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My number 1 recommendation is the Medical Phrase Index by Lorenzini sm

Posted By: Ortho MT on 2008-04-21
In Reply to: Best reference books to get - Tarah

and would also recommend Stedman's Abbreviations and Labs - these are all more generic since you are doing a variety. It would be best if you could eventually get Stedman's Cardio and other specialities...but I highly recommend Medical Phrase Index for newer transcriptionists - it helped me tremendously in the beginning

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Medical Phrase Index by Lorenzini...nm
Stedman's phrase book vs. Medical Phrase Index? sm
I'm debating between the newest edition of the MPI versus the Stedman's phrase book. Have had experience with the MPI, but not the Stedman's one. Is Stedman's worth it?
Medical Phrase Index. nm
Medical Phrase Index - priceless
PMIC Medical Phrase Index by (sm)

Jean A. Lorenzini & Laura Lorenzini Ley.  The fifth edition is a burgundy hardback.  It used to be navy blue years ago.  See link for a pic.  I have this and love it!!!!! 


Medical Phrase Index is a necessity. sm
It is the easiest to use, covers many many words from many specialities, and I use mine every day.
As far as specialties, Stedman's makes reference books for pretty much every speciality.
Also, I use my Stedman's Medical&Surgical words a lot even though I'm not doing surgery charts; you'd be amazed how much you need to know just for a patient's past history!
I prefer the Drake&Drake Pharmaceutical Word Book, but everybody has their own preferences for drug references.
I second the Medical Phrase Index, best reference I had when I started out, NM
Not to change the subject.. but in Medical Phrase Index, debride doesn't have an accent mark. nm
Anyone have a med phrase index book for sale?
I'm signed up with Andrews and am quite a ways into it but they still haven't sent the Lorenzini Medical Phrase Index, and I'm tired of waiting.  Tired of them not sending back tests, too.  Wish I had gone to M-Tec now.
They are newbies! They can built a Medical Phrase book
buy entering the answers given on the word help board into the
'Medical Phrase Index.'

They will learn.

Isn't it the goal, last not least to facilitate the job?

Why do we use calculators, computers, kitchen appliances that facilitate out work?

This is called evolution!
Most medical records contain YOUR phone number,
frequently SS# & other financial information. Plus HMO information as well. For those reasons alone, I don't want MY medical reports typed offshore.

Not to mention all the mistakes!
I assume you are assigned number much like a license number that can be verified through the AAMT.

Beyond that, I have no idea.

Gold touch makes a keyboard without number pad. Also the evoluent keyboard has the number pad on th
It is a very small keyboard and has laptop keys which are very quiet and light to the touch.  Almost no noise.
My recommendation
It sounds like maybe you need a little boost of confidence technically. Your local community college, library, etc., will offer basic computer courses.
My recommendation - sm
J.K Lasser's Small Business tax guide.  It explains deductibles in plain English and gives you all the details on how you are or are not eligible for the deduction etc.  I have used it many times over and have found many deductions I didn't know about.  I also have the 1001 deductions and tax breaks for personal deductions....very nice.  (As an IC I end up paying less than i would as an employee after deductions)

I would highly recommend not going with book form but to the electronic form.  It is so much better and so time saving.  I use Quick-Look Electronic.  You can order it on Stedman's site or you might try E-Bay.

passing along a recommendation

My husband learned from an associate of a program called Ewido, that is supposed to beat the pants off all other spyware products. I tried it against others on my system:  Spy Sweeper, Spy Bot, and Spy Blaster. Ran all three first and then put Ewido through the paces. Ewido still found 7 more infected areas before it removed them.

You can try the product for free before you purchase it ($30). For anyone who is interested:   http://www.ewido.net/en/

On-Line course recommendation
I am graduate of Career Step and I felt that the program was very good. Although, nothig can prepare you for "hearing" the words correctly. The only thing I qould tell you is to find someone that is a Transcriptionist and really listen ALOT to the dictation. As far as the job market: There are alot of jobs..... for people with alot of experience. I am working for free right now and I am about to try to get a job doing what I used to do. Dental Assisting. Either that or finish my Respiratory Therapy degree.

