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My DBF can't even handle the 2 hours

Posted By: Not a Chance on 2005-08-12
In Reply to: Stay at home DAD??? - bacon bringer

that he watches them every evening. They drive him nuts. He doesn't help with the cleaning, cooking, laundry, and like I said-those 2 hours from 8pm to 10pm, I don't really get much done cause they are in the next room screaming-him included. It's not fun. He does his best with them....when he takes them places in the evening, but of course, this can't happen every night. (I'm ready to bail in the relationship anyway) Just be so thankful to those of you who have "adult" spouses, he's like a big kid, leaves clothes all over, etc, doesn't know where the garbage can is. He is still in the dark ages I'm afraid when it comes to "women in the house, barefoot and pregnant" attitude. He's only 39. Blames it on the way he was raised. K. It's 2005, get with the program. It's a lost cause.

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How can you handle so many hours?
I can barely stand having an 8-hour shift and have thought of trying to add a day and cut down on hours.

Don't you get exhausted?

I have been at this a couple years and find it very mentally draining (so many things to learn, keep track of, and difficult dictators). If you have any good tips on how to not let it exhaust me, I would be so grateful!
For us slow pkes---my best would be 3 hours, worst 6 hours - just depends on the dictator ,
I have to look up (i.e. Dr. names, addresses)...I have to do a lot of that and it majorly slows me down, without all that and good not too horrible dicators, in 1 hour I can do anywhere from 15-20 minutes of dictation.
But in transcription, if you are good at what you do, you can do 8 hours of work in 4 hours. So eit

you slice it, both companies will still get 8 hours worth of work out of you.

That is the problem I've been having lately being an MT.  Companies want to pay us on production and they set minimum productivity standards, but want us timed in for 8 hours a day.  My thinking is, if they want 8 hours of work out of me, pay me hourly with production incentive.  If they want to pay me on production and tell how much I have to produce in an 8 hour period, then when I hit that mark, I should be able to call it a day even if I've only worked 4 hours.

Seems these companies want it both ways and it is simply not fair to us MTs.  JMO, tho.

If it's my fav doc with lots of shortcuts, 1-1/2 hours to 2 hours max
I see, we sit at the keyboard for 40 hours and then throw on 20 more hours
Is this how you do it? Me? I got a PT job so that if my FT job didn't have enough work to meet my needs financially, the two jobs together would.

They hired me to work a specific shift and that is what I am working. If they want me to type after I clock out, then I will happily do so.
I must say, I work long hours, sometimes 12-14 hours a day.
I thought it was important to mention that. However many hours it takes to get the work done is what I do. Some days 12 hours, other days 6 hours and sometimes 14 hours. So, I guess there really is no easy answer.
I do 2000 lines in 6 hours - so maybe 3 hours - nm
typing 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week
on my wrists I mean.
and not getting any benefits... and for a salary of less than 30K? not really worth it...
How do you handle
Your first year as an IC regarding taxes? Should I go ahead and set up some type of payment plan like that?
What? That's what you can't do - handle someone else having a
Take your own advice, please.

here's how i handle it N/A
when enrolling my son in high school they wanted all sorts of information like that about family history...i left all blank with N/A....

They also wanted his social security number....N/A There is no reason in the world they should need his social security number and I asked about this.. They said it was for when he signed up for college loans etc. I told them he's not in college yet and I would not be furnishing that information to anyone.

In a post below someone said something about ppl being over paranoid these days....I had my identity stolen a few years back. It nearly destroyed my credit, wiped out my bank accounts, and took me literally years to clean up. In this day and age you can never be too careful with privacy. You just cannot be sure what anyone is doing with your private information. Better safe than sorry.

How do you handle if you are an IC??

You need to know how to handle these people. sm

They will try to get you to work like a dog, your fingers to the bone.  You just tell him no.  I will work x number of hours a day and that is it.  That is what I did and it worked out fine.   They will try to push you to work 24 x 7 if they can.  That is the way they are (men from India).  Just hold firm and they will accept it.   You need to be "thick-skinned" I think to be able to work with them. 


easy to handle

Merely sent an email. In the subject line put MTSTARS (company name) so when you get a response you have the details.


Merely say, I have a couple of question prior to sending in a resume or testing taking.  This saves time on both sides. 


May I ask, what is the lowest to the highest rate of pay. What pay rate formula is used, for example, by the line, by the minute, by the word, by the gross word.  Are spaces paid, ALL spaces.

some in their ads say "we pay for ALL spaces"  so I guess some companies pay a percentage. 

