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Working for a private service

Posted By: L on 2005-10-18
In Reply to:

I just started working for a small independent service and was wondering if I could have some input.  I am getting paid .13 a line and the service takes 25% of my gross earnings.  Is this normal? Or is the percentage too high?

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Maybe people working for private firms but I would be willing
to say the going rate for independents is around 8 for straight. I would think the ones here showing the 12 or more per line probably not working for a national. I am only part time and make enough to satisfy my needs.
Maybe people working for private firms but I would be willing
to say the going rate for independents is around 8 for straight. I would think the ones here showing the 12 or more per line probably not working for a national. I am only part time and make enough to satisfy my needs.
Working for more than one service.
Thanks for all the input. I appreciate the help. I don't like to put all my eggs in one basket.

If you are talking about working for a service
it is about par
She's talking about an IC, not working for a service.
I am talking about working for a service
no message.
Suggestion for those working for a service (sm)

Unless you are quite computer savvy, it does not pay to just blindly follow advice you may see from MTs who are also computer gurus as to configuring your computer for efficiency.  These so-called efficient programs are not always easily compatible with the platforms services use.  Always call your company's IT help department and ask before making a change.   

For instance, my company uses ExText, and I was not too smart to switch over Mozilla Foxfire.  I'm sure it is a great program for independent MTs who can set up whole systems with their eyes closed, but it has caused some headaches for me in my fairly computer ignorant state. 

Then when my computer got slow I figured it was a virus, so I downloaded this "highly recommended" software, PC Doctor.  Again, I'm sure it's an excellent program, but it disabled all sorts of things on my computer that I need.  And it wasn't even a free program.  Grr.  My IT person told me they use a free program.  Wish I'd done that one instead. 

And to think I do these things to speed my computer up!  I'm such an id-iot.









working as a customer service rep from home....sm

taking phone calls like orders for things, etc.,  showed very pregnant woman with little kids with phone headset working on computer . Raved about flexibility, own hours, fit her schedule, blah, blah....   Had to be able to work alone, etc., all the work ethics we have to have, and good typist.  Full time, they said pays VERY well, with emphasis on the "very."  I think this woman was making 12-15 an hour, can't remember exactly.  Said there were about 10,000 women doing it and it is the up and coming thing.  Check out the GMA website... I think it was "Women at Work"...... something like that. 

To me working on a holiday is a premium service and the IC should be compensated anything

above and beyond the call of duty.  I have charged more per line when working a holiday only when it has been specifically requested that I work the holiday.  If I decide to work on a holiday just because I want to catch up or I have free time, I won't charge extra for that.

But if the client asks me to work a holiday because they need coverage, then I will charge a little more per line, usually just a couple of cents more per line.  I don't understand why anyone wouldn't "dream" of doing this.  I've known computer technicians, electricians, plumbers etc. who charge more for after hours calls and holiday calls.  Why should we be any different?

Made 11-12 cents a line working for a service in 1989
Just read whole thread. Yes. Working for a service is okay because line rates
actually have gone down. Just make sure they pay for spaces, headers, footers.
What service pays sick time, not working, vacations, etc.?
Where? I have never gotten paid for any of these, especially sudden illnesses, or I would be rich!
We have decided to add this to our current service not have a new service. It will be easier to sm

keep track of and will just be a different department. 

It looks like we will work out details over the next 6 months, talking with community college program directors as well as a few of the distance-learning course leaders to work on the recruiting end.

We will train current staff to mentor if they would like to do so and want to work in the office.

We are still working on production requirements, goals to set, pay, benefits and other fine details but we have 6 months to get it all in place with three months to pull it together after that with a tentative start date of 09/01/06.  We need to build the building as well, although that is already at the blueprint stage in a spot next to our current office. 

We did not want to cause flames and bashing by listing the company name as there are always so many negative people on this site, but we are national with over 200 transcriptionists, located outside of Chicago (40 miles west) and have the best team of transcriptionists around!

We will have an "official" announcement after the first of the new year. 

Thank you for all of your feedback and suggestions!

