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temp+heat index= HOT!

Posted By: Dripping in N. Indiana on 2005-07-26
In Reply to: outside temperature where you are - dls

Heat index here Sunday (according to National Weather Service) was 126! 97 temp and 77% humidity = 126. Not sure how they got that figure, but it was during the county fair parade, and some high school kids marching barely made it the 3 mile route. Kids and I escaped to a movie theater!

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Considering the heat index is 107 here today....
Shorts and a tank top work for a lot here today. I myself wear shorts and tank tops that I find from DKNY, Liz Claiborne, etc. So they aren't junior clothing and are appropriate. Just because I am 47 doesn't mean that I need to put a sack over my head or this body which is in great shape, considering I've had four children, and a hysterectomy. Still a size 8 and will continue to be a size 8. :)
95 with heat index of 100, but hope
is on the way, cool front due tomorrow with lows in the 50s and highs in the 80s.
82 and falling in MS.  2033 hours.  100% humidity.  I am having a bad hair week.
I live in PA and the temp is now
almost 90 with a predicted 99 degrees for us later today. I just brought in both horses, started up their personal fans, filled their 6-gallon water buckets and sprayed them like crazy for horrible flies. This is just too hot for me!
Though there are not that many to be had right now ... in a large city, in the late 80s to 90s, paid $16-$17/hr.
Though there are not that many to be had right now ... in a large city, in the late 80s to 90s, paid $16-$17/hr.
And PS: There's plenty of temp. work out there!
Here's another suggestion--temp work.
No, seriously. If you can transcribe, you are well-qualified for many, many temp jobs that might be available to earn a little extra cash while you hunt for a real job. I did the temp thing via Kelly Services when I was younger; did several one and two-day assignments, and even a 2-month one once. When I last job-hunted 7 months ago, I was about ready to go sign up for temp services, and in fact did go to that office--but they had closed early that day, so I didn't get to it, and about 2 days later I got hired for a permanent job.

Anyway, it's well worth a try if nothing else is popping, and you could even make some local contacts that way. You never know.
Has anyone ever worked for a temp agency? sm
I am thinking of working for a temp agency for extra income. I am trying to find out what kind of testing do they do.
Be sure to keep the temp files and cookies cleaned
defrag often.
Office jobs for temp service?

If you do office work for a temp service you can pick/choose which jobs you like and if you don't want to work for a 20-something it won't be a problem.  Most of the temp services also offer software classes and you can upgrade your skills or learn something new and then after you've mastered it, ask for more money!  I got back into the workforce about 2 years ago after MT burnout.  Most of my assignments were pretty good.  I had one really BAD one and I quit after a day.  The woman was absolutely impossible to work for.  I later learned I was the 4th temp in a week and the temp service owner finally said they were "firing" that client - LOL.

I asked her why she sent me if she knew the woman was that difficult.  She said she figured I could handle it.  Gee, thanks!

I worked in the computer industry as a temp for large giants, Intel and Oracle, before deciding on a job in the regulatory affairs division of a medical device manufacturer.  It was fun working at the big companies and I became badly spoiled with all the latest/greatest technology and on-site cafes.  I learned a LOT!

Unfortunately, big companies are doing more temp help now and its all but impossible to get a perm job.  Don't sell yourself short & think you can only be a Wal-Mart greeter.  You do have valuable skills from MT and could utilize them in a higher paid position than a greeter.  Leave that job to the poor senior citizens who are now having to go back to work.

Just the usual clerical crud that temp companies have. nm
Day Labor/ Temp Agencies/pizza delivery
You only asked for meal advice.. I just wanted to tell you about these places in case you didn't know. Every city usually has several "day labor" companies. Your dh would have to arrive around 5-6 am, they would take him to a site all day. They usually pay the same day. He would need is license and ss card.
Most temp agencies have jobs immediately available too.

Another idea is to deliver pizza at night. He could still do real estate during the day. He would get cash right away. They pay for gas mileage, at least minimum wage, he would get tips, and PIZZA! :-)

Have to disable Norton Internet Sec & Del all Temp files every time, why???
I cannot get the links to stay but I know it has to be due to something in Norton because if I disable Norton Internet Security and then go to Tools, Internet Options, choose General tab, then Temporary Files, Delete Files, Delete all off line content, and hit okay, then I get them back, but they don't stay consistently. :(

Can anyone tell me what needs to be changed/added in Norton's Internet Security to keep the links/forums available in the blue/on the left side??? I have tried everything I can think of. I sure would appreciate your help.

