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Just read whole thread. Yes. Working for a service is okay because line rates

Posted By: Experienced MT on 2006-01-11
In Reply to: Is 9cpl a good line rate - for IC transcription? (no message)

actually have gone down. Just make sure they pay for spaces, headers, footers.

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Made 11-12 cents a line working for a service in 1989
Has anyone kept a list of line rates, report rates, benefits, etc for sm

the different companies out there?  I feel lost and confused.  It seems like everything is changing daily, and I am not being organized enough to keep up.  I am about to actively look for full time employment again but if there was a list, I would be able to sort through a lot more quickly. 

Can anyone help?  I am going to start keeping a chart myself in case anyone needs this in the future.

Line rates in the Northeast - can anyone advise as to what the going rates are in the NE part of the
country? Specifically Connecticut. I want to make sure I am on target here. Thanks.
You obviously did not read the thread from below
I was not complaining about MQ.  I was complaining about the person who says that anyone who posts anything about MQ is whining.  All I said was that this is the forum for us to talk about any problems we may be encountering, or to share tips, or give news, etc.  I just don't think it is fair that every time someone has something to say that isn't absolutely pro-MQ, they are accused of whining.  I am tired of trying to defend MQ MTs who let these assinine people insult their intelligence and then attack the person who is trying to defend their right to say anything they want on this board.  If you want to flame me, go ahead, I know that I had no malintent and I also know I have broad shoulders.
Yep, just read this thread below. There are
a couple on here defending it while insulting MTs who don't think they pay is fair. Really makes me wonder if they aren't MTSOs.
I did read the thread

I believe Ella was commenting on the post directly above hers which is saying "curious" is paranoid.  I interpreted that to mean that Ella was agreeing with that comment.


read the thread. then post.
i'll be editing and tell you what to do next. i hope you listen to me because i will make your life 100% better with my advice. i know everything if only you will listen.
Look down this board and read the thread titled
"How to make money MT'ing" by Dano. It is excellent advice. It should help you a lot. Also on about page 4 or so there are a couple of threads that discuss how some of the higher producers get their production, hints and tips on expanders, macros, etc.

You can do very well at this line of work if you want to and really appy yourself!!
To chopped liver, read all of the thread,
thinking that I don't feel so bad now.  I have two sons, been through the death of their father at their very young ages, and all the hard times raising them on my own.  My younger son NEVER forgets me, even if he has tough financial problems, at the very least he gives me a card and little bouquet of flowers. Anything is a surprise to me because I don't really expect anything, just grew up with that way of thinking. Up until a few years ago, the older son would remember me, and I keep those memories close in my heart, but yesterday, Mother's Day, was the first Mother's Day he remembered since he married a few years the Real Witch of the East!  They do not come here for any holiday as she has her own "traditions" which exclude our family, unless we want to go over there and spend the holiday with them.  Would be well and fine, but I don't know what is worse;  not seeing my son and grandchildren (her stepsons), or putting up with her.  Besides, my younger son would NEVER go over there for whatever holiday. I get to see them the day after, except this Easter, when I was told "You'll see the kids on Friday (after Easter)."  So you see, you're not alone with the pains / disappointments of holidays. Can't wait until my grandsons get married, and she gets it all back!   
Read the WHOLE THREAD, from the begnning,then you'll understand!...sm
It is very wrong to jump in right in the middle of a thread!
You have to read what lead to this particular comment.
Go to bed. Get off the thread. You're tired alright. Looks like you have been working
all day trying to defend MQ. Get some rest. When's second shift coming to relieve you. Hope they have something more original to say. RIGHT? Whoops, my caps are starting to run away with me and I can't stop myself...... I have been reading too many of the multiple personality CAP person's posts. HELLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPP
Rates for working, paid more for stat?
Maybe others but I think mine are probably the average, 8 cents per line for straight and 4 cents per line for VR. My standard 4 are considered history and physicals, operative notes, discharge summaries and consults. A transfer, I think, would be a discharge summary. No extra pay for experience or lack thereof.
Line Rates

I have only been working from home for 8 months now and my previous MT work was done while i was office manger and of course i was paid hourly but did more then just MT work.

I was wondering what is the going line rate other companies are offering??