For instance Medquist does not pay for the demographic screen, the CC notation or the headings. and prob more that is not known. .

You need to know how to convert this to an hourly rate so you know how much you actually are making.

Below is a quote from a company in Texas TSI and I sat down with the calculator and figured some of the hourly rates.  For the most part, way too many lines for most MTs

Below is the quote in email from TSI.  The calculated figures are mine.


Less than 1000 lines per day average = 6 cents (these we consider to be part-time positions and we really prefer to work with full-time employees.)


1000-1100 average lines per day = 7 cents


(this is $70 for 8 hours ($8.75 hr)


1200-1399 average lines per day = 7.5 cents


This is $90. for 8 hours $11.25 hr and 150 lines an hour about almost 4.5 pages/hr.  This is a lot of pages/hr.


1400-1599 average lines per day = 8 cents


This is 1400 X 8 = $112 per 8 hr.

8 divide into  $112=$14/hr

1400 lines divide 8= 175 lines/hr

Figure 34 lines/page+ 5.41 pages an hour.


No way I could do this. I would not work for 6,7,8,9- no less than 10 and this is not really great.  You cannot predict what you will end up with. You could be on target and lose it all, wham. .


1600-1799 average lines per day = 8.5 cents


1800 or greater average lines per day = 9 cents  So then this would be:


225 lines per hour, about 6.61 pages


112 lines 30 minutes, 3 1/2 pages


56.2 lines 15 minutes 1.65 pages


greater than 14,625 Keystrokes per hour


nearly 4 lines per minute


Well over one million keystrokes/8hr


Here's how I'd handle the situation...

First off I'd tell my mom that he's a pig and what he has done. 

Secondly I'd never be around him without a recording device turned on in my pocket so that way you can record his comments, and if he touches you or flirts then get a recording of your asking him to not touch or look at you that way and his response.  Then play the recording for your mom and other relatives.

While it may be true your mother may go into denial you need to stand up for yourself.   My mom was a fool and protected my father when she was told about his untoward advances towards women for years.... and then something happened that made her realize that she had been a fool for years and that he was the one with the problem. 

Here is an even nicer way to handle it!
I totally agree with having her over in YOUR space and being nice to her. Tell her you can hear everything through the walls and celings (blaming them was a good idea) Tell her other things BESIDES her that you can hear. Tell her what you do for a living and what times you work, and how those "other" noises are so distracting. You don't have to tell her she is too loud; she will surely get the picture if she has any sense at all. If that doesn't fix the problem, then I would go to the manager and ask if there have ever been other complaints about her first. He/She may already know this is a problem. You never know how people will react if you tell them you would appreciate it if they would be quiet, no matter how nice you say it. I would have her over for snacks and a "chat" real soon though or you will go insane!
And another one who can't handle reality.


The reference I handle THE MOST - sm
is my Medical Phrase Index - I happen to use the 4th edition and I mean I use it often. It really comes in handy for mush-mouthed docs and ESL docs.
How do you handle no work?

I have not had work for most of July.  I am an IC and have been doing this for years.  This is the slowest I have ever been and I'm stressed out.  Luckily, hubby pays the majority of the bills so I am not starving!  I have applied several other places with no luck.  Is this just a summer slow period or what?  How can I keep from going a bit crazy?  I am getting rather depressed.  TIA

How would you handle this situation?

I picked up some extra IC work back in May, and since that time have covered for the owner by editing for her while she was on vacation for a week, and then taken extra work as the MT with whom I share dictation from this doc was on vacation for a week, then sick for a week just after return, the next Friday had a family emergency, etc.  This was supposed to be part-time work, and has turned out to be more than I would expect for part-time . . . to the point where when this doc was going on vacation, I was trying to hold out and not say anything about it being too much, thinking that I'd be caught up and fine to take on the work when he returned, but wound up "breaking" with one day left to go, and told the woman it was too much, and she asked if I could just hang in there with her as she was testing another MT, and would reduce the amount she gave me if this girl worked out. 

Well, the doc returned from vacation and I did not get any of his work for about a week, and then the next week (this past week), I was given slightly more work than in the weeks prior to his vacation, although I had already told her it was too much, and it was still the same girl working the account with me.  At the end of the week it seemed that she had hired another girl, but did not reduce my work, just switched from girl 1 to girl 2. 

Sorry so long, but here's the BIGGER problem . . . in the early part of the week, the owner e-mailed with an attached voice file, requesting that I download the voice file and listen to a blank she was trying to fill-in.  I listened (over and over) could not find her sentence, so responded with what I was hearing in and around that area.  She then gave me another location and said that she had two counters on her program and did not know which one my program used, could I listen at xxxx location, so I did, gave her the fill-in, but was a little bewildered as to why she would request my assistance in that way as SHE IS NOT PAYING ME FOR THIS KIND OF HELP. 

