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Just an extremely simple Word macro SM

Posted By: Becky on 2005-12-05
In Reply to: How do you make that macro? - Sheryl

I'll try and explain it. I'm no Word genius, I PROMISE.

You get in a document you're typing.

Record new macro
I made mine a keyboard macro, you name it, assign it (mine happens to be alt. alt period)

Then you go:
. (period space space is what that is supposed to be)
Replace . (period space)
Replace all.

In the parentheses is the keys I pushed. I don't know how else to explain it but it's the alt Key and the period Key.

There's bound to be a "real" way to do it, but I just bumbled through this way.

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simple way to change color with macro-- anyone know how??


  I recently lost all my stuff because hard drive crashed.  Someone years ago had given me instructions on how to make a simple macro that changed the colors for typing. I do a bowling program that I need to switch from green to black, from red to black and from green to red.  I had something that I could just hit ALT & R for red, ALT & B for black and ALT & G for green, so no hving to use mouse for it.

I cant find my instructions for this and can not remember how she had me do this.

Anyone have a suggestion?




There is a word macro that can change that
for you.  Not sure if it will work on your platform, though.  If you need it, just answer on here and I will post the macro so you can paste it into your program macros and assign a shortcut
No, not within SH. However, if you use Word, you can make a macro.nm
When recording a macro in MS Word
what do you do in order to be able to jump from heading to heading; i.e., how do I get from HISTORY: to FINDINGS: ? Thanks for your help.
Microsoft Word Macro's
How do I set up macro's on Microsoft Word 2003 for frequently used terms?
Word 2007 macro help

I sure hope someone can help me here.  I have recently started using Word 2007 and am absolutely lost!  I finally figured out how to create a macro....but now cannot figure how how to call up that macro when I need it.  does this make sense???  example, ddd stands for degenerative disc disease..when I type "ddd"  do I hit a function key, just the tab key, CTL + function key?????  can't figure this out.  please help me!

thanks.  Rita


Word 2007 macro help
word 2007 is completely different than previous versions.  can you tell me where the autocorrect button/tab is??????  thanks for your help.
Word 2007 macro help
there is no "tools" in word 2007, or not that I can find.
Word 2007 macro help
thanks for all the help.  I absolutely hate word 2007 and as soon as I can I will be uninstalling it and reinstalling an older version.  it is completely different from previous versions. there are no toolbars at the top but a "ribbon" which is needlessly complicated.  sorry I'm cranky.  Thanks again though.
MS Word macro question. SM

All of sudden all my macros give me the "Code Execution has been Interrupted."  Then I have to click Continue, End, Debug, or Help.

Why is this happening?  I've tried deleting the macros and re-recording them, but it keeps doing it.  HELP!  It's making me crazy.


How can I make a macro in word

For some reason, I am unable to use the F11 key to jump to headers within a report when I use my macroed reports in EXtext.  So, I wanted to know how I could macro to jump from header to header in the word document and use a hot key.  If I could make a macro using word, I think I could still use my macro reports. 


Unusual word turned simple.
I just started work in a hospital and this doc, a Chinese gynecologist who is MY DOCTOR, was saying "peewah".  I finally realized, it was "period"!  Good heavens, I thought I was losing it and was going to have to find a new doctor in the process.  I love him, but that word was making me crazy.(period or peewah, whatever you prefer)  Zoinks!
What version of Word? That can't be set in newer versions. I had to do a macro --sm
I hope this link works for you. It shows how to make the macro. I use alt + semicolon for it because it seemed those would be a convenient shortcut to use. H

Here's the link (you'll probably have to copy and paste it):


Macro to Search Google from Microsoft Word?
I found one on the net, but when I pasted it in, it would not work.

My version of Word is Word 97. Thanks.
Word Macro to count Lines Strict inside


The solutions others gave are good, but if I just needed to get the number of lines with typing (and don't need an invoice or a report), I'd use a Word macro.

The other solutions offered have this drawback: If the body of your document contains tables, the count Word gives you is vastly inflated, for Word counts each cell in that table as a line. This is not what the eye sees, and becomes problematic when you try to justify such to your client.

