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Light-colored makeup or glitter is such small potatoes compared to what's coming. I agree with ch

Posted By: sing your battles. Momof2 nm on 2005-09-28
In Reply to: Eleven-year-old girls... - SM


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I think it's Rock-n-Roll by Gary Glitter.
I heartily agree with the other poster. You have the shock of your life coming SM

anyway, why involve children in it?

Honestly, good luck to you. But you can't take care of your kids and be a good transcriptionist, let alone make any money, not at first.

Go with Light or Extra Light Ash Blonde as
Agree with Small Claims Court.
Any colored sputum makes me gag
I also had to put post-its over pictures of worms in my medical dictionary.
Well, of course there are other companies doing the same. Take off the rose colored glasses and
Office Max has 25 colored copies free until 6/9. (nm)


Only during the summer. Wild colored toe socks in winter.
Love it! I usually order it from QVC. It lasts forever because you only use a little. It's also good for your skin.
Try using a more natural makeup

I hear mineral-based makeup is the best for your skin as it contains no harsh chemicals or ingredients. its also supposed to be great for sensitive skin and/or acne-proned skin.

I used Mineralles by Shaklee & i love it!! It doesnt even compare to my old makeup (I used Lancome before)

Its more expensive than drug-store brands but less expensive (or the same) to the department store brands.

Permanent makeup
I don't know about the schools, but two of my coworkers and one physician had it done a few years ago...looks great, eyeliner and lips! Never have to apply eyeliner again, what a luxury!
OK, I don't even know what "mineral" makeup
For all makeup wearers -
www.safecosmetics.org This is fairly new to me; perhaps some of you are already aware of its existence, but I think it is important to pass it on and be aware of what we are putting into our bodies via our skin. Yowza!.....some pretty toxic stuff.
permanent makeup career
I was  told that you could make tons of money with this.  I have been searching for a schools for a career change, and one is esthetician.  That is too expensive for me right now, I do not want to go further in debt, but the permanent makeup section is offered alone, and is less than half the cost.  She swears by it, if course she was trying  to get me to go to that school, just wondered if you have any opinions.  Thanks.
Does anyone use mineral makeup and if so, any opinions on the best brand? nm
I pray that Mrs. Twitty gets off the TV, washes the makeup off and goes out looking for her daughter
instead of playing private detective and second-guessing the people who are actually doing something. She is a nut case. Maybe Natalee is missing on purpose based on what I have seen of her mother, the DIVA. Mrs. Twitty, you are acting nit-witty and I pray you go about the business of grieving for your daughter instead of the roles you have chosen to play for the past few weeks as judge and jury of how a country should run an investigation into your daughter's disappearance.
My mom has used MetroGel and also loves Bare Minerals makeup-nm
At my age, it's now ol' lady makeup: Estee Lauder age-something stuff. nm
This is a good one compared to what I get
I get all the ESLs who can't speak English and the words are just garbage words strung together and they make absolutely no sense at all. Words appear that are not even spoken and when they are, they are not there. I would rather just delete the whole thing and type it myself. However, they have a limit on how many times a month you can do this and if you go over, you are in trouble. I think this is just a way to get our pay even lower than it was so that we match up with the Indians. I could type the whole report in less than half the time and do it correctly instead of dealing with this garbage that takes me twice as long-- for less than half the pay, of course.
I also am not a "computer whiz" and all these commands with "control shift this and control shift that" and jumping all over the keyboard drives me crazy. I would rather just type the whole report myself. I am very fast and could do it much quicker on my own.

I really used to enjoy transcription but it has turned into a dead profession and I don't see it getting any better any time soon.
I use the Simply Sheer. Love it. Great coverage and feels like no makeup at all. nm

Fantasia was fabulous compared to others...nm
Wow, I'm getting a huge break compared to others...sm
Through Cincinnati Bell, I have to have their broadband, which is also the ISP.  As part of the bundle, I get Complete Connections which includes call waiting, caller ID, call block, etc.  This whole package comes to around $44 and gives you 200 minutes of long distance.  I recently asked to have unlimited added to my phone line, but it automatically goes on both lines.  The additional charge for unlimited is $10.  So I basically pay $10 for unlimited! 
Used to, but compared electric bills
I used to never turn my computer off. Then my grandchildren visited me for 3 wks. Because I did not want them playing on my computer (they had their own laptop), I kept mine off when I was not working. When the electric bill came it, it was almost $60 less, so from that point on, I began turning it off between the hours of 5 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. plus my days off (and I get more done around the house as well) -- continued with the same savings. Figured I can buy a new tower for $720 a year in savings.
compared to what most places offer
This is very good. I would just clarify that time isn't rounded down to the nearest minute on each dictation. This is a good rate even if ESL as long as it is not one of those impossible-to-hear people. :)
I have a life and compared to my years in this
you are a newbie. First of all, people are not making the same money you made 20 years ago- most are making LESS. I have almost 40 years doing this type of work so no one can tell me about what they used to make. If you feel slighted, unloved, uncared for, as you say working your tail off, depressed, stressed, why in the world do you continue in such a dead-end job? A single mom to me means nothing more than 1 person working. If they need to make more money to live, maybe they should get another job as I did years ago when I was a divorced mother.
small mentality usually means small pocketbook
Still make more than you and I but that is deserved. They've put the effort forward and educated themselves.

