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My Yorkie would not touch Iams

Posted By: Chelle on 2006-03-10
In Reply to: fellow animal lovers/MTs - tracy

I bought my 5.5 lb yorkie Iams and he would not eat it. At one year old he got hemorhagic gastritis a few weeks ago and almost died so now he eats Purina vet formula for GI problems.

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Gidget (female Maltese/Yorkie dog) and Buster (male Yorkie) -nm
That's all my dogs have ever eaten. I didn't know about the cruelty in testing? Is that it? I guess they will get pretty hungry, but will eventually eat something new.
I never buy Iams and have heard
many other quality brands out there without contributing to animal cruelty.  DONT BUY THAT BRAND
How soft is the touch, is it a muffled sound (microsoft used to make a very soft touch keyboard.
You can't buy it anymore and I hate the clacky ones. I think a really soft one sounds muffled when you hit the key. Thanks
Good advice...Iams is junk food anymore....
It used to be good, but it's gone by way of most of the rest of them...  Anything that can be purchased in a grocery store is garbage.  I recommend Wellness, Innova, or California Natural.  Only pet stores stock premium dog foods.  However, Labs and GAS seem to go hand in hand, having owned 2 of them.  Rice and some boiled chicken mixed with a good healthy kibble might help. 
Anyone have a Yorkie?
I am about to buy a Yorkie. I used to have a shihtzu and fell in love with my uncle's girlfriend's yorkies. I have wanted another dog since my pooh dog laid to rest almost 6 years ago, but it never happened. I have lived in apartments for several years where no pets were allowed or could not afford it after my divorce. I am very excited. Anyone have one that can offer me advice?
Hi:  I used to have a yorkie and had good friends who breeded them.  They are very lovable, but yappy dog, bark at everything.  That is the only thing I have ever noticed.
I have a 4-5 pound yorkie. He turned one today!
Yorkie advice
I breed and sell yorkies for pets.  I tell people they will grow up to be what you let them be.  Like raising kids, if you let them get away with brattish behaviour such as nipping, barking, obnoxious behavior, that is the kind of dog you will end up with.  I also tell people, just because they are little doesn't mean they shouldnt be disciplined.  My dogs wear anti bark collars outside if they won't hush so they dont disturb the neighbors.  But frankly, everyone that comes to see pups, remark on how quiet the adults are but that is because they are not allowed to be yappers.  Also, use a training crate and be consistant.  I tell folks a couple of weeks now of doing the work of housebreaking, will get you a dog you can trust for many years. I have to get back to work for now,  Good Luck
Shelties rule!! I have 9 yo Sheltie, a Yorkie, cocker spaniel, and a chihuahua. nm
How does one get in touch with you?nm

MD in Touch
Anyone familiar with this platform who would care to share pros and cons of it.  Are you able to produce a good line count, is it easy to learn, can you use PC ShortHand Expander with it?  Thanks for your input.
It's the only thing I will touch. :) nm
If other have "dull" touch, do you mean this has a ...sm
soft, easy touch?  Old lexmark keyboards were extremely soft to the touch which I loved.  Just can't find that anymore.  Is that how this one is?
touch screens
Yes, they do exist. I bought an HP Touchsmart (computer/touch screen monitor in one) for the same reason you are interested in touch screens, and my pain then moved from my wrist/hand to my shoulder, so I don't really recommend this myself.

What has helped me is the input device I purchased at about the same time. It is called an AlphaGrip (link below), and what drew me to it is the fact that the mouse is right at the tip of your thumbs while you're typing. It took a little getting used to, but has been well worth it and fairly easy to transition. I now transcribe from my easychair, reclined the entire time.

Check it out!


Proof of how out of touch they are with the average MT

If ever there was proof of how out of touch AAMT is with the everyday life of the average MT, the annual meeting in Honolulu is it.  First of all, the economy is pretty much in the toilet and airfare has gone up, as has everything else.  Well, every has gone up except our wages.  My employer, a hospital, has very little money in the budget to share with everyone in medical records for educational activities.  The hospital sure wouldn't pay the $3000 bucks, or whatever the total cost is, to send any of us to Honolulu.  If I were to pay out of pocket to go, why go to the tropics in September and spend the time in windowless hotel ballrooms, attending educational sessions?