My telephone service is VOIP, but it s through my cable service, along with my cable internet. .
We have had VOIP for about a year now and I love it. I really can't tell a difference in traditional service, except the price. One of the best calls of my life was to Bellsouth to cancel our service!
I am not asking for a service, I AM the service looking for recorders
Private ins
You can get private insurance lots cheaper than MOST COBRA plans but it is up to you.  Also a lot of times they only cover for so long and if I remember correctly dental and vision might  only be for one year and some plans do not COBRA that over.  And if your husband is self employed, then it could be a business expense to provide the insurance and with six figures could easily do it and pay less taxes.  I know COBRA is easier to just kind of roll over into, but again, it only lasts for 18 to 24 months and so you will be looking eventually.   However, just ask why suddenly you are not covered.  
I use my private e-mail sm
and receive all my messages from my TC through my private e-mail.  In fact, I never receive anything throught my I-mail, don't even hardly check it anymore.  Call your TC and ask her/him what to do.  This may not be the same across the board, as so much is not the same from office to office!
LOL in private, not seclusion :-) sm
like a different room in the house. 
I would see about a private school.....

Your son sounds like a very bright young man... No offense to you, but can you honestly challenge him and teach him things you may not be proficient at yourself.  Foreign languages, advanced math, etc.  Even high school teachers only specialize in one subject.  Something to consider.

Private accounts

How do you go about getting private accounts?  Any MTs out there that have done this and are still doing it.  If so, how much can you charge per line for a private account that you obtained yourself.  I currently make 8 cents per line with an MTSO.  However, I have been hearing that if you have a private account with a doctors office you can actually charge a lot more, about 12 to 13 cents per line. 

Any tips on doing this.  I am currently an Independent Contractor and would like to expand my horizons.  Thanks for any advice.

It's how I got my private accounts....sm

I had business cards made up and every week, one day only, I went and solicited another medical building filled with offices usually next to a hospital.  I brought only a couple of resumes (nobody asked me for one either) and within a month or 6 weeks, I scored 5 private mds.  It's really all about self-confidence and belief in yourself and your own abilities.

I'm still working for 4 private MDs all these years, one of the 5 went into *receivership*, a form of bankruptcy.

Best of luck, believe in yourself, go solicit yourself and your abilities and don't be afraid.  If it worked for me, it can work for you!! 

I do agree - I have many private mds...nm

THANK YOU JAM for your private email....

very kind of you.  Please know that I do appreciate your help and the time you took to respond.

private accounts
anyone out there doing private accounts for docs who don't have to do operatives?  just trying to get some info as to what type of reports some may do when typing for own accounts.  I was thinking along the lines of internal medicine.  Thank you!
If you have private coverage on yourself, you would not--sm
need workers' compensation on yourself. your private insurance would cover anything happening to you. If you have employees, they may need it, but only if you offered them employee insurance benefits. JMO.
most private doctors...
I speak to say that they went to the bigger companies because they were assured TAT - however it is explained to them that the same people working for the Nationals are the same ones that would do it as an IC, I find that my clients came around. Sometimes common sense is not the easiest thing for a busy mind. They also like the idea of not paying the rates a national charges, knowing we do not make it - so drop the rate a penny and they get a break too. They wont pay us what they pay nationals because they do not feel we are the same thing - if we cut out the middle man for us, they want it cut out for them too.
Private accounts
I am curious to know how to go about getting private accounts?  I am challenged when it comes to how the work is transported back and forth.  What would be a reaonable expectation in terms of costs on my end?  All I have now is the computer, foot pedal and copier/scanner/fax.  What else might I need?  I live and Houston.  Our medical center is top-notch and there are many, many hospitals, medical organizations and clinics to choose from.  Any advice?   
private clients
It is refreshing to see normal expected amounts given to other MT. So often I see "I would not expect less than 10.00 per page and such high line counts" I believe the misconception by many is that you can make a bundle with little effort given some of the "I won't do this" attitudes. When looking for your own private accounts, think about who they are, where they are coming form and who did them before and assess accordingly. And keep in mind you may have to negotiate and get a bit less but your first client and everyone after is your own - which is a good thing
private accounts

I haqve been working on 2 private accounts, one of them I pick up tapes twice a wk and at the second pickup I pickup a check.  I have been with them for 9 years.  The other one I started last year and they send me the doctors notes by mail and I overnight it and they pay me through the mail.  They both pay me by the page.