Very nice features, compared and love it.
I lost money doing VR compared to straight
Before VR my line count was about 375 to 400 lph.  After VR, my lines were about 400 to 450 lph.  The lines produced went up slightly, but the rate in pay was decreased by 40% and the platform was so bad it took me longer to produce the 400 to 450 lines than it did straight typing.  Total loss of income was about 38% to 40% working 8 hours a day instead of 7 to 7-1/2.
That is great! My best so far is about 1600 but I am a snail compared to most - nm
WE ARE RICH compared to REAL third world nations
like those hit in the tsunami.  Do you live with three generations in a dirt floor hut?  Are you a farmer, fisherman, or hard laborer?  Do our people have malnutrition and low fetal birth weights?  Do you worry about where your next meal is coming from?  No, we're the fattest nation in the world.  We have a lot to be grateful for but people still want more.  You can sit there behind your computer screen in your heated house while drinking lemonade and tell us all how poor you are, but I don't believe it for a minute.  Your life could be a lot worse.
It'll be tough with so many new drugs, etc. out there. Figure out what you used to do compared to
Yes. It's expensive compared to a single visit for electrolysis but
I have found it very effective. For me it is more painful than electrolysis, but the visits are over much more quickly (takes me about 5 minutes for upper lip, chin, and cheeks). Because hair must be within the growth stage to work, it takes at least 3 visits to finish, spaced about 6 weeks apart, and you can't tweeze, depilate, or bleach while you are having it done. That includes for a few weeks before you start, or the first visit will be a waste. You can shave, which sounds odd to most people, but works just fine during the process. (You will be shaved before the treatments anyway, because the hair melts onto the skin otherwise.) No matter what the ads say, it does still work best on darker hair and light skin, because the melanin affects how the laser works. Another thing you won't hear about before hand is when used over areas of dental work there is an additional zing of discomfort. I put my tongue over the teeth in those areas, which helps some. My technician stopped providing anesthetic cream because of possible allergic reactions, but you can order it over the counter at a drug store or online. I have just toughed it out each time. My face is red for a few hours after treatment, but no burning. There will be a few strays, which they will handle as needed at a lower rate after the agreed upon series of treatments.
Celine, although excellent, will always be a pretender to the throne compared to Ms Streisand. :) nm
Ummm 10.00 per month compared to earning 800.00. No not free, but might as well be. BUT look aroun
server software IS free BTW: I find my solution EXTREMELY simple!!
The line rate sounds pretty good compared to other places - by "punch the clock", you mean
it really is not a flexible schedule, even for an IC? That's what I need the most.
Recipe for new potatoes
Making a lemon garlic chicken dish for my neice and need something intesting to do with new potatoes to go with it, any suggestions?
Potatoes might help...Then remove them.
Good luck.
Compared the price offered by Cobra with a local BC or Regence Blue Shield plan. Chances are..
If you have a lot of medical issues your preminum wont be pretty but if it's temporary go with an extremely high deductible if you can. I have one that is $7500 deductible but has a $25 office visit copay and prescription coverage so it helps me since I just go to the doctor. Now, if you needed surgery or something that would be different.
Scalloped potatoes do not have cheese
in them so if you want cheese, look for au gratin potatoe recipe. 
Roast with potatoes and carrots,
Love my crock pot!
So far all I have is some fresh green beans and potatoes....nm

We bake ours and roll them in instant potatoes instead
of bread crumbs. 
78 and hot beef on mash potatoes and braed.
Does anyone have a good recipe for scalloped potatoes?

I googled it and got a few, but I know the best cooks are on this board.  Any recipes that are easy?  I've never made them from scratch before.



DH is BBQing chicken, potatoes, and zucchini.

Just peel and slice the potatoes thin and
then deep fry them. Really simple. Season after with salt or Lawry's season salt. Yum!
Roast, potatoes, and carrots in the crock pot...yum!
why Bud Light?
are you kidding?
Ott light.

Same exact thing except baked potatoes. NMsg
fried chicken, mashed potatoes and asparagus
(canned asparagus - lazy)