Line Rates
I made much more 10 years ago than I do now. Pretty sad -- we get less and less, but tested more and more -- ever hear of doctors or lawyers getting tested for each new job they apply for?
line rates
Is there anyone out there who pays more than 8 cents these days?  The platforms are sluggish and user unfriendly and it's impossible to make any $$.  I am getting discouraged.
Line rates for RAD
I have been making 9 cpl on RAD as an IC with 1 year experience.  Med-Scribe advertises 10 cpl for 3 years experience.  I have at times seen others offer more, and so am currently available & actively looking.
Line rates
A large company with good benefits is offering 8 cents per line to start, with a 1200 line per day minimum requirement for full-time, an eight hour day. After 13,500 lines you get an extra 1/2 cent per line. They pay time and a half for overtime (over 40 hours), and say overtime is usually available. No weekends required. Does this sound good? My friend works for a local hospital and gets 12 cents per line. She says 8 cents is low. If someone is a fast typist, can you make good money at 8 cents a line? Any idea how much money you can make in an eight-hour day?
Line Rates
Forgot to mention that this 8 cents per line is with employee status, health benefits, 401K with a match, etc.
line rates...

I was an hourly employee hired in 1989 at 7.00 an hour, and after 17 years was making 13.00 an hour when I left due to my job being outsourced.

My first IC account paid $1.50 a page, and I got a raise to $2.00 a page (dumped for nonpayment).  My 2nd IC account pays 10 cents per gross line including blank lines (Word), and I haven't gotten a raise in 10 years; afraid to ask; I sub that work and make a killing.

My 3rd IC account on my own I charge 12 cpl (65 cpl w/ spaces), and I can get his work done in no time; so I average about 50.00 an hour for that.

My online account I started at 7.5 and now make 8 and do all clinic work and easy, peezy dictators, no set schedule; no line quota; and no they are not hiring.

My Salary approximately:

2006 - $27,000.00 a year approx

2008 - $45,000.00 a year approx

I never realized I could double my salary if I worked for myself and worked production instead of hourly.  WOW! 

line rates
I started about 15 years ago at an hourly rate, then became 0.08 cpl, but with all kinds of incentives so that sometimes it was maybe 0.095, and benefits. Since then it has become: no benefits; no incentives; then without telling us they changed the DEFINITION OF A LINE!!! How underhanded can anyone be?!?! So the more experience I have, the better I get, the less I make.
Line rates

I'm just curious, is anyone out there charging extra to do ESL dictations or dictations from the really difficult, horrible dictators?  I know it is be hard to break these out from other providers of the same group who are of average difficulty but it just seems as though we never have any idea of the quality of the dictations when we agree on a line rate.  Then, whammy!  You discover the quality is really poor.  Sure some may be good those that are bad tend to be really bad.  I think we should be able to charge extra for those.

I'm an experiened MT and it never ceases to amaze me how we set a line rate, but then that goes down the tubes when you get providers who dictate in broken English (taking lots more time to re-listen) and/or those that leave huges gaps of blank recording while they look stuff up, answer their cell phones, etc.  (I guess this is where charging by the recorded amount of time would help). 

Any creative line rates out there to compensate for these, i.e. charging differently for residents, ESL providers, providers who do not know how to use the pause button????


Line Rates


Could I get an idea of the "going" line rate for clinic dictation, please.

They tell me I am too expensive and want me to lower my rates......

Thanks, I really appreciate some help.

Line rates
Current company on Mediscript and I get per page rates wanna slave? -- quit griping I have seen SUBSTANTIAL drop in my income from 1991 to the present
Where are these low line rates? sm
I have two jobs, one FT employee, one PT IC. The FT is new and the PT I have had for two years. FT pays me with 9.5 cpl WITH benefits and the IC 10 cpl no benefits.

I had been working for 8.5 cpl with good line incentives and benefits. They went BIG TIME VR and I left.

I have not seen less than 8 cpl in ages and I DO LOOK.
Where are these low line rates? me again.
WHY ON EARTH WOULD I COME HERE AND LIE??? I have no reason to do that.

I have always said that line rates are arbitrary. So much more of what you can make is platform, Expander and you.

I left TT not too long ago. I really wanted out and really wanted another employee situation with benefits. Being very motivated to move on and not being able to afford to wait, I took an IC job for 8 cpl that could go to 9 cpl. The lines were easy to get. 1000 lines took about 4-5 hours for me to get. The platform was better than Extext where it took at least 6 hrs to get to 1000 lines, FOR ME.