Here we go again, yesterday she sends an e-mail with some voice files attached and some sentences with blanks, and she is requesting the same thing, that I listen and fill-in the blanks.  I am just not sure what to do here.  Early on, a couple of weeks after she returned from her vacation, she asked me if I could "proofread" the other girls files for that day as an appointment she had was "screwing her up".  I e-mailed back that, due to my heavy workload, I would not be able to EDIT work for her.  (The girl's work requires editing, not proofreading, which I quickly found out while covering the owner's vacation.)  I thought that I had let her know then that I do not work for free, in a nice way.

I would like to keep the work, but only what I am being paid for, so . . . How would you handle this situation? 

How do you handle burnout as MT? Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've only been doing this for 7-1/2 years and I've about had it with all the junk.
How do you/your company handle this--sm

Once a report is typed and checked in by you and someone else accesses the report be it QA or another Transcriptionist adding a line or making a change per the dictator, is that second/third person required to indicate in some way that your report has been altered?  Thanks

Need advice on how to handle this --sm
I am an IC and have several accts -- One of my accts has not pd for services since early Nov 2006.  I have given notice that will no longer be providing services as of 02/09/07 -- Should I continue to provide services, knowing that I may not be paid -- or can I just give notice saying that since I have not been pd -- i can no longer continue.  I have no written contract with physician.. pls advise Want to do right thing as this is small area but also want to be pd for work performed. ...
Question ... How would you handle this?

I have 44 clients for my business.  I charge 18 cpl.  I pay 7 and 8 cpl for my MTs (ICs).  With the 10-11 cpl left over, I have to pay all my overhead.  Sometimes, I have no money left over to even pay myself, and have even put in my personal savings to make sure the MTs get paid.  Now, I have a company that has offered me to do work for 5 cpl but it is offshore.  I have to say, tho, that the extra 3 cpl would allow me to sometimes even pay myself something.  My contractors are complaining about wanting more money but I will go under and close down if I do that.  Also, this company will do the work overnight and return it in the mornings when I have to constantly juggle with my current contractors because they only want to work days.  I don't want to cut my contractors but I don't see any other way around it.  What should I do? 

See the dilemma?  It's not as easy as you think.


how to handle -- be sure and dot your I's and cross your t's
First you need to be able to substantiate what you are saying.
you need to know who is signing off the report? Is she??? or is the physician???? or is she signing the report off by another physician???? If she is how is she doing it.

You need to get all your ducks in a row so that you dont go to administration and look like a troublemaker making things up.

Personally I would gather all my proof and turn a copy of it in to adminstration anonymously (make sure that cannot trace it back to you because when the fire starts you dont want to get burned in the aftermath).

If doesnt take care of it take that same info, write a letter explaining what you have witnessed and that you reported to administration but it continues and anonymously submit all of this info to JCAHO.
Complaint Hotline
800-994-6610 complaint@jointcommission.org
How do you handle your mistakes?

I am an IC and for the past 5 years have worked for the same doc.  He still uses tapes so I deliver on a daily basis.  I already load the work on his PC and make sure the pages line up etc. and do not get paid extra.  I also convert some reports from WP to Word and e-mail to him at no extra charge.  Now he starts calling me after I leave the clinic and expect me to either turn-around and come fix the mistakes/changes (15 minutes later) or I must wait in his office until he is finished with a patient consult, can go through the work to check for mistakes/changes for me.  The mistakes range from doctor's names misspelled (workmen's comp with lots of different doc names, impossible to search and find as no clue where the doc is located) or template changes etc. and sometimes silly mistakes which is totally my mistake.  Am I fair in stating that I do not mind doing the corrections when I return the next day but that I cannot wait around in his office for him as he does not pay me for that and I will also not turn around after I have left the office to go back when they call me? How do all of you handle this type of situation? 


if you get a handle on the situation - let us know, k? NM
How to companies handle?
I understand that completely, (this is not the case, but something I just thought about), BUT let's say that a relative or your friend decided to bring about a malpractice case.....how would it look that you typed your own note, your family's note or your friend's note.  I know when I worked for a hospital, we were not allowed to do that and I am just trying to set a standard for my independent contractors.  I was just wondering how other companies handle it.
I do op reports and I have more than I can really handle.
My work has increased at least 25% in the last two months.
What is there to handle? You provided
It's not your problem if they discovered afterwards they handed you already completed work.  I can't believe you'd even ask the question.
How to handle evaluation

I'm working as an inhouse hospital transcriptionist, been there nearly 6 months. I've done this work full- and part-time for about 10 years, but this recent job has really been a challenge -- both the work and the people. I went home to work for a few weeks, but with slow-down problems and disconnects from the hospital system, decided it would be easier to work inhouse again, even though the work environment is very stressful -- close quarters, talkers and gossipers, interruptions, etc.  I just don't "click" with these women.  I was very happy in my previous job in another town, but moved here because I wanted to come back to my hometown. 

