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Let's see now...it means stick it...

Posted By: former bank manager on 2005-09-14
In Reply to: Hey former bank manager, what - my goodness

hmmm...stick it....gosh!  I haven't been in banking for a while, so I'll have to get back to you on that. 

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it's spelled right. Exo means outside and you know what phrenic means. nm
Not to stick up for the guy, but

at least he threw a "sorry" in there (unless, of course, it was a sarcastic-sounding "sorry").  Maybe he just couldn't hold it back?  Guess that's kind of another "universal language." 



Ah, yes, I do know where you can stick it...

but your head is already in the way.   

I feel very sorry for you and your pitiful outlook.  Personally, I like to find the lighter side.    It makes for a much happier life. 

But I'm an IC because I don't want to stick to SM

a schedule. So I should do what you want? I want to work when the work is there.

My regular position assigns work. I do that and when I'm finished, that's it. So there's no cherries going into this bowl. I detest cherry-picking anyway and would never do it, nor would I skip a job because it is "hard" to do.

But you guys are thinking everybody should do what you want to do so that you can be elsewhere to do whatever it is you want - drive your kids somewhere or wake them up or whatever - and not have to pay a price for it.

And if you think your MTSO isn't thrilled to have that work done in double-time, think again.

FYI, I usually STICK UP for WM. You don't know who I am.
Way to stick it to the man! sm
Yes, I have learned in order to keep up, sometimes you must "stick it to the man."  Otherwise, they will try to get away with as much as they can.  I have been at this hospital almost 7 years, and you would be amazed and some of the things they have tried to pull.  The only reason I'm still there is because it's my comfort zone and the pay is competetive, I work from home.  I am a single mom and must have the stability they offer of an hourly wage, benefits, etc.  More Power To Ya!    
Stick it out sm
I would hang onto that job as long as they are willing to let you struggle along. You will never be sorry. Where else can you pick up that kind of experience and get paid at the same time? Be sure to keep a notebook, alphabetize it and study it when you get home. You will be invaluable in the future. Most hospitals are outsourcing these days and you will be multi-talented and the future will be yours. Please take my advice and tough it out. Been there and not sorry.
Stick with it....

I agree with Gloria.  But what may surprise some (from my experience anyway) is that even though I've been doing this for 15+ years, I still have to leave blanks, in fact, a day without any blanks is a red-letter day for me.  I should add I do 95% ESL docs and it amazes me that QA is able to fill in the blanks most of the time (yes, there are some even they cannot get).   And to any new MTs starting out, most of the blanks turn out to be regular words, or are routine phrases that are slurred over.  And, until you have done a huge amount of varied transcription reports it takes a while to become familiar with the thousands of drugs, and then there are new ones  coming out. We just can't know it all.  That is why there is QA.   It does get better, so hang in there.  As Gloria says, if you care enough and are smart enough to ponder about it, you're doing fine! 

I really hope you stick with it
If you ever want to talk to someone who understands this, i've left my email.  I have many coping strategies that seem to work for me that helps me be around people more, so I don't get too isolated like I used to.  Being alone is just too depressing for me, even though I need to be for the most part.  Take care. 
Stick to your guns
They all think being a grown up is so great until they get there.  Stay strong.  If you give in and let her jump ahead then tomorrow she will become bored with this and want something even more.  They grow up soon enough. 
I'd say stick with teaching.
This is not an industry I'd recommend anyone to enter anew for so many reasons:

1. Inconsistent pay and work available.

2. No respect from employers who lie to us and treat us like second class citizens. Slavery went out in the Lincoln administration, people.

3. No respect from people whom I tell what I do for a living.

4. No future in this job. Voice recognition and outsourcing are putting it in the same category of obsolete occupations as the blacksmith.

Be glad you have a career to fall back on in case the MT one doesn't pan out, but I sure wouldn't put any money into learning how to do something that's going to cease to exist in the next decade.
tell them to stick the BOS2

down the garbage disposal.

However is in charge of this book needs to get on Tegretol, to control their bloody mood swings.

What next? You can only transcribe using the DVORAK keyboard?

We should make a stick about this
on the New MT board. My recommendations are: apply and test anyway and every single place that will let you. You will get turned away by some, but others will let you test to see how you do. Also, call/visit/mail every phys office, clinic, hospital in your area and inquire about open positions. Even just fill-in for vacations/sickness will get your foot in the door. Best of luck!
Stick around - you will find out. sm
Basically, it is a hostile reply to whatever you post. Most are insulting and in the reply is a lot of jumping to conclusions you never meant in the original post.

