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My niece is getting married later this month BUT they are

Posted By: me on 2005-08-16
In Reply to:

actually only throwing themselves an engagement party as their BIG wedding and reception will be next year.  They are really getting married this year, I wanted that clear, they just have to save for their big fairy tale wedding.  Anyway, we're invited to this little ceremony this year along with the "engagement" party.  What is an appropriate gift for this kind of occasion?  I'm not a cheapo but want something appropriate as next year are the big doings and of course the gift then should be bigger and nicer, or go with the nice gift now and the appropriate 1-year anniversary gift next year.  Any ideas ladies or gents?  Thanks.

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I pay $35/month through Vonage for unlimited LD. Local phone co. charges $50/month. NM
I was married at 21, been happily married for 18 years now.
Have 2 teens, 16 and 13. Love my soul mate!
My niece does this
My 14 year old niece does this to me, I finally blocked her from my incoming list and she doesn't know the difference.
get yourself on the phone now. your niece will thank you later. MUCH later probably, but oh well.
I wish my niece would read this...
she has a Sheltie that does NOTHING BUT BARK, at every pin drop, every car that goes by, every shadow that passes.  It truly is enough to drive you nuts.
Would your niece be interested ...sm
in talking with one of the agencies that works with pregnant women that really goes in depth with her about the options? If you know anyone who had an abortion try to have her talk to them because I've not known any woman who had one that didn't wonder about the baby and what the child may have been like if they hadn't aborted it, and despite what the abortion doctors try to say - it is a surgical procedure and ends the life of a child and there are emotional implications from that. She should also talk with women who have given up a child for adoption as well. If she's serious about not wanting to keep the child then she should consider adoption and realize that there are resources out there to help her through the pregnancy, including the pregnancy bills, and alternatives that will give the child to a loving home instead of a dumpster.
pregnant niece
I had a similar situation and my niece was 19 at the time. She was not sleeping around, was with 1 guy but not using OCP or anything else because it was her sexual relationship and she thought she "couldn't get pregnant." She had sex ed and was told better, but apparently she listened to her stupid friends instead of her teachers.

I'm a little more hardened than you - I would have told her that I was taking her advice and minding my own business.

I'm not opposed to abortion. I think it is much more of a sin to bring a child into the world when you cannot support s/he and do not love s/he unconditionally.

Your niece made a mistake, a big one, but she should not have to forfeit her chance at a life because of a sexual encounter. If she can't remember to take the pill, she needs to get a patch. But she should be using a barrier method of some kind to prevent STDs.

The fact that she is not responsible enough to use birth control should be a clue that she is not responsible enough to raise a child.
My niece is a product of IVF (sm)
I remember only too well my sister-in-law's tears as she and my brother-in-law (husband's brother) struggled to have their first child.  Finally, they tried IVF and had their first daughter, my niece and my Godchild.  She just made her First Communion a couple of weeks ago.  They had two more girls after her, both through IVF.  (They are 7, 5, and 3).  I know those 3 little girls are so adored.  Mom and dad are going to be paying that debt down for quite a while, but I know that they, and I'm sure everyone who has gone through the same, will say that it was worth it.
WRONG - my niece does it and you can
only have so many parties before your friends and/or relatives are ready to choke you.  LOL.  It's really a pyramid and good if you get in at the beginning.  Not a good time to sell it now - it will be a thing of the past very soon.
I really have to clarify that my niece..sm
really isn't the kind of girl who would send anything suggestive. 
I despise ain't! My niece says it sometimes and
She's way too smart to talk like that, and my kids spend a lot of time with her, and now I've heard them say it a few times too.  grrrrr.  I'll have to tell them that little riddle - they'll love that!
It's rough. I have a niece who's having trouble. sm

The sad part about being a newbie is all the hype the MT schools throw at you about "You can work at home!  You can make $40,000 a year!, blah, blah, blah!"

I have a niece going through the same thing.  She paid for school, graduated with top honors and couldn't find a thing for months.

What a lot of the MT schools don't tell you is about the real world. The big companies are looking for turnaround time and making money. "Newbies" (and by the way I hate that word) are a risk. 

I just started working at home after 15 years in the medical field, but had to start  as a receptionist after spending 8 years as a legal secretary/paralegal. It didn't take long for the docs to realize that I could spell and I could type and I offered to try and type their reports. With a lot of help from the docs I found I loved doing MT. I took on a part-time MT at home job at nights 1 1/2 years ago for a local person, took a medical terminology class and then took the "plunge."

So anyway, (sorry to go on so long), my advice to you is to try to find something locally, if you can, even just signing patients in at a local hospital part time and offer your MT knowledge and typing ability to human resources.  Once you have even 6 months of experience, I'm sure you will be taken more seriously.

