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No, it stands for Screw Subcontractors!

Posted By: Oh my! nm on 2005-07-24
In Reply to: SS....does that stand for secret service? - nm

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I have several subcontractors on my service (I'm a small MTSO). I keep files on them that includes their qualifications, references, etc., and a signed agreement to work with me. Part of the agreement includes their commitment to being HIPAA compliant (with specifics about that is accomplished). My clients are aware that I have subcontractors in my service but that I am the lead Transcriptionist and the editor/QA of all transcribed documents prior to their return to the client.
I am an IC with several subcontractors. sm
I ask them to sign my subcontractor agreement that includes some things like being HIPAA compliant. When I am interviewed for a new account, I tell them up front that I have subs (I couldn't do that volume otherwise) and do they have a problem with it. I did have one account however that even though I told her I had a sub, a couple of months after starting the account, she got upset when she found out somebody else was also doing the work and I later dropped that account.
Calling all ICs and subcontractors

I'm thinking of switching to an IC. Tell me the absolute best thing about being an IC/subcontractor and the absolute worst thing.


what? I used to make .02/line off my subcontractors work and felt guilty.SM
The MTSO is making .07 line off your work? I know you did not say how much you make, but the MTSO must be charging the client a high rate. Like I said, I had several subcontractors helping me as an IC for local clients in the past, and made .02/line on their work (I am the one who printed and returned the work). You deserve better and are selling yourself much too short! P.S. - Unfortunately this is what is happening to this industry, and it's called greed.
Let her screw it up.
Tell the doctor what happened, but let her screw it up. Then he can complain without it coming down on you.
B & E - screw the CMT & AAMT
Yeah, just another way to screw us and
increase their profits. I did see where I had one report that was 22.18 lines and I got credited to be paid for 22. They used to carry the fractions. If you figure I do 30-40 reports a day and lose anywhere from 0.01 to 0.99 per report .......... Sometimes it just get too upsetting to even think about!!!!!
Well, I started getting the screw in-house in 1992 (sm)
So can you honestly say you are seeing the same jobs and the same pay you saw then?
I always check these boards now when looking for a new account. If other MTs say it is a bad company, I don't apply.
I couldn't screw this up any more if I tried! I make 7.25 cents per line. There! lol - nm
I couldn't screw this up any more if I tried! I make 7.25 cents per line. There! lol - nm
It is actually ghost track - area where a screw has once been for fixation of fracture.
Will fiddling with the pedal settings for Express Scribe screw up
Do u think a lawyer or accountant or doc has "QA" person - nope, if they screw up... they scr
As an MT, we know what our job is period. WE produce a report at 98% quality or better. This should be done without QA as we should take pride in our work and make sure it is correct. Of course, then again, we are "tested" for a job. Other professionals are not. I refuse to be. If a company mentions a "test" that is a big turn off for me.

Bottom line - know what you are doing and complete an accurate report (within 98% for human error rate which we all have) or learn another field... not a hard concept
that's what it stands for?
I never knew what AHDI stood for, it stands for ass for healthcare document in INDIA!!!! or is that just a joke.

No, I think it stands for -
Association of Hindi-speaking Dufuses, Inc.
I think the "R" actually stands for reserved. nm
As it stands now, according to the chat
room, is that Kaysar and Jennifer are the only two left. Apparently James gave up and walked out. Go Kaysar!
SM stands for see message
I simply believe in God and what he stands for..
I can't really say I am a Christian or any other particular faith. I know you have very strong convictions and I think it is wonderful, but isn't it funny how we follow and obey the bible in some instances and don't in others. The bible is a guide for us to live by. If we took it seriously, women would be in dresses, men would be working, women would not, women would have long hair, etc. Actually, Halloween is a religious day.. "The festival of Halloween is based on a combination of the Christian commemoration of the departed faithful (All Saints' Day) with the pre-Christian Celtic feast associated with a celebration of the end of summer and the Celtic New Year."

Want to know what BOS stands for? Oh yeah,
DVI stands for Digital Voice something, I

can't remember.  I use this system.  My company provided my foot pedal/software.  I think the company has to provide the software, as I've never seen a single user software available.   Foot pedal will be $60-$80 depending on where you get it, may be able to find on e-bay cheaper.  

Do a Google search for DVI compatible foot pedal.  I don't recommend TVPS.com.

Thank you, but I'm quite aware what HIPAA stands for.
That's why it bothers me is because so many people have it wrong. Obviously, the MTSO doesn't care about quality if she can't even get it right. What's the skin off your nose if it bothers me? Why does it bother you that it bothers me? I don't need to get over it. I'm quite happy being bothered by it. Bother, bother, bother.
The industry is changing and as it stands

now I would not recommend this field to anyone, but I am not worried about not having a job, at least not in the next 5 years.  I am good at what I do and can do any work type, can do ESLs with little problem, have done QA, so I feel like there will always be a job as long as I want it.  The pay may never get any better though. 

There aren't that many jobs available, but there are so many people looking for work that a lot of companies don't feel like they need to pay to advertise.   Check with employment agencies or temporary agencies.  I worked for  temporary agency years ago and got offered full-time positions with every place I worked.

Not sure what your career of choice is in, but you can get just about any degree on-line, or at least do all the basic courses. 

Not sure of your financial situation, but if still paying for technical school, going part-time probably won't work for you so you could go to school or get in some type of internship for whatever you wanted to do.   

You can sit back and wait for someone to knock on your door and offer you your dream job, but you'll most likely die waiting, or you can get your goal and work towards it.  If you aren't willing to do that, then you are stuck where you are. 

Taylor looks constipated when he stands still
Focus stands for Foreign

Focus is an Indian company, you know.  Most who have been there were not happy, and many MTs only go there because they are fresh out of school and find it hard to get the experience they need.  Just FYI.

Oh, man. The things I am thinkin' BD stands
No you're not wrong but my statement stands too
If it was your daughter missing and the media basically concentrated on a demographic other than yours, you'd be wondering why you can't get help for your daughter too. Media looks for sensationalism and the since outrage currently involves young children or affluent, pretty, white young adult females, that's what the media flocks to.
Maybe you are just uptight about one night stands? You should have stayed to the end.
FTP stands for file transfer protocol.

It is transferring files.  You log onto the FTP site using software, such as Core FTP Lite that is free, then you can upload and download files on the company's FTP server.

Here's the link to the free download of Core FTP Lite.


Ooops, my NM stands for nightmares in my expander, NM
MTSO stands for Medical Transcription
Service Owner and that is what Nationals are so, no, there is no difference. Not a dumb question at all!
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol
It transfers voice files.
Sorry about that. It doesn't really matter what the "R" stands for. Please accept my apolog
being catty. Hope you have a good evening.