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Keep copies of all jobs and when you hit the bonus level,

Posted By: send copies to payroll. nm on 2007-02-01
In Reply to: Dishonest QA - Typingforpennies


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    No bonus level for IC as far as I know.
    I know of no bonus level. On hold they limit how much you are permitted to type. I am just searching for something better. Tired of being bullied for things I did not type.
    Entry-level jobs
    Does anyone know of any companies that hire new graduates?
    Entry Level Jobs

    Hi everyone! I have a quick question for anyone who has the time to answer. I am looking in to a career in the MT field. I have not started classes yet but I am going to check them out next week. I did a search for MT companies in my area. I noticed that on alot of their websites you had to have so many years experience before you could gain employment with them. If I decide to take classes in medical transcription, how likely is it that I will be able to find employment with someone on an entry level? I have heard from some people that it is nearly impossible to get a job without the experience even if you have certification. Is this true?

    I came from low level neighborhood. I know the effects low level people have on a child's
    mind. I fought very hard to get out of there. If you think narrow-minded high-horse thinking people are the only ones who are making trailer park comments, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG. I know white trash people who live for the weekend to get drunk and party and make just enough to get by. I am educated in the "real world" and whether you like it or not, the "real world" doesn't want to be anywhere near a trailer park for real or imagined reasons and does ostracize trailer park people along with ghetto people and section 8 people. Crime, drugs, do come from low income housing. BTW, people are outraged at black-on-black ghetto crime. That does not happen in higher working class black neighborhoods. Same deal with white trash people. Low class white people get drunk fight and end up in jail. If you read the newspaper or watch it on TV over the weekend, you know what I am talking about. Crime, drugs, etc is rarely an ONGOING problem in upper class neighborhoods because most of these people have goals for the future. Lower class neighborhoods and low class people are what they are because that's what the people in the neighborhoods settle for.
    copies of what?? nm
    Keep copies
    I made copies of all my OPs at first. You will find that even with changing dictators, much of the content is the same.
    How much do you charge for copies? sm
    One of the doctors I transcribe for wants me to print the notes and the cc's to other docs, but I don't know how much to charge for this.  I have never had a doc ask me to do this before, as my other docs just copy everything themselves.  TIA
    Charging for copies.

    My charges for copies depend on who it is and how many copies.  I had one guy who wanted to use me and my little inkjet printer as a personal photocopy shop.  I was charging $.10 per copy to cover paper and ink, but he'd want 20 copies of each page I typed.  Finally, I told him to go to Staples to make copies because I wasn't going to do it any more.  I was driving there every few days for more ink and paper anyway, and he was just someone I didn't want to do business with.

    I don't charge my other client for carbon copies because he usually only wants one or two copies.  Besides, he pays me really well and I've been typing for him for 8 years.  When he wants full color copies of digital pictures printed out, however, it's at least $1 per page because it chews up the color ink cartridges so much.

    HELP! How much to charge for copies? sm

    Just got a new account; however, the doctor wanted me to take half a cent off my rate AND not charge him for his templates (even though it's my ink he's using) AND he wants me to do the cc's and envelopes at no extra charge.....I do not want to do this as I really think that's a lot of extra work with no extra pay....could anyone help me with this?  What do yall do? 

    How much for evelopes??

    How much for copies??  Thanks to everyone who replies!!!  I realy need help on this one as none of my other accounts have asked for a bunch for nothing. 

    Suckered in the South

    So how much for copies and envelopes? sm
    I am about to go crazy trying to figure out how to do his invoice.
    ABE books has many copies


    Well worth getting.  Also research online for Expanders -- there are lots of lists out there to give you an idea how to make your own. Some are free downloads.  But you do definitely have to have your own system and just use these to give you an idea how to set up one.  No two brains work the same.  I refuse to work without my list!!

    I keep copies of all my work even what I - sm
    copy and paste into the hospital's software, which does the line counting for me, but in their case it is always slightly more than what I get when I figure it myself, we only get the body of the report, but don't have to enter any patient info (or check it luckily). On my FTP work or direct email accounts I report my line counts on a daily basis, which I do and they take my word on it, and are free to check me as I do not cheat on my counts. I just take the told character count and divide by 65 to get my lines, though I have it set up in Excel so I actually don't have to do the math for every report, that would take way too much time which I don't get paid for. But keep your work and verify. Sounds like you may not be getting paid for spaces, or expanded words (only paid for keystrokes, and also no spaces), sit down, do some math and figure it out, good luck.
    Aren't macros copies of what others have said?