Below is a macro for counting what we at Emmaus call Lines Strict. (i.e. Lines with typing on them, vs Lines Extended that includes the blank lines).

To use it, copy from Public Sub through End Sub, and paste it into your macros along with your other macros. Easiest way of doing this is (after you have copied the appropriate lines):

1. Click Tools | Macros, and select an existing macro.

2. Click the Edit button.

3. Once the Visual Basic Editor opens, press Ctrl+End to move to the bottom.

4. Paste the clipboard contents.

5. Click File | Compile Normal. (If you've pasted things that don't belong, it won't compile.)

6. Click File | Close and Return to MS Word.

Merry Christmas!

OOPS! I looked at the HTML code after I pasted the code into the editor on this board, and it added things that when pasted into the Visual Basic Editor in Word will not compile. Here's the code if you want to retype it, but pasting won't work. If you send me an email, I'll attach the code into a .txt document, and you won't have any problems.  vjoet@attglobal.net

Public Sub GetLinesStrictCount()
    Dim CharsStrict As Long
    Dim Count As Long
    Dim ParaswBlanks As Long
    Dim ParasWOBlanks As Long
    Dim LineswBlanks As Long
    Dim BlankLines As Long
    Dim LinesWOBlanks As Long
    Dim NumOfTables As Long
    Dim NumOfRows As Long
    Dim TableRowCount As Long
    Dim x As Integer
    TableRowCount = 0
    NumOfTables = 0
    NumOfRows = 0
    ActiveDocument.ComputeStatistics (wdStatisticCharacters)
    ActiveDocument.ComputeStatistics (wdStatisticLines)
    CharsStrict = ActiveDocument.BuiltInDocumentProperties(wdPropertyCharacters)
    ParasWOBlanks = ActiveDocument.BuiltInDocumentProperties(wdPropertyParas)
    LineswBlanks = ActiveDocument.BuiltInDocumentProperties(wdPropertyLines)

    NumOfTables = ActiveDocument.Content.Tables.Count
    If NumOfTables > 0 Then
        For x = 1 To NumOfTables
            With ActiveDocument.Content.Tables.Item(x)
                NumOfRows = NumOfRows + .Rows.Count
            End With
        TableRowCount = NumOfRows
    End If
    If CharsStrict > 0 Then
        ParaswBlanks = ActiveDocument.Range(wdMainTextStory).Paragraphs.Count
        ParaswBlanks = 1
    End If
    If LineswBlanks > 1 Then
        LineswBlanks = LineswBlanks + 1
    End If
    If ParaswBlanks = 1 And ParasWOBlanks = 1 Then
        BlankLines = 0
        BlankLines = ParaswBlanks - ParasWOBlanks
    End If
    LinesWOBlanks = LineswBlanks - BlankLines
    Count = LinesWOBlanks
    MsgBox "Lines Strict (with typing) = " & CStr(Count + TableRowCount)
End Sub



Setting up macro in Word for jump code...inside
(you can actually use any key on the keyboard, I actually use F3 because it doesn't seem to interfere with anyting.)

I call it a "jumpcode" and what you need to do is create a Word macro for it. For example, I use (Alt + /) to insert blanks in a document. Now if I want to jump to the blanks I use (Alt + >). In reading your question, it sounds as if the symbol you want to "jump" to is already in the document, so you would just have to define the jumpcode for that prompt.