I wish you the best.

I now have private insurance (sm)
Call and check into private insurance through Blue Shield.  I pay $294 a month with a $750 deductible.  Might save you some money meantime.  I also lost benefits through a MTSO due to lack of work and could not afford the COBRA. 
I have private insurance (sm)

My premium is almost $300 a month with a high deductible.  My bills are now being rejected due to "pre-existing" and I believe it goes back 5 years, which is ridiculous.  What is a person supposed to do?  I'm willing to pay, but most of my pay is going for medical bills at this point.  I'm owing about $1500 and still need my mammogram and a screening colonoscopy.  I'm paying 20% after my insurance pays (if/when they pay) and it's adding up on top of my monthly medication costs, which is hundreds.  AARP rejected me because I have diabetes and hypertension, so I'm stuck with the high-deductible major medical, which is basically for anything catastrophic.  I don't want to put my house in jeopardy should I need to be hospitalized.  I worked for a company as an employee with healthcare benefits, but when the work is low and you don't make production, there goes your benefits.  It's like being between a rock and a hard place.  Good luck with your decision to drop your healthcare.  I'm paying an arm and a leg, but if I'm hospitalized at least I'll be covered. 

private practice
Cardiology in PA, $17.00/hr, 6 weeks vacation, employer funded pension plan 10% of salary yearly, been here 15 years.... longing to be home and a full time MT.. good luck coming back to the jungle.
Private Psychiatrists
Does anyone know if private psychiatrists hire MTs and if so, would they use us for session notes etc...?  I would like to transcribe private psychiatrists, but it doesn't seem like they really use MT's.
Private psychiatrists

I transcribe for a private psychologist who specializes in psychoeducational and neuropsychological evals for schools as an independent evaluator.  I only type his initial and review evals.  He does not have any weekly psych sessions transcribed at all.  His evals are quite long; however, are infrequent.  They are 10-12 pages usually, with very small font and single spacing, but I only get on average 1-2 a week.  I charge $4.00 per page because of the small type. 

To find docs that do these, you could contact your local school districts and have them give you a list of psych evaluators they use for independent evals for special ed students.

Another psych specialty I transcribe for is a drug/alcohol treatment center.  I only type discharge summaries, and again they are quite long but not that many per week.  They are pretty easy and repetitive, though.



They are 2 private groups. SM
What exactly do you want to sue them for?  Your post makes no sense.
Virtual Private Network.
does anyone work for Private Secretay Inc (PSI)
talking in private, he may have other ideas
I would not go into private with this man because it is hard to tell what he may think if he is senile.

I have an uncle this way and I just refused to go over there.

I would talk to you mom and say something to her in a round about way. Just ask her if anything is wrong with him.

It would like like she would see what is going on.

He may have some altered mental status that needs to be checked out or maybe he can be placed somewhere if your mother feels dangered by him.

Why not work for yourself with private accounts?
Then you don't have to follow the beat of the MQ (or any other company) drum?

Or try for a supervisor position? You know how you want to be treated; then you'd be in the perfect position to handle other MTs the way you believe they should be. You'll be highly motivational for them and your company will probably have kudos for you for having a winning team.

Just two options of many.
probably train MDs in private practice to use VR
(only kidding)

You'd be better off getting a private policy. Premiums are
cheaper, though still expensive, and you don't have to worry about insurance if you make a job change.   Shop around, should be able to get a family policy for about $400.00/mo. 
have my own private clients, never seems slow
much to my dismay. Can't remember the last time I got a real day off without having to bust my butt to catch up.
I am using public and private schools
My two youngest are in the local public elementary school, and I've had no problems with it. In fact, it's a terrific school, but I have a feeling it's probably much better than the average public school.

