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What is with all the obvious spam postings today?

Posted By: nm on 2006-02-08
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Interesting, I had spam today from someone who had
the same last name as mine, not a real common name. Kind of scary, though I just sent it off as spam. I have all kinds of security on my computer, but this was too wierd.
I even get spam IMs! Never had that before.... (sm)
The most annoying is this ugly little blowfish that puffs up, says "Hi, Sexy", and then deflates. No amount of reporting him as spam makes him go away.

Is there a way to track the origin of IMs? (Always gibberish 'email addresses' on them - possibly comuter-generated.)

And how about all the spam for Rolex watches? What IS that c**p? Anyone get similar garbage-IMs, and do your companies offshore? I think Georgia MT may be onto something that is only the tip of a nasty iceberg.
It's just spam.

Those things have been making the rounds for years . . . they're most likely just garden-variety spam.  You don't have to visit creepy websites to get them, either.

You'll get spam like that if your email address gets picked up on mailing lists.  For instance, you enter your email address on some legitimate website, and then somehow the list of addresses ends up in the hands of some spammer.  Or, your email address gets picked up off a board by an address-collecting spammer. 

Just delete without reading them.  NEVER click the things on the bottom where you can request to be removed from their list--those are usually just ways for them to confirm that they've mailed to a valid address, thus making your address more valuable for them.  

If you're in the market for a new internet provider, Earthlink filters out most of those automatically and gives you a spam filter on your account. You can delete anything like that that gets through without having to download it into your computer and you can report chronic spammers to them so they can be blocked.  It's very nice--you can rid yourself of spam AND get a grip on huge photos and jokes that your family forwards to you. 

Need some help on how to cut down on spam
I don't know if there is a free web site I can install or just how to get rid of all this unsolicitated spam I get each and every day. Anyone out there, help!!
Set up spam filters. I have MSN as my ISP. sm
I get those all the time. Pocket Rockets, viagra, cialis, etc. Sometimes you can tell by the subject line what they are. If it is a name you don't recognize, chances are it is junk. DO NOT CLICK ON THE OPT OUT LINK. That tells them it was a legit email address. If you ever look at the names on the CC list, you will see all variations of spellings of your name and/or email.

MSN has different filter options. But I am sure your ISP probably has something similar. I have a safe sender list, a safe mailing list, and a blocked sender list. Anything that is not on any of my lists goes directly to my junk mail folder. I do check my junk folder periodically because sometimes legitimate mail ends up there. I find a lot of my scrapbooking sites end up there. LOL.

That said, I guess the only thing you can do is just not open anything that you don't recognize. And keep your virus, malware, Spyware and other "'wares" up to date.

Good luck.
Is your spam filter on?
It's a stupid question, but you didn't mention your spam filter  Is it on?  There is an options button on the mail page where you can make sure that your spam filter is on.  I have yahoo and this catches 99% of it.  Some of it still comes through, but I just click those as spam and it's not an issue.  It's maybe one or two a week.
I had one also with my first initial and last name - all to crazy for me. It was spam also.
Email spam software
Any good programs free or otherwise?  I use Outlook and lately all I get is spam for Viagra or what have you. I have filtering at my ISP but it takes out my important emails too. Ideas anyone? 
I have experienced all of the postings
below and they are my pet peeves too, but I have one doc that sometimes will not use the call in system, but uses his tape recorder to dictate and he does it while he is in a train station waiting for train, riding on the train, and leaving the train with his wife and kids talking right beside him, not to mention the noise from the train station, whistles and all. I get two 30 minute tapes a week of this guy and I seriously have a headache when I am done listening to it. Wish he would STAY HOME!! lol
And if you pay attention to all of her postings
Maybe the job postings will stay the same
Time on postings
Would it be possible to have the time of day included with postings?  That way we could see if our responses were still warranted....Thnx!
I read these postings quite often and am
a Transcriptionist of many, many years but from what I read many newbies come on here stating out of school and unable to find a job and asking how to go about it. Jobs are steady being sent overseas and I have seen companies state there is lack of qualified transcriptionists here. I see others complain about lack of work (which is happening to me on this particular day also). I did not feel qualified after a year of hospital inhouse training to go home and transcribe by myself. I think the majority of people are not trained efficiently for years and years. I do not think newbies would be qualified for VR work. I find it difficult after all the years I have behind me trying to still figure a medication out, just different aspects of it. I suppose a newbie could poke along and eventually make it but I think most companies would not want to put up with their training on the job.
It's funny that these postings would come up
right now because I've been considering nursing myself - I regret having not done something about it years ago, and I'll be 50 in August.  Everyone keeps telling me it's not too late - I'm trying to believe that.  I think I would be a good nurse.  I've been an MT for over 20 years and I just can't stop thinking about what "could have been."  My 24-year-old daughter is considering nursing and we have even talked about going to school together. 
because it is SPAM, it is fake, it is phoney, it's a SCAM.
ho hum
Paid per minute postings
Something rarely seen.  Paid per minute of dictation.  There are two rad jobs listed on MT Jobs board.  I have always gotten paid by minute by my primary account.  After working part-time for a few nationals this past year, I have learned getting paid per minute for radiology is not really worth it.  For normal reports you have to process the report for pennies which in some systems (such as Meditech) takes time going through the different screens.  For anyone applying for these positions, I would be interested in learning how much they are paying per minute.
Tell them your ISP has installed a new SPAM filter and a it's intercepting a lot of your e-mails
You did not receive spam via this website. Your email address is not available

and is protected from bots that glean email addresses from websites.  As far as that email is concerned, it has been cycling around for years and anyone could receive it.

