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It's my right index finger-- tightens up - nm

Posted By: xxx on 2005-12-14
In Reply to: what do you think is the... - b


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It was nothing that I could put my finger on definitely. sm
Keep in mind this was 4-5 years ago though. I paid good money for my McAfee and had it for about a year and then they said they were not going to suppot that version any more and I would have to either upgrade (more expensive) or lose my tech support. So I entered the world of searching for a good AV program.

Other than that, it was a conglomeration of a lot of stuff. I didn't think it was very user friendly (or maybe I just didn't read enough of the tutorial) LOL, but it did not play well with some of my other software I had. It seemed to constantly butt heads with my SpyBot S&D. That being said, it did the job it was supposed to do, which I guess sometimes is all we can expect.
yep - it's the finger using the mouse the most

I have had this problem for so long, been through multiple mice, now on logitech for a couple of years (better but not great).  I just live with it - been MTg for 3 decades........hands always hurt too cuz I won't have carpal tunnel surgery or any hand surgery (been there, done that, and never again).  Hope you feel better.  Advil helps but Advil is not all that good for you for any length of time....



Finger fumbling

Hello all:

I was wondering if maybe some of you might have some pointers for me.  I have been doing transcription for almost 3 years, and I have days where I have "fumble fingers."  This really gets on my nerves as on the days I have fumble fingers it seems it takes me forever with my documents.  I was just wondering if anyone else has days like these? Any ideas on what to do?  I can typically type 80-85 words per minute, but when I have finger fumble days, of course it makes me type slower because I am having to continually backspace!!

Thank you :)

Finger stiffness - sm
All the time... I'm only 40 too. It must be contageous!
Has anyone had to work with a booboo finger?
I dropped a tire on my right middle finger last night and ended up in the emergency center.  Turns out I crushed the tip of the bone.  I have disability, but does anyone know if it's possible to get some kind of supplemental insurance to make up the difference?  This is my worst work nightmare, that something might happen to my hands.  Can I insure them for, oh a million dollars or so?
Right hand/finger tingling
Could be disk in your neck, carpal tunnel or both. I would see your PCP and/or orthopedic doctor and go from there. Collars do help, heat, etc. I have had this pain for years, even after surgery, not a lot of fun. Good luck, hope you get good news that it is none of the above.
Have had stiffness of all of my finger joints....
No pain, just mild stiffness/tingling in the morning that I only feel if I try to make a fist that pretty much lasts all day.  Doesn't keep my from transcribing or anything, just wondering if this could be caused by typing all day.  I kinda expected to get carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists, but this is strange.  Unless this is the first sign of arthritis!  I'm only 40!  


Anyone experience anything like this?  TIA!



Same finger/left hand - many years ago
Somehow got my finger between the panels of my garage door when I was pulling it shut leaving for work. At that time, worked in Radiology Dept.- x-rays showed FX & had it splinted. Believe it or not, went onto work & over the weeks learned how to compensate & "type" without that finger. Actually, had a hard time re-training myself to use that finger after the splint was taken off. Just knew at that time I "had" to work (divorced - 3 kids, no support, etc.) Amazing what you can do when you have to!
I didn't have any hand/finger symptoms either, just

wrist.  Using a brace at night helps some.  I use the kind that has the metal strip so that you can't bend your wrist.  I found them at my drugstore.   I had surgery almost 15 years ago and did fine until this past year, and again am developing symptoms.  My symptoms developed from writing, not typing, and now I can type usually without problems, but I can only write a tiny bit, can't grip a garden tool for long or do any type of fine motor movement for long and then if I do my wrists hurt so much that typing then bothers me. 

I know there is some vitamin regimen to help, though I don't know what it is.  I was put on Naprosyn first and was allergic to it.  Orthopod suggested hot and cold soaks, 15 minutes each.  I had cortisone injections and some other type of injections, and physical therapy.   I was only out of work about 3 days, but I wasn't an MT at the time.   I do not have the strength in my hand that I used to, but other than that haven't really had any problems.  I do have trouble with pain occasionally, can't think of the word, but it feels like the scar is drawing up and I get shooting pains, but I can massage the scar and it eases.    I'm considering a job change rather than going through surgery again, not because the surgery was bad, just because not only do I have carpal tunnel, but I have swelling and tingling in my feet, butt spread, etc.  

Word of warning - make sure you have an empty bladder before the EMG study.  They have to test both sides so they have a comparison and between laying flat, still, and the electrical shocks I couldn't get off that table quick enough to go potty.

Also, if you don't already, get a keyboard tray that is adjustable.  You can find them at a woodworking store or in various catalogs.  I can position mine at various heights and various angles.  I also sometimes lower the tray and put a pillow on it and then my keyboard and it absorbs some of the pressure and using the pillow you don't have an edge from the tray or the wrist pad pressing into you.  I also found I sit back in my chair better with the pillow.  If this is not comfortable at least try a folded towel between the tray and keyboard.

