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No way, I am having no problems with productivity, only that my pay has been reduced to compete

Posted By: banshee on 2007-11-28
In Reply to: No. You are not doing wihtout pay because of them. - SM

with the global market, that is a fact.

Now please with all respect please do not offer your opinions on my situation, I am sensing a little attitude here and I am not interested in your opinions on that. Thanks.

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Try checking the grocery store for reduced buggies, reduced
counters in the meat and produce departments. Quite often, you can find perfectly good foods marked down (be careful about pork). My husband is a meat cutter and we quite often have meat that has been reduced and it is just as good as what was cut that day. Buy double roll toilet tissue. For whatever reason, it seems to last longer at my house. Buy cheaper brands of shampoo and hand soap. The stuff from Wal-Mart works just as well. The same can be said for scented lotions. Make your own potpourri. Mix cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg in water and keep it simmering in a small crock pot. Smells really good and is less expensive than candles. Believe me, I can pinch a penny, but it's really not so bad.
Yes my pay has been reduced by 2/3. So.. sm
I figure I will have to do triple my amount of lines to get back to where I was. I don't think that is possible is it? I hear where you can maybe double your lines but triple?? Any opinions?
ME rates reduced
yep, the letter's in the mail. if you're doing ME work your rate will be decreased off of your base rate because they think the average production increases by 25%. well, you have the choice as staying as a MT at your regular rate, which I'm going to do as their ASR program can't seem to distinguish between the smaller words in a document even with the person saying them very, very clearly that you're continuously having to peck along to correct. The system even leaves out words that clear dictators are saying. Until they fix those kinds of things I'm not messing with it. You cannot get a rhythm doing the ME work -- at least that's what I've found. I've timed it and I can type a document faster from scratch than I can do it with ASR. That's just my opinion. They are paying us pennies to do a job that requires more than flipping burgers at Jack.
THIS is what we're reduced to as MTs - sm

what do we sell next?  We're certainly not able to sell our skill, our professionalism, our decades of experience -- these are up for grabs to the LOWEST bidder!

These are credited to you at a reduced rate ---
Examination Protocol:
Aorta Meaturements:
How long do you think it will be until MQ throws everything on ASR even the junk to get the reduced
line rate. Should be interesting to see. I do think they are looking for a big exit also. There is no work in a lot of the offices especially Amherst and my understanding is the work will be delegated from a national office and not regional and they will put people on accounts that need work. Not sure what that means but maybe the days of having a main are coming to an end. Should be great for quality.
Staff will be reduced and equipment not replaced
Care provider will attempt to maintain their income and will attempt this by reducing staff/overhead (that includes transcription by the way).

The medicare/medicaid patient should have copays that are reasonable.

Reasonable is the key word here. But there is a sense of urgency that is taking place due to the state of Social Security and the aging baby boomers who are beginning to retire, who will due to good medical care for a lifetime, perhaps live for 20 plus years on Medicare benefits.

Weren't the Indians given a reduced rate to get CMT?
The incidence of errors could be greatly reduced - sm
if MTs were paid in such a way that they didn't have to positively RACE through everything they type, just to make a decent line count and an honest day's wage.
Take proofreading for example: Sometimes I think we come out ahead by NOT proofreading and taking our chances with missing an error, since if we really kick butt on our line counts, it can make up for being docked. But that goes against my nature. So I slow down enough to actually SEE what I'm typing, and then go back and proofread. It produces the best-possible quality of reports, but then eliminates any chance of a bonus because I can't reach that *carrot-on-a-stick* that is dangled a bit too high (in terms of a qualifying line count) for me to reach.
Reduced my desk clutter, bought a KVM sm

I got a slick new KVM.  I work on 2 computers every day, so this was a necessity.  All USB, a Belkin.  Not only can I used ONE mouse, ONE keyboard, ONE monitor, but I can use ONE set of speakers and ONE set of headphones in said speakers.  This one came with a remote button.  Push it and you are on the other computer.

I have wanted one for a very long time and I have it!!!!  They have come a long way. 

Now...I just have to keep my backgrounds different so I know where I am...

careful with the reduced rates... devalues the industry sm
and forces even experienced MTs to lower rates just to keep clients.

My honest two cents, meaning no disrespect to anyone.

Clients see the bottom line before they see the years of experience an MT has. (yes, they do.)

