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Jennifer? What? She is for the other team isn't she?

Posted By: No deal! on 2005-08-12
In Reply to: Jennifer won HOH after striking - BB Fan

What was Kaysar thinking?

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Jennifer won!!
Jennifer, try this (sm)
As you type your report, leave a blank every time you cannot understand what he said. At this point, don't spend a lot of time trying to figure it out. When dictation is finished, go back to beginning. Listen to each blank again. You'll figure out quite a few blanks this time. Go back and relisten one more time to each blank. You'll be amazed at how many you have filled in with this method. Copy the report into your expander. When he dictates a similar report, expand this out and listen through it changing whatever needs to be changed. After a few times, you will have a complete report in your Expander to use as a template for future dictation.
what a good idea.
Jennifer won HOH after striking
a deal with Kaysar at a 15-hour standoff!
The reason he dumped Jennifer

was that he got tired of being prettier than his wife.  HAHA  - I'll take a real man anyday, like James Gandolfini, maybe.

Jennifer, recognized your name from MT Monthly
I enjoyed the publication and have referred several MTs your way for ROS through the years. Hope all is well with you.
Jennifer Aniston finally speaks out

She says she's hurt and sad over the breakup.  She loves Brad and always will because he's a "good" man.  She's very hurt about his spread in Vanity Fair with Angelina as a "married couple" with children.  She says it was obvious from the beginning of filming Mr and Mrs Smith that he was attracted to Angelina and started drifting away from her.  Now look at him, he's chasing after Angelina like a fool, while she adopts baby after baby, when he had a perfectly good woman!  The whole thing is sad!

anyone see the lame Jennifer Aniston interview
Come on, where were the tears, hysteria and complete breakdown?  I was on the edge of my seat, never watch Oprah anyways, and it was sooo disappointing.  Not one mention of Bradangelina, it was all about okay lets heal now.  Rip off.
huh? how? when someone says NFL team.SM

Please - don't look for a problem when there is no problem.  They said NFL teams - you know how many NFL teams there are????????????  Try 2 for each state.....American league, national league.  They said "celebs" - try a zillion.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it........nobody posting compromised any HIPAA laws or any patient confidentiality. 

Give us a break, eh?

you have a team?
Wow, that's a team I'd have NO part of. I feel sorry for your "team".
Big Brother fans. Looks like Jennifer double crossed Kaysar. Sorry but Kaysar is dumb as a rock
Maybe he should be voted out AGAIN!  Stupid is as stupid does.   Bye-bye Kaysar. 
Anyone else have a team leader who cannot tell the
truth about anything and is extremely controlling, and how do you handle them? 
Orion team

Does anyone know anything about working for the orion team (oriontranscription.com)? 

Thanks, Lindsay

Drill team
My DH is a high school teacher and we go to tons of band competitions and football games  and I wasn't even aware that drills teams even exist anymore. There are cheerleaders and color guard, but drill team?  Are you sure that's what it is.  Maybe it's regional but in the east, no drill team.   Back when I was on drill team, it was a very large squad and the  moves were not "dance-like" at all.  We marched beyind the band and it was very marchy and military-like.  But then, even cheerleading has changed so much that it ALL looks the same to me, very "dancy."  My kids have taken  lots of  dance classes.  I would say that jazz or hip-hop would be fine, maybe hip-hop a little more. 
I don't know what a drill team is but
where my kids grew up cheerleading was the school activity of choice and most girls were in tumbling, gymnastics and dance often as soon as they were out of diapers. Fierce competition!
I do know how to manage a team, obviously,

since I have my own service.  I know that you can't put someone with much less experience in a position over a bunch of people with a lot of experience.  It just does not work.  I not only have a lot of MT experience, but I have been a service owner for quite a few years.  Before that, I worked in a hospital transcription department with a lot of seasoned MTs.  Through the years you see a lot of supervisory changes and what it boils down to is the experienced MTs need/want someone who knows more than they do, someone they can go to for help, when they need it.  With someone less experienced, they can't.

One of the big problems people had with Medquist when it started was that the "suits" were running things - not people who actually knew what they were doing when it came to transcription.  You have to know both sides of it.  And I can tell you from years and years of experience, it doesn't work when you try to put someone with less experience over those with lots of experience.  The seasoned MTs have NO respect for someone who knows less than they do.

