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MT pay

Posted By: wiser now on 2006-03-02
In Reply to: low pay - chelle

This is exactly why I do everything I can to make sure than any young person even considering entering this field get the full scoop from us old fok before they take the dive.  And what a dive it is -- a crying shame.  The short answer is that you will never make what you are worth.  If you are optimistic and dedicated and have the innocence of the young in your heart, believing that with hard work you will eventually be paid what you are worth and get respect to boot, then you are setting yourself up to learn one of life's hardest lessons.  No, we old MTs perfected our "craft" (as they say in Hollywood) and I'll be a straw poll would say that 80% or more of us are sorry we chose this path.  Paid the bills?  Yes.  Earned what we were worth, considering the thousands upon thousands of words that we have looked up over the years and the unintelligible garbage that we had to hear for years?  Not by a long shot. 

It was a lot of work for not a lot of pay and even less respect.  That is what you have to look forward to.  And with technology being what it is?  Get out while you can, nice person.  Get out while you can. (Sigh)

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