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Maybe it's a new, CHEAP way to lower their

Posted By: overhead costs: Have applicants do the work! on 2007-12-06
In Reply to: Anyone else to lazy to take tests..LOL. I applied for a job - LazyMT

Could happen..........

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Does your program change lower case to upper? If so, type all in lower and
it will change the ones it is supposed to.
I wouldn't lower my rates. Should I request a lower CPL from my employer
because I use a ton of normals, templates and such to increase my line count?
Upper case is lower, lower case is upper. Using InstaText. Anyone know how to fix this?

Aargh.  It happened all day yesterday.  When I brought in text that was all caps


and had lower case on keyboard (as always do), it reverses keyboard commands.  This is driving me c-r-a-z-y.

No, you are not being cheap.
I spend what I can afford. No more, no less.
They got her cheap
Quality is on the downswing and hiring cheap people is up but that's ridiculous.
Yes, cheap. NM
no message
that is cheap
I have done seminars and meetings and still charge by the line and have made about $100 per 60 minute tape.  
Its because they are too cheap

to upgrade to the latest technology.  I remember using DOS forever and WP 5.1 forever because the MTSOs were too cheap to invest any money in state of the art technology.

There are services that use Vista, but harder to find.

She must. Probably gets that big lower lip from
chewing on her lip while doing ESLs.
Cheap docs

They absolutely don't care about quality or any of that jazz, which is why I have always wondered why we as an industry keep beating each other up over issues that doctors couldn't care less about. Not that I think we should all just transcribe any old way we want, but it seems like we act like the slaves out in the mud pit slapping each other around about how much or how little straw to use for the bricks while the slavedriver sits on the side line with the whip completely content with end product either way.

I suppose the answer most would give is that we should take pride in the quality of our work whether they (the doctors) do or not, but I can't get passed the notion that these are the same individuals that the powers that be seem so intent on pleasing and are also the same individuals who would see us all in the soup lines tomorrow looking for the next homeless shelter to sleep in if they had their way. They (the medical profession) will not think twice about putting all transcriptionists out of business at their first opportunity, and yet we as an industry continue to bow to their ridiculous and uninformed demands concerning how to do what we do or their complaints about how much we charge or that we shouldn't charge for line count generated by short forms or macros, etc. They have no clue how many times their butts get saved by transcriptionists on a daily basis.

I've never met a transcriptionist who wouldn't readily agree with the notion that we are part of the health care team, and yet many of us continue to act like we still work for the doctors instead of the patient. Oh well, go figure.

Just venting as well.

Cheap doctors
I remember one specialist many years back who complained when the hospital I worked for put in a new dictation system which required pushing the buttons on the phone to put in patient ID, etc.  He came to the department in person, ranting and raving because "now he would have to pay to have a push button phone installed" in his office.  This same doc came in the department on a Sunday afternoon and was using the hospital department copy machine to copy EACH AND EVERY PAGE his JAMA because he had DROPPED IT IN HIS POOL at home.  Can you say, "cheep, cheep, cheep"???? 
No, its cheap labor.
That's cheap.....electrolysis......sm

the plastic surgeon charges $400 per session no matter what part of the body, mine was the chin and one brown spot, oh and in between the eyebrows (which the dr who didn't own the practice charged me HALF that).  That doctor is more experienced in laser than the doctor who owns the practice (who wouldn't have charged me at all *lol*).

Someday when I am rich (hey, I can dream, now can't I???  *LOL*) I will go back and have the chin done over and over again *lol*



The reason they are so cheap
I think it's a bit of hyprocrisy on MLSs who are so anti-offshoring but love their computers from a company that offshores a lot of its jobs and there are plans to do even more.
Onesuite.com cheap, not
unlimited but very cheap, under 3 cents a minute.  Lots bells and whistles.  It's for regular phone not internet. 
Cheap tickets.com
I got two round trip tickets for less than 500 on cheap tickets.com
Talk is cheap and I don't believe it
I have a feeling you make a lot of sloppy errors and that's why you are hostile to QA who is in the same boat as you struggling to make pennies for each line. Grow up and go to charm school.
is this doctor cheap or what?

I know someone who has an account that she's had for about 3+ years.  This practice recently went through some changes; one of the main partners retired, they hired another one or two new docs, and now the other partner who was left behind has slashed costs every which way, even to the point of not purchasing letterhead anymore.  They expect their MT to now print their letterhead (oh, and she has to buy the paper now too!!!), and she is consequently using a lot more ink than normal.  She was already printing their letters and not charging them for the ink (on their letterhead that they furnished), but now she has to use their letterhead template on plain white paper, which is going through ink like crazy, not to mention the now added cost of paper on top of that.  How rude is this?  Do you believe it?  I told her she needs to speak up.  She is pretty angry about it, but she is so afraid to say something for fear they'll get rid of her too!  And, in all the years she's been doing their dictation she has not gone up on the price, not one penny.  Any advice out there?   

To those with cheap headsets

Just wondering if any of you have tried the "quality" sets?  I only ask because if you have not compared, you might not know what you are missing.

I keep bugging you all because it seems when I make investments that are supposed to help, it is about a 50/50 success.  Some help; some were not worth the money.

I need to get faster.  I am okay with certain accounts, but others slow me way down, so I need to make every improvement I can to make the slow accounts a moot point (at least).