I think it's the temporary files because when it starts acting like this, there are TONS of temp

Even closing Word doesn't make the files go away--I have to delete them manually.

As far as plug-ins, I have tried disabling them before but no luck. I can go months without a problem, plug-ins and all, and then, BAM, it starts happening all the time. I usually start holding my breath when I have a string of "crash-less" days (even more than I usually do to hold my gut in).

I'm beginning to think it's those automatic updates from Microsoft that are adding gremlins...can't say that I'm not beyond thinking that Mr. Gates would have his reasons for doing that, although I can't say for sure what they might be right now.

I'm open to any more ideas you might have.

this is insane.  when you see who is running this - the person whose claim to fame is actually making the medical transcription business what it is today, boasting over 400,000 MTs. 

now she is trying to what, cut that workforce down by maybe more than half. 

this is an extremely aggressive push for mobile healthcare and point-of service care, which from what I see completely eliminates the need for people at all, period. 

does anyone know, please, is there a future for us in this picture.  is there anyone working with these people to help preserve our jobs in some form at least? 

where do we write, who do we talk to?  this person also used to run the AAMT, and now has jumped ship for the opportunity to make probably millions for front-running this technology.  does she even consider the 400,000 MTs (in this country alone) losing their livelihood.  does she care? 

It's my right index finger-- tightens up - nm
Quarterly Drug Index, NM
Medical Phrase Index. nm
Anyone have a med phrase index book for sale?
I'm signed up with Andrews and am quite a ways into it but they still haven't sent the Lorenzini Medical Phrase Index, and I'm tired of waiting.  Tired of them not sending back tests, too.  Wish I had gone to M-Tec now.
The American Drug Index is good
Medical Phrase Index by Lorenzini...nm
Medical Phrase Index - priceless
PMIC Medical Phrase Index by (sm)

Jean A. Lorenzini & Laura Lorenzini Ley.  The fifth edition is a burgundy hardback.  It used to be navy blue years ago.  See link for a pic.  I have this and love it!!!!! 


Medical Phrase Index is a necessity. sm
It is the easiest to use, covers many many words from many specialities, and I use mine every day.
As far as specialties, Stedman's makes reference books for pretty much every speciality.
Also, I use my Stedman's Medical&Surgical words a lot even though I'm not doing surgery charts; you'd be amazed how much you need to know just for a patient's past history!
I prefer the Drake&Drake Pharmaceutical Word Book, but everybody has their own preferences for drug references.
Temp files disappear when you shut down Word. System restore does not recover documents .
Get some index card to write acct specifics on,


I second the Medical Phrase Index, best reference I had when I started out, NM
My number 1 recommendation is the Medical Phrase Index by Lorenzini sm
and would also recommend Stedman's Abbreviations and Labs - these are all more generic since you are doing a variety. It would be best if you could eventually get Stedman's Cardio and other specialities...but I highly recommend Medical Phrase Index for newer transcriptionists - it helped me tremendously in the beginning
The site tells me to change an index.html code to access. Dunno what that is??? nm
Not to change the subject.. but in Medical Phrase Index, debride doesn't have an accent mark. nm
106 but its a dry heat.
Heat or not sm

I've never cared to associate with nasty people and nasty people seem to dominate most MT boards.

Im so sick and tired of this heat.  This is our third heat wave.  Supposed to be at least 104 today and 106 tomorrow.  I cannot wait until the fall.  I would give anything for rain right now.  Urggggggg..  *smile*
In the heat???
I'm not the one who posted and I don't know where she lives, but have YOU ever tried walking 3 blocks when the temp is close to 120???
perhaps it is the heat? --sm
I don't know if it as hot there as it has been across the whole nation, but maybe he/she wants to get into some air conditioning, as it is too hot outside...just a thought. poor thing. Sorry you were scared though.
Take our heat

Too bad we can't have the best of both.  Was 103 here yesterday in Portland, OR and we very rarely get that warm this early in the year.   could not work after 1 o'clock yesterday because of the heat, so got up at 4 this morning.  Better today low 90's but still plenty warm. 

Good luck to you being from Oregon I know about the rain but right now wouldn't mind a little.




