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The best stay at home Dad

Posted By: Oklahoma Mom on 2005-08-13
In Reply to: Stay at home DAD??? - bacon bringer

My hubby stayed home with our 3 kids when our twins were born.  Our oldest was 5 when they were born.  Since I had the better job, he stayed home with them during the day and worked at night after I got home.  He is the best Dad.  The twins are now 9 and they all are so close to their Dad.  He cooks, cleans, does laundry, take the kids everywhere (the last favorite thing they did was a fishing derby when he left with the kids and all the neighbor kids at 5:30 am).  This week they spent a whole day at Grandpa's farm.  He even kept 2 other kids when he was a stay at home Dad to earn extra money for groceries.  It is wonderful to see how close children can be to their Dad.  These are memories they will never forget.  So bravo to all the Dads out there that have stayed home with their children.  It is not an easy job, but many blessings come with the job.

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Stay at home DAD???

Any wives out there have a stay at home dad?  Or, any dads out there a stay at home dad?  Today is my husband's last day of work (YEAH!!!)  I am very happy, he was a branch manager of a huge company and was working 13 to 15 hours a day.  We readjusted and got rid of some bills and he QUIT!!  I told him to take AT LEAST 2 months off before he even thinks about working again. 


Since I work at home, any tips for making him feel great about what he is doing?  I happen to know that staying at home with kids is the hardest job in the world and I want him to feel appreciated.  Also, I am worried about us getting in each other's hair too much since I stay at home also.  Any advice?  I know it is kind of a strage situation, but we are very thankful and blessed that we get to do this.  He missed out a lot on my 5-year-olds growing up and he doesn't want to miss anymore (we also have a 2-year-old and planning for 2 more within the next 3 to 4 years)

Oh you will love being an MT! Stay home,
Stay-at-home moms
I have never understood how someone can stay at home with kids and do MT. I always had to give it my total concentration. I have 5 kids (all grown and married) -- and I never would have attempted to stay home with just one kid. There's too much of a chance for mistakes. The job deserves total concentration and perfection. There will always be some problems with understanding what a doc says, but the MT should give the job her best.
Stay at home with kids?
I do not know if you all got this from my post but I said nothing about staying at home with kids.  I don't even have any kids.  I just enjoy being able to work from the comfort of my own home.  Before I got into the MT profession, I worked for a bank in a call center.  I NEVER want to work like that again!  You think you are treated like crap doing MT, try working in a call center.  You are treated like cattle there.  I just feel blessed working from home doing something I love.  And it seems like you guys are putting down all the moms who do work from home doing mt.  I am sure their work is just as good as yours.  They just want to be able to be there for their kids and also be a professional.
To get to be a housewife & stay-at-home mom again.
stay home or go in house....

I got offered a job in a small neurology office starting at $17/hr with a raise in a few months.  No working weekends or holidays and lots of vacation days.  Low stress.

I currently work at home for a pretty decent company with a pretty decent line rate, but am starting to feel pressure to produce more...my average pay at home is between $13 and $15 an hour.  It also adds stress when there is little to know work available and I am having to alter my schedule to "make up" time.

So, I would be making a bit more money, but I will have to have child care for the summers and for after school, so I don't know if it is worth it. 

Can someone give me some insight as to whether they were faced with this decision...what they decided and why?  I would really appreciate it. 

Stay home or go in-house?

Help! What do I do?  I currently work for a pretty good national company and I get to stay home and work in my PJs, but then... we ran out of work for a few days and I panicked.  I applied for an in-house position doing radiology, which I have never done before.  I am fairly certain they will offer me the position to work 24 to 32 hours, with many more hours if I want them.  It pays about 18.50 per hour during the week and 19.39 on the weekends, which I will work one weekend day.  So now what???

Do I give up the comfort of my home for a guaranteed paycheck and work in a cubical typing radiology notes for 8 hours a day?  UGH!  Tough to have such choices in this economy. 

Any insight or thoughts on this?  I do have young children, but they spend a lot of time at grandma's while I work anyway.


JUST to stay HOME with your kids is NO reason to

get into this profession.  You sound like one of those many women who think just because they have a computer, can type and put two words together they can be an MT.  As I am sure you have discovered, there is so much more to this career than that. I agree the benefits of being available for our children is truly a blessing and when mine were young I was SO thankful to have that flexibility, but to all the newbies out there:  Do the research before you delve into this.  It is not as easy as some make it out to be.  Perhaps you should try running a daycare instead. Or put your children in one part-time until you get comfortable with MTing.   