My niece did eventually find part time work and is working at home, but she's getting paid 5 cents a line.

Best of luck to you.


A co-worker of my niece took in a family
When she went to work, they cleaned her out, including her kitchen utensils!!!
My niece was born at 4:16 this morning.

My sister in law gave birth to my niece at 4:16 this morning and I am sure that people will raise their eyebrows everytime she tells someone her DOB. 

my niece is an ultrasound tech and has sm
been for about 8-9 years. When she went in there was a shortage of ultrasound techs (kind of like the MT profession). I think her schooling was 2 years. She had to take some pre-requisite stuff that she didn't have in highschool. She makes great money. But she told me that there is getting to be an overabundance of US techs now. Use to be you had to go through the whole radiology program just to even think about being an ultrasound tech. Because of the shortage they took the US tech out of the radiology program and started programs independently. I am wondering if US is going to go the way of MT and there will be so many of them and not enough jobs.

On the positive side of it, they have many options available. There are traveling US techs that go from state to state or just facility to facility. Go for it!
My niece was involved in a similar situation..sm
This man, my father-in-law, her grandfather recently grabbed her breast and butt and tried to kiss her. We all thought he was a saint and could do no wrong. I find it hard to believe that your stepfather just started this behavior. He may have done things like this before. I told my niece to tell her grandmother. It did not go over well but in the end, she believed her granddaughter. She chose to stay with this jerk, but she also still has a relationship with her granddaughter. The granddaughter does not go over there anymore but grandma goes to see her. We've warned other family members to stay away. Later, it came out that he fondled his stepdaughter when she was 14. We have also found pictures of a neighbor in her bikini on his computer. My niece was 25 when this happened. The incident with the stepdaughter was 25 years ago. That's why you should be very careful about your stepfather. I would just tell your mother and stay away from your stepfather. Don't be afraid of the person with the big mouth. This shouldn't be kept a secret. Tell everyone. My husband's family wants to hide this from everyone because they'll think badly of the grandfather. Too bad for him. I've told everyone who will listen. He at least admitted to it. I think everyone who comes in contact with him should be aware that he's a pervert. I wouldn't even talk to the stepfather. Just stay away from him. Good luck in what ever you choose.
I would think you'd make lots of money. My niece had her sm

eyelids and eyebrows done a few years ago, and I don't know what the final cost was, but the DOWN PAYMENT was $800!!! 

Good luck! 

I have a niece studing to be a PA. I told her to call me when she starts dictating sm
I told her to be sure to ENUNCIATE, spell difficult names. I hope that will give us one PA that will be clear. LOL
M-TEC has a Basic program (12 month) and a Premier program (18 month). To WAH, you should take the P
how old were you when you got married? sm
I was...18! Wow, now that seems SOOO young! Been married though, to the same man for 18 years! Just a curious question!
Married at 24.
Married for 18 years and going strong.
Married at 18, again at 34
I was married (pregnant) at 18, had two kids and divorced at 30.  Then I remarried at 34, having learned a lot about what I wanted and didn't want in a mate, and two more kids and almost 19 years later we're still going very, very strong, still making goals and achieving them.  Been working at home as an MT since our 14 year old daughter was born, and that's been absolutely crucial, as we're all homebodies. 
I never said I was married,
I am only into stealing husbands.
I was 26, married 5 yrs, before I had first NEW car. nm
I used to be married to
then, got divorced (another long story unto itself), but he wouldn't "let" me do anything. He was a real dictator and was very condescending and just basically not a nice person. Of course, he wasn't like that when we were dating. Anyway, I have remarried and my husband is wonderful. He really is one of the best guys I've ever known. He loves his kids and looks forward to me going off somewhere (shopping, visiting my sister, etc.) so he can have the boys to himself; it's daddy/kids play time.

I was so used to asking my first husband's permission to do things that every now and then I slip up and ask my husband now, and he gets offended when I ask him for permission! He can't believe my first husband was that kind of person. Just had to share this with y'all. My best friend wants to clone him.
yes, married 25 yr now
With the assumptions you gave, I would -- we are all susceptible to temptation. Our marriage had a breach of trust and that was a tremendous blow. But 10 yr later, we are happier than ever. It's a slow deliberate road back to a sound relationship -- but committment is the name of the game, isn't it? I'm glad I stuck it out.
Every day since I got married.
married at 27; am still, 23 years later.
18 here. Graduated and then married
two weeks later, still with the same man 16 years later.
Married at 19, same man for 23 years

18 and still married 27 years later. nm

24 - married 8 years on 08-09
24, married 26 years now.
He was 27.  We only dated 7 months.  Although both knew what we wanted, and did not hesitate, I would recommend a longer dating period.  We went into it with the idea that divorce was not an option.  I know that everyone's situation is different.  My brother and sister are each on their fourth go around.  But people just don't think about marriage in the same way that they used to. 
24, will be married 18 years on 10/3/05. nm
why are they getting married this year (sm)

and having their "fairy tale wedding" next year?  Why not just wait and do the whole marriage thing next year, but have an engagement party this year? 