So, first create your macro.
1. Tools - Macro - Record New Macro.
2. Name your macro (ex. Jumpcode) or use the default Macro name
3. Assign macro to Keyboard.
5. Select Assign - Close
6. You will then notice the "record macro function" come on (symbol of a little tape cassette will appear on screen). All key strokes from this point will be recorded until you turn off record macro function.
7. Recording your macro. Since the jumpcode you want to jump to is the >" you should set it up this way:
A. Ctrl + F (the find function). This will pull up the "Find and Replace" box.
B. Type in the prompt you want to find which would be >"
C. Hit "Find Next"
D. Then close "Find and Replace" box.
E. Stop recording. (Hit the square in the record macro icon)

Now when you hit "Alt + J" system should jump to the >" prompt in your document

You can use Shorthand to make a Macro, then bring the macro up in WP. nm
I need step-by-step instructions to make a macro in word that aligns automatic numbered list to the
HELP!!!!! Thanks in advance.
Re companion macro. Do you know there is already a macro
in Word that will create a document with all entries from both the normal.dot and the .acl file? The normal.dot only stores the formatted entries.
Extremely helpful - thank you!!! nm
It was extremely perverted.
Be grateful they took it off. I would repost whatever you had to say.
this is extremely sad. I started on with MQ
0.0775 cpl.  You're only going to get desperate newbies with that pay.  If you want an "experienced" MT as you say, pay them what their experience is worth. 
They are extremely close.
From what I know of both companies, oddly enough it is MQ catching up to changing its operations to par with Spheris with the new Rewards Plan.

However, while Spheris has already had their compensation/benefits package settled for a while, they seem to be aggressively pursuing purchasing other companies and increasing their offshore entities.

MQ seems to be focusing on it's US clientele.

MQ has ASR and if Spheris has it, I haven't heard of it yet. I would imagine ASR came in with a recent purchase if Spheris has much in the way of it right now.

You are welcome.
ok now I see it - extremely annoying. NM
I am extremely careful

Geesh, June.  I am extremely careful, and my girls have been told not to open the door unless they know the person on the other side.  You know children do not always listen.  I had been down the hall using the bathroom, and my 13yo thought the 16yo had stepped outside and locked herself out.  Since it was a soft knock and a familiar one, she thought she knew who was on the other side.  When she realized it wasn't who she thought it was, she shut the door right away and came and told me there was a man in our garage.  We've lived here for 10 years, and this is the first time anyone other than family has knocked on that door.  There isn't a lot of crime in our area, and we leave our garage door most of the time.  We never have any problems.  I know...there's always a first time....never say never and all that...but I am careful. 

A couple of weeks ago, religious solicitors walked up to our door.  I was working, and my 16yo opened the door to them because they were women.  Not anyone she knew, but she opened the door because she didn't find women to be intimidating.  That's why I say children don't always listen to what you say.

After those Missouri boys were abducted in rural areas, I've talked to my girls again about being careful, beiing aware and watching out for each other. 

My hubby thinks I'm paranoid.  I'm the type to keep my doors locked at all times, day or night, and he thinks it's silly because we're in a rural area and probably fine.  When I dispute the point with stories from the news, his rebuttal is that a locked door will not keep out someone who wants in.  Maybe not...but they'll be a lot more noisy trying to get past that locked door than they would an unlocked door.


It works extremely well for me. sm
I am in a very, very rural area as stated; all woods.  I was also told it works as good as your cell works.  Our cells are "patchy" in this area, but are fine in our home and we have all metal roof too, which usually causes outages but not in our case.  I was constantly frustrated with Wildblue and no signals on bright sunny days even.  Like I said, in 3 months I have not had one problem with losing a signal and I am on the net 24/7 almost literally, lol.  I know in my case, they gave a 30-day refund in case it didn't work out for you.  So I would say give it a try first and if it doesn't pick up well for you, then look into HughesNet.  The wireless was the BEST move I have made period and I am extremely happy.  I did call tech suport on it when first setting up and the hold was very minimal and tech was very helpful.  I was fixed and up and running within 5 mins with AT&T.  Now I will say my first bill was also about $170 as they bill in advance so I had to pay first month and then 2nd month, but to get started all I paid was for the USB thing itself.  Oh, if you do go with wireless, don't get the "cards", get a USB one that way you can change it from different computers and be mobile with it rather than just working in 1 computer.  Say if you have laptop and desktop you would switch the USB between computers and if you got a "card" it would only work in one of the computers, the one which you bought it for. 
Anybody else notice extremely low IC pay?
I have always worked as an IC acute care transcriptionist. My line rates have always exceeded what an MT can make as an employee, which is only logical because as an IC, you have to pay your own taxes, no benefits, etc. I always peruse job listings on this and other boards, just to see what's out there. Lately, I have noticed a disturbing trend. It seems like most MT companies/MTSOs are only offering .08/line for IC. Unless that is for a gross line (and goodness knows gross lines are a thing of the past), that is outrageous!! When you consider that an IC has to pay approximately 15% of his/her income in self-employment taxes alone, that means a net rate of about .068/line! While .08/line for employee status is still low (in my opinion), at least social security and medicaid taxes are paid, and there are usually benefits, PTO, etc.

