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My PT recommended changing the height sm

Posted By: CL on 2006-01-16
In Reply to: Not used to working 40+ hours and my back is - breaking. Any helpful hints? nm

and the position of the chair a few times a day, getting up and walking around q hour, etc. Sitting for prolonged periods as we do causes us to "freeze" and get into trouble with aches and pains. It really does help to move around a bit.

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Actually it is the height of human
We are poisoning the earth and ourselves. Nature is amazing in her resilience, but do you know how long it takes the ecosystem to recover from fires and floods? Did you know that fire retardant has been found in human breast milk? What about the amount of pesticides and chemicals in the bloodstreams of infants and children? Denial is the only thing scarier than that. Do the research, it will open your eyes.
height of desk
But aren't most hotel desks sort of high? That is what I was wondering.  It does seem like a convenient options.  My husband travels a lot, and once the kids are both in college, I would like to start going with him some. 
chair height
Yes, I have a chair with adjustable height.  I have not tried moving it up or down yet.  Just tried working today with a firm pillow under my right arm.  I have a wireless keyboard and mouse to I am not hitting the keys hard at all.  I am noticing when I type, my left arm is extended straight out for the most part, but my right elbow is angle a bit out to the right.  When I type I can feel the muscles working up and down my right arm, so I know this must be causing friction on my elbow.  I am applying IcyHot as often as I can and that does seem to help, plus flexing my arm as much as I can in between typing.  It hurts right on the bone of my elbow, even to touch it.......so sore!!!
Height of hurricane season is Aug-Oct. (SM)
A friend booked a FL vacation during September. Told her don't do it.  She still did.  She had to cancel the entire vacation and "could not believe a hurricane hit."  I always told family/friends to never go anywhere in the Atlantic, Gulf, FL, islands during hurricane season but they book it anyway because it's cheaper, then they complain about hurricanes ruined their plans.  DUH!
Do you have a chair that you can adjust the height? nm
Keyboard height issues

It seems my keyboard is just a bit too high (or my chair is just a bit too low), as I am developing wrist extensor problems and ending up with a weak right hand, making it difficult to type.  (I have been massaging it, but can't keep on top of it.)

I tried putting the keyboard on my lap, which really helped my arms but caused more trouble with my legs (I have circulatory problems in my legs).  I also tried sitting on a pillow to boost me up higher, which, for some reason, also caused more trouble with my legs.

I have my keyboard on a tray below my desk and my chair at the highest it can go. - Any other ideas out there?  (Can't afford one of those cool desks where you can sort of recline and no husband to rig up something for me.) 

Thanks for any tips! 

baking powder or soda for height...nm
Make sure chair is at right height so you dont have to angle
What is recommended to study for CMT?
Exp. not required, but recommended.

Actually, AAMT has restructured the CMT exam, and MTs are no longer required to have 2 years of experience to sit for the exam.  However, they strongly recommended to have at least 2 years of experience in the acute arena. 

Check out the AAMT web site - they are working on a new certification exam that is geared more towards those new to the field and new graduates.  I believe this is the RMT credential already discussed here.  According to the web site, those eligible are recent graduates, MTs with less than 2 years' acute experience, and MTs working in single- or multi-specialty clinics.

Hope that helps....

Theresa Leppert, RHIT, CMT

Someone on this board recommended the...

Microsoft Comfort Curve keyboard.  I bought it last week and love it. 

I have also had a problem with RSI.  I went to a chiropractor and he fixed the problem.  I had a disk compression at C5-6, and it was causing my hands to hurt. 

I found that using an ergonomic keyboard, making sure that I sat with correct posture, getting chiropractic adjustments, and doing yoga and stretching all helped a great deal. 

Recommended Programs
I have a bachelors degree in Biology and one in Medical Technology. Right now I am working for a hematology instrumentation manufacturing company. Getting tired of the rat race and with the change of being "let go" at anytime (seeing a lot of people that started with me go) I am looking for something to back me up an hopefully work from home. How do you guys recommend one gets started as an MT? I went into the AAMT website and saw three educational programs recommended, M-Tec, Andrews, and Career Step. Are these good places to start? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Recommended Programs
Thanks for all the inputs, with everything I have heard, it seems that becoming an MT is a really bad idea. 
I thought HP was the best recommended on here.
Do you recommend a different brand then?
My son recommended it a few years ago
and that's all I use. Maybe you would find this interesting.
I use Gold Touch tented up. LOVE it!!! Adjust seat to right height and hands stay in
Yes, you can. However, it's recommended you have at least 2 years, preferably many more. nm
My doctor recommended against exercises. Said just use it.
25+ years ago, I'd have recommended it highly - sm
-- as it was recommended to me. It was an excellent fit for about 10-12 years, but then when managed healthcare came on scene, it not only ruined medical care as we once knew it, but also our livelihoods. Wish I'd followed my OTHER friend's advice, and become a court reporter. She's still working, still not outsourced to India, and she makes good money -- working about 3-4 days a week. Put her kids through college, etc.