Did you check your junk mail or spam folder? Sometimes they in there

I see all the postings about phone usage and I'm confused. sm
Are you talking about a long distance service you need to use a C-phone?  Or are they questioning the use of your DSL connection?
I do not think think her postings are 'preachy'. They are just matter of fact...
without the input of 'unnecessary' emotions.
Recent postings about "no work and so forth"

Quite a few posters who have been MTs for a number of years (myself included) have come under attack recently for comments posted here  -- what those of us who have done this for years are seeing is "I only want to work certain hours, won't do weekends, don't want to be on call so on and so forth"  Guess what?  I got an email from my supervisor on Monday asking me to cover a certain work type while that person was on vacation  -- I did it!!! -- She also called me today (Sunday and asked me to do 3 STATS  -- I cover STATS on Wednesday)  -- however, I did it because it it my JOB  -- since I started this job in October, I have NEVER run ouf of work  -- if the work type that I do runs out, I do to a differnt work type, it is similar to learning a new account which I have done in the past as well.  All I want to say, is be grateful right now that you have a job and if the "work does not fit YOUR FAMILY SCHEDULE" then learn to adjust  -- think PRIORITIES

No I don't think so. Everytime I see postings about the MT market failing it gets pegged as "n
that's what I think OP is referring to, postings about the dismal future of MT.
Regarding previous postings about large kittie cats--sm
There was a thread of posts about a week ago, or a little longer, concerning large kittie cats and litter boxes.  There was one poster who had suggested using a large storage tub with a *door* cut into it and replacing it every six months.  I would like to thank that poster tremendously!!!  I have a large boy kittie who stands up to *P* and just sprayed every where.  My ex and I had built a makeshift kittie litter box with plastic sides glued to it, so the cat wouldn't spray the walls, etc.  My kittie would not go inside the covered litter boxes, either, so it was a mess.  The makeshift litter box helped alot, but I really liked the idea of the storage tub and went to Walmart last weekend.  My son said that my big kittie would not like it and would not use it, because my big boy kittie is afraid of EVERYthing.  Well, I cut the *door* in the side of it, filled it with litter, and about two hours later, my big boy kittie was sticking his head in the door, checking it out, and then using it!!  I was SO happy!  He LOVES it!  and so do I !  It was the best $7.00 I ever spent!  So, to the lady who suggested it.....THANK YOU SO MUCH!  If I could reach you, I would hug you!  
Have you noticed that practically all the job postings these days say experience with ESLs. It seems
like without good ESL experience anymore you wont even get a job. I think it is really heading that way. I do ESLs but not a lot so I need to get more experience doing that and take a big cut in pay to learn it but seems like it is almost a necessity.
Next time I'll run my postings past you for approval then, okay, posting police?
I love the "my way or the highway" attitude. Get over yourselves.
HELP with Shorthand. Suddenly today when I tried to start work today.sm

my ShortHand would type only the first letter of an expansion and then take all the letters away!  I checked and the Type It button is grayed out!  I have restarted the computer and looked on the Shorthand Help menu but can find nothing that applies.  Can anyone please help me ASAP?  I am lost without it!  TIA

Perhaps you are right. This one is dated today. The original article was on Yahoo today also with

But this article states it would only affect new customers right now.  So I am upset over nothing.  I went through heck with BellSouth when they charged me a surcharge of an extra 50 a month and then would write a letter saying I had to switch to a long distance service and pay by the minute because of my "excessive" use. They told me the unlimited charge was for an average of an hour a day not somebody who worked out of their home and I needed to switch a business plan at over 200 a month charge.  I switched over to cable because of that and then to read that cable was going to charging on a per use fee and not a flat monthly fee it upset me.  It is the nature of our work, VR, only paying for VBC, having headers and footers taken away, now being charged for being on line, etc.  It just seems that everything is done to keep to insure less money.

Might be obvious but who is SE?
maybe you need a man because of your obvious

That's obvious-we all used to be something

but we don't make posts with our former titles. Get over it..

its you and its very obvious
Well then its obvious that you don't have much
faith in your children nor your parenting skills if you have not taught them how to make decisions for themselves. 
It is obvious
they don't care. It is not only cardiac docs either.
Thank you, Dr. Obvious...