While working the IC job, I had the opportunity to test with a national. While I rarely agree to test, I did this time for many reasons, most of which was wanting the job very much. I did well on the test. I was offered 9 cpl, an incentive program and shift differentials for working both weekend days. Because my shifts are split, all over the day and evening, as well as both weekend days, they decided to nix the differentials in favor of another 0.05 cpl to offset my odd hours. It comes out in my favor and I was very happy to get it. The platform is sizzling fast for me and my 1300 lines a day only takes 5 hours or so.

The PT IC job I have at 10 cpl is one I have had for a number of years. The account is one that most MTs will not even attempt. In the last year we have been through about 8 MTs, all of whom tried the account and failed...either because they obviously didn't have the experience they claimed to have, or because they didn't want to do the extremely high number of ESLs. It is paid highly because of the level of difficulty.

While it is not nice of me to say this, it is the truth. This business is getting down to the survival of the fittest, most capable and knowledgeable MTs who get the better money. The rest will have to settle for whatever they can find and whoever will hire them. It is an MTSO's market right now and they will grab the best they can get for the money they can pay. The better they pay, the better MTs they can attract.

There are other expectations that MTSOs have these days, like getting off QA in short order, and making your minimum lines very quickly. Although the longest I have spent on QA in the last five years is only four days, and I have always made the minimum lines from day one, this is a very stressful time for me, and I have proven over and over that I can do it!

If your jealousy compels you to slam me, so be it. I could not always do what I do now. Instead of slamming people, I chose to ask them how they did it, so I could do it better. I still ask questions of those I respect in this business. Every year there are fewer and fewer MTs I have yet to out do, but that doesn't keep me from trying to do better. It never takes me long to find more work when I want it, and when I need work/money I have been known to take less money knowing that the work is pretty mindless and I can make enough to get through the rough spots.

My name is "Not working quite so hard" because these days I am working four days a week for more money than I made at TT in 5 or 6 days, and with less grief. Then again, I took some undesirable days and an couple of undesirable accounts.
Working for more than one service.
Thanks for all the input. I appreciate the help. I don't like to put all my eggs in one basket.

Lowering IC Line Rates

As we all know, line rates for ICs continue to fall due to offshoring and other issues involved.  I can no longer quote a decent line rate or I hear the phone slam in my ear. 

Therefore, I've decided to do what I have to do to compete and get accounts, which is lower my line rate to 10.5.  Naturally, I am not going to give this large cardiology group a 65-character line for that rate.

What do you feel is fair for me and the group line character-wise for 10.5 cents line?  I was thinking of a 50-character line.  Your opinions, please.

Thank you!      

gross line rates

For my smaller accounts I charge 12 cpl under 4,000 lines per month.  For those from 5 to 15,000 lines per month I charge 11.5 and I have one account at 10.5 but that is only because he gives me a week's turn around time.  Again, I look more at what I make per hour than what my cpl is and if I make $45 an hour at 11.5 I keep it there.   Even with the 10.5 cpl I make close to $50 an hour.  But if it is a large account and it goes close to 2K per month, they will freak out.  I do give a 1% discount for payment within 3 days of receipt and they all love that and do pay mostly the next day.


MTSOs and line rates

I know there is a similar post further down the board, but I am in a similar situation....how DO you figure out what to charge your client?  I think charging what you made as an IC and then adding a few pennies makes sense to me.  Do other MTSOs think that is reasonable?  If there is no way to know what the previous transcription service charged, do you just ask what the CLIENT thinks is reasonable and go from there?

Also, lets assume that the MTSO (very small, of course) has a remote phone-in system...how can the MTSO figure this into their price?  Do you bill them separately for phone charges  or just tack it onto the cpl?  If so, that makes figuring the cpl even more complicated. 

Any wisdom from other MTSOs would be MUCH appreciated!


insane line rates
I got a pay quote yesterday from a company that starts you out at 6/cpl and maxes out at 9/cpl after much time has passed and many hoops have been jumped through.

That's insanity! How are we supposed to feed our kids?
Editing Line Rates

I've looked through several old threads on this board about eScription/EditScript and have seen those who love it and those who don't. I may be moving to an account that utilizes this platform and am trying to see how my earnings might be impacted. I understand there will be a learning curve, but I anticipate getting "up to speed" quickly as I have always been fairly good at learning new technology. What is the average  line rate I can expect using EditScript software? I've seen rates quoted from between 3 cpl up to 5 cpl.  Is that right?  Is anyone making more than 5 cpl editing? 

What is the average line count for editing I can expect (hope) to achieve?  I've seen some say 300+/- lph and others who can do 600 or more lph.  What is the highest sustained lines per hour one can expect when editing, if utilizing all the keyboard shortcuts, etc., available? 