Yeah, but getting to be a stay-at-home mom is just one of the perks.
I would gladly have done this had I known about it when my children were little in order to get to stay at home with them.
Me too - when do we go? Hubby would have to stay home with the kids

Some of us stay at home moms need the money too.
Just because I stay home with the kids, it doesn't mean I am working just for extra cash. My family is dependent on my income. I bring in the majority of our family's income with MT. Staying home for me is an added benefit since I am saving $1000 a month in childcare, which is money my family really needs rather than paying it out to someone else. Please, don't judge all SAHMs equally. Some of us do value our career choice and work hard to support our families.
how do you stay consistent and productive working at home?
Just wondering.  I have a hard time lately with being disciplined enough to sit and do what I am supposed to.  What do you guys do if that happens to you?
Not stay at home, but opposite shifts. My advice:

Make sure you always say thank you.  It's a MUST for a man.  My husband and I decided to work different shifts years ago so that the kids wouldn't have to go to daycare.  Now I'm at home, but he still works 3rd shift for the same company that he's been with for 7 years because he likes it.

I've always thanked him.  I'd get home from work and he'd have dinner cooking and I'd say, "I"m so lucky to have you!"  And even if I didn't care for the dinner choice, I'd shut up and eat it. :)

Even just little things now, like if he washes the dishes or vacuums because he knows I'm on a deadline, I'll always say, "Thank you for doing that, you're such a big help."

Trust me, boost the old ego and those pots and pans won't sit in the sink. Complain one time that he missed a spot and you'll be scrubbing the broiler pan.

I turned down a hospital job to stay at home and regret it. sm
The hospital jobs are much more stable, and you have the same docs over and over. Even if they are ESL, at least you can get good at them. Take the hospital job - the PTO and benefits are worth it.
Sorry, don't post here often and not familiar. I was saying I make great money and stay at home w
Where do folks get these odd ideas?
I guess we'll stay home and eat Ramen. Hadn't though about food going up too.
I dont care if you stay home because ofyour kids, a health issue - sm
or because you just like to work in tne nude. The fact of the matter is, settling for a lower rate jsut for the convenience of working from home is BS. I've been doing this for 25 years and have been home since 1996 and while I know I am not making the same money I did in the haydays, I sure as he11 will not work for less. Many of these companies are bluffing if they tell you they have to lower your rate. In fact, if you hold your ground and have a decent reputation, you can even make more.

It's too bad that so many people don't believe in their abilities and worth to hold out. You should never base your decision on fear. Use logic and common sense.
My kids have suffered greatly from me working at home with them home. SM
I have been working at home as an MT since my two kids were born. They are now 4 and 5. In the first few years, I had no help whatsoever. Their father was a bum who didnt work or take care of them while I worked. Your children get neglected while you work basically. And babies and young children desperately need your attention while they are home with you.

My kids have so many behavioral problems right now because of their neglect. I would try to set them up with things to occupy themselves, like coloring or a movie, etc.

I finally put them in day care and things have improved, but there are still a lot of issues because of the damage that was done. They still try to seek attention by doing bad things and they dont listen to me because they are so used to me letting them get away with a lot of stuff because I was too busy typing to discipline them in their early years.

If I could do it all over again, I would definitely have put them into day care from the very beginning.

My advice would be to seek PT care for your baby. Maybe you can do some work around her schedule a little when she is home, like when she takes a nap, and then bang out a bunch of work while she is in day care.

I enjoy being alone at home, but I've got one home sick from school already.

One on one with a kid is nice, too.

This summer has been absolutely crazy.  I haven't had a moment to myself for three months because all of my kids were home traipsing their friends through the house and yard.  My husband switched his work schedule, too, so he's around more than usual.  However, I like not having to do two loads of dishes and four loads of laundry a day.  There are no toys or clutter dragged out everywhere.  I can clean the house first thing in the morning, and it stays clean until everyone gets home at night.

I even got to relax with a cup of coffee and watch TV for half an hour this morning, something I liked for a change instead of cartoons or kids' movies.  I signed up for an online class that I've been wanting to take.  I can exercise without being interrupted.  Yesterday, I went to the mall and spent all my saved up gift cards.  I got some clothes, books, bath stuff, and a new coffee mug.  My work gets done a lot faster, too.  Call me nuts, but I've never had the luxury of being alone in the house for 14 years.  It's kinda nice.  I love my family with all my heart, but I love having a few hours to myself each week, too.

