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Medication can help you get past the things you can't accept

Posted By: Busy MT'ing on 2005-08-08
In Reply to: lie detector tests too huh busy. just to see if everyone tells the truth about credentials and goal - to be an MD

in this life. You need to seek help.

People have to let go of what bothers them at some point. Carrying around that baggage with you isn't healthy for you.

I didn't bring up anything about my future -- someone else always does because they are so fixated and obsessed. Now that's the biggest funny of all. HAHAHA

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There have been some things with others in the past

In fact, he's estranged from both of his children, one son and one daughter, they actually hate him and have written nasty letters.  The daughter is completely insane, does drugs, married about four or five times, a thief, but nothing has been brought up about any sort of abuse.  His other daughter and I have talked.  She said that her mother growing up was very suspicious of her and her father's relationship.  Actually accused her of leading him on, or teasing him, and something happened where she caught her naked and him in the same room and got mad at her.  The daughter swears nothing was going on, but who knows, we didn't know him back then.  So it ruined her relationship with her mother. 

He has my family fooled that he's this great wonderful guy, yet his own family wants nothing to do with him.  Thats why bad mouthing him, I would be ostracized.  They all know he's slightly perverted, but its accepted.  Thats why i'm wondering if i'm blowing it out of proportion.  All I know is that its changed and i'm extremely uncomfortable.  Being too specific about what he's said is too embarrassing to even mention to them. I don't even want to make eye contact with him. 

chiefly British past and past participle of SPELL
But why sign it to put the past behind? The past should have

It seems that they dredged up the past by wanting the release signed to keep them out of trouble for unfair employment practices.  Usually when a person ends the working relationship, they give formal written notice, the company accepts the notice, and the employment is over.  Smells pretty fishy to send a termination agreement and, oh by the way, sign this release.  LOL

medication help

Looking for the correct spelling of acetrianam ACE trianam?


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  That was it!  Have a great day!


That was it, thanks soo much

Anyone ever heard of the intramuscular mega C Penicillin.  this is a pt with HIV
medication look-up
This is my first time posting to this site. For anyone interested, here are three very helpful websites: Drugstore.com, Drugs.com, Medword.com. They are very helpful in looking up medication and medical terms.
Medication question


I am trying to figure out a medication and it sounds like chromagin, cromagin, or something like that.  Has anyone heard of that?  It is to be taken three times daily...Thanks!!!

Medication website
Anyone know of a good site to go to for a list of medications?  Thanks!
Do you take any kind of medication sm
before you start work? Don't mean to be nosy but in my case, I work 6a-2p.  I take my blood pressure medication at 5:30a. By 7:00-8:00, I am ready for bed and literally fall asleep at my desk. I take my break from 8:45 to 9:30, come back and I am fine. Doc said my medicine "peaks" at that time then the level falls off.  Asked him to change it and he refuses to, said if it works then why try another. I have tried taking it at different times a day, but it really works the best at 5:30. So, I am stuck. Have you tried turning on the radio or tv or even opening a window?  Sometimes that helps for me. 
Looking for a medication website
I used to have a link to a website that if you only knew three letters to the medication it would give you options. My computer had since crashed and I lost that website and cannot find it. A lot of times I can hear only a few syllables of the med they are saying. Does anyone know a website that you can put a partial part in and get choices?
Has anyone heard of "chlorophen" as a medication?

