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Posted By: IHEARYOU on 2005-07-28
In Reply to: WANTED: - SoftScript employees

and let us not forget the nonresponsive e-mails when one does inquire as to where their lines are going. Take the old server down here and there and lose 300 LINES A DAY. YES, WE LOVE IT! NOT

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I hear you loud and clear - sm....
I'm handing out walking papers today  to a very large practice for those exact reasons, coupled with the fact the docs dictate past the speed of sound  and their OM and medical records girl are - well, let's just say a celery stalk has more intelligence than both of them combined.  They all disgust me  and I don't want their account, not for ANY amount of money! 
I hear you loud and clear! sm
I am feeling the EXACT same way as you. The eagerness is apparently just for show, the skill level is well below actual ability and the expectation level regarding pay is beyond reality. I know there are LOTS of good MTs out there but most of them are already employed in jobs that are fulfilling their needs. We're now looking at a lot of wannabes who don't understand what it takes to be successful in this business.
I hear you loud and clear
I've been an MT for 20 plus years and have decided, at the ripe old age of 49, to go to cosmetology school...because it is the quickest and cheapest thing I could find to do......and I'm a girlie girl and love makeup, hair, nails, etc. We will see how it turns out......I'm sure I'll be the oldest one there.
I hear ya' loud and clear, Sistah!
I know exactly what you're saying!  I'm so sick of this business and these doctors that I could scream!!!!
Say it loud!!
So true, so true.....
Laughing Out Loud. nm
Then for CRYING OUT LOUD.....
Let HIM worry about this.  How and why do you think it's YOUR problem!!   They're paying you to transcribe, not to breast feed/babysit them.  Learn to pull that monkey off your back and put it on the back where it belongs, would you??????????????????  I swear, this is the last air head post I'm ever going to read or respond to on this ridiculous board. 
No loud music at all. It is more sm

like soothing music you would get with yoga.  A lot of people like Windsor Pilates.  I personally did not care for them.  I LOVE Denise Austin's pilates DVDs.  I have a couple.  One has a 30-minute workout and then I have one that is Hit the Spot in which the work outs are only 10 minutes.  I will do one of the core or abdomen ones in the a.m. and then do a lower bod one later in the day. 

Pilates do wonders for your strength, toning, flexibility.  I have been doing them off and on for years.  If I stop doing them for a few months and come back, I can tell the different in my flexibility and strength in just about 4 work outs.  I do them about 3 times a week.

LOL=laughing out loud (nm)
Just thinking out loud...
I live within walking distance of a hospital and am occasionally curious (like when I'm having an especially bad night transcribing) regarding what kind of jobs are available there, clerical-wise, though I haven't actually checked it out. I worked in house at a now-defunct hospital for 18 years as a transcriber/lab secretary and have been at home now for 12 years transcribing for 2 national companies. I feel woefully out of it regarding what goes on in hospitals these days. I'll have to say I did better overall financially transcribing in-house but frankly will never miss the office atmosphere. Frankly just hoping to hang in there another 10 years till I can retire but realize I'm gonna have to learn some different skill sets no matter what. I do believe my working second shift has always been a smart move, looks to me like way too many people competing for lines during the day. I have almost never run out of work on second shift. Not really interested in coding, either; I do enjoy transcribing. Maybe unit clerk (?) if that job title still exists? Anyway, will have to check this out.
I almost laughed out loud at what he did.
This has happened to me many times before as well. And I am always disgusted. I think that I laughed to myself because in my mind I could hear the belch, nice and juicy, and know how typically disgusting this is of these guys. Uggg. I am sorry for you, and feel for you. But it actually lightened up my day to think that I am not alone in this job. Hope your dictators are better the rest of the day.
OMG! laughed right out loud at this one sm

brand spanking new PA student dictating for the first time this week! (hoo-boy).  I thought I heard her wrong when she said "uncontributory" (I didn't), but I about fell on the floor when she gave me.....wait for it......

"no ee-lik-it drug use"  BWAAAAAAAHHAAAAAA. 

Oh, for crying out loud, let it go. nm
it's the old thing, say it long enough, loud enough,

propaganda becomes "truth" to some who can't think for themselves.  Either that, or throw out a zillion reasons why the heinous act was done to make it "sound" good, like he is a "liberator."  OMG, too funny to even think that shrub is a liberator...shrub a liberator....too funny!