Sorry, but that's the way it is.

not one name nor team name was stated....nm
Are we a team or are we competitors

Two days ago our supervisor came into our office because Dr. Neuro had dictated a report.  It was obviously an EEG. She did not know what template it went on.  Well, co-worker (super MT) just jumps up and said ďI donít know, you have to call home MT 1 and home MT 2 because they do cardioĒ  Well mind you, super MT has only been there a year.  I have been their 8 years and I have done ever single report that hospital offers including cardio, especially cardio because that is the first thing that pops into my Q.  (Doc dictate EGGs under cardio, it is up to us to put it in the template).  I found that insulting.  Then yesterday one of our male MTs needed help deciphering what a doc said.  Well super MT jumps tall cubicles to help so I just kept on typing.  She could not understand it either so she gets someone else who is not even an MT to listen.  It is petty but I find it insulting. I donít do her that a way. 


I am more of an introvert.  Super MT has a lot of friends that come in our office just basically gossip about the other people who work next door. I try to tune them out because I only have 8 hours to get my lines in because I have to be out by 4:30 to pick up my two children.  I cannot stay late like they do.  I used to go to lunch with super MT and her buds but stopped lately because I joined a gym and I go work out with another girl who happens to be on the top of their gossip list.  They donít approve of her lifestyle, which it is questionable but it is her business.  She is a pleasant person to work out with we just happen to have a common interest in exercising.   All they wanted to talk about at lunch is talk about some TV show I have no clue what it is because I donít have time to watch TV.   I have 2 small children and when I get home I have to hit the ground running with supper, dishes, grocery store.  I also have also turned down their outside parties, 1 because I could not find a babysitter (alcohol is involved at their parties) and the last one was because I was running on fumes until payday and a $20 meal just for me was way out of budget. 


I have explained most of the above to her about babysitting, interest in loosing weight, tight budgets and needing to get my line count up which is why I donít talk as much and go to my introverted ways (they called me an introvert and super MT is an extrovert), not that I donít watch TV and could care less what the people next door are doing and really could care less what my workout buddy is doing in her spare time.  Then again I may have told them that.  Should I be bending over backwards to be in their crowd?  I didn't know being their best friend was part of my job description.  I donít think they are all as great as they think they are but I donít see why we cannot at least respect each other as professionals. 

My team lead is not even an MT!

She never understands anything I am talking about. I have to explain things to her like she is a 2 year old, and even then she just doesn't get it. Why would a company put someone who is clueless about transcription in a position over other MTs!!!??? It is just another frustration to add to an every increasing list of frustrations. But, like you, I am keeping my mouth shut. I just don't get it!! 

Dog doesn't carry a gun, none of his team does. sm
His story is actually very interesting. I know he is abrasive at first adn the wife is a real piece of work, but they really do try to help the people they round up. Dog is a born-again Christian, and he tries to help the people straighten their lives out, isn't in it just for the case. In fact, his own son is in jail for 20 years because of drugs, and so he has a personal motivation for getting drug dealers off the streets. I never miss the show, I find him inspiring because he found his nitch in the world to try to work for good. Unconventional, but he really sincerely tries.
I think my team leader is bipolar.

She's all sunshine and happiness one day with kind words of praise.  The next day, she's sending out shrieking emails contradicting what she said the day before.

How do you select your team leaders? When did you
lasst post a promotional position open? In 3 yrs I saw this 1 time, January I think, but I see lots of new team leaders. You spend a lot of time on this board, but how many times have you taken enuf time to write e-mail to the MTs you have to let them know what is going on. When did you get promoted? Is Jason still around? Did you ever tell us when you have new accounts so we can change ifwe want to? No, youjust hire more MTs from outside to fill those jobs. Sorry, but your team leaders still have only 1 answer when we need more work and that is they don't know what accounts are behind. So what you did is what somebody else said. you added another layer of management to answer with I don't know. Yeah, you sent out an e-mail last week and a few other times about this 1 account that is behind, but what about the rest of the time?

I started coming to this board when I started looking for a second job so I could make enough money to survive after you sold to Transcend and started this big hiring binge so we don't have enough work.

I won't call you,I won't write you, I just am tired of the empty worthless responses I get. I will sit iin my corner and type during my shift, but I am not happy. The communication is still horrible in the company and team leaders just add to the massive confusion.
Team leaders tell you to find another job too.
Don't expect any help from that end.   I can't see what the team leaders do other than send out account status reports twice a day if they happen to be home or harrass you about petty crap. 
Yes, and his team members were supportive, which will help. sm

I've been trying to think of where I saw Kelly LeBrock before -- wasn't she the one who did those commercials for the shampoo, saying "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful?"   I might be thinking of someone else.  I guess I'm showing my age, just by mentioning that commercial ... oops. 

I never hear from my QA/team leader. sm
and last time I called into the office for something, they answered it and said BYE LYNDIA! and hung up. Rude, but true.
I look at it this way...I am part of a healthcare team.
There are other members of this team for a reason. I knew an MT who told me that if she could not put down a word with 100% certainty, she would not leave a blank. She instead would jump through all manner of hoops including pulling and reading the patient's chart, talking to the nurses, or waiting and even talking to the doctor.

