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Maybe you are just uptight about one night stands? You should have stayed to the end.

Posted By: nm on 2005-07-31
In Reply to: This movie was so bad that we walked out of it!! - It sucks...and Old School is our favorite movie!


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I saw HOWIE last night on a late night episode of Blind Date. too funny.
I'm thinking if they are smart they'll boot Rachel.  I think she's really smart and a good player.  I don't think Howie is all that smart or able to be a winner.  I think this could force Howie to hook up with James to go for the final 2.
that's what it stands for?
I never knew what AHDI stood for, it stands for ass for healthcare document in INDIA!!!! or is that just a joke.

No, I think it stands for -
Association of Hindi-speaking Dufuses, Inc.
I think the "R" actually stands for reserved. nm
As it stands now, according to the chat
room, is that Kaysar and Jennifer are the only two left. Apparently James gave up and walked out. Go Kaysar!
SM stands for see message
I simply believe in God and what he stands for..
I can't really say I am a Christian or any other particular faith. I know you have very strong convictions and I think it is wonderful, but isn't it funny how we follow and obey the bible in some instances and don't in others. The bible is a guide for us to live by. If we took it seriously, women would be in dresses, men would be working, women would not, women would have long hair, etc. Actually, Halloween is a religious day.. "The festival of Halloween is based on a combination of the Christian commemoration of the departed faithful (All Saints' Day) with the pre-Christian Celtic feast associated with a celebration of the end of summer and the Celtic New Year."

Want to know what BOS stands for? Oh yeah,
No, it stands for Screw Subcontractors!

DVI stands for Digital Voice something, I

can't remember.  I use this system.  My company provided my foot pedal/software.  I think the company has to provide the software, as I've never seen a single user software available.   Foot pedal will be $60-$80 depending on where you get it, may be able to find on e-bay cheaper.  

Do a Google search for DVI compatible foot pedal.  I don't recommend TVPS.com.

Thank you, but I'm quite aware what HIPAA stands for.
That's why it bothers me is because so many people have it wrong. Obviously, the MTSO doesn't care about quality if she can't even get it right. What's the skin off your nose if it bothers me? Why does it bother you that it bothers me? I don't need to get over it. I'm quite happy being bothered by it. Bother, bother, bother.
The industry is changing and as it stands

now I would not recommend this field to anyone, but I am not worried about not having a job, at least not in the next 5 years.  I am good at what I do and can do any work type, can do ESLs with little problem, have done QA, so I feel like there will always be a job as long as I want it.  The pay may never get any better though. 

There aren't that many jobs available, but there are so many people looking for work that a lot of companies don't feel like they need to pay to advertise.   Check with employment agencies or temporary agencies.  I worked for  temporary agency years ago and got offered full-time positions with every place I worked.

Not sure what your career of choice is in, but you can get just about any degree on-line, or at least do all the basic courses. 

Not sure of your financial situation, but if still paying for technical school, going part-time probably won't work for you so you could go to school or get in some type of internship for whatever you wanted to do.   

You can sit back and wait for someone to knock on your door and offer you your dream job, but you'll most likely die waiting, or you can get your goal and work towards it.  If you aren't willing to do that, then you are stuck where you are. 

Taylor looks constipated when he stands still
Focus stands for Foreign

Focus is an Indian company, you know.  Most who have been there were not happy, and many MTs only go there because they are fresh out of school and find it hard to get the experience they need.  Just FYI.

Oh, man. The things I am thinkin' BD stands
Why I stayed
Because I believed the BS/lies/contradictions until I was literally choking on them. I don't have people like that around me.

Dano, you're right about a good MT having options. So keep that good advice coming and thank you! I was so into the psychological abuse, I lost sight of that fact.

I'm sure you've heard of the battered wife syndrome. It happens gradually, not overnight. Well...I guess there's such a thing as battered MT syndrome. Hopefully, this site will put an end to it.

I'm not a war monger. Just trying to help MTs make an informed decision based on the facts of what happened to me and not to be as stupid as I was to buy into all of it. I don't have an axe to grind either. She's the loser. She can do whatever she wants now. I don't work for her!

Here's something for everyone to chuckle about. The coordinator told me I was greedy. Not productive, not fast, not you know your stuff, not you work smart, but greedy! I'm LOL now, but I was speechless then. Don't any of you tell me that was her euphemism for productive. My production went into the toilet after that. That is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God. Have a great evening!

why, then, have you stayed for

Why would ANYONE with half a brain stay somewhere so terrible for 9 years?