For crying out loud, it's a job. Don't take it personal.
Or a whole paragraph! Yes, I have actually cussed out loud!
We should get paid for this! It is our time and money!
loud-mouth neighbor
ooooooooooo, I would love 1 minute alone with your neighbor!!!!
lol=laughing out loud, tia= thanks in advance
Volume is fine--it was too loud though.
I have volume controls everywhere...on speakers, on keyboard itself, on GearPlayer, and of course on the Windows "master volume" control.  I wasted so much time trying to tweak each one of those only to learn (from your awesome post) that it was the friggin' speakers! 
If the problem is the loud volume you
have to keep it at to hear, there are some really good headphones out there that actually cancel outside noise so you can hear the dictator without having to keep turning it up.

Sometimes it gets like that here- last night it seemed like there were 4 different conversations going on on either side of me (and loud) and then the girl in the next cubicle's cell phone kept ringing and ringing because she wasn't there to answer it (and it was a very loud obnoxious ring). I was on total sensory overload and about ready to scream! I am thinking of getting these headphones myself- they run about 30 to 40 bucks but I guess they are worth it.
That made me laugh out loud
15 blanks! I laughed out loud. Because, I had one which I think was 20 LOL. Well, it was worthwhile...I typed a lot of discharges for people who wanted to go home to their family and hopefully those stats got out in time. There ended up really being only 1 ESL that was horrible. When I got back on later in the day, it was not so bad. Maybe the turkey brain food helped my hearing. :)
I laughed out loud for 5 minutes.
Thank you!
fer cryin out loud. Now this md says "she was placed on layoff"

When my husband ignores me, I get really loud and yell

That usually gets a smile or chuckle and a peck on the cheek out of him.
loud foul-mouthed neighbor
I could make this really long because I am so frustrated I could just strangle my neighbor.  Without going into detail it will probably sound like I am overreacting but I'll spare you all the drama.  Just know I am at my wits and am hoping for some "nice" advice on what to do about a loud mouthy neighbor.  Can someone please, please tell me the best thing to do?  I expect to hear everyday noises and don't mind those a bit--I'm used to that.  But she talks very loud and has a shrill whiny voice that I can hear through the walls.  She talks nonstop on the phone or to anyone who stops by who will listen.  All day.  And it is LOUD.  That is irritating enough but she thinks it is cute to use curse words.  She has 5 favorite ones she uses over and over and over.  I avoid going around her because it is so repulsive and I don't want my son hearing it either as she doesn't mind saying things in front of him either.  I am trying to bite my tongue because I will probably make her cry once I get started because I am so angry with her.  So the less I can say to get my point cross the better.  I really wish there was a way to handle it without speaking to her at all.  I have her email address but that doesn't seem right either.  There are lots of "details" that makes the situation much worse than it sounds but I just need some advice on how to be kind and still get my point across.  As much as I dislike her I don't want to be mean.  Help, please!  Thanks.
Oh yes, please. go get your own accounts. This is a newbie for crying out loud

I've run into a lot of people in this field who say, Just go get your own accounts, yet very few do. why?

Thank you so much for making me laugh out loud. I really needed it right now...

Does anyone listen to dictation out loud and not through headphones, I would (sm)
I would like to have some really good speakers to listen to dictation out loud.  Speakers that have really good sound  - crisp and clear.   My speakers are clear through the headphones but muffled when playing out loud 
I listen out loud in my office alone, with door
Is it wrong that I actually laughed out loud at that sentence???
YIKES...good luck!!!
Does pathology dictation always have LOUD background noise?

I went for an interview and I was given some trial dictations regarding gross specimens and the background noise was HORRIBLE.  There was more background noise than dictator's voice.  I asked about that and was told "Oh, that's the way it has always been. The lab is just noisy."  I inquired further and they admitted the doctor uses a speaker phone type arrangement and the noise of the ventilating fans, electrical equipment, etc. is what creates the overpowering background noise.  But the lab director insisted that there was no other way, as they doctor needs both hands free when cutting up the specimen.  Is that true? 


Try to think with an accent as you replay. Really helps! And to say it out loud, too! Play your
Disgusted, your last paragraph is so true! Thanks for voicing it out loud! nm
Juat about anything by Guns and Roses, Meatloaf, Queen. Like it Loud when alone! :) nm
Unbelievable! The pedagogy part made me laugh out loud.

Been there. That's why I work at home. Thanks for sharing.