In my opinion, this is not the best use of anyone's time, especially hers. While she is wandering the hospital looking for resolution, other reports are waiting and patient care is being compromised. Obviously at the end of the day, no one else is going to sit down and transcribe for her.

A blank is not a failure. It is simply a request for clarification. Some members of the patient's healthcare team are better qualified to provide that information than I am, so I leave it to them.

I don't guess at addresses. If the HIM department at the hospital feels that is information critical to my job, they will provide it for me. That is their job. Once I have that information, I will gladly and accurately type it every single time it is requested.

I don't guess at what *@$%#*@! means in a report. Again, once the interpretation of that is provided to me by the kindly physcian who garbled it, I will gladly and accurately type every single time it is requested.

I honestly don't consider turning in a report punched full of blanks to QA or even the hospital a failure on my part. If the doctor is eating, the report is dictated 30 feet away from the phone, or Mr. In-A-Hurry thinks I can understand his speed mumbling, I still have done my job to the best of my ability, and now it is someone else's turn to work on that record.

What I would really like is the marketing executives or the used-car-salesman-type recruiters that constantly tell you that "of course line rates aren't going up" to have the pleasure of working on these reports. They low-ball the line rates to get the work and then pass that crap on to skilled MTs making it look like Christmas. You know darn well that if they did not ever have the prospect of a raise, they wouldn't be working for this company yet they can spoon-feed you all the reasons why you can't have one.
My new training team and trainer are in the US. I believe
right now they are looking for people to be on the USA QA team, as they are ramping that up for USA accounts which do not want to off-shore. At least that is from what I understand. But best thing is to get it from the horse's mouth. I am pretty confident in my decision to join the team, and am looking forward to it. Good luck to you.
Never call a ROM or team leader if you need an
answer. You need to have it in writing. Anything verbal is rapidly changed and they will never admit they said it the other way. They are experts in evasion
Why do they call them team leads?
When they really do not seem interested in "leading" anything or anyone? Yes, I am a tad bit frustrated today!

Don't send me an email to which I answer your question right away, then wait an hour and a half to answer back, if you answer at all. And please, READ the email I have taken the time to send, trust me on this one, its obvious when you don't.*sigh*

I take great pride in my work. No matter whether I feel I am getting paid enough, or treated well enough, I still feel it is my responsibility to produce the best possible results in my position. It is my reputation I am protecting, not theirs.

Is this a lost art? Why do other act like since they work from home they don't have to take it seriously? If you have been put in the position of leading people, guiding them, training them to do the position they were hired to do. THEN DO IT! Don't leave me with more questions than answers! If you agree to take the position of "leader" then don't make me feel is if I am an inconvenience.

No, I will not name the company. I believe this is a good company so I am not trying to bash them. In the last few years I have worked for 3 nationals. Only one had leadership that actually knew what they were training you on and acted like they cared. Unfortunately, their IT department couldn't speak English and I found out they were outsourcing to India, had to leave.

Just my vent for the day!

Please read post about MDI team leaders
Hello all,

Kill me it you want to, but I didn't stay up this late at night just for fun. (Although I did have fun). Please read the MDI post about Team Leaders. (You have to go about 5 boards down)...

I honestly don't know why MDI-FL gets such a bad rap on MT Stars. I have to tell you, recently I "learned how to post" and that is how dense I am. Sue told me how. I think she created a monster.

Everyone says "Well this must be from management because it is a good post"... or "This is a pet from MDI" - WELL THIS IS FROM MANAGEMENT... So you all can tell me the good and the bad. I don't have PETS. I have MTs who work hard.

I know there is always good and bad in a company. We have made many mistakes, but honestly we are trying to learn from our mistakes. We have been in business since 1972. Sue and I are both MTs. I taught Sue transcription when she was 13 (much to her crying and dismay). (Sue is going to kill me for saying that).

If you all want to know what the deal is - here it is - MDI sold to Transcend (a really very good company) in February of 2005. We are operating as a separate entity from Transcend. MDI and Transcend have different policies that we are trying to combine to get the best of both worlds for transcriptionists.

MDI has an open door policy. Just call me at 800-205-7047 or e-mail me at Liz@medicaldictation.com.

I know we must not be the best transcription company in the world, but darn it - we try. We do not give our work overseas (God forbid). We try to be fair to our MT's. We give great benefits (though - our family insurance is high).

We have done many hiring practices wrong in the past, which we are trying to correct. (Too long to get an MT on board).

AND, I am sure all of you can tell me what else we have done wrong. lol... Bust by bubble on my first post on the Main Board. ....

