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Jennifer won HOH after striking

Posted By: BB Fan on 2005-08-12
In Reply to:

a deal with Kaysar at a 15-hour standoff!

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Yep. Agree completely. MTs can ride this train to the end of the line (which I do not think will be in a very long time), or they can pull the emergency brake and stop the ride immediately.
Striking out on your own
You have many options actually for sending and receiving work. Your best bet is a digital handheld recorder by the doctor uploaded to a secure FTP. We use Gacela Group's data center and I would be happy to talk with you further about this system. We also use MPWord for creating the documents, line counting and invoicing. It works beautifully. Ours is the MTSO version since we have a service with many accounts and ICs working for us, but you could certainly use the Standard or Professional version, which costs much less than the MTSO. Contact Vann Joe Turner at www.mpword.sales and he will be happy to advise you. It's a very cost-effective system and can grow with you.
My hat is still off to you and a double bow, and yes, life has a way of striking - come back ms crue
Jennifer won!!
Jennifer, try this (sm)
As you type your report, leave a blank every time you cannot understand what he said. At this point, don't spend a lot of time trying to figure it out. When dictation is finished, go back to beginning. Listen to each blank again. You'll figure out quite a few blanks this time. Go back and relisten one more time to each blank. You'll be amazed at how many you have filled in with this method. Copy the report into your expander. When he dictates a similar report, expand this out and listen through it changing whatever needs to be changed. After a few times, you will have a complete report in your Expander to use as a template for future dictation.
what a good idea.
Jennifer? What? She is for the other team isn't she?
What was Kaysar thinking?
The reason he dumped Jennifer

was that he got tired of being prettier than his wife.  HAHA  - I'll take a real man anyday, like James Gandolfini, maybe.

Jennifer, recognized your name from MT Monthly
I enjoyed the publication and have referred several MTs your way for ROS through the years. Hope all is well with you.
Jennifer Aniston finally speaks out

She says she's hurt and sad over the breakup.  She loves Brad and always will because he's a "good" man.  She's very hurt about his spread in Vanity Fair with Angelina as a "married couple" with children.  She says it was obvious from the beginning of filming Mr and Mrs Smith that he was attracted to Angelina and started drifting away from her.  Now look at him, he's chasing after Angelina like a fool, while she adopts baby after baby, when he had a perfectly good woman!  The whole thing is sad!

anyone see the lame Jennifer Aniston interview
Come on, where were the tears, hysteria and complete breakdown?  I was on the edge of my seat, never watch Oprah anyways, and it was sooo disappointing.  Not one mention of Bradangelina, it was all about okay lets heal now.  Rip off.
Big Brother fans. Looks like Jennifer double crossed Kaysar. Sorry but Kaysar is dumb as a rock
Maybe he should be voted out AGAIN!  Stupid is as stupid does.   Bye-bye Kaysar.