I know it's probably personal but hey, you brought it up!

After being married for almost 19 years....its even better!

My husband and I have been  married for almost 19 years and our sex is better now than it ever has been and there is no downloaded porn involved.  4 times a week after being married for almost 19 years is a good thing.  But for the others remember its not the quantity but the quality that should count. 

What makes you think that your love life has to fizzle just because you are married so long?????

Been married 29 yrs, get more now than ever but I say it took me 18 yrs to train to where he knows
Yep, even though she's grown and married
, he still gets it anytime he wants it. The molestation has never stopped.
Why you're still married! sm
Hang onto this one, girl! Hearts of gold shine through. :)
Married or adopted?
...not to stir the pot, but if you are married it should be a compromise. If in the end your furthering your education benefits you both, can't see how he could object. Try sitting down and showing the pros to this side of the coin. If he does not budge, well, go any way. Ask friends to help with the babysitting.

P.S. - he's WRONG ABOUT OUTSOURCING. The sky's the limit here - nothing will stop outsourcing as long as there are HUGE profits to be made.
I was married to a guy like that once. I divorced him.
Most selfish, insensitive, clueless human being on planet earth. Good riddance.
28/f..married with no kids yet..nm
33/F/married/no kids. nm
33, married with 3 kids...
Ages 12, 10, and 8... Thankfully they are in school most of the time I transcribe... Otherwise, I get NOTHING done... ;o)
Are they getting married in a church?
Do you have a preacher or someone he could speak with at your church? I will pray for you. I am so sorry you are going through this. What a mess. She'll be his "first divorce" as they say.
They're not married yet - NM
Married almost 20 years

My first gut reaction would be NO, but it would depend on the circumstances. I think I would have a very hard time trusting him again and forget about the STDs that could be involved.  OMG.  So, I guess. I might be able to forgive him but the marriage would probably be over.

Unhappily married?
Either leave or call Dr. Phil. Better yet, phone a friend. Life is too short to stay in a bad relationship, whether married or not. There is always someone out there who will appreciate you. Too many factors in bad marriages. Do you bring it on yourself, do you feel sorry for yourself, or is he/she really that awful. I stopped trying to figure out why things change from good to bad after time passes by. If you're not happy, get out. That simple. Kids do not benefit in bad relationships. Actually, they suffer the most because they have to deal with this ordeal their entire adulthood. Who do we spend Christmas with this year. Let's see, we went to dad's last year or mom's. Then there is the in-laws. The only person I feel for living in bad relationships is the child or children. Parents move on. Children have complicated lives for the rest of their lives, not to mention listening to mom and dad talk awful about each other. Abuse.......I will not tolerate - verbally or mentally. My mom left my dad for an abusive alcoholic. What a joke. When he passed, she talked about him as if he were a saint. My brother and I went like 15 years w/o seeing her. One, she moved to AZ and had another child with this man. Two, he beat on her, cheat on her and she was always nervous around him. We just decided that until she either left him or he passed away, we would not be subjected to that type of life. Point being, not all fathers are to blame. I could not imagine not seeing my children for 15 to 20 years. We worked hard for anything and everything we ever wanted in life. My half-sister, she is a spoiled snot, cannot keep a job for more than 2 months, and still lives at home at the age of 27. I had to decide on dwelling about this or moving on and living my own life. Guess what I chose, moving on. Again, the child suffers more than the adult.
married since 03 and pregnant now sm
and totally on the way out the door. He is 6 years younger than me, lazy, doesn't know how to keep a job, is immature. Can't handle it. Love him but just can't do it on my own.
Get your own accounts.  Not married, work for single to dual office physicians.  Not going for that "ONE BIG" account but several that add up to that one big account.  I work 30 to 32 hours per week with pick up and delivery, printing time all counted in.  So it is out there, just gotta keep looking.  As for EMR - have been asked -- did not seek out -- to do their EMR and you can hook into the EMR programs at home and do not need to work in the office.  So the possibilities are there just gotta be a little creative and work smart.   So if your accounts decide to go for EMR show them how much time YOU can save them by doing the dictation still.   After a while the docs hated doing it and dictated on their way home, send the dictation digitally, you transcribe and can send them over to be downloaded or you can go in and load them into the charts.    Patti  PS typing without my glasses please 'cuse any goofs. 
I was married to a Frenchman for 12 yrs
his accent is still so very thick, it's still very difficult to understand him....and I agree, french dictators are with the worst/most difficult accent!!