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My space protection.

Posted By: sm on 2006-06-12
In Reply to: I'm not on it, but my teenage daughter is. She has it set - sm

Okay, so you can limit who can see your child's profile but can you limit the profiles your child can search for and look at? That is my question.

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MedQuist? Ctrl+shift+F, period, space, tab, period, space, space, change all. nm
I meant "One space or two", not "l space or two" nm
No but I keep one for my own protection!
For your protection, I would definitely get a lawyer
especially if they're going to hire one.

You could forfeit your rights to the property if you don't respond properly and in a timely manner and in order to do that you need a professional to examine all the legal paperwork.

My neighbor went through a somehat similar situation with her house...but too long to go into here.
virus protection
There is a company who is connected with Norton, Symantic (spelling ?) that has Eanthology/stop sign. Look it up on the web. This costs less than $7 a month (I have 3 computers on this). You download from the web, has a firewall, pop, the whole 9 yards. I have a VIP subscription and they have been on the phone with me for an hour before fixing my computer. I would recommend them to anyone. You can also find them by putting in Stop-sign computer protection service. Let me know if you need additional info
Because you have overdraft protection, you're...

fine as far as doing nothing illegal.  Also, when a deposited check bounces and there have been checks written assuming the check was good, that is not illegal.  However, writing a check and KNOWING the funds are not there is check kiting, which is a federal offense.  Do banks prosecute?  Normally they will not, unless it comes to the point of numerous checks OBVIOUSLY written knowing they will not clear on the second or third time (maximum of 3 times).  Then, the recipients of the checks can press charges.  Believe me it happens.  I was a bank manager for many years, and, although it didn't happen very often, it did happen.

Also, in reality banks love check bouncers.  They are the "money maker" accounts.  Those fees add up VERY quickly. 

My dh is a deputy sheriff, and the jail in his county has many, many inmates in for check-kiting.  In our state the first conviction is 1-5 years, and it get worse from there.

Who hasn't written a check at the grocery store on a Thursday night, knowing the money wouldn't be there until they made a deposit on Friday.  I know I have.  One day is pretty safe, but now that so many banks use the same clearing house, writing a check even 2 days before a deposit is risky...unfortunately speaking from experience here. 

So, overdraft protection is the way to go.  Safe and legal. 


BK laws have changed. Ch 13 (repay) protection
is only option available if I understand the details correctly. Visa Corp. has tried to push this bill through for a decade and it was finally passed. There may be certain dire situations that allow an individual to wipe out debt (Ch7) but it will be a rare one. It is wage garnishment until the debt is paid, basically, though it may stop added penalities and possibly stop the debt from growing over time. See a reputable BK atty for a free 30 consult. It is all in the numbers really. What you owe and what your earning potential is, possibly the situation at hand but not like before (I filed Ch 13 after misfortune to save my home, paid back debt over 3 years with my wages garnished). Bad timing for this economy and many people will suffer, especially the elderly and the ill.
Can anyone recommend a good virus/security protection?

I currently use a program called PC cillin.  I have used Norton, and with both I still managed to get "worms" on my computer. Also, my internet service is with AOL.



wrong. the virus protection and anti-spyware
are only as good as the updates and are NOT 100% all the time. NO program is 100%. Hackers are finding new ways to compromise computers every single day and no program can protect from all of them. The longer you are up and running, the more chance of being invaded. don't fool yourself into thinking antivirus and antispyware are fool proof, because they are not. You have to think smart and protect yourself too, by shutting down when not in use and allowing new updates to take effect. duh.
YES, your email has COMPLETE protection on this site. We have worked VERY hard to make sure
that e-mail addresses are protected.  Spheris did not glean your email address from this site.  In the meantime, if you enter your email address in the E-mail field, you can be emailed, but the sender cannot see your email address.  They have no idea WHAT your email address is.  ONLY if YOU reply to them will the sender then find out what it is.  If you have further questions, email me and we'll discuss it.
Do not download the Panda titanium software for virus checker and spyware protection. It corrupted
my entire computer, had to have service man fix it to the tune of $150.00.  
Surge protector light blinking on switch. Does this mean the surge protection is not working. nm
My virus protection keeps catching emails with the blackmail.F virus. That
has been going around for a few days and different variants of that are popping up. Don't know if it is related as I have not had time to research it. Watch out for that one too.
One Space
MQ employee here and we were told one space!
It's their space. They can do as the please. Go get your own
and make your own rules.
Go get your own space
She wouldn't have this space if it weren't for the MT's who keep it alive.  What a silly answer to some genuine concerns. 
space changes
Did anyone else get the memo about the change in spacing for MQ?  On DQS, there will be only one space after periods.  They will let each account know when the switch is made.  Its a *new national standard*, the memo says.  OMG, so here I have typed since high school with two spaces, now I have to retrain myself to use only one space after periods.  Just another thing to cut down on my production.
Yes, its 1 space in the BOS and most new