Thanks for your input. 

Working for a private service
I just started working for a small independent service and was wondering if I could have some input.  I am getting paid .13 a line and the service takes 25% of my gross earnings.  Is this normal? Or is the percentage too high?
If you are talking about working for a service
it is about par
She's talking about an IC, not working for a service.
I am talking about working for a service
no message.
Suggestion for those working for a service (sm)

Unless you are quite computer savvy, it does not pay to just blindly follow advice you may see from MTs who are also computer gurus as to configuring your computer for efficiency.  These so-called efficient programs are not always easily compatible with the platforms services use.  Always call your company's IT help department and ask before making a change.   

For instance, my company uses ExText, and I was not too smart to switch over Mozilla Foxfire.  I'm sure it is a great program for independent MTs who can set up whole systems with their eyes closed, but it has caused some headaches for me in my fairly computer ignorant state. 

Then when my computer got slow I figured it was a virus, so I downloaded this "highly recommended" software, PC Doctor.  Again, I'm sure it's an excellent program, but it disabled all sorts of things on my computer that I need.  And it wasn't even a free program.  Grr.  My IT person told me they use a free program.  Wish I'd done that one instead. 

And to think I do these things to speed my computer up!  I'm such an id-iot.









The low line rates aren't much better, lots of


Line rates by city/state...

can anyone share what going rates are for IC and transcription services  in their area?

Line rates vary geographically.
I wouldn't work for less than 0.08/65-character line that included spaces. If you're traveling, printing, etc., charge more. Tax advice should come from professional tax preparers, not this site. Also check IRS website.
line rates charged to clients
I know that 10 years ago, Medquist charged one of their big hospitals in St. Louis 24 cents per line!!! Yet of course they pay their employees peanuts, since they pay by the WORD. (MQ is more concerned with paying Wall Street.) But there's your upper ceiling of what you might dare think of charging!
Line Rates for Michigan residents
For all of you who live in Michigan what is the line rate you are paid?  I want to get an average of the industry here is Michigan.
Line rates are set by company, not state.
MI MTs who posted line rates, would you make
Line rates can also be regional. Too many variables to
give somebody else hope that they might someday get the same rate. If you don't like the rate an employer offers, don't take it -- that's the only way to make them listen. It's not the baloney you seem to think it is.
Plus, line rates vary by company
depending on the account.  I told someone how much I made, she got a job with the same company on a different account making less $$. 
Plus, line rates vary within the company
depending on the account.  I told someone how much I made, she got a job with the same company on a different account making less $$. 
working as a customer service rep from home....sm

taking phone calls like orders for things, etc.,  showed very pregnant woman with little kids with phone headset working on computer . Raved about flexibility, own hours, fit her schedule, blah, blah....   Had to be able to work alone, etc., all the work ethics we have to have, and good typist.  Full time, they said pays VERY well, with emphasis on the "very."  I think this woman was making 12-15 an hour, can't remember exactly.  Said there were about 10,000 women doing it and it is the up and coming thing.  Check out the GMA website... I think it was "Women at Work"...... something like that. 

OMG--4 cents/line? I've never heard of rates that low (SM)
Please, Gaile, you are worth so much more than that. My first job with MQ in 2001 I earned 7.7 cents per line. Since that at other jobs I have earned 8 cpl, 10 cpl, and now about 9 cpl. Please do not sell yourself short. Two years experience is enough to get much better than that. Good luck to you whatever you decide to do.

MY GOSH, I am getting ripped off! Those are some excellent line rates...
ICs -- what are your rates right now? what are you charging per line, page, minute, etc?

I'm trying to get my own docs and want to set rates that are equivalent to everyone else so as not to undercut and lower our industry standards. But, I can't seem to find out what rates are locally, soooo, as much input as possible would be appreciated.  Anyway, I know that local family practices have been quoted by the hour, by the minute, by the line, by the page, and so on.

I don't really want to do by the minute -- it makes them feel like they have to dictate at sonic speed. Some of them balk at by the line because no matter what you tell them, they feel like they are penalized for having nice formats. They balk at by the page because they think you will extend it to 2 pages for more money. Then there are the ones who gripe about hourly rates because they feel like you will type slower to make more money. I actually typed a sample tape for a local practice a year ago and based on my rate the office manager figured it up PER PATIENT and said it was too much!! 

I know family practice docs and nurse practitioners don't make that much money but dangit I gotta feed my family too.

So help, please!!!!