How much farther out of the way for the average MT could the meeting be?  Bangalore or Bombay?

If keyboard is old, a new one might not be as stiff to touch. nm
There are keyboards that have a touch pad incorporated
in them.  I think I've seen them with a tracker ball too.  
Yes-- I have an Adesso with a built-in touch pad
It works very well for me-- you don't have to move your hand that far to use it. It is strange at first, but once you get used to it, you will love it.
My feet don't touch the ground so I
When I sit in my chair, my feet don't even touch the ground, because I need my chair height to be such that I am not looking up at the screen.

I have big platform sandals that I use. They are great. One on each foot. You can move your feet around, but they are nice and high from the ground, like a movable foot stool.

GOODCO could you tell me how to get in touch with GTN and keystrokes. sm
I also am looking for a good company to go with for IC status. Thank you I would really appreciate it. Have a good day.
Not ONE of my 3 kids would touch that stuff.
Gold touch keyboards
I have had mine for about a year now and I will never use any other kind.  The touch on these keyboards are wonderful!  You can't go wrong with a Gold touch.
Yes, good luck getting in touch with
anyone at MQ. I never got my W2 from them. The IRS sent them a notice to respond in 10 days and a possible fine but still nothing.
oh you guys are so far out of touch with nature...

you think the whole world is Disneyized. You think the male buck stands over the baby deer and protects it, on his wife's behalf. You think Simba's daddy looks for him when lost. Nature is nasty and completely insensitive to feelings. The law is survival of the fittest. Even daddy seals come in and slaughter babies when they find out a rival fathered them. But go on...dream on your pretty little dreams. I notice the only babies ever really championed for are the cute fuzzy ones...go cuddle a rattlesnake, why doncha!

oh and ps I was not original poster who put this controversy on the board, now was I?


I'm 48. I use to blog, to stay in touch with
others with similar interests, to share pictures, to keep an eye on what my older teens and their friends are doing (yes, they know and comment me all the time). Try it. You might just discover that you might gain an appreciation for something new.
The Best, Soft, Air-touch Keyboard Around
is there a super-light touch
keyboard that is also split and (hope upon hope) with a rise in the middle like the MS ones?
than trying to use laptop keyboard and touch pad.
Kinesis has a good touch.
How to get in touch with social security?
Went by the office this morning, unbelievable, just wanted to set up an appt but too many waiting. I tried to find the web site but had no luck therel. I have heard you can set up an appt that way, just need to know where to look. TIA.
light touch keyboard
I have a logitech DiNovo.l  It is pretty expensive but it is small, flat and makes hardly any noise.  The only draw back is that it comes with a separate number key pad.  The key pad is not connected to the keyboard.  I love this keyboard with my laptap. It is the same size as my laptop and fits flat in my laptop case so I can take it with me anywhere. 
You can buy USB touch pads on E-Bay, usually cheap.
And, speaking of the personal touch,
since I was a legal secretary, I type his business and personal letters and get paid the same line count. There is a chair in the doctor's office where we make the exchange everyday - I pick up the tapes and patient list from that chair and he picks up the transcribed reports from that same chair. We have been doing it this way since the beginning and it works very well. We are just comfortable with each other. And, yes, I count my blessings everyday.
I'm with you, Peg. I hated EMDAT. I will never touch
Demographics weren't filled in and had to look up every doctor name/address, and sorry, but the spellcheck was horrid. Even with the "setup" the company gave me that was supposed to correct it, it was the worst I've ever seen. Please, Rosey, do not make such broad statements and expect everyone to love something merely because you do. A lot depends on how the company maintains their platform. Have you ever worked on any other platforms? EMDAT is one of the most cumbersome programs out there so I doubt you've had much experience with more sophisticated platforms.
We don't touch bodily fluids

Hair dressers go for further education to keep up with the trends.  The trends for us are in the dictation.  It's do or die.  We don't have to wait and see what's new, it's right there every day in each dictation, i.e., new meds, new studies, new information. 