If I were an MTSO, I would be embarrassed to offer .08/line to any quality IC MT. For a newbie, sure. But for any MT worth his/her salt, .08/line for IC is an insult.

I know that competition with overseas firms makes it seem necessary for American transcription companies to lower their MT pay in order to be competitive. However, American MTSOs will never be able to compete solely on price; overseas transcription companies will always be able to do it cheaper. It is a slippery slope that has already lead to the failure of many American transcribing firms. The question for American transcription companies should not be can we do it cheaper, but can we do it better??

In today's market, American MTSOs need to stand their ground and quit underselling themselves and undervaluing the value of their American transcription workforce. American MTSOs need to start marketing themselves differently, stressing quality, accuracy, dependability, security, and good old fashioned patriotism. I don't care how low the overseas companies can bid a job. There is no way they can compete with the quality and accuracy of American transcriptionists. I myself have worked for an MTSO who lost a contract to a firm in India, only to have them beg her to take them back a few months later because the quality of the overseas work was so horrible. I am quite sure this is not an isolated incident.

While there are always going to be hospitals that will try to get by on the cheap, there are also hospitals and doctor's offices who realize that they get what they pay for and will put quality first. If you compare transcription services to cars, overseas work is the Hyundai while American transcriptionists are the Cadillac. Cadillac would never slash its prices to compete with the cheaper imports. They know that they have to cater to their own market, people with more discriminating tastes.

I am fortunate enough to work for a company that realizes the value of its services and takes the stronger, wiser stance. They are not after contracts at any cost. They will pass up work if they have to bid ridiculously low just to get it. And guess what? Any bid that only allows you to offer your IC transcriptionists .08/line IS TOO LOW!! And any quality MT is not going to stick around at those rates.
I find it is extremely so! sm
THe other thing is, unless you are ultra fast or so wonderful you are in high demand, you won't make a living at it. I know some cake decorators and it is high pressure. I could make and decorate 3 cakes in a day, of the 2 or 3 layer variety, but they wanted 10 or 12 just the decorated part. I found that daunting myself.

I can only make one of my signature cakes a year (heart shaped cake covered with handmade, real buttercreme roses...think about 150 to 200 roses) about once a year and I need to have time off of work to recuperate anymore. My hands ache and ache!
I get extremely car sick
I posted on the gab board and while I was typing this message moved, so am copying my reply here too in case the other message gets lost -

I get extremely motion sick in a car. I cannot read at all. I can't even read maps to help husband in areas we don't know (can't tell you how many arguments we still have over this and it's been 25 years), and if there are a lot of road signs I can't read them, therefore I would imagine that if you can't read due to motion sickness typing would be hard, because as an MT I am always reading what I type to make sure there are no typo's or I don't hit a wrong key. A couple years ago we took a drive to the Mendocino coast in California. Lots and lots of curves. I thought maybe I had grown out of it (motion sickness), but my DH had to keep pulling over. I was so sick it was awful.

If you take a product like dramamine it will make you drowsy (I should know cos I'm the Queen of Dramamine) Taken enough of it at different times and I end up sleeping through the trip if I take it. I'm not sure if they have any non-drowsy. A lady did tell me once that I should eat a little carbohydrate before I travel and that might help. Again, a big "might" and I don't want to take that chance.