Rebound headaches are from medication
in pain, you may use the meds too often. The theory behind the rebound headache is that the overuse of drugs makes the headache rebound after your body uses all of the medication. An OTC drug or a Rx that is taken too often causes an episode where your brain gets relief from the pain, likes the effect, and then signals "pain" in its search for more of the drug, and you increase dosages to get more relief. Your medication becomes less and less effective and you create a cycle of misery. (This is adapted from the website, "Migraines for Dummies" (even though I don't have migraines.) It's the best explanation I have found on the web for rebound HA. I just want relief.
You truly have some anger problems. Maybe you should look into medication for yourself.
pain medication s/p arthoplasty
Pain medication is usually required for approximately 2-4 weeks s/p total arthroplasty. However, each patient's need is individualized. Oxycontin is the drug of choice for chronic pain management.
Do you take blood pressure medication? sm
They can make you extremely tired, too. I take Toprol XL and have for 13 years. It peaks about 3 hours after I take it I have trouble staying awake at the PC from 6 am to about 10:30 am. I literally fall asleep with fingers right on the keyboard. It was so bad that I finally changed to the afternoon shift. I asked my doc about it and he said try taking it at night. Well, that brought on the headaches I was trying to avoid. He said to take 1/2 in the a.m. and 1/2 in the p.m. No dice, still had headaches. He won't change my pills, says if it isn't broke, don't try to fix it. He wants to keep my pressure on the low side. My only solution was changing shifts and now I don't fall asleep at the keyboard anymore. I can get 10 hours of sleep at night but still fall asleep about 3 hours after taking that medication. I'm fine if I am up and about and doing things but sitting at the keyboard is another story.
I beg to differ - not all kids need medication....sm
Many with ADD/ADHD can learn just fine without medication as long as you break the tasks into smaller segments and implement visual aides.

No drug is completely safe. They all have chemicals in them. Ritalin, which you mentioned, caused my nephew to have growth retardation while he was on it and it was only after he came off that stuff that he started growing.

It's not the media afraid of drugging kids. There are many of us out there that don't believe that drugging a child is the correct answer. Sure there are kids that really need it if they can't stay focused at all, but asking a child to stay focused for an hour or more without a break when they're say 7 years old is extreme, especially if they're able to learn the same information if it's broken down into 3 20 minute sessions in the day.

Kids are now being pushed to learn more at a rate that for some of them taxes where their maturity levels are, and this can aggravate things like ADD/ADHD, especially when they don't have the recess breaks at school to give them a diversion from the classroom for a while. I'm glad that in my state some of the school systems have started mandating recess again - and those schools test scores have improved.
Can some one help with medication list format?
if a doctor transcribes a medication as Actose 45 mg q.d do you transcribe it as Actose 45 mg daily?
Do you take over the counter medication or from a physician. Which seems to work well.
Rewrite song: I forgot my medication..

I can't find my medication

Cause I try.. and I try..but I'm high!

I can't get no..I can't get no..

When I'm tripping around stage

And I'm shakin' it at the Superbowl

And they're chanting I am way too old

That I've lost all my sensation

I look like morgue refrigeration

I can't sing, no, oh no no no

Flat, flat, flat...that's singin' flat

I can't find the right direction (off stage)

I can't get no resurrection....


I wish I could be on disability for something mental that is controlled with medication.

I'm just sorry I'm paying for people to stay home and not work while my husband and I have to work. It's bad enough that this man doesn't help you around the house, but he's sucking off the government (us taxpayers) while we support him. He can't do ANYTHING? Whatever...

Man, what a country.

I thought Neurontin was a pain medication
I'm a little confused by your post.
uh, I don't type a medication that is spelled wrong
Need help with migraine medication--No one responded on drug board

S/L afsurg, atsurg, nafsurg, natsurg--migraine med

No response on drug forum.


Your planet? did you know there were people who needed medication who didnt have it?
Please accept a ((((BIG HUG)))) (sm)

And keep on praying...you know in your heart God will hear you :)  Life can be incredibly overwhelming sometimes, but He will carry you over the bumps in the road.  Here's the link to a website I've been going to for a long time...it really helps...


Hang in there

Why did you accept the IOU?
???????????  Still shifty if ya' ask me.  I can't believe a lawyer wouldn't take it if you had no scars or anything to prove you had the surgery as dicated.  I'm sure you were an inpatient.  They couldn't get a hold of those progress notes?  He never came and saw you in the hospital?  Just did the other two surgeries and sent ya' home that day?  Why would you want to work for a hospital that has these habits?  I wouldn't even want to be associated with that hospital.  Good luck to you.  You are obviously emotionally scarred.  Better luck next time.
They do it because we accept it.
I'm not transcribing for 5 cents per line. I can sweat shop telemarket at home for better pay.
Productivity pay does not even factor in things we do for work like computer repair, cleaning our work area, quick rest breaks and errands. We have to supply our office space and furniture.

