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Posted By: chelle on 2006-03-02
In Reply to: Hospitals in my area pay MTs $7.50 - $8.50/hr. It's a shame. ..sm - Marie

Yes my secondary job is working for a radiologist I have known for years. He pays me 14 an hour for transcription and coding. I thought that was low for the area he works in but I am beginning to think not. He is wanting to throw more work my way and I may just take it considering the wages that are posted lately.

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so right! It is so pitiful what excuses
are being made for this so-called "leader."  Don't understand what it is about the stupidest, murderous, lack of vision president we have ever had that gets such "rave reviews" from people.  I see nothing in this administration that will get us out of this mess he made, no leadership, no statesmenship, no understanding of other peoples in the world, a complete lack of foresight! 
You're Pitiful!!

  What child would want someone as bitter and hateful as YOU for a mother???  You need to see a psychiatrist STAT!! 

I for one raised my two sons by myself after their father left me when I was pregnant with the youngest. Sure, it turned out that I had married a loser, but I sure didn't ask for anyone's pity.

Just how does your husband put up with you.....or is he just as hateful as YOU are??  I just don't understand your attitude. You seem to get your rocks off by hurting and attacking other people. Why don't you just leave this board and go bother somebody else? 

As for the OP, it sounds like you got a major raw deal. I think the recruiter made a major mistake by interviewing and making an offer to you before you had completed the second half of the testing. I hope you can rescind your resignation unless you absolutely hate your current job. Good luck!!! 

Example of pitiful plight
I) Here is a perfect example of what I am talking about: For the billing period of 10/16 to 10/30, payable net 30 days on 11/30, with a contract that says payments go to ICs on 5th and 20th, my check did not arrive until 12/22, which would be 18 days late from the expected date of 12/5. Now, the only saving grace was that since they said it would be mailed on Monday 12/19, that did not happen, so they offered to make a direct deposit (which was helpful). And the check due 12/20 (for billing period of 11/1 to 11/15) is not here either. That might take another 2-3 weeks, for all I know.

II) How can they do this to people during the holidays? I would think that if I am upset, then the other ICs must be also. There might be a mass exodus of steaming ICs out there.

III) One of your posts made mention the MTSO should have a sufficient line of credit to cover their ICs. I suspect that they DID, as in USED TO, but may not anymore, which makes me wonder what happened on that score. Used it too many times? Took too long to pay it back?

IV) And I suspect the line rate may be somewhat substandard at 8 cents per line, (65) for acute care basic four. From what I have been reading, the range of 9-11 cpl seems more the norm lately. I realize that the hospitals, clinics and doctor's offices probably do not pay as well as they used to, and many MTSOs are outbid by a lower price (and gasp, offshoring). Is that your information as well?

Who could pay their bills with this kind of payment history. Every check has been late since I started with them in April. I have many years of experience. I had planned to buy a house. How can I do that with this type of situation going on?
It may be pitiful but consider how much experienced MTs are
making. Not much more. 8 to 9 cents per line, maybe 10 if you agree to transcribe heavy ESL. Yeah, it's sickening, but then service owners have to edit newbies reports and still show a profit margin without losing their shirt. It's a quandry.
Such negativity....how pitiful. Too bad you can't...
be happy for someone once in a while. Well, misery loves company, guess that's why you all stick together. It is a 'tude honey...a GOOD one...not one that wallows in self-pity. If a job doesn't fill your monetary needs get a different one, find a differnt line of work. No one said this life was easy or fair...you go around once, why be so miserable? Yeah, I have a great DH who provides for me, something wrong with that? Kind of feel sorry for you!
Not pitiful..... more important things in life

I have an A.A. in Liberal Arts, a B.A. in Health and Physical Education and a M.S. in Exercise Science.  After my son was born I hated the thought of leaving him and letting someone else raise him.   Could not bear the thought of someone else telling me that he said his first words or took his first step.  I left my job at a local high school as a certified athletic trainer and started doing MT.  Fortunately, I am not the primary breadwinner in the family but this was the best decision I EVER made.  Get to make $$ but more importantly I can raise my kids. 


Pitiful actually but I only work part-time..sm
I work part time for the same place and same account I started as a newbie 1-1/2 years ago. I cannot find a job with more work because I either don't have 2 years exp or I don't have acute care exp. I have sent numerous resumes. So far now I am destined to make very little income while gaining the exp I need for a better job. Thank God my husband has a good job.

1. Approximately $600.

2. This is just one job only part time sometimes as little as 11 hours a week. On a good week 20 hours. Haven't seen 20 hours in a while.

3. Rate is .075 cpl.

4. About $2500 for food and bills and gas.

5. I would be $1,900 short of enough to make it if it wasn't for husband. :( All I can do is keep trying and maybe in 6 more months when I have the 2 year exp. someone will actually hire me. Believe me I have applied at SO many places.
yes, pay by production reminds me of slave labor on an assembly line, with pitiful

payback. Apparently, these nationals get away with this because we're willing to sell ourselves so cheaply  to work at home.  It's like having a constant monkey on your back to make production, with so many variables thrown in each day that it's just nothing but stress. And, what if you are having a bad day, not feeling up to snuff? NO CAN DO, or your paycheck reflects it. I mean, everyone has off/slow days now and then, but we're expected to work in constant high gear for fear of the loss in income. I live in a rural area, with in-house MT jobs scarce, which is why I'm doing this, but if there WERE an opening in a hospital, I'd run for it.