Woulda', coulda', SHOULDA!
Avast also recommended by Consumer Reports.
Go through the posts on the New MT board to see what programs are recommended. nm
Search the new MT boards. 3 places recommended that
I recommended it and I stand by taht recommendation (sm)

The previous version (2002) still has some valuable information and the newest version, 2008, came out at the end of April/first part of May.  Not sure if you can get it on amazon.com but you can get it from their publisher rayve (google it or the book title) or you might be able to find it on half.com.


I got the 2002 version on interlibrary loan from my local library, read it cover to cover TWICE and it was a wealth of information!!!!  I strongly recommend this book to anyone thinking about starting out on their own.  :)

SoftFlex gloves come highly recommended
And a lumbar support too!!
Sealy Posturpedic chair recommended down this page under
Someone on MTD recommended a keyboard off of eBay that had the word "Ice" in its name. Haven&#
onesuite.com was recommended to me. Have not checked into yet but 2.5 cents sounds good.
How do they think that changing their name....sm
would matter diddly squat in the industry?  If their rationale for considering it is because no one knows who they are then changing the name isn't going to change that.  Seems silly that members and supports would be asked to pay for the costs of changing instead of focusing on marketing.

Well, after the reading and research I have done, I think I agree with one writer that stated that at the rate things are going now in the transcription world that in 5 years 80% of us will be out of jobs!!  Either through technology and/or offshoring!!

So, instead of waiting for another axe to fall on me...I have been chopped up enough by the MTSOs...... I am hoping to decorating cakes for a living!!!

I am waiting to hear back from a local bakery where I just interviewed. 

I have taken all the Wilton cake decorating courses and have done quite a few birthday, wedding, and mother's day cakes in the past...I definitely am not Duff or anyone at Charm City Cakes, but it is something I truly enjoy doing and it was my "therapy" that got me through a divorce about 10 years ago. 

So, I will be working 8 hours a day only, get immediate feed back, paid hourly and not production, and hopefully will be able to transition into this job permanently....

So, I hope and pray that I am wrong about the future of this profession for which I have worked so long and hard....but the stress now is almost unbearable and ain't worth it no more!!!        

Changing Course
That is a great idea. You might work into doing some on the side and go into business for weddings, etc. I had a friend who did that and make good money. She was in great demand too. If you get a business of your own, you would make a lot more and could probably do a lot of it sitting.
Probably not...just changing
I work on a VR account, and trust me, there will always need to be people behind it checking what the computer types.  There are just certain things that need an actual brain to decipher that a computer just cannot pick up. 
Oh, I am not changing what I said
because again, have not seen it ever used with lung.
Oncology because of the always changing...sm
meds. And I have to admit, though I have done ortho a lot in the past and know it well, I just don't like it.
Anyone know anything about changing sim on cell?
Can you remove sim card on Sprint phone and put in a T-mobile?  Please help if you can for I am a "technically challenged MT."
We are changing the company.
Watch and see.  And all your rage and CAPS can't change that.  The lawsuits, the SEC, the shareholders, the clients.  We are all changing the company. 
Changing Careers
I absolutely LOVE medical transcription work. It is the best kind of work for me. I have always, up until five years ago, made plenty of money to support my family (I am a single 45 year old mom).

However, I have become very scared. So, I have 80% decided that I have to go back to school and start over. It makes me sick, but I can't watch my pay decrease every year like this.

I really, really, really want to continue MT work, but it just doesn't feel secure for me anymore.

AND - changing careers at my age is also scary, but I have a friend who did it at 50-something years old, so I guess I can, too.
Who's changing the subject?
and so am I.

Try to keep up.
This is changing the subject a bit, but.....

What about birds?  If people had a bird that they had in a cage, and not let FLY for exercise, is that a bad pet-owner?  Most bird owners that I know of, have birds in a cage and they let their birds poo in a cage on the paper in the bottom of the cage. 

What about cats?  Cats are domesticated animals just like dogs and some people NEVER let their cats go outside.  They let their cats do their business in a litter box. 

I just don't see any difference in this and using the potty pads, and like I said, I have used potty pads with previous dogs I have had.  They do not smell if you pick up the dirty pad right away, which I do when at all possible.  It's the dog hiking his leg on the furniture which is NOT acceptable to me and I agree--it stinks and I have a terrible problem going on with this---I try to clean it up as soon as I can, but he is definitely ruining my floors and thus why I was asking for advice on the hiking of the leg. We need new floors (carpet) in our house anyway and we are planning on replacing them soon but I need to get the dog re-trained somehow before we get the new flooring or else I'll still be in the same boat I'm in now.  I've just got to figure out how to retrain him back to the potty pads.  Wish me luck!

Have a nice day!