Can you not find another job? What's the deal? I wanna know!

There's no way I would have stayed...
After being treated like that. The first time I don't get paid on time, bye bye! The doctors don't work for free, and I don't either.
No you're not wrong but my statement stands too
If it was your daughter missing and the media basically concentrated on a demographic other than yours, you'd be wondering why you can't get help for your daughter too. Media looks for sensationalism and the since outrage currently involves young children or affluent, pretty, white young adult females, that's what the media flocks to.
FTP stands for file transfer protocol.

It is transferring files.  You log onto the FTP site using software, such as Core FTP Lite that is free, then you can upload and download files on the company's FTP server.

Here's the link to the free download of Core FTP Lite.


Ooops, my NM stands for nightmares in my expander, NM
MTSO stands for Medical Transcription
Service Owner and that is what Nationals are so, no, there is no difference. Not a dumb question at all!
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol
It transfers voice files.
I improved on it after a while, but then stayed the same.
When I first started on VR I had a really hard time because we don't have an expander on our program. I was so accustomed to typing shortcuts that I typed them when I was editing and ended up having to edit my editing.  But I've been doing it for a few months now and got used to the program, and my line production picked up a little.  I'll never be able to double or even get 60% to 70% above my usual typing rate though because I can produce a lot with typing (about 1600 lines a day).  I haven't heard of anyone producing 3200 lines a day when 100% editing. It would be different if it was like QA editing and just filling in the blanks, but sometimes this takes longer to do this than it does to type it.
The fact that you have stayed with them
for so long amazes me. You must be a saint! Good luck to you. I hope you find what you are looking for.
i stayed for 10 years...
Until I started experiencing the same problems that everyone  complains about on this board... low work, no work, constant account switches, mysterious messages from corporate about new pay plans, etc., then I was out the door. I have more  respect for myself than to put up with that!
I think I stayed with it too long, too. Unfortunately, (sm)
most other jobs don't really suit my personality. I like transription cuz I don't have to deal directly with people that much. I'm not much of a people-person. I would HATE a front-office job! I'm concerned that MT may be dying out (mainly due to greed & dishonesty in the industry, not to mention in the Healthcare industry). I looked into court-reporting, but I think it's too late for that. Shoulda' done it 30 years ago while I still lived for free with mom & dad, and could go to school full-time! Getting a degree at night school is brutal. I have a friend who started working on getting her Master's back in the late 1960's, while working full-time. She's still working on it, and still going to school. Still isn't there yet, and she'll be retirement age in 3 more years!

Nope, I stupidly allowed myself to get stuck in a dead-end profession, that now shows signs of passing on, itself. So I figure I'll just ride it out to the end, and after that, so on public assistance and live in a cardboard box on the sidewalk somewhere. Either that, or go on the "Smith & Wesson Retirement Plan". hee!
No, stayed at hotel right near it, though.
Most of the places in M. Beach offer a package deal such as the one you describe. We have stayed at Compass Cove and Caravelle and both offered family value packages that include the suite, buffet breakfast daily, and tickets to local attractions. We are going back to Compass Cove this year, in fact. Both Caravelle and Compass Cove also renovated over the last year. Have you checked sites like Travelocity? Sometimes they have customer reviews that can be very helpful. Are you taking children? If so, I would recommend Compass Cove or Caravelle, either one. However, Monterey looks like a very nice place from the outside, at least!

Hope you have fun! :) When are you planning to go? We usually go towards the end of August. Rates are even better then. ;)
Thanks, I've done that too, stayed
in motels that had internet service, in fact many of them don't charge, although recently I had to pay 10 bucks a day for it. I was just wondering about the Spring broadband card that you can put in your computer and use where there is Sprint service and if anybody has used it up and down the interstate system, not just in major cities.
yep, 2 different companies, stayed with 1 - sm
quit the other eventually they had gone from being pretty good to pretty bad and I was not able to meet production (the ESLs were really, really bad) and I "left" at mutual agreement; like the platform and all but rarely got good dictators. As for the other company, I quit due to being stretched too thin, then went back to them when things did not work out with my "new" job (had 3 at the time). Always leaving on good terms helps, work notice, etc. then approach and asked if you can come back as things are not working out for you and you liked working for them, etc. Good luck.
Sorry about that. It doesn't really matter what the "R" stands for. Please accept my apolog
being catty. Hope you have a good evening.
Uh, probably for the same reasons YOU stayed for 10 years? nm
I recently stayed at the Flamingo (sm)
it was very nice - they have a beautiful pool area, really tropical.  In fact, there was a wedding there when we were there and I noticed how nice it was.  If you sign up for their "card" they will give you a better rate. 
Just stayed at Drury, they allow pets.
also use a KVM switch but stayed wired
for security reasons, and ..