Good Luck to you in whatever you choose to do.
Monitor recommendation
My monitor is starting to go, and I have to replace it. Anyone have any recommendations? I'm considering a flat-screen to better maximize my limited desk space. Anyone use one?
I second that recommendation. also, no itch. nm
I do have a recommendation. The Phillips comes with the ability

to download twice and I would make sure I set that up.  Download to the file that will be coming to you.  Then use the backup download to a file that is totally separate.  I call it backupvoicefiles.  I have found files in the backupvoicefiles that for some reason didn't come to me in the regular file. They would have been lost if I didn't know to check this. Phillips has no explanation for why this happens. I have been most happy with the Phillips equipment especially since I figured this part out. When the girls are looking for work that he claims that dictates and I have not transcribed, I know the approximate numbers to check and have them go into the backupvoicefile folder and check to see if it is there.

Good luck.  My doctors love the Phillips better than they did the Olympus and much fewer problems.

Canada pharmacy recommendation

I've personally used this pharmacy in Canada by mail and they have been great.


Thank you for the Koss headphone recommendation sm
I had to get another pair because think my $45 pair is dying and I can't afford another pair...and 2 new keyboards, a new mouse, a space heater, a special MT pedal and some software this month.

I was at Wally's and they had one type of Koss headphones only costing $5 and I bought them. I really like them and they are quiet. They even came with an extra pair of padded foam thingys for the ear part.

So, to all who said try them, I have and many thanks.
I switched to Dvorak quite a while ago. My recommendation
would be to attempt the switch when you are not working. I quit qwerty cold turkey, and it took about 1-1/2 to 2 weeks for me to get up to speed on Dvorak. It probably would have taken less, but I had to take a lot of timeouts to keep myself from chucking my computer out the window. It was incredibly frustrating to say the least, but I am glad I did it.

All I did was switch my keyboard driver over and print out the Dvorak layout to post beside my monitor. I didn't get stickers or anything. I do have an ergo Dvorak keyboard now though.
Does anyone have recommendation of a good treadmill? My cheap one..sm
just threw me off for the second time in about a month (the belt slips when going over 2.6 MPH).  I have treadmill burns down both shins, one hand and an ugly bruise.  I was not able to grab the "safety cord" in time to shut if off.  I know good ones are quite expensive and have looked on Consumer Reports but would like to have personal recommendations if possible.  TIA!
I recommended it and I stand by taht recommendation (sm)

The previous version (2002) still has some valuable information and the newest version, 2008, came out at the end of April/first part of May.  Not sure if you can get it on amazon.com but you can get it from their publisher rayve (google it or the book title) or you might be able to find it on half.com.


I got the 2002 version on interlibrary loan from my local library, read it cover to cover TWICE and it was a wealth of information!!!!  I strongly recommend this book to anyone thinking about starting out on their own.  :)

Best recommendation is chooosing an AAMT/AHDI approved course
temp+heat index= HOT!
Heat index here Sunday (according to National Weather Service) was 126! 97 temp and 77% humidity = 126. Not sure how they got that figure, but it was during the county fair parade, and some high school kids marching barely made it the 3 mile route. Kids and I escaped to a movie theater!
Considering the heat index is 107 here today....
Shorts and a tank top work for a lot here today. I myself wear shorts and tank tops that I find from DKNY, Liz Claiborne, etc. So they aren't junior clothing and are appropriate. Just because I am 47 doesn't mean that I need to put a sack over my head or this body which is in great shape, considering I've had four children, and a hysterectomy. Still a size 8 and will continue to be a size 8. :)
this is insane.  when you see who is running this - the person whose claim to fame is actually making the medical transcription business what it is today, boasting over 400,000 MTs. 

now she is trying to what, cut that workforce down by maybe more than half. 

this is an extremely aggressive push for mobile healthcare and point-of service care, which from what I see completely eliminates the need for people at all, period. 

does anyone know, please, is there a future for us in this picture.  is there anyone working with these people to help preserve our jobs in some form at least? 

where do we write, who do we talk to?  this person also used to run the AAMT, and now has jumped ship for the opportunity to make probably millions for front-running this technology.  does she even consider the 400,000 MTs (in this country alone) losing their livelihood.  does she care? 

