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Need some good advice on a GREAT vacuum cleaner...sm

Posted By: DirtBgone on 2006-06-15
In Reply to:

We vacuum at least twice daily because we bought carpet that tracks like you would not believe.  We bought a Eureka bagless vacuum cleaner about 4 months ago and it is the pits!  Does not pick up, you have to REALLY clean it every time...who knows what the real problem is...I would not mind paying good money for a GOOD vacuum cleaner that does not lose suction...Any ideas?

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Great Vacuum Cleaner
Riccar Vacuum Cleaners are the only way to go. Very strong suction. Easy to use.
Can anywone recommend a good vacuum cleaner? My old one broke and has to be replaced. Thanks. NM
Any suggestions on a good Vacuum at a reasonable price?
I would love to have a Dyson but they are a little over my budget.  Thanks!
yes AdAware is good, so is that cleaner program
but just to be wary about others that offer free antivirus and then latch onto your system so you will buy it...
Septic tank cleaner, it's cleaner than MT!
Lysol works great!! Either spray or Lysol Bathroom cleaner. nm
Thanks for all the great advice! You guys are great!
Great advice!

and by the way, I'm always amused by the "doctor's wife being the office manager" thing. What a joke. Obviously it's some insecure shrew who feels the need to keep an eye on her "investment" if you know what I mean. That's all too common, unfortunately. Same with nurses who end up "flinging" or "marrying" a doctor they met at work. "If they'll do it with ya, they'll do it to ya" in the words of Dr. Phil, and in my words, "you don't sh*t where you eat".



Great advice. Thank you.
great advice, thanks ...sm
Those are some wise words. I actually know these people and feel pretty good about whatever arrangement we agree to, but I'm sure we all know that those can turn bad as well.
Thanks for all the great advice...

Wow!  Thank you all for the great advice, it really helps to get the support and advice and opinions.  I have decided now to go for it... .16 per gross line and hope that the chiro's will accept that offer.  If they don't agree, I guess I can then decide whether to keep the same arrangement or find something else.  It's time to venture out of my comfort zone. 

Thanks again, I am always so impressed by all the help here on this board!!   

Thanks for the great advice. n/m
great advice
You are so helpful! I am waiting to hear back from a couple of companies re: online testing.

I am from Montana. Where do you live?
That's great advice for anyone! nm
Great advice, thank you! nightmares
Why would I take advice from someone who isn't even in the field??? If it;'s so great
why aren't you doing it?
THANK YOU guys so much for all the great advice!!! -sm
I will definitely try those suggestions, and...I do have a question about the baby carrier...I can't ever seem to adjust it to suit her! I'm not sure why, but she is picky about how she's held (she's a bit colicky)....Anyway,you all are just so sweet!! Thanks again!
GREAT advice, thank you! I will take it to heart!
Great advice ICMT
I said the other day I wondered how many graduates actually stick with this. When someone says "work from home" it is so appetizing to the ear that people jump on it but there is so, so much involved and it can be stressful. I've being and MT for 27 years, came right out of highscool doing so I had no training. I cried for the first 2 days! But I looked up every word that confused me and I remembered them.

OP, thre are definitely companies that hire newbies.

While starting a business sounds more like you are planning to be an MTSO, which you are not ready for, possibly you could go and get some work from local doctors who dictate on tapes and such, I have several locals that I do on the side. (Tapes not the doctors - Ha!) There was a company advertising on job board WORDSRUS that paid by the minute and I know somone that they were going to hire that applied while still in school. You might check them out. Website wordsrus.net might contact them like that.
Now there's some great advice! Funny! nm
Great advice for 2 jobs
Wow! I am about to work almost the exact same schedule and your advice really helps. I am going to think strongly about moving my second job to a different room, so it will give me a fresh outlook. Also, the idea of having a whole day off really helps too to rest up for the rest of the week. Finally actually sleeping from 7 to 12 (for me) in the morning will be a challenge, but otherwise I won't sleep at all! You made it work, and thanks for your example!
Hi! You got lots of great advice! As for $3 a page

for me, it works! Most docs pay $1 a page where I live - which is horrible to me! And the particular docs I transcribe for have "normals" set up where I might transcribe 2 or 3 paragraphs at best per report - everything is just pretyped as a normal, so I am more than happy with the $3. That's why I have the account and other's don't! Even if its 2 lines on the final page, that is a page. I tried to explain paying per line, and the doctors got glazed eyes.... I made a note myself of the brands of equipment others have recommended in lieu of Sony and Panasonic, but I must say that mine have lasted for over 2 years without a problem, and I got them used. I still wouldn't buy lots of equipment unless I had lots of $$ floating around! I have C-phones and foot pedals galore that I have bought and never used once....Well, again, good luck to you!


Thanks for all your input MTPocket,s,great advice ;-)
GREAT advice-not putting eggs...sm
all in one basket.  Just leads to disaster later.
I think this poster has hit the nail on the head with advice -- My dogs all get along great except

when it comes to dinner, treats or toys.  They have to be separated during dinner, separated to be given treats, and sorry to say, don't have much in the way of toys.  The rest of the time they can be practically right next to each other and nothing has ever happened.  Two of my dogs are greyhounds, so one little scratch can send us off to the vet's office, so I've learned to be very careful!

