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LMAO! ewww, but lmao. nm

Posted By: Happy MT Robin on 2009-04-07
In Reply to: Yes. If this doctor doesn't stop - MSMT

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LMAO ... Is it? How do YOU know this?
You left me out of your scientific survey to see what THE AVERAGE for ALL MTs is!! OMG what a scream.

Well, please do post your name and number so we can always reference YOU since YOU know what everyone does! LMAO
Further LMAO ....
Uhmmmm, let's update ya a little, Miss MD-Could-Be....

You don't "pass" MCATs. LMAO. Your scores are compared with those of the other test-takers.

If you get all the questions right, my my my -- you really ARE something, huh?! LMAO

I mean, you truly are the hokiest comedian I have seen on here yet!!!

What a hoot!! Do you have trouble getting your big head in the door every day?! ROFLLLL
LMAO!! nm
LMAO You are right
LMAO! nm

OMG that is too funny!!  I love it when docs mess up in a cute way.  I love to hear them laugh too.  It happens so rarely I soak it up.

Thanks for sharing that! :)

I don't need to do it! (LMAO)...nm

That was a really good one. Well, we can see what they think of us. Karma truly is a *****!
LMAO !!...........nm
LMAO, good one~nm!!!!!!
lmao he is cyanotic! nm
OMG - LMAO at that vision!

I just saw myself sitting on one of those balls and trying to type, then seeing me move my foot forward to hit the pedal and the ball shooting out from behind me.  I've never tried typing while sitting on one of those, but I can only imagine considering the trouble I have had just trying to exercise on one of those balls.  I guess it would be for the more coordinated (which I'm not). 

Thanks for the laugh - I needed that!!

LMAO! Good one!............n/m
NOT mgmt at all! I just pay attn!! Perhaps YOU should try the same!! LMAO
OSi owners can do transcription...lmao

LMAO!!! I hear ya, Sistah!
LMAO! You're on a roll!
I was thinking the same thing!

How great thou art, my Mensa MT!

LMAO - she's really going into insanity mode on this one!
Tell me, now Ms. Mensa.

My uncle is a mensa member and is chief of staff at a large hospital where he was an ER physician for years, moved up to being department head and then ultimately his current position.

You, the genius you are, are an MT.

You're full of it.
OMG! Im LMAO...sounds like a plan. nm
Larnix and ornophernix! LMAO!

I don't even have to listen to the end of the report, you know the part when the dictator gives their name, as once I've heard the ol' 'larnix' or 'ornophernix' peppered in there I KNOW it was an NP who just dictated!!! 

That is UP WITH THAT?!  They make it way harder on themselves by saying them the way they do! 


Beats being intubated... LMAO...nm

OMG..NEVER read this at night! I THINK I'M STARVIN' NOW! LMAO
Bunch of cracked eggs, I say! LMAO
HAHAHAHAHA "lazy boobs" LMAO
Good typo, cracks myself up too, LMAO!!!
LMAO - I've been laughin' for days!
Some great imaginations out there though. Maybe they should go into writing great works of fiction and actually getting paid to do it!
blood or visible bones?! lmao - I love it!
LMAO....very funny idea about the Speak and Spell, Chuck

I like that...who's gonna contact Fisher-Price and get this underway?
i'd call that brownie points for heaven LMAO...and a waste of time!
Hahah!a! Funny typo: not quality 'scAre', quality 'scOre'. LMAO!...nm
I forgot about that one. That one freaks me out too, makes my toes curl...
Ewww...everyone look at this ad!
Go to this MT company website. Scroll down and look at the ad to the right...picture of a woman's face and says Smart Beautiful Transcription...!?!! WHAT?!?! Anyone else find this cheesey at the least and gross at the most? LOL

ewww - I so don't agree with you....sm

I type 100 WPM but as a former Editor of a weekly rag in NYC - I'm far faster on ASR/VR than regular reports - I'm doing 400 LPH with ASR and nearly 200 LPH with regular reports on DQS/DEP. 

So your post doesn't bode well for some as you cannot make such a HUGE generalization.  You've typed that before I do believe about *slower typers* in former posts (perhaps it wasn't you but it *appears* as if it were).  We are not typers by the way, we are transcriptionists and/or editors.  *S*

Have a GREAT day!!! 


ewww..if you have no sound at all--sm
ANYWHERE, it sounds as though your sound card just went out. You may need to replace it. (I have gone through two sound cards in the past year). I hope you know someone that can put it in for you. Good luck!
Ewww. Not a nice answer.
Ewww! Are those the brown hard little bugs that

I'll be watching to see what suggestions you get!! LOL

Gross is right! Check out the picture. Ewww....

Ewww. Our house had nasty carpet throughout when we moved in.
We tore the carpet out of the kitchen and bathroom and put in a piece of cheap vinyl that didn't last. Then we tore that out and put vinyl squares down. More pricey but still didn't last as we wanted due to scuffing, scratching, sliding and lifting. The company we bought from went out of business, so nada for the warranty. We're going to do Pergot laminate next month. I've never done ceramic tile because I've lived in at least two houses where the floor tiles split and cracked. I don't know how well it would tolerate the constant parade of kids, dogs and cats.
just hope he doesn't start a new trend--ewww!
I can't stand it if I accidentally forget to put mine on. I can usually tell pretty quickly if I do. Just not comfortable to me (or anyone else around probably).
I've heard farts, burps, peeing, but never loogies. Ewww.