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Hospitals in my area pay MTs $7.50 - $8.50/hr. It's a shame. ..sm

Posted By: Marie on 2006-03-02
In Reply to: low pay - chelle


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Are you in an area where there are numerous hospitals??

If so, maybe some of them have their own departments and you can get hired inhouse.  That's what I finally had to do in order to get the pay and respect and steady work that I needed.  I'm working less than full-time and making 30,000+.  You may have to work in house and follow a set schedule, but at least you'll have a decent job. 

I'm interested in working in the Marietta area, maybe for one of the Wellstar Hospitals. nm
Need help on wording to Google area hospitals that hire MTs at home
Everything I put in gives me sites like MTDaily, etc., that have stuff about work-at-home programs and work-at-home information.  I would like to find out which hospitals here in my area hire MTs to work at home so that I can apply as I have just found out that my company is about to sink.  Any advice appreciated.  Thanks.
Yeah, but hospitals are already largely using VR in hospitals. (nm)
PA - Pittsburgh area is one locale, Philadelphia area also.
TriState area - PA, NJ, DE.
It's a shame that.....sm

these folks manage to get out of jail by promising to behave and their lawyers fight to get them out on "good behavior."  Statistics show that 95% of them are never cured of their disease, even with intensive counseling/psychotherapy and yet we let them back onto the streets to hurt another person. 

I know someone in Georgia who is serving a life sentence over a sex crime and each time they come up for parole the parole board gets a lot of letters reminding them why they shouldn't ever let this person back on the streets - because if they do they will commit another sex crime against a child or another adult.  So far they keep denying parole but of course the fears are that eventually they'll give in and let this monster back on the streets. 

As far as I'm concerned these folks should be locked up for life, period. 

What a shame... nm

I agree with your last statement.  When MT switched to a production pay scale, everyone's attitudes went into the toilet - ours and the management.  Speaking for myself, I resent being paid by the line, especially now that the majority of the dictation being done is by people who do not have a command of the English language.  I include those whose primary language is English.  I do not know how these people got out of high school much less through college, medical school and a residency program with such poor communication skills.  The issue of the ESLs has been beat to death and we have only our government to thank for that situation.

However, I have been in MT for almost 30 years, in every aspect of it, have worked with doctors and nurses in all settings.  What we do does NOT impact patient care.  No nurse, doctor, respiratory therapist, or any other health care professional, is going to take orders from a transcribed report.  They may read that report to gain some information, but they will take orders from written physicians' orders or phone orders. 

Transcribed reports are there for CYA for the physicians and the hospitals.  Most of the time, what we type are works of fiction anyway - particularly in the OPs where they all say all they did everything perfectly, then the next day the patient comes back for a second procedure because they left in a sponge, put the tube in the wrong place, etc.  

I think we all would be happier, more productive and more secure if we were paid by the hour with incentive bonuses based on QA and/or production.   However, those days seem to be long gone and will not be coming back in this greedy, money-grubbing world that American Health Care has become.

Just my opinion. 


Its a shame
To see what goes on with our animals.  I volunteer at a shelter, so I feel i'm giving back "somewhat" but its still not enough in my opinion.  Sometimes I watch animal planet and happen to catch an episode of animal precinct, and OH my gosh, the way these animals are treated will give you a stomach ache, leaving them tied up so tight that the chain gets lodged in their skin, you can count each rib.  One dog the chain went all the way to his spinal cord, major infection.  He lived, but he did not trust people anymore so they had to put him down.  I have cried so many times but sit through it hoping there will be a happy ending, which there usually is.  I always call my dog in to hug him after watching.  I can't believe how people can not feel for these little innocent creatures. 
Shame on you!
How DARE you assume that all of these unfortunate people are on welfare?  (And if they are SO WHAT???)  I guess it really is too cold where you live (and I'm not talking about the weather!).  You should be ashamed for making a statement like that in the midst of all this human suffering. 
No, shame on you for....
insulting an entire segment of society who for whatever bigoted reason in your mind believes that these people can do no better for themselves than to live off the govt.  If they stop having babies at 14, dropping out of school, and working hard to become something (like many poor people have done in spite of much adversity in their lives), they wouldn't be living the meager existence that they do.  The vicious cycle begins at birth with they are born to a young teenage mother and have no father and no money.  Until that stops, poverty will remain in spite of a zillion dollars pumped into social programs.  Just listen to what Bill Cosby has been saying lately.  He speaks the truth.
What a shame
I am NOT homeschooling to keep my children away from other children. Rather, it is because of the lack of fundamental education the public school systems. Currently, teachers are not teaching subject material, rather, the current focus is on test-taking. I am homeschooling for the first few years, at least, to ensure that my children get a solid reading and spelling base, as well as math. Perfect examples ... I have a nephew in 2nd grade, struggling with reading, and getting 3 hours of homework per night - so there is no time to even practice reading after doing all of that. This is SO unnecessary, to me.