Except now the cat and dogs have been acting weird since the kids went back to school.  They must think that I need someone or something to clean up after and correct behavior on.  They're getting into everything and racing around the house behind me.

my take is that she worked inhouse, not at home, and now wants to find out how to work at home. nm
Forget "per line." Your take-home pay should be taking home SM
roughly what it was before. If it is not, is it because your current pay rate for editing (which in many companies keeps changing as the VR system is developed) is too low or is it because your talents and skills are more for speed typing than speed editing?

If the first, discuss it with higherups, and go get a new job if you don't get the response you need. My last MTSO was secretly refiguring how production was counted to pay us less. I can accept hard reality, it was the secrecy that burned. Sometimes, though, it's just that the learning curves of individual editors and that of the system aren't in sync, and you end up temporarily making less.

If the second, though, recognize it as soon as possible and change to straight transcription work, in your company or a new one, for as long as you can find it.

As for why we aren't paid more for a higher skill, that's just the way the labor supply ball bounces. Best wishes.
I think she means she has wireless TO her home, not IN her home..nm
hospital at-home -vs- national at home

I have an interview today with a hospital...work in-house for 3 months, then go home, paid on production. I don't know as of yet what they pay production, so my question is to anyone who works for a hospital at home AND has also worked for a national at home...

Which would be the best to choose? The hospital offers great benefits, but the national I work for now also has benefits, not as good as the hospital, though.  Any input would be most appreciated!

And you stay with him why?
Stay away
This is the worst company to work for, please take everyone's advice. Certain accounts get put on what they call a lock out for depositing THEIR checks that bounce constantly!!! Then you can't get the money you are owed! There are so many better companies. Please look for one except this one.
I will stay.
I would stay where you are (sm)

until January.  This is already a stressful time of year (the holidays) and you'd just be adding to your stress by learning a new job.  Although your new employer may grant you the time off, it most certainly would be without pay.  Good luck!

I would stay for the house, nothing better than peace of mind in having your own home.
They should stay away,
it is nothing but a pyramid scheme, no matter what anyone tries to tell you!!!
Stay far away!
The owner is a lunatic. You should look elsewhere.
I would stay away if I were him, too
Do not blame him at all!
Help! They won't stay. :(
I had to set my home page as the main forum page here in order to get the links to "stay"/show up. Does anyone know, what might I need to change in NAV in order to get the links to stay without having to use this as my home page?? I normally click on the main forum page from my Favorites.

If your DH wants you to stay out of it...
then I think you should.

Just my opinion. If you don't want to fight with him over it, then don't. Why should this other woman's indiscretions cause problems in YOUR marriage?
You are probably better off to stay out of it.

I can't see why an administrator would have to "make-up" anything unless she's covering her own butt or the MT's that work under her.  Is she making it up because the dictation was erased by mistake or the doctor didn't dictate it in the first place. I just can't see someone putting themselves on the chopping block when it is simply a matter of asking the doctor to dictate the report.  Is this an MTSO?  I know there are certain things that are legal which is to state at the bottom of the document "dictated not read".  To me this basically means the doctor trusts the report was transcribed/handled in the proper manner. 

If you really think about it there are probably more errors made by MT's and doctors overlooking things in their reports because they won't take the time to read them thoroughly then this situation of an administrator "making-up" reports. 

I'm not sure I'd want to be involved unless I knew for sure.  I think you are better off just doing what is expected of you as an MT.  JMO.  Stay cool.....

I'd stay out of it.
A workflow coordinator isn't necessarily QA, so as long as she's not correcting your reports, she may do just fine making sure everything goes where it needs to and arrives on time.

If she IS QA-ing or changing your transcribed reports, then I'd say you have a right to bring it to someone's attention.
VR is here to stay...
I agree, it is less money, and sometimes the reports can take even longer than it would to type it, but then you get the really good reports in between that only take a few minutes.

