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Medrite XL question

Posted By: Melanie on 2008-05-14
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For those who use Medrite XL ... I have noticed that the work/break hours are often not accurate on the counter, so I am wondering if the line count is likely off then as well.

Does anyone out there have any information on this? - Thank you. 

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I LOVED Medrite-- easy to use, could check back on reports that you typed if you needed to make corrections, and made LOTS of line on it.
I use Medrite and have for years.  What do you  need to know exactly?  It takes a little getting used to but once you do, it's simple.  It's a little archaic compared to EXText for example but I guess I'm just so used to it that I don't mind it. 
Are you using MedRite XL? When in TES you can view Masterview by clicking on the Transcribe tab on the tool bar near the top of the screen. Choose Masterview. Under "Search For" enter the patient's last name. Next is a drop down box for "Field"....chose to search by the patient's last name or by patient number. When you see the info you want, click on the DOS you want to view. And, yes, you can cut and paste....I do this quite often.

In the main screen the Masterview is at the bottom and you can do essentially the same things as above....check doctor's reports, patient's reports. You can also view all of the jobs you've done. Where I work we go by Transcription ID.

In the old Medrite...I believe you use F9 or F3 to view the repots. And, yes, I did cut and paste. I think I highlighted the area I wanted then right clicked on the top of the Medrite screen to bring up the cut and paste feature. It's been a long time since I used the old Medrite.
Sorry if this is confusing....trying to view eamils at lunch time.
Anyone familiar with the Medrite platform? I am a fairly new MT and a prospective employer uses Medrite.
Shorthand and Medrite-XL

Does anyone know if Shorthand will work with MedRite-XL?


When I used to use Medrite I loved it.
I'm not sure what that person does not like about it. It was extremely easy to use.
Isn't that the pre-MedRite program
That Medquist tried to change people to and it was so awful?? There are much better programs than that one! I do see jobs now and then that use MedRite. Much less old-fashioned maintenance, and a decent spellchecker.
Shorthand and MedRite XL?



Would anyone know if ShortHand can be used with MedRite XL? Thanks for any info!

Medrite questions -sm
I used this program once before a long time ago.  I will be starting soon using Medrite.  Refresh my memory please.  Is it MT friendly? How can I brush up on it while I am waiting to start with my new company? Or is that even possible?  thank you.
MEDRITE question
Can someone explain the master view function to me.  How can I bring up old dictations and can I cut and paste into shortcuts from there? TIA
MedRite-XL question
Hit a wrong button and now I have a split screen.  I can get a full screen by hitting view, normal.  Can anyone help me?  TIA
My experience with Medrite
Medrite is real easy to learn and to use. Where I work we can look at all old reports, not just the ones we transcribed. Entering the demographics is real easy especially if you have a patient list you can copy and paste from. My company also supplies templates, which are easy to pull up and insert. The built-in Expander is easy to use, and you can also use Auto Correct. I believe you can use other expander software with Medrite, but that depends on whether your company lets you or not. I believe Medrite is a great platform to work on, especially for a newbie, because you will learn it real fast and can spend your time concentrating on transcribing rather than having to remember how to use Medrite. At any time you can check your production, too. There is nothing complicated about Medrite that I know of. I really like it.
The Medrite system I used
had the best shortcut system built into it that I've ever used. Of course, it was also the first one I ever used, and you know how you tend to fall in love with one that you're used to.
Is that Medrite windows based or DOS? nm
Transolutions has Medrite-they are hiring.
Lots of new openings.
How did you get Shorthand to work with Medrite?
CANCEL THAT-- It was MedRite that was not very good. SM
I worked on MedRite by Crescendo. Not Meditech. I don't have experience on Meditech. Sorry, I had the name wrong.
Medrite .... whats wrong with it?
A new account uses Medrite; was going to learn it possibly.  Please tell me what's wrong with it.  Thanks guys !
'Splain to me Lucy...what do you want to do to MedRite? sm
The other question well...too much information.
MedRite XL versus Bayscribe
Has anybody used both platforms? I have two job offers and I have the impression that I will make more lines using Bayscribe. Also do either of these support Shorthand? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!
MedRite XL versus Bayscribe
Has anybody used both platforms? I have two job offers and I have the impression that I will make more lines using Bayscribe. Also do either of these support Shorthand? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!
Don't care about Medrite, but loved your photo! LOL!!!!