English/grammar/business references. Since the age of computers, the powers-that-be, whoever they are, decided that the double space after a period was not a good thing anymore. So, most business courses, college courses, etc., have changed to 1 space now. You just set up a macro to change 2 spaces after a period to 1 space when you are done with the report. And yes it does depend on client preferences, though most that I work for like 1 space. Guess they feel they're getting more bang for their buck!

x2, no space
My space
I love myspace and have met lots of friends! Not Mr Right though! Its just really a fun thing to do, building your own web page and all, if you like doing that kind of thing!
They already took one space away when most...sm
of us went from two spaces after periods and colons to one. This is just the natural progression of them cutting our pay back little by little.
The BOS says x3 with no space
but regardless, I would type what the supervisor wants. It doesn't matter how you have always done it.

I have found out many times that things that I have done for years are technically incorrect. Just part of the game, unfortunately.
You can just hit your space bar, put a . or at least
one character in the box.  I just hit the space bar usually. 
At MQ we are to space once after a period.
That just changed in the last 6 months.
anything to keep from paying for a space
That is ridiculous and has to do with money rather than the "correct way" to do things.
double space

Geez, I thought I asked a simple question, but I guess not.  I could care less what Medquist or AAMT say.  I get paid hourly so I didn't ask the question because I was worried about money.  I was asking in general style terms - are newspapers, magazines, i.e., anything in print spacing this way now?  I just wanted to know if I was behind the times.    

I can't put 15yo because if I don't space
after it it won't expand. I'll try the other's though! Thanks, it's really driving me crazy not getting this to work!
Anyone use only 1 space after sentences?
This is new to me on one of my jobs.  I have always typed 2 spaces after sentences for 25 years.  Going to be hard to break this habit now.
1 space after sentence

I made the switch to 1 space after a sentence more than 15 years ago when I got my first computer and everything was justified. If you can't remember to do, you can make an adjustment in Word to do it automatically for you or just make a macro to do it for you. I have one account who insists on 2 spaces and I cannot remember to do that so I just transcribe as I normally do and then run a macro to change it. You can also do a search and replace. Put in  period space space and then replace with period space.



1 space isn't just an MT thing ....

I changed to one space years ago, to go with the flow.  I'm not an MT yet (still a student) but we've done this on legal documents for years.  It came about with the computer.  For once (from my VERY limited MT experience), I have to say AAMT isn't the culprit, its the new way to do things.

1 space after sentence.
Yes I have to do that also. It took me a long time to get used to it, however, but after awhile, it felt very natural.
My work space...

We fixed up half of our basement about 10 years ago and no one really used it after awhile.  I just painted (lime smoothie with swimming pool trim - very bright).  I have a small TV and DVD player and VCR for when I'm NOT working. Just bought a bookcase for the references I don't use on a daily basis - the ones that I do are on the filing cabinet beside my desk.  Also have several movie posters - Dirty Dancing and Ever After - framed and also some Beatles and some of my kids artwork from when they were little. It's very cozy and all MINE.


One space or two after a period.

Which is the correct way, one space or two spaces after a period in medical transcription?

Thanks for any help in advance.

19" with 17" viewing space....nm

can't seem to reply to one space or two ...

I recently made the switch from two spaces to one space after punctuation (periods, colons, question marks). It wasn't forced on me by any means but I just felt the desire to come around in the "computer age." The standard of two spaces after periods came about with the typewriter, but now with the computer, spacing seems to look nicer with one after a period, and that seems to be the trend these days, the one space. I'm glad I made the switch as it is sure saving my thumb from tendinitis!