With the heat, I'm going to try nights

I think my favorite account is getting cleaned out first thing AM, so I'm going to try nights for a bit.  Starting now!

Those of you who do nights regularly, any secrets to staying perky?

heat and animals
Thank you for keeping your animals inside.  I do too.  I have three dogs, four cats and two birds and they are right by my side. I do take the dogs out in the morning and hose them down, then they come into the house (what a mess..no biggie, I can clean it up, ya know?). 
p.s.: careful not to heat too much

Now that fall is here and I'm having to use heat my
face is dry and itchy.   I've started using a humidifier to add moisture in the air, but I need a lotion too.  I have very sensitive skin too.   I've used several OTC lotions and they haven't helped much.   Looking for a good moisturizer for all over, but mostly for the face. 
Anyone else have anxiety using heat?
I've had to turn on the old heater this past week and I must admit I'm feeling really nerrrrrvous about getting my bill! I'm afraid to keep it on for fear of a thousand dollar charge! Anyone else with "heating bill anxiety"?
Wood heat, here...

Good thing.  It was 6 degrees here yesterday morning.  Have enough wood stockpiled to last through this winter and halfway into next and I have a +2600 square foot farmhouse.  Also have the LP tank full in case the furnace kicks in.

Now, before I pat myself on the back too hard, let me say that wood heat is a LOT of work and time-consuming and very very very messy.  It's almost like a second job in some ways. 

Wood heat here too
I'm so glad we got an outdoor wood furnace a few years back. We haven't had to buy/use LP for 4 winters now. I'll put up with the work as long as I don't have those high oil prices anymore.
Heat anxiety
I live in AZ so our big bills are in the summer for the AC. I moved back to upstate NY for a few years and am back in AZ now. When in NY I almost froze and had huge electric bills, so I bought a little electric space heater and put it under my desk. It kept me toasty all day and I didn't have to crank up the heat in the entire house to stay thawed out. Give it a try! Heating costs have gone up everywhere this year because the poor oil companies really are hurting for money (HA). The little space heater will really do the trick and keep you toasty all winter. What part of the country are you in?
Heat anxiety--here's what I'm trying sm

Hubby wants the furnace on 67--too cold for me but we settled on 68.  Last year we had it at 70.  Our windows this year have all new caulking and loose windows are sealed shut, but that didn't seem to be enough. I bought a bunch of those 4.00 fleece blanket throws 50 x 60 " from Big Lots and some cafe rod clips from Walmart, enough to adequately cover all 20 windows. I cut the blankets in half and put 7 clips on each half, hung them on a standard rod and they cover the windows adequately for me.  If you want more fluffiness, use 1 blanket and 14 rod clips for each panel. It really helps in keeping the sun out of my office which is way too hot during the day being on the south side but then gets cold at nights when I work, so the blankets keep out the drafts. So far, so good.  We'll see if it helps on our gas charges. So far, they have us on budget billing and our bills are 72.00 a month.  Hopefully, they will go down a little more. I'm going to try leaving them up in the summer to see if they keep out the heat and keep in the air conditioning. I priced the thermal rubber backed drapes and they were about 25.00 to 50.00 a window-a little bit more than I can spend right now.

Is it the Texas heat?

I think we may have worked for the same lady!  She never had the AC on in her office except for a unit in the room with the phone equipment to keep it cool, so my husband used to say that it must be the heat frying her brain cells.  If it isn't the same lady, it's a real clone.  I don't work for her anymore, either!



lighting and heat
Those are excellent ideas!  I'm printing all these ideas and will check into some of them.  You're right....moving the office would be the most reasonable (and free!). 
heat/electricity, etc.

My office is upstairs in my house.  I work nights, so I have the settings on my automatic thermostat lower at night to be more efficient.  However, with the office upstairs, it is always warmer (heat rises), so even when the rest of the house is cooler, I am just comfy.

Also, have heard that when not using the computer, it is still using energy if it is turned on, so when going to be away from computer for a while, remember to turn it off.

Also, in my master bedroom, I have found this room gets very cold, especially at night on cold nights.  I think this is caused by the fact that it is in the corner of my house, with 2 large outside walls, and is also located above the garage (which is colder).  I purchased a small electric (porcelain I think or something like that) for about $30, and I don't think it uses that much electricity.  It has a thermostat system, so will cycle on and off to keep the room at the set temperature.  This works great for this room, as I keep the door closed.

Good luck!