VR is not going away, so somehow we need to embrace it and make it work for us. There will be a few companies that will stay with straight typing, but that is because they do not want to spend the money or time to train the VR. My accounts are 80% VR and 20% typing, so I do still get to type and balance out the $$$$, and it is not easy, but I still prefer it over typing all day.
stay or go
Tough call... I worked for a local group until October 2008. We heard about EMR coming for more than 3 years before it actually started to become implemented. That particular group did go with a point and click system and indeed, when they went to it, that was it. With over 25 doctors, though, they brought it in one department at a time. I will say this... when it became obvious that the time was drawing near (training sessions for other employees, etc) and we all started to get that antsy feeling you describe, the "head guy" came in and held a meeting with us in the transcription department. He stated (falsely) that it would be a year AT LEAST before any of our MT jobs would be at risk and assured us that we'd be offered positions (in house, of course) elsewhere in the offices. Needless to say, that ONE year was less than 5 MONTHS.

If you're feeling antsy and it's giving you so much grief, I would definitely start my search for other IC work. I mean, if you've no benefits to lose and you know you've no interest in anything in-house with them (IF it'd be offered), then why cause yourself heartache..

Just my opinion from a "been there, done that" perspective.
Thanks, but I try to stay away from DQS...sm
i just never liked that platform and never could get the hang of it. I will stay where I am because I plan on retiring from this profession for good in a few months. :)
Stay or Go
Love the company for what?? It's kindness. Jump ship before its too late, as it is for me. I loved my company too!
Well, er, ummm, I can't stay away. Let's just say that.
Stay away from M-TEC. Do a search here for more
All you need to do is stay there for 3-6 months to get the
We all start out in really crappy jobs, but stay there because it looks good on the resume for a better company.  My first place I worked with, I had to work with a guy who had no idea what he was doing, would type just about anything he wanted just to get paid (at that time 7 bucks an hour was big bucks) and when i'd correct him, because it would look bad on me too (there were only two of us per shift in the small room connected to the ER), he'd flip me off behind my back and make faces.  It was complete nonsense, but it got me into a better company.
Our QA stay on the same page. Here's how. sm
We give feedback to our MTs on every report that comes through QA. The way our QA staff stays on the same page is to provide feedback to the MTs and we BCC to the other members of QA along with a BCC to the QA manager. We SEE what QA is telling the MTs and if we have a question, we ask amongst ourselves. We stay on the same page. That way, if an MT decides that they want to say a QA person told them something, we all know what was said.

It is a wonderful way to stay on the same page. It also is a great way to help the MTs.

We work with our MTs very closely.
Stay away from SoftScript
Please read further down this board.  There are MTs threatening law suits against this company. Not only are they rude, but they promise you the moon and once you start working for them don't deliver.  Many of these MTs are complaining about SS stealing their lines.  The line counter software shows how many lines you transcribe, but this is not jiving with the pay they are receiving.  The QA manager is a totally incompetent ass.  Just do yourself a favor and stay away.  There are many other companies out there who are good to work for, but not this one.
I have been there -just say "I'm so sorry" and stay quiet.
a cooked meal sounds great!!! A good time to do that is after the hoopla has died down and she is faced with emptiness. That is when most people think you should be *over it* - she won't ever be. If you are a close friend, send her a card on the child's next birthday and on the 1st anniversary of his/her death. The mother will love you for it. Mention the child in conversation whenever you can, but don't force it.

and p.s., you are entitled to your own feelings, so gripe about anything you want!
If it was me, I'd stay right where you're at.

$15 an hour is a pretty good thing to throw away for being paid on production, especially if you'll have three kids underfoot interrupting you every five minutes.

This problem is here to stay

Big businesses need these guys for cheap labor.  America is a money making whore, excuse the term.  The middle man will be cut out in no time, so there will only be dirt poor and filthy rich.  I walk outside my house and I wonder what country i'm in with all the different languages I hear.  I'm not prejudice by any means, just this country is so greedy and it doesn't take care of its own first, just bugs me. 

Stay there in India.
And the companies want to outsource their work to these freaks. They spell careers as "carriers". LOL. I guess they don't care about quality transcriptionists that's for sure.
Hope he gets to stay.
It won't be the same without him.
Why stay in a bad situation?

Sounds like YOU don't have work maybe. But as my own boss, if the company using my services, paying me on production, does'nt have work and thinks I am just going to sit there staring at a blank screen making no money, they are sadly mistaken.  I would be out of that situation faster than you could click a mouse.  I am in charge of my future, my paycheck, my family's welfare.  Why would I give some lousy company control over all of that, if they had no work for me and especially, no money for me. 

Oh yeah, it is here to stay!
I can't give it a rest because it is what I saw. I know it is hard to believe, but you have to. It is the truth. That is why she is the adminstrator of a forum. So she can stay behind closed doors and only go out occasionally.