However, more importantly, please do not criticize this choice in education. I respect everyone's choice to select what is best for their family, their home, family and economic situations. So, please, could we all just support the poor children in this country trying to REMAIN children in this crazy mixed up world of ours? None of them are perfect, homeschooled, public schooled or private schooled, but they are the future of this country and they deserve our attention, which unfortunately, many of them do not get on a regular basis.
Oh, what a shame. LOL. You know,
there was probably an MT in India who could have used that piece of junk if you would have donated it! ROFL!!! Just kidding.
It's a shame
There's a disturbing trend in news lately to report company adverts, word for word, as news. PR companies send out releases, sometimes with accompanying video, and the news reports it, word for word, as if they've investigated it thoroughly and are presenting their viewers an unbiased report. It's unethical in my opinion, and this piece sounds just like that. At least in magazines, they have to include a disclaimer saying "This is an advertisement."
No - shame on you!!
What is really a shame is
no one will stand up for the MTs and let the dictators know things just are not acceptable, not only the ESLs but what about all the background noise? It makes no sense for us to strain to get a report correct when all you hear is either things dropping in the background or being close to a nursing station with all the laughter and talking. No one stands up for us. No one talks with the dictators and asks them to clean up their conversation so we can understand. It is really a shame but has always been like this, no one stands up against these dictators and tells them this or that, too afraid the hospitals, clinics, etc. would lose money/clients/patients.
It is a shame

This is the first time I have posted.  It is mainly because so many people are just so rude to others.  The whole site is just full of people being rude to one another.  Time after time, all I see is rude comments to one another.  Why is everyone so happy.  We choose what we do.  We can choose to be happy or just choose to be an angry person.  This site is worthless in my opinion.  If anyone tries to find help or support, they get torn down by rude comments.  It is a shame.. and I am a full blooded american before someone accuses me of being an Indian..

Have a great day and smile for a change...

But what a shame that the right to discipline has more or less
I was actually investigated by child protection because a teacher reported me for washing my 11 year old daughter's mouth out with soap because she called me a f'ing b****.  All I did was put a spot of dishsoap on her tongue and told her that if she used those words in our house again or if I heard of her using those words again she would get the same.  Those words are not spoken in my home, but they're heard daily by the kids walking by my house on their way to and from school.  The only thing she learned from the whole lesson is that I have no authority and now she can threaten ME.
It is a horrible shame
because I have loved my job at the hospital and I still do love my work there, but MQ has put us in a position where we really have little choice, but to take a tremendous cut in pay or leave and if we leave, our options are limited.... no benefits (IC) or less money with fewer benefits.
Oh what a shame they aren't.
God Bless Everyone!
That's a shame, feel bad for you.
That's a shame. We get a 10% bonus for CMT.

We're paid hourly with no production bonus (minimum expectations, but no bonus for going over), but with CMT, the hourly rate and benefits are superb. So yeah, it *can* make a huge difference.

For shame! Why not try to be helpful?
Those colonoscopies are also templated I am sure. SHAME ON YOU.
No work so far this a.m. and I am glad (shame on me). sm

Had a lot of family over and grandkids yesterday and an old cocker spaniel that sheds like crazy.  My living room carpet is green and looks like it has angel hair spread lightly all over it.  Me thinks I could stand to do some housework. 

I am sure there will be work later, but in the meantime I can play around here and then hit the floors at least.

Have a good day.

Buy him some diapers, doubt it would shame
him into trying to stop drinking, but it might.  I guess your DD is learning my example.   So sad.   Alcoholism runs in my family, though neither of my parents were, and I just don't have any sympathy at all for alcoholics. 
Uh-oh ... hanging my head in shame now. :( nm

It's a shame that you have no tech support
when you need it.  Situations like this take away from your line count because it takes time to explore and find out the problem. 
It is a shame, but I totally agree. nm
It is a shame that it takes such a skilled..sm
person to be a MT yet the jobs are just pitiful. The companies can't provide enough work. The pay is pitiful. Why isn't this profession looked at with more prestige? I mean it is sad when you have been an MT for years and can't make a living doing this even with 2 jobs.
Its a darn shame, Travolta was a beautiful man.
After the age of 40?  Men are supposed to have less fat cells anyways, so he is basically just sitting around eating doughnuts to death.  With all that money, get a personal trainer and a nutritionist!
can't love overweight wife?! shame on you! nm
Shame on you! 2 wrongs dont make a right.
hook into your electricity without paying you just because she could.  Creative utilities?  Cheatiing the government is cheating me, you and every other citizen. If it is okay for her to cheat. let her confine it to sticking her hand in YOUR pocket, she can keep it out of mine.  What your g'mom think of you condoning this behavior?  Do you teach your kids to cheat on tests? 
shame on those greedy union workers sm
They just HAVE to eat every day now, don't they. Why the nerve of them...to think they want health care benefits and retirement pensions.