That being said, I get paid by the gross line, so cutting out a space here and there doesn't hurt my livelihood.

space heaters

I use a small space heater here in my office, but mine is old and doesn't work half the time.  My office is only 8 x 10.  Our power bills are going up 40% (yikes!) this winter, so I want to be prepared to turn down the temperature in the rest of the house and still keep warm in my office.  What are some preferences among my fellow MTs?  Ceramic?  Oil-filled?  Forced heat?  Which brand names are the best?

space heater
Thanks for the helpful hint.  About how much did you have to pay, and where did you buy it?  (If you don't mind telling me.)
Regarding space heaters
I have a very old electric heater that is temperature controlled.  What is great about it is if it happens to get knocked over, it automatically shuts off. Please stay away from any type of heater that requires the use of oil, as the fumes can be very harmful in an office. Garage is one thing where the square footage is more, but I would never use one in my home......also, due to the film it puts on your walls, carpet, curtains, and everything else in that particular room.
space heater
Thanks, guys and gals, for the great info about space heaters! I'll definitely stay away from the kind that cost our fellow MT's power bill to increase! Yikes! I'll probably go with a ceramic heater, like the Lasko mentioned in these posts. It seems to be the most efficient and the most cost-saving. :)
best office space
I have my office in a corner of my dining room.  I am alone during the day and work as an IC.  I would like to move my office to an upstairs bedroom.  I've been reluctant to do this because I thought is would be too isolating (and bathroom is on the main floor).  But it's a new year and I am starting a new account, so I thought what the heck? I have struggled lately with maintaining concentration.  I look around a can see all that needs doing and I wander away from the 'puter and do it.  A habit that has cost me!  I am hoping the new office area will anchor me a bit.  I would like to hear from MTs who work in a defined work space like this, the pros and cons.  I want to be a more productive focued IC in the new year.  Any input would be helpful.  Thanks so much!
One Space Requipred

My employer specifies only one space. That was really hard getting used to.

not OP, but thank you -- I did not know about ; to back up a space. /sm
when I learned shorthand, we did a convoluted thing with the CTRL-K key to enter a backspace before entering "-year-old."

WOW. I learned something new today. Thanks
1 pt for missing space.
Don't EVER leave out a space after a colon.  Did you know that was worth a point?  Sheesh.  I got a 96% on a 33 line report by missing a space after a colon. 
actually it is q.4 h. (that will give you 1 more space)
I double space

My docs want double spacing between their headings in their consults/H&P and paragraphs in letters, guess you count that double spacing when you leave a blank line.  Also in chart notes, my GI's want me to double space between paragraphs even in their SOAP notes.  Up to the account. 

Work space just so.
Absolutely the back scratcher needs to be within reach on the edge of the desk. Isn't that odd? I never thought about that before. Hmmmm.
I ALWAYS space twice after a period and I ALWAYS will!
says!  I learned to type on a typewriter and it is ingrained in my head.  Now that I'm doing VR, as I'm editing, I add the extra space after the period.  I look at it as just more money the MTSOs are trying to screw us out of!
It is all per the client. Some want 1 space
I always double space...sm
I saw that rule in the new BOS as well.  I tried it, but the document looked too cluttered and hard to read.  I also put two spaces after a colon, regardless of what the BOS says.  It had always been proper to it that way, and it is what I was taught in typing class, clerical practice class, and when I started in MT over 17 years ago.  The BOS seems to try to make up its own grammar and punctuation rules regardless of what has been done nearly forever.
You earn less with one space.

My perfect space
I thought I had to continue with my big bulky wood, L-shaped desk but then we put porcelain tile throughout our house and even into my workroom. I then was "talked" into getting a smaller, all glass desk with a really light hue of blue to it. I got a 4 tiered matching shelf that holds my fax/telephone, printer and pictures of my furkids and other essentials. This room has my television (I also have on QVC and HSN during the day which I can watch without really listening. My room is painted a colonial blue with white shutters, faces my mailbox and driveway and I have my cat condo in front of the desk where my furkids can look out the window and see the birds. I enjoy watching them and the birds occasionally. Oh, forgot, my hubby even though offered his own room for his computer wanted to be in the same room (to be close to me, he said) so he has a very small desk right behind mine. He is never a bother and I really do enjoy having him here on his days when he is off from work.