My eldest, who's in high school, goes to a private creative arts boarding school because I feel the local public high school doesn't give the kids enough one-on-one attention and doesn't offer as many educational opportunities as my son's school. Also, he is big into music and drama, and our local school has a weak creative arts department.
Private School here for mine.


Just a very small private company. nm
Offshore MTs do not see any private info.
Private Accts - Logistics?

I have been an MT for 8 yrs and have been thinking about getting my own accounts locally.  It would be much more efficient to avoid trips to dr's offices for pick-up/delivery, so my main question is what is a good alternate way to do this?  I have seen email mentioned, but can the work be transferred securely this way...is it emailed as an attachment so that work is done on another platform that has expanders/shortcuts integrated...what platform/program to use??  What equipment do I need...what equipment does the dr need for dictation...do I provide it or does doc?  I have so many questions about the logistics of working this out...detailed info would be greatly appreciated.

What to charge? ....I know this is controversial...was thinking .14 cpl (65 character), 12 font, ? margins.  Recommend higher or lower rate? (region=major city in AZ)

Marketing:  How to introduce service in marketing material...should I include price in the material or just say something like "reasonable" or "competitive"?

I welcome any input you may have, especially on the issue of specifics how to receive/deliver work, platform/equipment needed.



Your Private Information....2nd Verse

A few days ago, I expressed my concerns that it would be possible for an "MT-related" website to garner information from unsuspecting MTs.  Some replied, either that such concerns were unwarranted or that the poster was too savvy to be fooled by such a thing. 

Yesterday, a company called Jax Transcription posted a very seductive job listing on the Jobs Board.  My first thought was, of course, to find out more about Jax and it seems no one has heard of them.  I've so far been unable to discover a website or phone number in national databases, and inquiries posted to the board admin about Jax have not been answered so far.

I'll continue to look into "Jax Transcription".  In the meantime, the problem is that many people appear to have just gone ahead and posted their resumes to this company - if it is a company.  Not just their name and email addresses, which was enough to cause me concern earlier...but their entire resumes! 

Again, as in my former posting, I will say that the company might be legit or it might not.  The point is...the folks who posted their resumes had (and still have) no idea whether it is or not.  It could be merely an email address being used to "phish" for information.

I'm sure you won't like me saying this, but it very obviously NEEDS to be said:  Let's smarten up.  We're not immune from identity theft just because the entity on the "other end of the line" presents themselves as being an MT company, an MT vendor, an MT website - or even an MT.  Give your information to NO ONE without confirming first that you know who you're giving it to. 

A great deal of identity theft and other computer-related crime occurs by various methods known collectively as "social engineering".  Social engineering does not depend on clever hacks into computer systems.  Social engineering is done by deceiving people into giving up their information voluntarily, and it's easiest thing in the world to do, because people just aren't paying attention and they don't think it can happen to them.  This IS my domain - read it and believe it. 



What to put in brochure for private accts-SM

I have the need to go out and find some more private accounts. The one I have is too erratic to depend on, and I fear will dry up shortly.

What information should I put in the brochure? Do I just say "experienced" or list the local places I work for and have worked for?

Bright color paper to bring attention to my services or good business quality?

Send to the office or the office manager ?

I have so many questions. Does anyone have any good suggestions, or even samples you might be willing to share with me? I have always gotten work by word of mouth. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



If you transcribe for a private physician and he wants
cc then use that. However, most MTSOs and facilities go with Joint Commission recommedations or BOS. You only need to find out what is required by your employer. If your employer wants you to use cc it is fine. You do what they want. mL is the correct abbreviation for milliliter. I have been doing this for almost 30 years and you would not believe some of the changes AAMT/BOS have made, but we just have to go with the flow.
Yes, all the info we are told to keep as private as possible

Here we are supposedly protected by HIPAA laws, so its "OK" to give our SS number and birthdate, even credit card info to the providers.  However, if the work is outsourced, and the transcription page is linked to the main medical record so we can research problems, its all right there for the taking for every patient we type.  The only ones that aren't at risk are (ironically) the many illegal aliens that are getting free health care - they don't have SS numbers to steal.