I don't want kids to have internet their rooms. Mean mama that I am. LOL

I wore a Spanish mantilla - it stayed out of the way and was still fun.

She has to be the dumbest person alive to have stayed
married to an alcoholic and drug user, and to have had children by him. She endangered the lives of those children. She is blind, says she never sees anything bad that the press reports. Maybe that is because they are sheltered and protected from any protesters so they can continue to think they are the king and queen of the world.
We stayed at the CalNeva at Stateline last month
and there was no way I could have worked - had my laptop and wondered if I should try to set up but gave up.  They must have had dial-up but electrical outlets were pathetic, lighting was horrible and noise from room beside us was horrible and room above us was horrible - I finally realize it was a 'fun' hotel and not a travelers hotel - and not one that was set up for business people.  Glad you had great experience though!!  Oh - and only 10 channels on the television - they obviously wanted everyone down stairs in the casino spending money!!
Atkins Diet - Has anyone stayed on this program for the long run?
I've tried it a couple of times, did well, lost weight, but never really got going with the maintenance program.  Has anyone done so?  If so, I would appreciate any advice, hints, etc.  Thanks!!
Had pay cut in half, stayed because of "Loyalty", big mistake. Pay went up 1/2 c, still waitin
It's taco night! (again.....) We had taco pizza last night, southwestern chicken soup before th
Maybe I'll just have a salad.
Maybe she should have stayed in America where Americans look for drunken teens everyday.
If you go to a foreign country, you are under their laws and their policing.  If you don't like it, DON'T TRAVEL OUT OF THE COUNTRY!  In the meantime, TEXAS TEAM IS SEARCHING IN ARUBA WITH PERMISSION AND ARE VERY HAPPY WITH COOPERATION FROM ARUBAN GOVERNMENT!  
Great city; I stayed in Dunlaoghaire (sp?) and visited Dublin. nm
Stayed at Vistana time share resort and it was EXCELLENT 5-6 years ago.
I don't know what kind of prices you are going to get at the height of the season but phone Vistana and see what a weekly rate is. They do have shuttle service and lots of activities within the resort itself. There are lots of time shares that have been built since then so check into time share rental. Vistana had two bedrooms and sleeping room in the living area plus kitchen. Whirlpool bath in master. Tennis, swimming, etc. Great place to stay, highly recommend.

PS: I went in the late summer and price for a week was approximately $700.
Quit after 2 years. If I wanted to work 8 hours a day, I would have stayed in the hospital. Seemed
to be working all day long just to make a decent living.  Although, I wanted to be home with my kids until the baby was at least 5, had to breakdown and return to working outside the home, to make ends meet. Just to stressfull trying to make a good living with the rates they are paying now. 
Stayed "because of the kids?" I say "leave because of the kids"
You're in no position to buy right now. Keep saving, keep paying down your bills, and for heaven's sake get rid of that dead weight of a BF you're living with. You can do better.
I stayed for many reasons and while those reasons have changed - sm

I loved MT because I was good at it and it came naturally to me.  Typing, language, etc.  The perks of working from home and being able to raise my family were a huge plus.  I stayed because in the hayday of MT you could make really good money really fast (2500 lpd @ $0.15 cpl). 

I stayed while my children were young and I could be available for them.  I stayed so I could return to school and have that flexible schedule to juggle everything once the kids grew  older.  I stayed full-time and cut school back to half time so I could take care of my ailing parents and inlaws when the time arose.   

I continue to stay because I still need to finish school (3 semesters to go) and unfortunately my DH is ill and needs someone to care for him now.  I stay because it is convenient, but I do not plan to stay forever. 

I sure miss the big money days, but what money I make now is sufficient enough to pay my bills.  It is a means to an end so to speak and it has been a godsend along the way.  But I in no way plan to stay at it forever.  It served and continues to serve a purpose, but it is no longer what I "love" to do. 

65 at night - 70 in day
We had that last night.
I was just bored today since I'm not working.  I like cooking different foods as a hobby.  LOL 
yes, I got it last night...sm
sure do wish they'd make up their minds.  When I first started on DQS, from Cottage, I got "yelled" at about NOT putting 2 spaces, now I'm used to 2 spaces, and they go and change it again.  Oh, well. Guess I'll get read to get "yelled" at again!
About last night...