I am open mostly for the BAD things you guys feel MDI-FL has done to give us a bad reputation on this board. Say what you want, I really appreciate all of you guys input. Go anonymous. (lol)... I want to change what you think we are doing wrong.

OK. I did it. Let's hear it.

Thanks a lot,


What would you say the range of pay is for a Team Lead, editor sm

and MT?  Just trying to get a feel if our pay rates are in line with the norm, too high or too low (have a feeling too low). 

Working on making positive changes.  Any input appreciated.

As background ... small national, 150 MTs, all work kept in U.S.A.  Work types:  Clinic, HIM, ortho, cardiology, radiology.  All ICs, might be looking to hire employees. 

With everyone complaining about companies, it can't hurt to ask what the norm is - the good norm :)

We had one on our team and she sent us an email explaing thanking us SM
(the team) for our help, so I emailed her wanting to know why she quit, and she told me. Luckily she found another job.
I would call your team lead or manager and talk to them. Maybe there is sm
some advice or help they can give.

I have been with 3 companies and range in pay from $1.05-$1.45 per report. I actually make the most at the one I am with now at $1.10 per report because the account is really good.

Just send emails to your team and take it easy... you really thing that is what
A member of my team simply did not make contact with
the trainer on the day of her scheduled training session on the secondary account! The primary account is easy for her as she is just off of a major university and now is doing small town work and whipping them out faster than I can log in patient information.

This is not fair, it seems to me. When I contacted her via e-mail to see how the account was going, she simply said that she had not been trained on it yet when I vividly recall that her training date was over a month ago.
Email posting of team production report
Been working as a FT employee at this company for about 6 months. They set up accounts and transcriptionists by teams. We just got a new team manager who has decided to start generating a daily production report and posting it on email, making it available for anybody on our team (or any other team) to access. Each scribe is assigned a number, so names do not appear on the report, but # of reports, # of lines types, # of lines EXPECTED, # of hours LOGGED IN (not our actual reported production time, which is MINUS break time), and lines per hour (inaccurately calculated in my understanding, using logged hours rather than actual productions hours) will appear every single day. I have accounts which are HEAVILY ESL populated and still find myself struggling with developing a good ear for this torture. I also have back problems so I log in for around 10 or 11 hours to get 8 hours of production, taking frequent breaks to keep my back pain in check. As a result, these numbers appeared rather skewed to me and I will never stack up to some of the others who do not battle with as many ESLs and are fortunate enough to have accounts where they are able to use templates all shift long. I am no rookie, here. I have almost 30 years of transcription experience, but this stunt she has pulled is making me feel almost violated in a way. I don't want my numbers out there on a daily basis. We are already under enough pressure to produce without this tactic being used. At least for me, ever since this started, I find myself fairly distracted, preoccupied (and intimidated by that report and less "into" my transcription. Any comments, pro or con, would be greatly appreciated. How would you feel? Does anyboy else work for a place that does this?
Of the 3, I have deleted 2. I have left 1 purposely for our tech team to
Thank you for bringing these to our attention.  This is being dealt with.
This is an important observation. The team spirit is hard to sustain
when it is a free for all. Yes, getting a decent paycheck is important. No one knows that better than me. But, have a relaxing enjoyable day on the job would be a real nice change.

When we were paid by the hour, prior to line counts, it was sure nice.

I wonder what occurs in India regarding this situation. I wonder if they have the same issues as the American MTs. Even in Canada, being a different country, I wonder if ethics and working as a team is stressed. In each job I have had in the last 10 years, being a part of "the team" has been stressed over and over, but this doesn't seem like good sportsmanship.

I would like to say to management that if this is the approach, why not say to the MTs that they can go in and type at any time they would like. It would then be understood and acceptable and we would all go that route. Rather than feeling somewhat unsettled by the fact that I now have to sit with no work for two hours because an MT has worked off her schedule.

was anyone else offended to get an e-card from a free site from team leader that was
blanket message to everyone.  I thought that was low class.  You can send an e-card to casual acquaintences, coworkers, etc., but I do not think a blanket 1 message fits all to employees, bosses, or family is appropriate for Christmas.  I would rather have had nothing than this thoughtless piece of nothing. 
Incompetent team leaders who keep switching rules and make you
switch accounts all the time.
But maybe mine is the only one that thinks she knows it all. What a witch!!
Does your hospital have a Risk Management team or office? Contact them. (nm)
...thought we were a TEAM to create perfect documents! Why be so adversarial?
Tired of those insecure team leaders who are afraid to give any information
about the account, the names or titles of dictators, etc.  Are they so afraid that if someone learns how to do the job well that they will be replaced?   Everything is top secret.  
Go team is much more polite than "look here lickstick, do this crap or we lose the account"
Cool.........Love it! Go Steelers! Gotta root for my State team! nm