Doctor dictates:

"The patient takes Doxepin for insomnia.  He has been taking 25 mg four of them at time, but I am prescribing 100 mg tablets which is the same."

This just made me giggle...

OK, now it's obvious to me...
could be wrong, but it seems that they are paying you ONLY after they get paid. That means you are at the mercy of the accounts payable department of the hospital... I never work for an MTSO when MY payment is tied to THEIR payment from their clients.
This may be obvious, but...

 I am pretty sure that she was referring to the manner in which her very unsupportive post was worded, i.e. "a REAL transcriptionist".  How in the world is that helping someone who is coming here for a little bit of help and, dare a person aspire for, a kind word...  anyway, just mho. 

Let's take a moment to put ourselves in her shoes instead of trying to think of a way to boost our own ego.  Perhaps the place in which she worked had a different style, a different format.  I even have done some recent work for a hospital who wants all of their references to the spinal disks spelled disc (even though this is specifically a no-no with AAMT).  I'm not an expert, but if there were a helpful thing that I could think of to say, it would be to buy of borrow a current AAMT Book of Style (3rd Edition) and make sure that you are all up on your format and style.  Anyway, good luck!!

It is so obvious

that some of these docs do not have the first idea what they are going to say when they dial in.  They have not bothered to organize their thoughts or mentally outline what they intend to dictate.  They just 'wing it,' go back and add, delete whole paragraphs, then maybe say virtually the same thing as the deleted section somewhere else.  I've learned never to delete but to cut sections just in case they get pasted back in someplace else.

One guy in particular says things like:  'Put temperature was 98.3 degrees and say BP was 130/70 and write respirations were 18 and could you say weight was 225 pounds, and like, he was sort-of short of breath?' 

How  do you verbatim that?  Dude!  I'm not you pal and we're not having a conversation here.  Do you realize I'm supposed to be transcribing EVERY SINGLE WORD YOU SAY? 

Do you have any clue what they are up to. It is obvious they are up to something.

I just hope everyone is calling Corporate.

sorry for your obvious hairball. nm
It was such an obvious question
I am sorry but it was such an obvious question at least to me and kind of reminded me of a Jeff Foxworthy song/routine.  They mail their payments to you where your business headquarters or your AP/AR is located.   It is like your car insurance you drive in California but your insurance headquarters are located in Arizona so where do you mail your check???   Or the MT's that work in a different state, where do you send those checks?  It just struck me ironic that someone who was thinking of doing what you are venturing out to do would have such a basic question to ask.  Struck me as a little weird.  And yes I have been an MTSO for 18+ years now.   Good luck to you and I hope your accounts follow you with your move and you are able to pick up more accounts wherever you move.  You might be the next big national and then you can come back and really let us have it.   Again, good luck.   Patti
It is SOOOOO obvious who you are
And it was so obvious last night who you were as you were posting with different names about what you were "eating". Please.

I am NOT starting flames. I was trying to let the OP know that not everyone on this site is mean and nasty. This place has really become a hole in the wall since you started frequenting the joint. Makes me wonder why I waste my time.

Obvious what 1 requirement is...
Obvioulsy one of the requirements of becoming an MT is rudeness and being quick to judge! I was just asking for suggestions and what being an MT entailed. In no way did I suggest that I had any idea about what MT requires of a person. Sheesh!
I know if someone posted on the engineering forums I am a part of I would be more than happy to give them suggestions on how to get started, different paths they could take, ect. Then again, I like to impart my experience so maybe I can help others learn from my mistakes so they don't have to make the same ones.

Obviously MTs work from home for a reason - seems that most of you don't work well with others!! Only 1 person actually took my post for what it was and told me their experience!! That's a real shame.
Obvious that law was written by men
Do they think that because we have breasts we can't drive correctly? OMG.

This is especially upsetting, seeing as most females who are getting permits are teenage years and breast cancer is not so common in that age range.

As an aside, a friend of mine had to go in for a mammogram a while back. Her insurance company refused to pay for it. Said it was not a necessary exam because she is "not old enough to need a mammogram". Her doc found a lump and wanted the test. Why is this not necessary?
I should think the answer would be obvious. They will take less money. nm
dictator just stated the obvious

"ORAL tobaccoism" -- like what other kind is there !!

oh i suppose it could be cutaneous via patch, but sounded dumb...

It's obvious she didn't mean cases
that actually required ER attention. You are just stirring the pot.
It's quite obvious from your post that you have never suffered....sm
from depression and I take it from your moniker that you are a man, which explains a lot. Please refrain from commenting on things you obviously know NOTHING about.
Not obvious to me. Not all well-compensated MTs are in management.
They're just good at their job. Not hard to understand.
the overstating the obvious award goes to
gotta love residents - "the left lower extremity part of the physical exam could not be performed due to a left lower extremity amputation."
So true. Or an obvious misspelling does not