n the meantime,the poor CEOs and board members are going broke with no $$$ left to fuel their private jets so they can go beg for a tax payer bale out.
blame the victims as usual shame on you

Profession has turned into a prodution line and its the MTs themselves that are turning it into that, not the MTSOs.
What a shame. All that time and effort for HIPAA regs, but not for this. (nm)
That's a Shame, Becka, I hope you can eventually collect your pay! (EOM)
I think an extra 1,000 lines is pretty nice - shame on her for not appreciating it! nm

Asking you to spell a word correctly after 10 years is being nitpicky? Shame on them..
N O T ! !
That's dowright shame! Bless you Heart! I hope there is a change soon, this is getting ridiculous
Most hospitals have ......

contracted their work out to the national service, a practice I hope comes full circle eventually and hospitals reopen their own departments in the name of confidentiality and quality control.  I only know of 2 hospitals out of about 8 in my area that have their own department (I work for one of them).  It is by far the best MT job there is, or that I have ever had.  I am at home, but a regular employee.  The hospital is only 20 min from my house (we have to live local).  I have worked for the big nationals and saw nothing but a decline in pay.  Now I get regular raises, good hourly pay, production incentive pay, benefits, and vacation time.  I wish more MTs could find my situation.  I have hopes for the future once the industry figures out that they are cutting off their nose in spite of their face.

Do All Hospitals
In Tennessee pay that well? I have been considering moving to Tennessee to try to get away from the hurricanes.
VA Hospitals

I did the VA Hospital dictation here in Portland and it was all contracted out to companies, no employees.   But you might contact your local VA Hospital but if it is as an employee 95% chance you will have to go into work and not do it at home, if it is at home it will be as an IC and no benefits.    Just what I know about it.  If you think your ESL's are bad at a regular hospital, this is worse as there is a lot of ESL's there on their rotation and they could care less how they dictate as they are only there for 6 to 8 weeks.   Changes that often.   


The hospitals are not going to get
dial into.  They'd be better off hiring MTs and paying benefits than doing that.  And if you dial directly into the hospital, instead of into the MTSO's dictation system, then the MTSO has no say in 800 lines.  The truth is, hospitals usually do not want to just turn all of their dictation over to a service and they certainly aren't going to pay for long distance incoming calls in addition to what they pay the service.
just sometimes it is the hospitals...
they are actually told to hold back dictation at times, due to costs. sometimes the hospitals sneak around and try other services, or voice recognition.

in the future, there will not even be any voice dictation...just templates where information is added, like data entry...
Not that many hospitals.......
still have their own dept.  That's how Medquist and Spheris and all those huge nationals exist... They have whole hospital accounts.  Out of the 3 large hospitals in my vicinity, only 1 still has their own department.  I trolled their website for months before I found an opening, but I eventually got in.  Some  hospitals don't have their MTs at home, mine does.  It all depends.  Most hospitals have a website, so fine the one you're interested in and check out their job opportunities, and then check it almost every day and if they do have a dept, they'll eventually have an opening.
Well - believe it. Hospitals pay that. I can tell you
at least hospitals in the Philadelphia area pay up to 24 cpl. MQ charges 23 cpl. I have one small department of a hospital at 17 cpl. It is out there - pull your head out of the sand and go looking.
I wonder if hospitals know
There are American transcription companies opening up here in the US that actually work for companies in India?  I had a job offer from an American company and they let it slip that they were actually getting paid by Focus Infomatics.   I thought about this and what an idea!  You open up a company in the states, the facilities think they are getting American work, then you actually have the work done overseas.....hmmmmm

do hospitals now go by minutes instead of lines in regards to productivity?  if so, what is the usual they are asking for an 8 hour day? 


All hospitals are different. Concerning
your "past," if it has been exspunged from your record, then basically it never happened. This happened to my BFs son and his attorney told him that since his record was exspunged, nothing ever took place, so he does not have to mention it on any job application. You might want to call your local court house or your attorney on that particular question.

I would say go ahead and apply. Good luck.
All hospitals are different. when I sm
first started, ERs did their own stuff too. But as the years went on, ER combined with the MR departments and was considered part of acute care. It is not as detailed but you get some of the same language in an abbreviated from by doing ERs, even some OP reports. I don't like ERs either though simply because the docs are usually in a hurry and they are motor mouths. I do think though that MTs now should consider ERs as part of acute care especially if they don't like ERs.

Some MT companies do split them up though and hire folks for just ERs.