    Aren't macros carbon copies of what someone else is dictating to you?  You have it in your pc to make you're life easier, but it is not "your words" coming from your mouth.  These words belong to the dictator...  Am I missing something here?  That is why at the end of the report, the dictators initials come first and they are in CAPS, and your initials come second and are in lower case.   

    And most often headers, footers, & copies are not
    I get copies of the schedule from the offices. sm
    you are an IC, so you can call the shots. You can let them know that if you don't receive the work by a certain time, you will assume there is none, something of that sort. If you need a day off, give them advance notice and don't "ask" them for it, because you are an IC so you set your own schedule per IRS rules. You do not need their permission, per se. Obviously, we accommodate the docs as much as possible to keep the accounts, but only to a certain extent. We shouldn't be on call for them 24/7, either. They wouldn't wait all day for a patient that may or may not show (and sometimes even charge if the patient is a no-show!!) If you wait and wait for work, play their game and put it in writing that you will charge for your time -- and then DO it. A few extra charges on the old invoice will likely bring about a change. ;)

    Even with the schedules provided, the docs can and do change them at the last minute, so there's no way you can ever know for sure, but at least you can have SOME idea what's going on if they provide them. The way I see it, if he tells you he will be out, then that's what you go by. Even if the staff can't verify it (strange, since most docs are highly reachable by staff), you've heard it straight from the horse's mouth so if you want to take that opportunity to have a day off, let the staff know you'll be off that day, period.

    If the doc changes his mind and comes in that day, well, I'd still take the day off if I made plans. Keep that saying in mind that poor planning on their part does not constitute an emergency on your part. If they don't like it, then maybe they'll make better future efforts to keep you in the loop.

    Keep copies of your original report
    & if you are being blamed for other's mistakes, get your "ammunition" out & go straight to the owner/manager and ask how this can be corrected and that you will not be taking responsibility for someone else's error.  If your owner/manager is a decent person, he/she will have a resonable doubt from now on when someone like QA complains about "your" work.  Always CYA and don't be afraid to speak up.
    I have signed it and sent copies to my congressman and
    senators. I also call the White House, my congressman and senator every single week and email them. The one guy who answers the phone at my congressman's office said to me to keep squeaking.

    We all need to do the same. Talk to everyone, your MD, you neighbors, your friends, clergy, send emails to the Editor of every news agency you can think of.

    Sometimes I feel like I am the only one doing this. I also feel like we have already lost the battle, though.

    It makes me sick to think that big business is dictating everything down to our medical care and how that information is handled.
    copies of previously transcribed reports
    What I always found helped, make copies of reports from the medical record charts.  Make a few copies of each doctor and keep them in your desk that way you can refer back to the report when doing the doctor.  You will get the hang of it.  No hospital wants to go through the money and time hiring someone just to let them go right away.  Usually you get about a three to six month probation period. 
    How much do YOU charge for extra copies and envelopes? sm

    Need some help here ---- have a very cheap doctor who wants everything for nothing.  Need to know what to charge him for copies and envlopes as he seems to have a lot of those.  THANKS!!


    Keep copies of your reports and do a line count yourself
    Then you will know won't you? Get MPCount (think that's the name)(free), or abacus, or any other number of line counting programs. This website (MTStars) has one you can get for free too. Try it and then you will have your answer.
    Do you have Word set to make backup copies (sm)
    of the documents? Check the folder your document is in for a backup file. I've also been able to recover using a .tmp file as well. You didn't delete the file so it wouldn't be in the recycle bin. You just didn't save the changes you had made, so hopefully along the way Word saved a version and you may be able to recover something.
    Office Max has 25 colored copies free until 6/9. (nm)