The companies get away with this because most MTs are women. Men would never never never never accept it. They would say no and the companies would raise the pay or go out of business. The fact that we love MT'ing should not cloud our judgement to transcribe for sweat shop wages.

I can walk in Dr. x's office and make $8-$10 copying records or putting charts on the shelf. The skill of MT is much higher than alphabetizing or matching the ROI request with the patient's name!

BTW, I'm not *above* honest work. This isn't about refusal to work an unskilled low paying job. Companies are not even paying MTs 50% of the gross line rate and that is unacceptable.

Just accept it.......

I agree!  Change is difficult to say the least.  I remember my mom and grandma having to make lifestyle changes, but for some reason they modeled it for me with grace and dignity.  I guess I didn't inherit that trait because what's happened in the transcription arena bothers me a great deal.

If you want to remain in a viable field, however, might I suggest a law firm (medical malpractice, auto insurance defense, etc.) where medico-legal reports are done?  I took a breather from transcription in the mid-1980s and worked for an insurance defense firm where I reviewed medical records.  Now, if you want to debate anything at all, you should have seen the downright awful medical records I saw.  It was then that I truly understood the impact the medical record has in a court of law.  It was also at that time that the subject of MTs being named in a lawsuit if there were errors in medical dictation was brought up, and any damages awarded would be assessed under the MT's homeowner's policy.  I've never heard anything more about that since and hope it never resurfaces!  

I would definitely accept
the part-time position. From that you could end up with exactly what you're in need of.

I'd take it.

Only if you accept it.
I do not and will not make less than the greeter at Wal-Mart. I just won't do VR, as it doesn't pay enough. As long as people continue to accept these ridiculous wages, they will continue to pay them. I personally won't do it, as I believe I'm worth much more than that.
If government is involved, it will be as screwed up as the Medicare medication program.
Heaven save us from all these wanna be kings that sit on top of the hill.
Ridiculous. It's not a medication or a procedure she's questioning. This is a moral issue.
She is way out of line to question transcribing that. You're comparing apples to oranges.
Thanks..unfortunately it won't accept password :(NM
I'm w/you on this one! It's crazy to accept LESS THAN 10 YRS AGO. And that is just what MT com

benefits and put them in their pockets and called them PROFIT.

They put us at home and said that was an excuse to LOWER THE BASE RATE OF PAY.

I tell you what, 4 years ago I was making $42,000 a year working for a hospital.

I had benefits along with that $42,000


I HAD FLEXABILITY OF TAKING OFF just like I always had in life.

Do you want to know what I made last year doing the same amount of work??

I made $14,000 and NO BENEFITS.

The company I have worked for (which shall remain nameless but we all know who it is) has managed to take away BONUS LINES, ENOUGH WORK, and NEVER GIVE ME A RAISE IN 6 YEARS.

If they think they have created a better medical record system they have lost their everlovin minds.  Reports are less accurate now than they ever were.  The hospital may have a PIECE OF PAPER back in their hands quickly, but it isn't worth a tinkersdam. 

So if you new MTs and even the older ones who now are on supplemental income or have a husband to back them up, us MTs who need to make a living to support our children - think again if you believe what we have been WORKED DOWN TO is a good deal. 

MTs at home have taken on the RISKS of transcription.  It is our personal time that goes unpaid while the company RISKS NOTHING.  We are the ones sitting around setting up computers, eating down-time, trying to learn new programs on our own dime.