Jen, seriously, the face of MT is changing. sm
Get that degree.  Trust me on this.  Yes, it's nice sitting home in jammies with the kids.  I did it a lot of years, but I made way more money then than now.  Things are changing drastically and fast in this field.  Get the degree.
You are changing your position.
I breed Yorkies and was in the pet care business for over 30 years.  Of course, you love your pets and they have a place in your family but you do not let a dog growl at you, as you stated.  One of your original posts you said if a dog growled or bit, oh well, dogs have bad days, too.  That gives a very different impression than the one you are trying to make now.
changing the subject a bit . . .

Does anyone know of a really good hair product for the "frizzies" ?

With summer coming, I'm dreading my hair curling and frizzing with the heat and humidity, have tried a lot of products without success.  Any tried and true methods? thank you  in advance ! 

So what are they changing it to? The Anal
Not sure if changing jobs will help...

There are very few places now that have no ESL doctors.  When I changed jobs last November I thought I would lose my mind because there are so many ESLs on the accounts, but honestly after getting the same ones over and over, they should get easier.  I actually miss the days when I was just starting out getting 5 cpl typing nothing but ER reports.  Yeah, it got boring sometimes, but I was bringing in more money then than I am now making 8.5 cpl.  Ah, the good ole days!

Changing jobs ....
I'm wanting to buy my first house this spring.  Ive been working at home for the same national for the past 3 years.  I have been an MT FT for 9 years.  Does switching jobs really affect your credit poorly?  I think I could be making a lot more money, if I changed companies, but Im afraid it will hurt me being at a new job and trying to buy a house.  I have also heard that as long as you are in the same line of work, it won't matter...Any insight on this?
changing jobs

If you are an IC, it would not matter as you do not have to say "who" you work for - just prove your income.

and the QA people wonder why we ever get anything right. It is always changing.
Changing careers

I have been an MT my entire life.   I had no formal training - just had a knack for it and always had a job doing transcription.  I was sought out many times. However back about 1993 I started hearing rumors about voice recognition. I at that time decided to go to school and get a nursing degree as I wanted to stay in healthcare. I obtained my LPN- RN - then BSN in 1999.   Took me awhile but I did it.  Since that time I have done some coding, worked as a nurse and been promoted to transcription supervisor in 2000.  I also teach transcription at our local college.  Since I have such a broad range of experiences in all the things you are looking at I would suggest nursing - you are going to get the most valuable education in that field - with many opportunities.   If you don't like it you would have the bulk of your education and could easily slip int to coding or transcription.  Just my opinion.

changing email

Hi Moderator:

Can you please direct me how to enter my new email addy?  Either on line and send it to me at my new one? or what? Thanks so much


The MT's are now the editors. Everyone changing to SR. SM
They are calling MTs "editors" for doing SR. They are also hiring like crazy, since they predict many new "editors" will quit because of cut in pay.
changing careers

It seems a lot of people are feeling the same crunch.  I have been an MT for 10 years  I too used to have a excellent hourly plus incentive with great bennies in-house jobs which was outsourced to an Indian Company. I worked from home and make ok. Now it's hard to even find a decent line count with benefits at all. I am working as an IC at 9 cpl and no bennies. As a single Mother I simply cannot do this anymore.  There companies who offer employee status and bennies but the line rates are so low or they want you to work 2nd or 3rd shift and with my family situation this is not possible.

I too am making a career change plans.  It seems that nursing is all the rage with the high paying jobs and plenty of them. But as a former nursing student years ago before MT I know it's not for me.  Too high pressure and the bullying in nursing school is unbelievable as is the 2 year committment to school full time.

I decided to try Assocaites degree Accounting/CIS. I hope to enter as a clerk or bookkeeper and work towards the Bachelors degree once working as a clerk.  In the meantime I have been brushing up on Powerpoint, Excel, etc and applying for secretarial and admn assistant jobs. 

 I had considered medical billing but I am somewhat soured on the healthcare system and outsourcing.  I figured Accounting is much broader and can work for more than one industry, but have seen accounting positions in healthcare systems too. 

I wondered if people would share what fields they were considering.

For new MTs... the field IS dying between VR contsantly improving and outsourcing/offshoring our jobs are dwindling as are the pay and benefits.  If you are a married-stay-at-home type of Mom with luxury of a second income and your husband's benefits MT might still be ok for a little extra money on the side.  But for anyone trying to support either themselves or their family on MT -- forget it.   Its a good part-time Mom job these days and that is about it. 

Sad.  There are many excellent and quality MTs who have a ton of knowledge.  I wondered how they intended to transfer skills to another profression.  The writing is on the wall.  I hope to be out in 2-1/2 years tops. 




The field is changing, Just Me, and SM
those whose incomes are dropping drastically are either unable or unwilling to change with it. The unables have my sincere sympathy; but in any case, don't make the mistake of basing your decisiosn on those who are on the way out. If your talents suit the work you'll end up doing over time, whatever that turns out to be (you won't be doing straight transcribing, though), you'll make a decent middle-class wage appropriate to a skilled clerical worker. Which is what we are. If the changes lead you to advance your secondary education and move to a higher skill level, well, hopefully you'll make even more. Best wishes.