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Need some help on how to cut down on spam

Posted By: Enough of this on 2009-04-03
In Reply to:

I don't know if there is a free web site I can install or just how to get rid of all this unsolicitated spam I get each and every day. Anyone out there, help!!

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I even get spam IMs! Never had that before.... (sm)
The most annoying is this ugly little blowfish that puffs up, says "Hi, Sexy", and then deflates. No amount of reporting him as spam makes him go away.

Is there a way to track the origin of IMs? (Always gibberish 'email addresses' on them - possibly comuter-generated.)

And how about all the spam for Rolex watches? What IS that c**p? Anyone get similar garbage-IMs, and do your companies offshore? I think Georgia MT may be onto something that is only the tip of a nasty iceberg.
It's just spam.

Those things have been making the rounds for years . . . they're most likely just garden-variety spam.  You don't have to visit creepy websites to get them, either.

You'll get spam like that if your email address gets picked up on mailing lists.  For instance, you enter your email address on some legitimate website, and then somehow the list of addresses ends up in the hands of some spammer.  Or, your email address gets picked up off a board by an address-collecting spammer. 

Just delete without reading them.  NEVER click the things on the bottom where you can request to be removed from their list--those are usually just ways for them to confirm that they've mailed to a valid address, thus making your address more valuable for them.  

If you're in the market for a new internet provider, Earthlink filters out most of those automatically and gives you a spam filter on your account. You can delete anything like that that gets through without having to download it into your computer and you can report chronic spammers to them so they can be blocked.  It's very nice--you can rid yourself of spam AND get a grip on huge photos and jokes that your family forwards to you. 

Set up spam filters. I have MSN as my ISP. sm
I get those all the time. Pocket Rockets, viagra, cialis, etc. Sometimes you can tell by the subject line what they are. If it is a name you don't recognize, chances are it is junk. DO NOT CLICK ON THE OPT OUT LINK. That tells them it was a legit email address. If you ever look at the names on the CC list, you will see all variations of spellings of your name and/or email.

MSN has different filter options. But I am sure your ISP probably has something similar. I have a safe sender list, a safe mailing list, and a blocked sender list. Anything that is not on any of my lists goes directly to my junk mail folder. I do check my junk folder periodically because sometimes legitimate mail ends up there. I find a lot of my scrapbooking sites end up there. LOL.

That said, I guess the only thing you can do is just not open anything that you don't recognize. And keep your virus, malware, Spyware and other "'wares" up to date.

Good luck.
Is your spam filter on?
It's a stupid question, but you didn't mention your spam filter  Is it on?  There is an options button on the mail page where you can make sure that your spam filter is on.  I have yahoo and this catches 99% of it.  Some of it still comes through, but I just click those as spam and it's not an issue.  It's maybe one or two a week.
Interesting, I had spam today from someone who had
the same last name as mine, not a real common name. Kind of scary, though I just sent it off as spam. I have all kinds of security on my computer, but this was too wierd.
I had one also with my first initial and last name - all to crazy for me. It was spam also.
Email spam software
Any good programs free or otherwise?  I use Outlook and lately all I get is spam for Viagra or what have you. I have filtering at my ISP but it takes out my important emails too. Ideas anyone? 
What is with all the obvious spam postings today?
because it is SPAM, it is fake, it is phoney, it's a SCAM.
ho hum
Tell them your ISP has installed a new SPAM filter and a it's intercepting a lot of your e-mails
You did not receive spam via this website. Your email address is not available

and is protected from bots that glean email addresses from websites.  As far as that email is concerned, it has been cycling around for years and anyone could receive it.

Did you check your junk mail or spam folder? Sometimes they in there