My question is:  what do I say at my next evaluation when my supervisor asks "How's it going?"  I'm making satisfactory progress in learning, but it's quite a struggle -- I'm hardly leading the line count.  I've just given up trying to talk and fit in and socialize -- just concentrating on learning the dictators and work types.  The supervisor is a touchy-feely type of lady and wants everyone to be happy, happy all the time.  And she has noticed and commented on the fact I'm not exactly a social butterfly.  The last talk I had with her she asked on a scale of 1 to 10, how likely was I to stick with this job.  I said a "6" and she looked surprised and a little put out. Yikes, what do I say now??  Tell the truth or what?  I'm honestly putting in for other jobs, but chances of finding those are slim to none right now!  Thanks in advance--

Depends on how they want to handle it.
I work for a national, but I also still have one local client, for whom I am an IC. I am paid by the word, actually, because when I started there, I was using WordPerfect for DOS (yes, I've been there for a LONG time!) and it had only a word count, not a character count. I ran some numbers, and I COULD switch over and bill by the line... but why bother? They're used to paying for words, not lines, and it's a wash. I do pick up and deliver--but I have figured that into my rate, and I actually enjoy going down there and harassing the doctor, when I can catch him. And it's only a mile away.

It might be difficult to find local work, though. Speaking strictly from my own experience, any local jobs that are left, that haven't gone the way of EMR or (gasp) offshore, tend to be held by old-timers (like me) who have been on the job for decades, and have dug in our heels and can't be dislodged, short of their having to carry us out feet-first.

But it's possible, if you know the people in the community. I got my current local gig because a doc I had worked for before got in an associate to share office space, and the office manager knew me and my work, and TOLD the new guy who his Transcriptionist was going to be. So if you know any local office managers, be sure and let them know you are available and interested. I also once made up a bunch of flyers and took a walk up and down "Pill Hill" and spoke to every office manager I could find. No luck at the time; although much, much later, when I had no room to take on any more work, I did get a couple of nibbles which I had to turn down.
Love your handle, Ma of 4 and their friends and
I can relate. I was mom to my kids' friends, too. I swore many time to claim them as dependents on my tax returns. They practically lived at my house.
Within a week or two, you will have more work than you can handle


I handle it differently I guess ...
One thing I have done is designate an amount of money I will spend on me (be it travel, clothes, makeup, cologne, entertainment, etc.). I worked that figure into my budget. It is part of what I earn on a regular basis so I don't have to worry about doing what you described.

I used to do that. It got really old really fast. I felt I was overworked all the time (not that I don't feel really stretched sometimes now but it is a rare occasion and it always has to do with something other than work when I do). Seemed like I was never going to "have enough" to go on vacation without killing myself.
When you can no longer handle what life gives you

you get on your knees and pray. Just surrender every care to God and ask Him to help because you can't do any more.  Just saw something on Oprah when she had Faith Hill as a guest and she said she was depressed and fat and wanted a role in a movie and she just fell on the ground and remembered the words to a hymm, I surrender all.  Faith Hill sang it and it brought tears to my eyes.  (Oprah got the role she wanted in Deep Purple.)  Anyway, I was in the same position and literally didn't want to go on and suddenly after my prayer things started happening for the good which I really believed was an answer to my desperate prayer.

PS:  Hope this post doesn't get dinged or offend anyone.


Maybe this will help. 



This does not say that inmates handle mail. Inmates may be responsible for maintaining the grounds or housekeeping. THEY DO NOT HANDLE THE MAIL!