Oh yeah, after 26 yrs, I have tinnitus and the T.V. blares so loud the neighbors comment about it.
I agree...tooo funny...first time I laughed out loud all day!

can we clear this up once and for all?

What does pulling number XX mean ?  I noticed now it also says "click on the reply by email link" whereas before it said "click on the blue link" which had me confused also.  There were quite a few blue words but no blue link except back to Main Board. 


Just to be clear
I have been using NCMT as my screen name on this site for quite some time. I don't know who the other NCMT is that made the post above, but it wasn't me. I personally do not care for Kikki and her negative outlook on everything.
Since it is very clear--sm
That the beloved Ms. Kikki is back and really trying to cause havoc again on this board with her rude comments to everyone, I can only suggest that we do not take her bait and give her fuel for fire.  She seems to have it is for a select few on this board and also seems to love to  attack what people eat.  Maybe if we do not acknowledge her rude comments, she will get tired of it and go away again.  Either that, or we all stop posting anything for a day or two and she will have nothing to make rude nasty comments on.  Just a thought.  If we stick together, maybe we can get her to leave.
yes there are some that don't even try to be clear

and you can get really fed up sometimes. On the other hand, there are plenty of native speaker doctors who make me mad too!  Some of the ESLs are really good. Better a good ESL doc than an American mumbler

Also, was it not clear that...
the site was resold again to someone else?  This is old news...
Well that;s clear as mud. nm

Clear something up for me, please...sm
Do you mean editing as in QA, or editing voice/speech recognition work?  I thought QA positions were paid hourly.  Someone correct me if this is wrong.  If you mean editing voice recognition work, then that pay is too low.  Actually, it is too low for QA, too, IMO. 
You are not clear at all. Look around for what?
She is looking for a macro and you're telling her "it's" a setting somewhere in options or customize. ????? Before you get your dander up again, you might try explaining exactly what she should be looking for.
What are you talking about? Be a bit more clear.
IC?  New pay?  QA?  WTF?
Do you want everybody to clear the board for you? sm
Jump in and bring up a topic. :)
I should've been more clear.
I'm saying I'm okay because I have several plans I'm working on and several people are helping me. All it took was calling my parents. My Dad gave me so much confidence and made me remember who I am or used to be. I am going in for some counseling and more planning will take place then. He sold his truck a few weeks ago, so we are down to my truck. He stated that he won't leave without a vehicle. I going to be pushing very hard for him to find one and that will give him more incentive to leave. He has come to realize that we are not a good match. I have neglected to mention that when he is calm, he is actually okay. He was stirred up lately because I contacted my daughter's family for the first time since she was born. I knew this would upset him, but I didn't care. She needed that. I realize that you are all just trying to look out for me and that is why I posted originally. It seems some of you are turning on me and that's okay too. I think I was in panic-mode when I posted the first time and the finer points of what I was saying were missed. The emotional abuse has been worse on me and my kids than the physical. They were not even here yet last time it happened. The incident two weeks ago was because I was forcing a trip to see my daughter's family. He doesn't handle the step-father part very well. I will stop posting if it will make everyone more comfortable, but I did want to acknowledge those of you that helped me clear my head. I will be going to church this weekend. He will be speaking to the minister. He will be on his own if things don't improve with counseling. I may not have all of your support, but the support of my grandparents and my parents is much more important to me. Thanks again. Sorry if I offended anyone's sensibilities. I obviously have. Bye. Jodie :)
Please Clear Up Questions
What brand keyboard do you actually have? I was looking at the Kinesis Maxim and it does not completely come apart but stays hooked at the top.
The problem is when it's not clear

whether it applies to you or not. Such as the statement: "You are leaving too many blanks." How many blanks are "too many?" In what circumstances?

I think it is just a lazy way of supervising - just send it to everyone instead of dealing with the individual culprits.

And, no, I don't consider that "communication."

Isn't it pretty clear?

You say you'll have set hours to work.  If your baby needs a didee change or a bottle during those hours, or if he/she's just cranky and needs to be picked up and loved, what are you going to do?  If you're a normal mother, you're going to stop working and take care of your child.  So that pretty much answers your question, doesn't it. 

I will never understand why some people think they can work at home with an infant.  After all, if you worked outside the home and took your infant with you and he needed attention, you'd have to stop your work and tend to him there, so the fact remains, unless one is superhuman, they cannot work and take care of a child at the same time.  Pretty clear cut!