style is my favorite). There are more expensive ones, but this is what I use and my pain has been gone.

On another note, a lumbar pillow has made vast differences for my back.
Instead of Ctrl+Ctrl+Insert, try
Ctrl+Insert+Insert. See if that works. Mark the word-phrase that you want to insert first. Let me know.
WARNING to those trying to PREVENT it.....
A few years ago my daughter's 2nd grade class kept having a lice problem. My daughter never showed any signs of it BUT one day she came home and told me her 2 best friends, who she played with and sat by, were sent home with it. So I panicked and did the stuff in her hair just to get anything that (in my mind) was probably there.

Well, my daughter had a neurologic reaction to the RID or whatever I used. Her one arm was shaking, it was scary. I took her to the ED and the doc made me feel about 1 inch tall. He said "WHY WOULD YOU PUT IT ON HER IF SHE DIDN'T HAVE LICE???"

I explained but he said people just don't get it, this stuff is basically a PESTICIDE.

So if your child has it then use it, but PLEASE don't just use it to keep him/her "clean" as a measure to prevent it. Take it from a ~guilt-ridden~ mother.

Editscript has some way to prevent that too.
I don't know how it works though.
There are all kinds of ways to prevent
a pregnancy, not the least is abstinence.   Why people are so irresponsible is beyond me and then an innocent life will suffer because of her stupidity. 
They definitely need to go digital, which may prevent hiring another MT
Elliott needs to be with his very sick Mom. Being the Idol would prevent that. sm
Besides, from what he said about AI being a "steppingstone," he's probably been contacted by someone big. He's going to make it, no matter what. I think being the Idol at this time would be too much for his personal life. His mother needs him now, and he knows it.

It seems to me I had to change a preference on Shorthand to prevent that...

but it's been so long ago I can't remember...I think it had something to do about the playback speed. You should mess around with it.

To change Operation Preferences

Choosing "Preferences" from the File menu brings up the Preferences Dialog Box.  Click on the Operation tab to access Operation Preferences.


Use this option to add a delay (in milliseconds; 1000 msec = 1 second) after a specified number of keystrokes.  This option is useful if you find that ShortHand is playing back text too fast for the target application to handle.

Verify Target Window Receives Keystroke

When this option is checked, Shorthand waits for a keystroke to be properly received by the target window before playing back the next keystroke; this prevents Shorthand from accidentally overrwriting text in another window.  The disadvantage is that, on some systems, this could result in very poor playback performance.  Unchecking this box causes Shorthand to playback Keystrokes at maximum speed without verifying if the keystrokes reach their intended target.  If you experience lost or transposed keystrokes, use the Pause option above to slow down Shorthand.

... to prevent neck strain. Lift it up on something if it's
I stopped my HRT when studies showed it did not prevent osteoporosis. sm
I have osteoporosis.  The govt halted a study on HRT as the women involved had more heart problems than those on the placebo.  Too scary for me.  In addition, my hair was falling out excessively.  Since I have been off it, my hair is back to normal, but the flashes have come back.   Even more repulsive to me was when I found out that the HRT I was on came from the urine of pregnant mares that were impregnated just to get the HRT ingredients, then the colts were destroyed.  No way.  There are over-the-counter remedies for hot flashes, but now they claim that black cohosh causes liver cirrhosis.  So, I'm not taking anything. 
How do you prevent them? EZ! Tell you husband to splurge on a Brazilian Wax for Mother's Day!!!!
That's how you prevent them!
gloves will not prevent a needle stick, only exposure to a spill. nm
...to prevent carpal tunnel and other repetative stress injury. nm
It's only when I use an expansion
at the beginning of the sentence that I can't get it to automatically capitalize the first letter. I have the auto-cap option checked and it works for regular typing. I have been planning on getting Instant Text forever now and just keep putting it off. Probably going to do it soon because this is driving me crazy. Thanks.
expansion, expansion, expansion
Use your expansion tools. I have just about every acronym under the sun set up into my expansions. It really helps.
Expansion help
I have a great primary account, make usually more than 2000 lines a day, and I have several of the same docs who say the same things repeatedly, so I have their "normal" ROS or PE set up as an expansion.  I make sure to proof those really well for changes.  And I have any phrase that is three words long as an expansion.  Like ctax for clear to auscultation, rrrx for regular rate and rhythm, etc.  And if a word is long, like hepatosplenomegaly, I make an expansion for it with hsmx.  You just need to play around and see what you come up with...
Not for what it does besides just text expansion.
word expansion
By MS Word expander, I guess you mean the one built into Word. In addition to this, I make my own "normals" and just copy and paste them into a Word document to retrieve when I need them.
I don't use DocQscribe nor do I know what the expansion

formula looks like, but if you can open it up in Notepad and manipulate the formula to look like this, tp=the patient, then you can import them into EXText.  I don't have my EXText in front of me so this is from rough memory.  Once you have your expansions in the above formula, save them in Notepad on your desktop.  In EXtext click on Options, Import file from Text(?), in the drop down box click on Desktop, click on your saved list, put an = sign in the delimiter box, click on Ok or import or whatever the next step is (lol...told you it was from rough memory).  Once these are imported you'll need to save your ESP list.  It is really simple to import once you have your expansions in the right formula.  I'll check back here in a little bit and answer any questions I can.  I'll be working tonight and may be able to give better step-by-step instructions once I have the actual program up and running.