I think the biggest problem with typing while a vehicle is moving is the constant movement of the keyboard. If you go over a bump or hit a rock or swerve, your sure to hit a wrong key. I'm not sure I know of any employer who would allow this. I'd be more apt to be looking at the scenery rather than concentrate on what I'm typing.
You are EXTREMELY lucky...
I can't remember the last time I even took a day off, let alone a week or weeks. I've often put in way more hours in a week than you say you work regularly and still have never come close to the kind of money you're making.
You would need to be extremely fast on your
computer in order to straight type 3000 lines per day. I never did that many and said before, used to have people seek me out in the office as they would hear me typing fast and they wanted to watch me. Straight probably for me never got over 2500 if that. Having said that, had 2 bosses at different times and would be willing to say both probably consistently got that per day. Your speed, I would think, would have to be around 150 to 160 or higher. Can you do that?
Ugh - how extremely nauseating and immature -
I don't think that's " a big IF." That is an extremely sturdy structure. sm
It has a drainage system in the lower levels so it's not like it's going to fill up like an aquarium. It also has an extensive generator system, so it's not going to turn into a giant greenhouse effect. They did not direct people there "to contain the bodies."
Either you started at an extremely low line
rate to begin with or you are blowing smoke. I personally don't believe a word you say.
If you are so extremely thin and beautiful,
then why are you on this site. Are you a transcriptionist. If you are as beautiful and thin as you say you are, I doubt very seriously that you'd be typing for a living.
That was extremely rude & uncalled for.
Noone deserves to be harrassed or "kicked' when they're down!!
I have tried one- extremely hard on my knees
Thought this was extremely old news
Yes...extremely low volume since just after Christmas! nm
This is extremely dangerous reasoning. SM
It isn't what the "suits" are saying, it is what they are doing.  These are two totally different and separate entities.  My God, are you so complacent that you cannot even take a look around and see the face of the future?  No one is telling anyone to not just "be happy."  A little foresight and present thinking is imperative, not only in the MT world but in many other areas of business, especially IT.  It's all going over to Asia and it's all same-same there. 
Extremely well put Witch...regardless of personal..
religious beliefs..we could ALL learn to be better "people" from how the Amish treat their fellow humas.
Um, in this country!?!? lol Extremely common.
Poor grammar is everywhere, unfortunately, and ya can't fix what they don't know. ;)
not absurd, just extremely exceptional,
That was an extremely eloquent post!
Extremely welcome, Anon. Just passing it on like much came from others. nm
extremely tired, oh yeah.
It took a while to finally get it into a routine. I also have two small kids 5 and 7 at home. Once you find your happy medium and get in a groove it really is not that bad. Also being an IC at home helps my scheduled stay flexible so I still get to attend ball games or school functions. If you have to take on a second job, start small and work your way up taking on a little more at a time that way you don't get too overwhelmed. Plus being an IC you get to set your pay, working for a national only gives you what they offer, which all to often is not even close to what a MT is worth. Hope this helps and good luck.
If you have only been on QA for no more than 1 day then you either have extremely easy accounts....s
Or you are one heck of a MT. If that is the case whoever you work for should hold on to you. I just don't think it is common unless it is a certain specialty you are just real familiar with.
I have an extremely good platform,
and like I said read extremely fast and just easy. My VR is apparently not like others on here because very few errors and we have to catch them, cannot just do half. One will not be able to do the basic amount for work on VR IF they do not have a good platform and are not fast. I always go fast forward on audio 8 hours a day. That is the way I work.
Their software is extremely slow, the slowest
I have ever worked on. And their server is down a great deal of the time. If you need to make money, pay your bills, and feed yourself, Axolotl is not the place to work.
Not to mention extremely dangerous for your pets - sm
especially the flea collars, shampoos, etc. Totally agree. Awful products. Should be banned completely.
extremely annoying LOL I just did one today where the doc kept using the first name or the middle
None of which was spelled.  Wish they would make up their minds sometimes.  It would be funny (I was getting a little giggle out of it at the time I typed it) if it weren't so frustrasting at the same time.  Have a good one! :)