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woops, meant "nm" not "sm"

Posted By: Marie on 2006-03-02
In Reply to: Hospitals in my area pay MTs $7.50 - $8.50/hr. It's a shame. ..sm - Marie


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above was "nm" not "sm" -- just woke up. - NM
Woops, meant WW "fan", sorry about that....nm
sorry, meant "sm"
Woops, meant to say the jeans and t-shirt are fine for CHURCH...
Why - when it says "nm" pls sm
do those "nm" messages get hits? I am amazed at how many open them only to find there is nothing :)
Woops. I am so sorry for jumping the gun like that. Didn't know. Sorry! :(
In response to "sm"....nope.

I now work for an incredibly awesome small MTSO right here in Bangor and am a much MUCH happier camper. 

My 75 pound husky likes to "sm"
come and take her ball and toss it on my keyboard! When I have enough and tell her to quit, she will lay it very sweetly beside my keyboard! She knows exactly what she is doing!
I hope "sm" got my apology about the nickel.
Sorry, 'MT way too long,' my post was not meant for you, it was meant for Wow! Sorry!!...nm
Not what I meant . .
If the person doesn't get the item for some reason, I have always refunded. I think people who are scamming are people who take it and run. I have always refunded.
I think you meant
some positive things. I agree with you, but sometimes people just need to vent and this is a good place to do it.

Have a great Friday everyone.
I meant put not up .
No, that is what I meant. thanks
Oh okay, thanks. You meant the *best* was over.
Not you, MQ4 This was meant for
I posted it in the wrong place. 
Meant to say nm not sm
Maybe you meant this to be to me..
She never said she was going to Florida. I am not the OP but told her to have fun and that we would be going minus kids to Florida this weekend. If so, to answer your question, we are not going on a vacation. We are going because my husband's company wants us to relocate. They are paying for the air fare/hotel/rent-a-car, etc. We have several BUSINESS meetings to go to where kids would not be appropriate. My kids are young and could not sit still for a real long time where we would be able to sufficiently discuss BUSINESS. Thanks for asking though
thanks, but not what i meant...
Thanks for the response, but i was not referring to Meditec software - i was referring to the training program. Thanks anyway!
He probably meant to say... sm
"No significant ventricular dilatation". Yeah, let voice recognition pick up that goof!
I meant to say
less money...$15.00 less every day

Yes, that is exactly what I meant. (nm)

Sorry, meant to put this on
I meant *Few* - not Dew! LOL
we know what he meant.......nm

that's not what he meant...
I think she meant this one...
Duh, I meant not new..!
Sorry, meant sm, not nm for the above.
mea culpa!
All I meant
It's sad but true--bad things can happen anywhere and anytime. But Minnie, as a mother, don't you agree that a child is generally safer at home with his parent/s. The best daycare in the world can't love or protect a child as a parent would. A child at home with his mom, generally speaking, is safe from such an incident. That's all I meant.
I don't think she meant it like that...
I've had to actually put boil in my ShortHand (boyle)because I could also never remember how to spell it correctly. I really think she was just trying to help you stay out of QA harm's way:-) We're here to help each other.
Sorry, this was meant for OP n/m
I meant CNA,
not CAN. Typo, oh my!
Yes! This is what I meant!
The system is not smooth at all. You cannot always control the cursor ... It puts sentences at the bottom of the page that are supposed to be in the middle of the page...and there is a LOT of editing...and this was supposed to make me faster! HA!
meant to put a
little face in there but just have to use your imaginations!
This is what I think she really meant...sm
I work for a mid-size company. We have hired MTs from no experience to OMG experience. Some have worked, some have not (don't care about the experience). However, we have hired some MTs that had worked strictly for hospitals and this was their first at-home job. Needless to say again, some worked, some did not. The big problem that I have personally dealt with when dealing with an MT that has only worked IN a hospital is that they do not have the concept of being paid per line (not having worked that way previously), they do not have charts to review so they can figure things out and the biggest thing is that SOME (not all) hospitals do not care as long as the doctors are not complaining about the work. SOME (not all) of these MTs go to work for services where there is actual real QA and their work is just not up to par. I am not talking about BOS rules either. I am talking general standard of medical transcription and putting out a 98% or above correct in dictation report.
Meant to say
I have been working as an independent contractor instead of for. Am trying to get ready to drop of some medical records and cheer up Ms. Very Unhappy at the same time!!! Multitasking!
Put under yours, not meant for you
Meant for the one who is blowing her own horn.
LOL--meant sometimes they GO in there:-)

I meant THINK of this.
Any feedback on the idea is appreciated. Thank you.
Did not mean Sue, i meant OP. sorry..nm
Meant to say, look for another IC job
while keeping that one to supplement your income. As an IC, you decide how much you are going to work, so if getting quite a bit on one, then don't work the other.
meant to add
pardon the mess . . . I'll admit that is part of what took so long, but I just decided to heck with it! LOL!!
I think kt meant
on a line. If have 650 characters in a document, that is equal to 10 lines (650 divided by 65 = 10 lines), then multiply that by whatever your cpl rate. If 0.10 cpl then that would be 10 lines x 0.10 cpl, which would equal $1.00. If 6500 characters, then that would be 100 lines x 0.10 cpl, which would equal $10.00.
Sorry . . . meant (sm) above
what I meant was -- sm
she should probably have upgraded to 2003 long before now. I realize that some companies platforms are not compatible with all software, but 2003 has been compatible with most companies for many years now. I also know that 2007 is not compatible with all companies platforms. just saying 2000 is pretty old already and may be should have gotten 2003 before now. It won't be long before most companies are 2007 compatible and 2003 will be kicked to the curb, as well. Just my thoughts and opinions.
Sorry, I meant to say hit Control-Alt-UP
I meant IF.. MQ has own board here.. others will want too
okay, but I meant, what if you use it personally?
...you know, on your own, without telling your employer.  That is what my friend meant, too.  Say I am transcribing for a company, and on my own I use the speech recognition and set it up to type my reports for me. 

That is how I thought some people were getting these huge, incredible line counts.  Not so with this poster, she already told me she is not using it, but I do know there are some who do. 

Where I used to work, they were always praising these mass producers, too, in newsletters and E-mails, letting everyone the phenomenonal line counts, and I would think, hey, I can not even get work, was always running out, doing 4, 5, 6 accounts and struggling through the specs and accents continually...

That is why I brought it up, I wondered if perhaps some MTs were going that route to get ahead...

Thanks for your post - I am GLAD to hear you think it is more troublesome than anything...(except good for lowering our pay, huh?)
I meant the other way around! GEEZ

I meant to start with
This was meant to start with at a new company.  I have never been an editor before, either.  I have a friend who has been an editor for many years (nearly 15 with 23+ years as an MT) who makes some $30 an hour as an average.  Do you know anything about this company, Soft Script?  I need all the information I can get. I know they need editors, and you don't have to have experience apparently because I didn't.