In the box where you would normally put your expansion text. n/m
text expansion?
I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good text Expander program. I have never used one before, and there are so many out there, I am just looking for some advice as to what might be a good one, easy to use, for a person who has no experience with text expansion. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
I go to alt-E and bring up the expansion menu sm
then I add a new header in there. That way, the new header created will be saved and usable in future reports. Maybe there is a better way - I do not claim to be a DQS genius, but this does work for me
Word Expansion Programs
I am trying to get a general idea of the best/worst Word Expansion programs available.  What do you use and how does it compare to others?  I know of Shorthand, PRD+, MedBrain, and good ol' Auto Correct.  Please give me your opinions.  Thank you very much ~
Normals in Expansion File
Just be aware that your company may have set a size limit for individual expansions to prevent transcriptionists from making "normals" that are not really normal, that is, not always exactly what the doctor says.
Why not add them to your expansion software with different endings? Like
Should expand when using the period after an expansion - sm
Shorthand should expand when you use the period after an expansion. For example... I have "tpi" as "the patient is" -- and if I type "tpi." I will get the patient is. (including the period)
Newbie expansion software help

Yikes! I need expansion software help. Can someone tell me how Instant Text works? Do I need to enter words into the program to in order to use it? I have downloaded a free trial of ShortHand for Windows, but it doesn't come with very many words. How does a newbie MT use expansion software if it doesn't have any words in the glossary?

Sorry, I know this is very basic. Unfortunately my MT program has not covered this, and I'm not trying to figure it out!

Thanks in advance!


Just wondering which expansion program you use? *nm*
For those who use Shortcut expansion program...
I have been a ShortHand user for the past 2 years and prior to that Smartype. I need to try ShortCut to see if I can get it to work in CS.net (Chartscript) since my Shorthand does not. But before I download the trial version, I wanted to find out: Does it also offer a "suggestion window" like Shorthand...like a preview window to see that the expansions are as you type? I relied on that with Shorthand (and Smartype) and hate to give that feature up. (I can't afford Instant Text)
Word Expansion Suggestion
I was wondering what is the best to different in expansions between laparoscopy, laparoscope, laparoscopic, arthroscope, arthroscopy, arthroscopic. Does anyone has any suggestions? I use the Expander in Word. Thanks so much!
Better yet, if it's REALLY good, make an expansion for it. sm
Especially with op notes ... once you get a feel for a dictator's normal patter, whether that be an operative procedure, ROS, PE section, closing, or whatever, make a shortcut/expansion for it ...

I do the same thing for letter addresses, since the same addressees seem to keep popping up over and over (i.e., docsmitha would bring up all of the Smiths I have saved with a first name starting with an A) -- saves a lot of time in the long run.

Wow, getting far afield from the original question here; I must need that first cup of coffee.
A bunch, can't really guess. But don't use something just for expansion. You need it to preven
I use an expansion that puts the numbers and stop
Google xyz method of expansion use. Easy
I've just started using SH, where do I set expansion with normal punc...nm
Pros & Cons of ESP word expansion program?
Does this work pretty well? (I have Word 2002)  I'd like not to have to buy any software.  Any opinions on ESP?  Any other Word-compatible programs that work well, also?
Get a decent word expansion program like PRD or Shorthand sm
autocorrect is very limited.  If you want to make money, your really need a good expander.
I had all those dang ages in my auto correct before. The whole 90-year-old expansion. nm
If you don't have an expansion program, you can put stuff in Word in your AutoCorrect/AutoText un
macro to import expansion list into MSWord Autocorrect

Here is my macro that will import your expansions into MSWord.  Your list needs to be in the following format for this macro to work:

tp=the patient



There needs to be a hard return at the end of each entry.  If you have any expansions that contain an equal sign or a hard return, you will need to enter those into your autocorrect manually.  Here is the macro:

Sub Add2AutoCorrectList()
Dim AddName, AddValue As String
Dim W, C, A, L, Y, T, N As Long
Dim CountWords As Boolean
Selection.WholeStory: Selection.Collapse
N = ActiveDocument.Words.Count: C = 0: A = 0: T = 0
ScreenUpdating = False
While N > 0
x = Selection.MoveEndUntil(cset:=("=), Count:=wdForward)
    If x = 0 Then
    End If
Selection.MoveEndUntil cset:=("=), Count:=wdForward
AddName = Trim(Selection.Text)
L = Selection.Words.Count
With Selection
    .Delete: .Delete
    .MoveEndUntil cset:=Chr$(13), Count:=wdForward
End With
AddValue = Trim(Selection.Text)
Y = Selection.Words.Count
AutoCorrect.Entries.Add (AddName), Value:=(AddValue)
Selection.Delete , Count:=2
T = L + 2
N = N - T
C = C + 1
A = A + 1
If N < 1000 Then
ScreenUpdating = True
N = ActiveDocument.Words.Count
End If

If A = 100 Then
'ScreenUpdating = True
StatusBar = N & " " & C & " " & " entries processed!"
A = 0
End If

End Sub

One word of warning:  When I posted a line counting macro here some time ago, I could not get a quote mark in the code to post, so the macro as posted would not work, and I had to followup with a post explaining how to correct that.  This macro is a bit more complicated than the other one was, and although I will look at the code as soon as this posts, if it doesn't come through perfectly, and you don't understand my corrections, you can e-mail and I will send it to you.

Also, I wrote a companion macro that will list your autocorrect into a document so that you can import it into another computer or just keep it as a backup in case you lose your normal.dot.


{@KEY Ctrl+B}
she did say Ctrl/S also, which...
searches for a document for a particular patient, then after looking at the document searched for, Ctrl/T would end THAT document w/o saving any changes that may have been made while viewing document...does this make sense?  Perhaps that is why she would use Ctrl/T...