95 with heat index of 100, but hope
is on the way, cool front due tomorrow with lows in the 50s and highs in the 80s.
It's my right index finger-- tightens up - nm
Quarterly Drug Index, NM
I briefly talked to my uncle, who is psychiatrist, about Tater. His recommendation was to take her
to a pediatric psychiatrist for a thorough evaluation and then the appropriate referrals and/or medications can be started. There has to be an indepth evaluation why Tater is the way she is. It could be that her mother was never abusive towards her, but it could be that Tater may be showing the early signs of schizophrenic disorder and what we perceive as lies to us are realities to her. At any rate, shipping the child off may not be the best answer, but to get her the adequate help. I feel for your friend, because it is not easy to deal with a "problem child" but now Tater's Daddy and your friend are legally responsible and accountable for the child.
I saw the "per" recommendation over at MT911, emailed my QA and never heard back ... about BOS
I had all my frequencies formatted as

q. 6h.

Then noticed they were being changed to

q.6 h.

Searched my BOS and found one ... very marginal (an exampled within antother entry) citation ...

Sure -- I want to do it the right way ... if only I could know what the "right way" was ...

It would be infinitely easier if some sort of "rationale" or reason for this-not-that were given.

The American Drug Index is good
Get some index card to write acct specifics on,


Help w/phrase

Very thick- Latin accent.  Under THROAT:  s/l Injected post-pharyngeal streaking.

makes no sense to me, any guesses?



new phrase
Yeah, I know you've heard the term "go postal". I think we can start using "going Sheila" or "going Kikki". I dunno, there are so many names she uses it would hard to pick a name. Seems like the name "Red" starting showing up today spouting the same anger this morning. Now it is Sheila. Such a shame.
I just add an *s* on the end of the phrase..
so I leave TWWI for the wound was irrigated, and make it TWWIS for the wounds were irrigated. They both come up on the advisory as you start typing, so I don't have to remember anything. I have found IT to be the most valuable thing I have ever come across in terms of productivity, simply because of the fact that I don't have to remember much at all. My system is if for example I have several 3-word phrases that start with the same letter, I just add an additional letter to the end, whatever the next letter in the last word is. For example I have CAD as coronary artery disease and CADI as carotid artery disease, and CADR as cleaned and dressed. Also I like that I don't have to worry about what they are named, because they don't expand with the space bar, so no worries of accidentally getting paroxysmal atrial tachychardia when I ony meant Pat.

Also, maybe it's because I play the piano but I don't find it that difficult to look from the screen to the advisory. I equate it to what I do with my eyes while I'm driving!! I also don't stress about typing things out..if I have to stop and think about an entry I probably don't use it enough to need an expansion for it anyway. I like the consistency of the *naming* part of IT, always the first letter of each word for the phrase, and I have gained a lot of speed by utilizing the word side too, I enter all of those big long single medical words (nonmedical ones too) and it's great only having to type 3-4 letters of a 12-13 letter word. Plus I enter drug names in one time and then I don't have to look up their spellings ever again. Didn't mean for this to be so long but as you can tell I am a huge IT fan. This program changed my life and doubled my income in the past year!!!
help with english phrase
permitted to don and dos his TSLO, I know it means to put on and take off, but how do you spell it?  Thanks.
What is triggering is the phrase it must be
"voice to voice", not a recording playing over the line. There is no way to make it go away. Also, dialing into the same number day after day triggers the system on all plans, even if you are under 3000 minutes.
I would say the most used word or phrase
used on this board is

It will save the phrase but not
the bold, does not come out bolded.  What else can I do?
I didn't mean to phrase it quite that way - sm
I didn't mean it was a bad thing for MTs to get the help they need. What I meant to say was that it's sad that the MT profession, which used to make us a decent, comfortable living, has deteriorated into one where even working as hard as we can all week long, we still often can't make ends meet. I've been siphoning grocery money out of my savings for the past few years, as wages continued to fall. Won't be able to do that much longer - my savings are almost gone.
google the following phrase
"9-pin to USB adapter"

& take your pick.
The site tells me to change an index.html code to access. Dunno what that is??? nm
I'd very much appreciate it if someone could tell me how I can go about changing a word or phrase
I am doing a long legal dictation of conversation and I need to change someone's name throughout the report.  I don't want to have to take the time to go through 100 pages changing the name everywhere and I'm worried I might miss some too.  Thanks so much in advance.
Word/phrase Autocompletion

Does anyone use any of the word/phrase autocompletion software programs for MT work?  Which ones work productively?