Very good advice! NM
Good advice! nm
this is very good advice
Embarrassment and nips it in the bud.  When this first started I was so dumbfounded that I didn't know what to do or say, but I find myself not going over there at all and unhappy so I need to take control.  Hopefully it won't happen since big mouth brought it to his attention, but if it does, I will force myself to quickly say something within moms earshot.  Thanks for the advice.
Very good advice
Need some good advice, please

 I'm looking for an Internet-based software for my home MT service, one that can be accessed from any web browser, can e-sign, auto fax, let the docs' referring physicians go to the site, log in and read their patients' reports, and offer a complete accounting of lines charged on a daily, weekly, monthly, etc., basis.  Also software that will allow the doctors to search transcripts by any criteria; i.e, patient name, their date of office visit, names of meds prescribed, and the like.  Also, one that could also be integrated into EMR without any problem in the future.

Does anyone have any good ideas? 

Also, any idea of the intitial outlay and the per-line charge the vendor would charge on the average?

Finally, I'd be very interested in reading about the type of software you currently use and if you and your clients are happy with it.

Thank you much.

Britta in Las Vegas

Good advice!
I don't exactly time myself on how long I try before leaving a blank but I would say I never spend more than 3 minutes either.  I would think though that 3 minutes would certainly be enough time for anyone to spend, more than that would be a waste of time IMO.
This is such good advice! Thank you.
I am on the Climara patch - low dose. Sleep deprivation was making it very difficult to get through the work day and so, I really had no choice. I promised myself yearsd ago I would not be sad due to aging and really, I had a wonderful time as a young woman. The physical symptoms, though, I never expected to be so difficult. It is like being slapped up side the head with a 2 x 4 when you least expect it.

That's good advice. I like that. :) (nm)
Good advice
And exactly what the OP apparently wants someone else to do for her and spoonfeed her the results. She declared she didn't have the "patience" to read all the posts, so it is unlikely that she will follow your advice.
Need some good advice, please...

There's a very large insurance company here in Boston that wants me to handle their transcription - very little medical terminology, and the typing would be pretty darn simple.  The head of the company seems like a really nice, down-to-earth guy; the work will be plentiful; and there would also be an opportunity to get in with other branches of the company as well doing their offices' transcription.

I know as an IC we are to set the rates, and I normally charge on a per-line basis; however, they are adamant about paying a per-page charge - currently pay $2.50 per page now to a service they detest.

What do you feel is a fair per-page rate to charge them?  I really want to be fair, but I use an Internet-based platform that charges me 1.5 cents 65 cpl.

Any and all suggestions are welcome, and thank you so very much!   


good advice

I'll just keeping trudging along. Learning and living.

That's some good advice

all good advice
You have already gotten some good advice and I agree with all of it. You should not make a hasty and impulsive decision about your marriage, certainly. But as one who spent 15 years in an emotionally and eventually physically abusive marriage because I went to a church that "didn't believe" in divorce, let me just say, if you do eventually make a rational decision to go, don't let what others think even be part of the decision. I still get lots of criticism and judgment from so-called Christians about my decision, but my children and I have never been any better off than we are now.
always such GOOD advice!

...they will pay your average pay for term of contract.....

Okay, Patti -- fess up.  What's your web site or fan club address?

Administrator -- We need to give Patti her own board!!! 

That was good advice
This post offered some great advice! I'd do that until I was sure I liked my new company better. Also, the advice someone else gave about searching the company board for positive and negative comments about the new company was good. You may feel a little bit overworked for a short while, but it shouldn't take you too long to know if you like your new job. Best to you!
that's good advice, too
I would stay at the current job, take the paid maternity leave (making sure, as the last poster said, that you can quit after it with no repercussions) and find something during your leave that you can take your time to work into.

All 4 of my kids were born with me working at home, and that includes the middle 2 being twins. It worked for me. Some babies are very easy to work with and others are very hard. I guess you can't really know until they are born. I switched companies when I was 4 months pregnant with my last one and I was worried about that, but it did give me time to get used to the new company before adding the baby and getting used to two new things at once, so think about that, too.
Does anyone know any good advice on how to
get rid of Office 97 when installing Editscript? If Editscript finds traces of Office 97, it won't install.  I have talked with Escription and they gave me links to download Office registry removal and that didn't work.  Thanks
Good advice
A very nice, generous, and helpful post. Great advice about going over the nasty supervisor's head--nobody should have to be verbally demeaned on the job--no matter how many years a supervisor has. (Congrats on in-house & good luck)
That's good advice. Thanks.
no message.
Good advice - nm
Good advice - nm
Good advice - nm
Good advice - nm

I have a Hoover Fusion and just love it.  I have a long-hair cat and a 13-year-old and I cannot believe the sunction on this vacuum.  It comes with many attachments.  It is bagless and very easy to empty from the bottom.  I believe they have it at Walmart for around $139.00.  Highly recommend it.

I recently bought the Eureka Boss, cannister, for $75 at Big Lots - what a bargain and I love it.
No insight but good advice....sm
.... get to a doctor now!  Better safe than sorry.