Why would you even accept that rate?
Why do you accept low pay for newbies?
I said it below but trascribing is a higher skill than alphabetizing.
The low pay for new MTs is unacceptable. Even after the huge discussion I do not understand the idea that putting in your time = working for low wages. I don't expect a new MT to make as much as an experienced one but they still should earn more than a file clerk or housekeeper.
Hospitals pay for *months* of training when a floor nurse goes to the OR. The floor nurse requires one on one training in the OR. They also pay for months of training for OR/"scrub" and anesthesia techs before they are considered productive. I don't understand why a new MT should work for $9/hour when a file clerk earns more than that. I understand the file clerk is productive after a few hours but the hosptial pays training time for other positions.
I am honestly asking this. I do not want a MT strike, MTs to type their initials on screwed up reports or a MT sit in at the medical director's office. Why is it accepted in the transcription community for a new MT to earn less than anyone else in the doctor's office?
I wouldn't accept it unless
At least 50% of the reports are templates ... import document and fill in the demographics. You can make $50 to $60 an hour with those. Otherwise, I wouldn't accept it ... and I've got almost 30 years in this business.
Yes, if WE DO NOT accept VR jobs that pay next to nothing,
it eventually will have an impact and VR will either pay better or disappear altogether.
The problem is there are too many who will accept it.
So what happens to those of us who value our skills and won't work for low wages? We will soon be out of work as I don't see wages increasing any time soon. So it will come down to work for low wages or be out of a job. I have already started planning for my next career.
Bad things? what bad things? people's being petty and small?
What do you do when you accept a job or give someone your word,
and then your circumstances change overnight?  I don't want to bail on anyone, but I don't feel any loyalty at all to people who haven't been completely honest with me.  I need to take care of myself and my kids, especially with the cost of everything skyrocketing.  I feel so used and taken advantage of.  Everyone says not to burn bridges, though.  I just can't do it any more.  I need some "give" here instead of "take, take, take".  An opportunity has come up that I would be stupid to turn down, but I feel guilty dumping people who "need" me.
Most pediatricians accept kids until they are 21. sm
Internal Medicine will accept teens at the age of 13.
It depends on what you're willing to accept.
I don't have as much experience as you (only 5 years), and I was just raised to 14 cents per gross line from 12 cents. I would think someone with your skills and experience should be able to command a better line rate than 8 cents. Good luck to you. Even with my relatively low experience, I wouldn't get out of bed for 8 cents a line.
Look ...accept the fact that you are not in any other MT/mom household!
You can argue the "not 100%" junk all day long, but are you at home with any MT/mom all day? Not with me! So, you have no idea what goes on in my house. You can have your opinion, but you are not in our homes. In my house, I happen to do it all. I don't hear my kids, my husband or my MTSO complaining - only you -and you don't count!!
I actually DID accept a 6 cents per line
job. It's not much but I can do the work in my sleep (and probably have on a couple of occasions). But, you're right. I'm not going to accept 6, 7, or 8 cents a line for the "large teaching hospital" accounts with 95% ESL physicians, hundreds of dictators including residents so you never get the same dictator twice, graveyard shift, weekends, and holidays, with someone watching over your shoulder 24/7 to make sure you are working.  No thanks. I'd make more money working at McDonald's. Employers think that, because you have experience, you should be able to do the work that no one else wants to do. Gee thanks. Great to see we are being rewarded for our years of experience. Give me the mindless stuff that I can do in my sleep.   I don't want a "challenge" anymore.  My marriage is challenging enough! :)   My job is for paying the bills.  
Isn't there Okay or Accept, etc. at the top on the right at the Ctrl/J window? Need to do that af
If you accept that, you ARE putting yourself *on sale*. (nm)
Just accept it. Apathy is the answer? I don't think so. SM

I don't want to accept the demise of my career.  I don't want to move on to something else.  I may be studying for another career field in my spare time, but that doesn't mean I WANT a new career.  I love medical transcription.  I've always loved it.  We used to be respected, paid what we were worth.  Now, globalization of the work force threatens to end everything I worked hard to achieve and I'm supposed to just accept it?


I only accept digital files.
I don't have time to courier tapes. I use Express Scribe to play back files. Doc upload to a commercial, secure website. Completed documents are uploaded to the same website to be downloaded by the docs. (I pay $30/month for this.) No software/licenses for the docs to buy but they do provide their own digital recorders, which I have found to work best since they take better care of things they have to pay for.

There are several websites available that offer FTP stores space (some FTP knowledge is required by the office staff) as well as other sites that allow for "drop and drag" upload/downloads. Some bill a flat fee per month, some bill according to the bandwidth used.