They do handle mail. And they do work in
high security clearance areas and have unlimited access to many areas they should not have access to. I know they are "model prisoners", but they have still been convicted of a white collar crime or something more serious, and should be treated as such.
Should be "They handle"! Sorry, it is time for bed.
nice to see your new happy handle too....nm
I think I could handle it, I worked in the public
for 25+ years and it didn't scar me. I also worked as a nurse in a nursing home. If that doesn't scar you nothing will. I enjoy working at home, I just don't enjoy the fact that a lot of the dictators are inconsiderate and rude. If they had to listen to themselves, I think it would embarass them to hear how riduculous they sound.
Each company has their own policy for how they handle it.
I only worked for one company that deducted and that was YOG.  There is no industry standard, at least that I am aware of.   I'm going on 6 years at my current company and have never had a deduct. 
How to handle this re: charging account sm

How do you handle an account with a doctor who is constantly changing things?  I'm talking about a guy who will give an entire 4-5 sentences then have you go back and delete and change it.    I'm getting really, really tired of typing it all out only to have to go back and delete and retype. 

Do you keep track of how much you deleted and charge for that also?  It is really cutting into production.  This isn't occasional either.  He does this at least once, if not several times, in EVERY single report.  It is like the man can't string together thought.  Not to mention it is frightening how much things change sometimes.  I wonder often if he is talking about two different patient.

you really should see someone about how to handle stress constructively...
and stop reading the boards for a while. sounds like implosion is emanent.

good luck with that.
At least they asked you how you wanted to handle it. SM

They could have just not paid you for those dictations or they could have just called you up and told you they weren't going to pay you for that those dictations.  As it is, they attempted to be diplomatic, I guess.

I would, in a friendly way, say something like "I wish I would have known which ones had already been typed before I started typing.  I could have skipped over the ones already done."  And then ask with the next group of dictations, if any have been transcribed that they provide you with a list up front.  But I agree with everyone else, I would let them have this one since they are probably scrambling to try to figure out the mess that the former girl left. But if it happens again, I would put my foot down and let them know you're not in the business of typing for free.

Aruba is not as well equipped to handle this situation (sm)

as the U.S. is...so therefore, if they are in over their heads, THEY should ask for the U.S. to help, period! That is a resort country, equipped basically to show tourists a good time, and not to handle a missing American case! See my point?

You completely misunderstood me! And see how quick you are to fly off the handle??
That's why supervisors don't like to send friendly Hello emails!! I was talking to you, but saying the OTHER MTs - you have no idea how many of them are nuts, really, and do NOT want to hear from anyone, and even a friendly simple greeting email can provoke wrath from the masses!  I was NOT lumping you in with that, but you totally misinterpreted a simple post!! That's why emails are not worth it unless 100% necessary for job performance! You proved my point!
If the trained professionals at the school can't handle him,
why do you think you'll be able to work and homeschool him at the same time?  I'm not slamming you, but I don't think working and trying to educate your child at the same time is the solution.  Maybe try switching teachers or switching schools.  Have you had him evaluated by his pediatrician or obtained a referral to someone else?  What kind of phone calls are they?  Is he acting up?  Have you asked him WHY he's doing these things?  Kids need to be socialized.  They need to learn how to cope with other people.  They also need to learn that being part of a society means that you're not always the center of attention.  My SIL is going through this with her kid.  He's being an absolute beast because he doesn't like the teacher and she has 19 other kids she needs to pay attention to.  He wants attention, any attention, so he's acting out.  I don't know if your situation is similar to this one or not.  I'm just saying that sometimes sticking it out and finding the root of the problem is better than trying to have your attention focused in two different but important places.
With that kind of training, maybe all she can handle is 5 jobs a day??
you're funny - but I change my handle....sm

to usually fit the threads here.....but email me anytime - just click on the email thingy when you post to me :)  I DO email *lol*

Yeah, eTime does keep me more together and putting in more hours....*grins*  I only work for them PT.

Thanks for what you said about my post - if I was going to call someone that, I would've spelled DUMB and I would've not called them DUMB but voiced an opinion that I thought they were DUMB.  I was merely being dramatic, like you said.....and starting with a dum-de-dum-dum-DA or DUM, I forget how I ended that......

I now think that poster didn't know what eTime was nor worked for our national but who knows?  I'm certainly not sure.  *l*

Email me - and we'll do email :)  Perhaps we even live in the same state....*giggles*

Be well, sugar!!  :)

I do agree with the boring part, but I handle it like I do
Drink beer and eat chocolate!!

I'm joking, of course...

The only thing that keeps me MTing is the money (I'm in that 4 to 5K/month bracket), the convenience, and the fact that I don't think I could ever work with people again after being at home for so long (a conference call with other MTs a couple weeks ago sealed that one for me!).

I am not complaining. MTing has been VERY good to me (not a gift, though... I work hard and have good work ethics), but as far as being rewarding as a work experience only, it's really not for me personally.

...BUT I do like being able to afford my beer and chocolate!! ;-)