    Names & addies on copies sometimes aren't
    I use the paper copies of each of those and get new ones every year. Love
    You may find that actual copies of the reports are also useful. sm
    I did strictly OPs for two years. There were some doctors that I had to check 4 or 5 different reports for every time, just to find the subtle variations he used. I might have 4 copies of appendectomies for him, and need them all to complete a difficult one. Complete copies really are almost necessary, I think.
    Document everything! Save copies of your reports
    Then, when you get an email contradicting the email that she sent you earlier, you have proof. You can print it, or copy & paste that info. into an email to your supervisor. And hers. Same with the reports. If you're getting incorrect corrections, go back and check your copy of the report. Double check with the company's policies, and with the BOS if necessary. Then, if you're right they they're wrong, you have written proof to back you up when you complain about it to whoever is responsible for that QA person's work.
    I tried to download it. It says do not file these copies for some reason. I'm going tomorrow to S
    pick up the ONE stinkin' form I need from the federal building. Beats buying 50 at Office Depot!
    As can the looking up of addresses, names for the copies, deleting stuff that's not used on the
    supposed to be, after people lose their jobs, they are forced to take part-time, lower-paying jobs..
    with little to no benefits. service jobs. where are you going to work in a few years, when Medical Transcription is replaced by technology? McDonald's, Walmart? you really going to like that?
    I dunno. I sure do miss my Selectric and those onion-skin copies. nm
    Several jobs on Monster & CareerBuilder for inhouse office jobs down there through an
    I did 3 jobs for a while about 3 years ago, you burn out quick, I was doing 3 MT jobs though...after
    10 months I cut down to 2 as I don't like to have all my eggs in one basket.  But I am considering going down to 1 in September for my sanity, its a good steady job so financally it should not be an issue.  I have 2 right but have not worked the 1 in about 3 weeks due to some problems at their end, supposed to learn a VA account but not sure if I want to pursue it right now or not, they are waiting to hear from me at this point. I still have a lot going on with chemo, etc. so am mulling things over.  But if you have a full-time day job, then I would just go with 1 part-time MT job at night, unless 1 is during the week, and the other weekends only, then of course you will be working 7 days a week, very tiring I know.  I have been working 7 days a week for 3 years now but I do slack off now and then of course to recharge and get sleep etc. But burnout happens fast and I doubt you want to lose your day job so be careful. Good luck.
    According to the pay schedule they sent me, it will be paid on July 18.
    Got mine too, 1/2 after 3 months, second part after 9 months.
    What bonus?
    I've never gotten a quarterly bonus in the 8 years I've been with MQ. Hmm
    I wish it was called the end of year bonus and would come at the very end of the year, but it did come in a Christmas card so I referred to it as so.
    My company is out of Colorado and they are doing just fine. They have shown a 27% profet increase this year.
    No bonus here!
    Does this seem fair? To charge .16 per line - includes printed reports, copies on disk for one year

    and delivery.  I do travel twice a week to this office.  Plus, at times I will fax or email the reports free of charge.  I live in Southern California in an upscale area. 


    Thanks again!

    Medquist bonus

    You must be an IC.  I have never gotten a bonus, or a dime extra from Medquist, not even for working weekends, holidays, or nights and I've been there 8 years.  Getting a raise is a joke, too.  They are stingy.  If you get a bonus, count yourself lucky.

    MQ quarterly bonus
    Yes, MQ does still pay quarterly bonuses to their SEs.  We earn $50 for each pay period we produce 10,000 lines and another $10 per 1000 lines after that. 
    NO bonus here for the last two years!!!
    quarterly bonus
    Do you still get quarterly bonuses as an SE with the new incentive plan and how is it now going for you?
    quarterly bonus
    Do you still get the quarterly bonus for the SE incentive program and how is it going for you?
    October bonus

    First of all, this whole thread is just a "what if."  There has been nothing coming out of corporate indicating that quarterly bonuses will be cut out.  With the new pay structure they are working on, maybe, maybe not, but it is just speculation.  If in October they decided to cut them out they'd still have to pay the October bonus anyway because it is for work in July through September and they would be contractually obligated to pay you bonus on work already completed.

    Or an MT looking for a referral bonus.
    Christmas bonus

    I have five accounts and usually get an average of a month's pay.  anywhere from 1700 to 200 per account. 


    Christmas bonus
    Last year I got a $50.00 Walmart gift card from my company.  Nice gift.  This year I received a $25.00 gift card from Walmart.  My company merged with another company, there are taking on new accounts right and left, I worked every single holiday, many many weekeds and when ever they would asked for help, and my bonus is half of last years.  This is really sad and hurtful to say the least. 
    Christmas Bonus Ha
    I'd love a Wal-mart gift card...I got a cheap plastic flashlight that had "together we shine" printed across the side.
    christmas bonus
    I have worked for this company for 11 years. Every year we get a 2 week bonus check. Not this year, not even a explantion. oh and the jackass boss told me a year ago that the bonus check was part of my yearly salary. the way i look at it, he owes me a two week paycheck. Sorry just had to vent.
    That's a shame. We get a 10% bonus for CMT.

    We're paid hourly with no production bonus (minimum expectations, but no bonus for going over), but with CMT, the hourly rate and benefits are superb. So yeah, it *can* make a huge difference.