I am trying to do the same, tho DH is a stick (5ཇ @ 163) - sm
plus our 2-year-old lab is a bit wide in the girth herself....her name is Maggie though considering changing it to Hoover as she sucks in everything and anything (don't think she even chews). So I have about 60-70 pounds to sweat off and she has about 20 probably (80 pound female lab). Interesting idea about the meals....I am just doing protein shakes, salads and lots of chicken, DH cooks for himself and the kids (I am not a good cook, great baker though). Good idea with the dogs though (we have 2 I can take turns with), I need to get a set routine myself and do the same thing!
Definitely need to set some rules and stick to them -
I also had contractors working in my house a few years ago, so I can totally relate. The phone was also ringing off the hook. I had people knocking on the door (contractors) at all hours because they knew I was here. I finally just about had a nervous breakdown and told my husband if he did not take some of these calls or come home to meet some of these people I was quitting my job. Low and behold, he took the wheel and I got to actually sit and work. He said he did not realize how stressed I was over all this. Maybe this will work for you? Good luck. :-)
I usually stick with buying........
...mine from the tattoo shops.  However, I most recently bought one at one of those little jewelry stands in the mall and I haven't had any problems with it. 
LOL-guess I will just stick
with the laptop. That is if I can get my transcription platform loaded. Had trouble yesterday and haven't had time to try again! Thanks anyway!
Just stick it out until your contract is up - sm
then they will offer you all kinds of deals to keep you and their competitors will offer everything under the sun to win you. Use the VCR until then.
Why does it take kahoonas to stick up for
Stick to it, don't quit sm
You have to stick to your guns and keep your chin up. I think your husband does not appreciate what you are going through. No one completely understands this profession unless they have walked the walk. It's very difficult work but it is also rewarding (to me anyway). I fully understand because my family did not completely understand what I did or what I went through either, but you get better and faster with time and you hopefully will earn a decent wage with more time. I have known many who work at home, or in a hospital or office  and no one understands or appreciates them, they think they can run errands, answer phones, take kids to appointments, etc. They do not understand turnaround time, client demands, ESL's, job stress, etc., they don't think it's a "real job." Hang in if you really like this profession, you will not get accolades from many or perhaps never from anyone at all, but you will have the upper hand once you gain more experience. I used to want to have a day where all the docs were locked in a room and made to do some ESL's dictation all day. They would rip their hair out. Docs are not always the ideal spouses. My son went to grad school with a doc's wife and he kept calling her using the "F" word and telling her to "quit" and my son encouraged her to stay and get her master's degree in a health-related profession, I think she probably makes more than he does now. Don't let it get you down, please.If you plan to have a family, it will work out. I put my kids through college with my MT money. It was worth it. Just don't work for nothing, charge appropriately and don't work free for your hubby or his buddies!
you cannot stick a post anywhere;
Stick with your tapes for now
With your years of experience you should get plenty of work. Most small private practices use tapes. Once your business starts to grow and you have more operating capital, then you can invest in some digital equipment if you want.

Good luck to you and don't be afraid to go for it. I did and never looked back. Let us know how it goes!
Stick a fork in me....

In the past 15 years, I have worked for no less than 20 (yes 20!) national services.  Some are still around and some have been gobbled up by the giants, but almost all either ran out of work, shorted my paycheck, or just plain sucked (no communication, crappy supervisors, screwing with lines, or just plain dishonest).  I've worked MT and QA.  I've worked for a three hospitals in my time, one of which laid all the MTs off to save money by outsourcing, and two I had to quit my jobs because my husband was in the military and we moved around quite a bit.

In the last year, I've been laid off (from the hospital mentioned above), took a QA hourly position and was fired from that job due to downsizing (code for sending work to India), and as a VR Editor which eventually just turned into MTing.  My last two paychecks were screwed up and I had to fight for my money. 

I am now at the end of my rope in this career and I'm ready to just euthanize my dying career.  I came into this career a wide eyed innocent girl with high hopes of working at home and being my own boss.  I'm leaving a beaten down, used up, cynical woman.  It's like a bitter divorce -- my husband (industry) screwed me over so badly, I won't trust anyone again.

So I've taken an in office secretary job at a hospital and in 90 days, I can take advantage of their tuition reimbursement program and go back to school.  I should be excited, it's all wide open for me, but I all I feel is bitterness at being back at square one after all these years.

So to all you MT newbies or wannabes out there, think twice and then think some more before jumping into this career field.  It's a trap.

How dumb are YOU to stick with a co you think is cheatin' ya?!

Companies make changes period. I have no idea whether MQ cheated you or not.

If you're not making money, there's PLENTY of other places to work.

Your whining, cryin' song-and-dance routine is old stuff and doesn't draw the crowds anymore. It's a has-been show.

Don't like it? Leave!

Takes a real dumba** to stick around and take the abuse if that's what they PERCEIVE is happening to themselves.

Please help with 'finger stick shooter' sm

Upon arrival at the surgery center, the patient should have a D5W drip started, KBO, finger stick SHOOTER should be checked every hour.  A sliding Humulin R insulin scale should be utilized by anesthesiology to cover any blood sugars exceeding 250.


what is a finger stick shooter and what about the KBO?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Please don't speculate. Can we stick to facts?(sm)

Speculating gets us nowhere.  Does anyone have any facts yet?