I wouldn't discourage surgery, but I would try some of the things above first. 



I have been experiencing right hand/finger tingling. Could this be
'three-view right ring finger', or
(Note the punctuation for each version.)
I find most everything in your post to be finger pointing.
You are putting every excuse in the world out there as to why you are not able to do the job you were hired to do.

Sorry to hear about your past but that is NOT why you were FORCED to take a job. You made a CHOICE to take the job.

Yes, it is legal for an employer to ask you to do more than one account. It is NOT abuse but, by the other statements in your post, that you feel everything is someone else's fault.

If the job isn't for you, then go find one that is. The point is that your most profitable work might not be in medical transcription.
LOL! This was divine intervention, slip of my finger....LOL...nm
roast in mini bites (finger food)
going to cut up one of the bison roasts into bite sized pieces, shake in a bit of flour, and pan-fry nice and slow. It makes such yummy bites! probably have a home-grown salad too...i made some tater soup with left-over brocolli and gr beans for lunch -- we are blessed with too much good food. i need to use some squash too :)
Need help on recipe board please for non-perishable finger foods (sm)
Have been asked to help with an office open house and need recipes for non-perishable "finger" food. Since it is in an office, no appliances available, so anything of this nature will be greatly appreciated!!!!!
temp+heat index= HOT!
Heat index here Sunday (according to National Weather Service) was 126! 97 temp and 77% humidity = 126. Not sure how they got that figure, but it was during the county fair parade, and some high school kids marching barely made it the 3 mile route. Kids and I escaped to a movie theater!
Considering the heat index is 107 here today....
Shorts and a tank top work for a lot here today. I myself wear shorts and tank tops that I find from DKNY, Liz Claiborne, etc. So they aren't junior clothing and are appropriate. Just because I am 47 doesn't mean that I need to put a sack over my head or this body which is in great shape, considering I've had four children, and a hysterectomy. Still a size 8 and will continue to be a size 8. :)
this is insane.  when you see who is running this - the person whose claim to fame is actually making the medical transcription business what it is today, boasting over 400,000 MTs. 

now she is trying to what, cut that workforce down by maybe more than half. 

this is an extremely aggressive push for mobile healthcare and point-of service care, which from what I see completely eliminates the need for people at all, period. 

does anyone know, please, is there a future for us in this picture.  is there anyone working with these people to help preserve our jobs in some form at least? 

where do we write, who do we talk to?  this person also used to run the AAMT, and now has jumped ship for the opportunity to make probably millions for front-running this technology.  does she even consider the 400,000 MTs (in this country alone) losing their livelihood.  does she care? 

95 with heat index of 100, but hope
is on the way, cool front due tomorrow with lows in the 50s and highs in the 80s.
Quarterly Drug Index, NM
Medical Phrase Index. nm
Anyone have a med phrase index book for sale?
I'm signed up with Andrews and am quite a ways into it but they still haven't sent the Lorenzini Medical Phrase Index, and I'm tired of waiting.  Tired of them not sending back tests, too.  Wish I had gone to M-Tec now.
The American Drug Index is good
Medical Phrase Index by Lorenzini...nm
Medical Phrase Index - priceless
PMIC Medical Phrase Index by (sm)

Jean A. Lorenzini & Laura Lorenzini Ley.  The fifth edition is a burgundy hardback.  It used to be navy blue years ago.  See link for a pic.  I have this and love it!!!!! 


Medical Phrase Index is a necessity. sm
It is the easiest to use, covers many many words from many specialities, and I use mine every day.
As far as specialties, Stedman's makes reference books for pretty much every speciality.
Also, I use my Stedman's Medical&Surgical words a lot even though I'm not doing surgery charts; you'd be amazed how much you need to know just for a patient's past history!
I prefer the Drake&Drake Pharmaceutical Word Book, but everybody has their own preferences for drug references.
Get some index card to write acct specifics on,


I second the Medical Phrase Index, best reference I had when I started out, NM
Sounds like all the doublespeak inflicted on us at our employee meetings. Finger-pointing, no const
My number 1 recommendation is the Medical Phrase Index by Lorenzini sm
and would also recommend Stedman's Abbreviations and Labs - these are all more generic since you are doing a variety. It would be best if you could eventually get Stedman's Cardio and other specialities...but I highly recommend Medical Phrase Index for newer transcriptionists - it helped me tremendously in the beginning
The site tells me to change an index.html code to access. Dunno what that is??? nm
Not to change the subject.. but in Medical Phrase Index, debride doesn't have an accent mark. nm
Stedman's phrase book vs. Medical Phrase Index? sm
I'm debating between the newest edition of the MPI versus the Stedman's phrase book. Have had experience with the MPI, but not the Stedman's one. Is Stedman's worth it?