Thanks again for all the help! 

Right lower quadrant ...
Sharp stabbing-like pain...can go away suddenly. Tenderness. Hurts if you jump off a little stool. LOL ER doc had me do that and nearly fainted. LOL
Lower NY state 2.39 and up. nm
whereabouts in lower NY
With the lower pay per line, I'd have to be able to
get 700-800 lph under that platform to make more money and there is no way to do that.  The higher uppities have even admitted it is best for the slower people, not someone fast.
I would not lower the rate. They know how
much they are paying you and have accepted it.
Don't lower your rates
Don't lower your rate! Don't feel guilty! Feel blessed. I'm envious--am on an account where it is impossible to understand them let alone make a macro but if I could I would and not feel bad at all. I have years invested in this just like the Dr's. You should be paid for your time and expertise macro or not.
Did you mean DSG and TransTech pay LOWER than 8.5??
Hey, I have never made lower than 99% on my
I'm just plain good and fast at what I do.

I don't want hourly rates or salaries. I make plenty on production.

I'm outta here on this deadhorse conversation! LOL

Never lower your rate

I would never, ever lower my rates.  Is the one doctor in the group that is complaining a constant whiner?  He may just be a tightwad that still has the first .01 he ever earned.  Think about it - we complain about the cost of gas increasing and the cost of groceries increasing, but those businesses sure aren't going to drop the price of their product due to our complaining just to keep our business.  You run a business and the point of that is to earn money.  If you or a family member had to see this particular doctor, would he drop his office visit rate because you complained about his bill?  Never!

Not only that, these are cardiologists - one of the elite money makers in the medical profession. 

Write a note stating that you understand his concerns about the cost, but state that in spite of your expenses increasing along with everything else recently, you will agree not to go up on your rate for a year instead.  Tell him while there is less expensive out there, it comes back to the old saying of, "you get what you pay for." 

Yup, and it'll most likely only go lower, right about
MT profession getting lower
I would rather not work for a company that doesn't value our experience enough to pay a decent salary. Good luck. I pass.
what spell check do u use? Looking for something cheap... sm
Just starting out and need a spell check program that will do drug names also. I am looking for something that will cover the basics for now and then when I get some pay checks under my belt I can get one of the big ones like spellex. My current employer states there are literally hundreds of medical spell checkers on the market and I should be able to find one that covers some drug names also...does anyone have any ideas or can name a few?? thanks
need a cheap word expander

hoping to find a decent one at a reasonable price.  Please post if you have one for sale or have a good web site.


Cheap Word Expander
I have Instatype and I have never used it - brand new but have had the program for a couple of years. If you will pay postage I don't think you will find one any cheaper.
A4 Tech not great, but cheap -5/10 nm
Hee hee not for my daughter it wasn't cheap. Zak is 3 now. lol. nm
No, it certainly is not cheap. Overpriced IMO & not takes quite some
waxing- its pretty cheap & the best way to go
I use it and have for years. It's reliable and cheap
at least in my area. I can call anywhere in the country and talk for as long as I want for around $50 a month. I have two phones and just forward calls from one phone to the other when I'm typing an account that uses the phone.
try walmart mail in. very cheap.
Urgently need some cheap headphones, as in
Need cheap health insurance
I'm paying $475 a month for COBRA since I went part-time a few months ago.  Does anyone know of any options for me?  I've already been turned down by Blue Cross.
Cheap pair of Lanier
I have a cheap pair of Lanier that I have been using for over 10 years that work just great.  Keep thinking about buying a new set but I never replace something that continues to work.   Do replace the spongy ear pads once in a while.  Think that they cost me $20 somewhere between 10 and 15 years ago.  
Thanks. I'll look again, didn't see that cheap
You can buy USB touch pads on E-Bay, usually cheap.
Good luck -- it is not cheap
I had a job offer that required it too. They didn't offer me enough per line to even afford it. I spoke with a lawyer and he said the company should carry that-- not the MT. You cannot get it just from your local insuracne person, you have to go to a speciality company like a doctor or nurse would use. I think you can buy it from AAMT.
Line Count...lower pay

I have been doing transcription for many years now.  For many of those years I was paid 9 cents/line per 70 character count with the WordPerfect 5.1 (DOS) program.  I have now been switched over to Microsoft Word and there is a variation in word/line count and a drop in my pay.  Can anyone explain this please?

Upper and lower lid blepharoplasty.

Was setting up a surveillance camera because I am a single woman who lives alone. 


 As I was programming it, I could a glimpse of myself and nearly fell off the chair!   I loook old and tired (47). 

Have been so busy and so stressed for the last six months, I haven't really taken care of myself.  I just joined gym, quit smoking, am cleaning up my act.

But, nothing is going to take the bags away from my eyes.  Am thinking of plastic surgery.  If anyone has had this done, can you tell me whether it was worth the money to you?

As you know, I am far from rich but have few bills other than the general overhead (no credit cards).

thanks!  I work very hard and it would be a gift to myself.

Big mistake to every go lower than what you currently make. Don't do it.

mydocsonline is a lower priced (sm)
option if you only have a few clients. Price goes up the more users you add.
No, it was United that offered lower than 8 cpl. nm
Sis has had them, here in lower NY state. $60-85 every other week. nm