If we require credentialing, then every one in the medical field including receptionists and file clerks in the medical records department should require credentialing since we all handle confidential medical information.

advil doesnt touch mine
I used to get this all the time it drove me crazy.  It felt like a constant burning band.  I was hold my arms up by my neck and shoulder.  Is there anyway you can find something to support your arms while you type?  I bought a chair with arms, and i put a 2 x 4 board across the arms and rest my elbows on that and let my fingers do the work, not my neck.  I also have a split keyboard.  When the pain was severe, like yours, I would get up and put a warm wash cloth and sort of massage it into my neck every couple of hours while stretching, and then apply some icy hot so it really penetrated into it.  As a poster stated, xanax works and anything that relaxes the muscles, Soma, or Flexeril, ativan,  buspar (antianxiety), on top of the massage, heat n stretches.  I also cut out the coffee and sugar because i'm an anxious person and I clench constantly.  That should get you through until you find away to rest the arms while working.  I know with this job, one part of our body will suffer, either arms, wrists or hand joints, even neck and shoulder.  I wish they'd invent something to take the strain off of every muscle for us gals who have to sit here day after day!  Anyways, I feel your pain, hang in there.
Or completely immature and out of touch with reality
Didn't touch my appetite. None of those things do. nm
I need a very soft touch keyboard. Any suggestions?
I bought an expensive (over $200) 3 piece comfort keyboard that you can position the sections anywhere you want.  That feature is nice, but to me the pressure you need on the keys is too muHIS IS A for this particular model.  This is the cause of most of my pain.  Anyone know of a very light touch keyboard?  TIA
Something else about the Gold Touch.(Should I be getting a kick back from them?)
Something else about the Gold Touch.  I have my chair positioned so hands do not point up or down. I try to keep them as neutral as possible.  I also make sure my arms are resting on the armrests, so I am not using any strain/tension to keep them in place and even. I rest one arm on a little pillow wedged at my side since my short little arms don't rest on the arm rests in a comfortable position for me.  Then I fly.  I hardly have to move my hands at all, the fingers do the typing, so to speak. lol. 
the lightest touch i've every found
was the Kinesis -- they are not cheap but man, i wish i would have found them years ago. Some have said before that the Goldtouch keyboards have a good touch too.
Keyboard with an extra soft touch?
I am dealing with repetitive stress injury and can only type about 1 hour a day. Does anyone have a brand name keyboard that has a particularly soft touch to it? I am hoping changing to a very gentle keyboard might get me another few hours per week.
The lighter touch the keyboard the faster
you're likely to type.   A stiff keyboard tires your wrists and takes more energy, but it is you that need to learn to type faster/smarter.  Set your dictation speed up a little and try to keep up.  I have mine on 105 99.9% of the time, except when I get those dictators who are so fast that you hoping slowing down the speed will help.  You also need to use macros and get a word Expander and use it as much as possible.   As the saying goes you need to work smarter not harder. 
Deborah's Touch, please email the Administrator regarding
But it clicks? Usually this means not a light touch? Thanks
Could you expound?
Help, has anyone heard of or dealt with Deborah's Touch

Has anyone heard of Deborah's Touch in Arizona? I bought her course and finished it but cannot get her to okay my homework so I can test, and get a completion certificate. Has anyone been able to get results from this agency? Very frustrating and not what I was told when I paid for the course! Any ideas or guidance?

touch screen - trackball mouse
I transcribe for an orthopaedic MD/surgeon, and he always suggests to patients with carpal tunnel problems to use a trackball mouse instead of the standard.  Just a thought if the other good ideas don't work out.
I have always had my 'blues' spells, touch of dysthymia
usually around season changes as you seem to...

what used to help me through them was to remember, don't let the highs get too high or the lows too low. Know what I mean?

when I used to get like this I would tell myself okay, go with it for a couple of days but then I would snap out of it every time.

when I was single, it was a time to pamper myself, take care of myself.

of course, once menopause hit all the rules changed, and that is another long story...

extra doses vitamin D have SAVED me because where I live there tends to be a lack of sunshine the larger part of the year.

this is just from my own experience having had this my entire life...
Personally, I wouldn't touch an hourly rate of under 18.00.

Didn't take long at all, maybe a day or two. I love my Gold Touch.