I do not see how everyone can stick to an exact schedule.
I have been doing this for years, and in my experience MT is feast or famine.  Only in instances where incoming work is totally even every day can you work a set schedule and everybody have work all the time.  Some companies require you to work a scheduled shift, and for the life of me I do not know how they distribute the work evenly.   I have been an employee and an IC and in both instances had to work when the work was there.  I call taking the "good" work and skipping the "bad" cherry picking.  The company should never allow this.  Even if I had the ability to log in on someone else's account when I knew that was work meant for that person, and they could get it done in TAT, I think that is simply stealing lines.  However, if a person is willing or able to work outside their "schedule", and the company is okay with this, I do not see that is taking away work from someone else.  Blame whoever distributes the work, because they should have the technology in place to block your access to unauthorized accounts. 
thanks for the heads up..i'll stick with MPI
those burned oils stick to EVERYTHING.

Stick to your guns!! I went through the same thing

with my husband always trying to help out one of "best buddies."  I went through this twice, with two different useless house guests.  The second time, I told hubby to go and take his "friend" with him.  After he had a little time to think it over, he realized that home and his family were lot more appealing.  Your husband will come around, especially if his family is supporting you.  Just go on with your life and let him think it over.  One word of advice, and this is what we did, when my husband wanted to come back home, we made an agreement NO MORE HOUSE GUESTS unless it was immediate family in a dire emergency, and then there would be a time limit set when they came to stay and it would be enforced.  Be strong and Good Luck!

hate to stick up for the docs, but..
they are getting screwed on their end as well.  of course we get overlooked, we are the ones they don't see.  i used to manage a derm clinic and they had to resort to cosmetic procedures just to make ends meet.  between the the lack of insurance payments and the increased liability insurance, there is not much money to go around.  that is why most private physicians are joining hospital owned practices.  the hospital will cover their insurance fees and they get a decent paycheck.  i have seen their bottom line at the end of the year and a hard working plumber or electrician (that owns their own company) makes just as much, if not more.
You'd like to hit a nerve, I'd like to stick to facts
My comments weren't made to bicker back and forth with someone who wants to have a personal war and claim touche' afterwards. They were made of my observations of what I saw with smooth transcription flow. I have no control of your choice to twist them. You know nothing of me, only that you did not like my observations. Call it whatever you will.
You get a pin now? To stick in your eye out of disgust at the industry? :-)
You'd have to stick to oral/dental, because how much do you know about
obstetrics, hip replacements, craniotomies, heart bypass, etc. , etc., not to mention all the medications that have nothing to do with dentistry?
I draw my line and stick to it when looking
I had a set amount and would not accept less. I stayed at my current job at the time and looked and applied until I negotiated for the rate I wanted. I did not test or otherwise pursue a company without knowing pay rate and platform. I made a list of my priorities and would ask questions. I knew what my deal breakers were ahead of time and did not bat an eye at any of these places that didn't meet what I needed for the most part. In return for this, I work for a great company at the rate I wanted with awesome flexibility. They got a very dedicated Transcriptionist that will probably never leave as long as they have work for me to do.
mean it was posted before mine. You can stick
My foot pedal used to stick and I would
unscrew it on the back and blow out the dust, etc. that collects in the back. This worked for me.
Most of us are quite happy otherwise, thank you, so please stick with the MT issues...nm

stick-on rubber discs. nm
I stick with 2 spaces between sentences - it
and easier for ME to proofread, which results in a more accurate record.

BOS is just a money-making scheme for whoever wrote it. Nothing more.
I'd love to do it, but I can't draw a stick person.
Boy am I ever beat! Time to go to bed. I'll check back later. The dogs and I are just about cashed. Hubby is at work. Time to sleep and dream about the new city............
Dixie...pleeeeese stick a sock in it...
Yup, you have to say you're busy, and No, and I can't...and then stick to it, bad feelings or
Very proud of you, you stick to your guns, and when the going gets tough,
be even stronger.  Tie another knot and all of that.  You are on the way to a healthier life for you and your children.  You will survive.  
Any program will work if you stick with it and it's NOT what you're doing right now. nm
I told my daughter age 12-- hope I stick to it. nm
The stick thingy is the flash drive (sm)
The stick thing is plugged into a USB port and acts just like any other drive, or CD. You stick it in the USB port, your computer usually recognizes it's there right away. You just click and drag or copy files on to it just like it's another drive. I would hope that the teacher doesn't expect you to buy one just for this assignment, though.
Just stick it in a USB port. Use it just like a floppy disk.

So whatever state she lives in, lets stick together on this
Why dont you stick your $1.18 where the sun doesnt shine lady.