A new person coming in with a lower rate will only cause problems.
To compete with who? (sm)

They quit teaching MT in my area at least 5 years ago because there are no jobs in the area.  Hospitals are on EMR and there is no available work in the area.  The schools here were probably sued because people couldn't find decent paying jobs, LMAO!

Who says you have to compete
Obviously the AAMT is more interested in the offshore projects anyway.  Doing something like a BOS with some common sense has nothing to do with them.  Frankly I think a book with tips, tricks, samples etc would be much better than what is currently being offered.  Of course AAMT can't be competed against.  I don't think the idea here is to go after the companies or take over what the AAMT has done.  The idea to have a real organization for MTs here in the United States.  A place where MT opinons really count and the power that be won't sell out to the highest bidder.
I believe all "honest" ICs will willingly sign one since I have been burned before by an MT who went behind my back and stole my account from me!! I was terribly burned and as a small MTSO, I believe in them very strongly. If you want to keep your accounts as an MTSO, have your MTs sign a non-compete. If your an IC, think about it from a MTSO point of view, would you want someone to go behind you and take your business away?! JMHO.
Non-compete clause
This goes on all the time but I must say that it IS stealing! Shame, shame on you!
non-compete agreement
GA girl, where are you? Do you have experience with a n.c. agreement in GA?
non-compete agreement
I read the posts below about the n.c. agreement and wonder if you have any knowledge of them. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
no compete contract...sm

I think I know who you're talking about...almost positive! Gosh, I wish we could post her name here so others in our area would not become one of her many VICTIMS!

Please email me if you'd like...I'd be more than happy to help y'all in any way I can...bestest of best luck to you...I hope you kick her crooked a$$ in court!

Non-compete agreements

Who has had to sign one with their company? Are they enforced? How long was your non-compete arrangement for? Thanks!

Non-Compete Clause
Length of time?  Depends on the verbiage and the company you work for - some want you to wait 6 months, others a year before you approach their accounts.  They are designed to pretty such save MT companies from people stealing their accounts, wreaking havoc.  If you don't plan on stealing work, don't worry about signing it.  Think about it - you might not like the hospital, quit the job, change companies - so would you really WANT TO STEAL THAT WORK??  I didn't think so!  LOL!  There isn't much an individual MT can do to "steal" an entire account anyway.  If a hospital or doc changes, it's because they don't like the company you are working for.  After being in this field for 15 years, I have never seen anyone prosecuted for theft or anything involving the no-compete agreement.  Basically, this is nothing to worry about...unless you have a hidden agenda.
owners trying to compete
The companies are trying to keep their profits high, be competitive with India and the doctors want to pay next to nothing. It's a tough business right now. I would look to other options or really push for more money. I wouldn't work for less than 9 cents. On the other hand, there are MTs out there who think they are very good, but they are honestly terrible. I think if you push for a quality company and sell yourself and you truly are worth the money, you will get it.
It is a reality in this business. It is the only way for them to compete, but it
Is it really a gift when you have to compete for it? Nonsense.
can we get an update on the no compete contract

This is interesting (non-compete clauses)
My contract has a standard non-compete clause. Basically, that any subcontracted Transcriptionist will not contact or contract with any clients of my service. I finally had a transcriptionist ask for this complete list of clients. Makes sense, because how will they know who to avoid if they, well, don't know? But I would much prefer they didn't know to begin with. I don't want to tip my hand by giving someone a list of my entire clientele base. Does this seem fair? I feel I should reword my contract to avoid this in the future, but I am not sure how to do so.
we have to compete for our prize for MT week
We have to find stuff in our work like a certain med, or the oldest person,and the first person who finds it gets the prize.  There were only 10 prizes to give out and there are lots of employees.  I didn't even participate because, frankly, they can kiss my patootie.  They should be giving EVERYone something, like, maybe a RAISE, instead of implementing a bogus game where a fraction of the employees win.  Do they think we are second-graders? 
we have to compete for our prize for MT week
We have to find stuff in our work like a certain med, or the oldest person,and the first person who finds it gets the prize.  There were only 10 prizes to give out and there are lots of employees.  I didn't even participate because, frankly, they can kiss my patootie.  They should be giving EVERYone something, like, maybe a RAISE, instead of implementing a bogus game where a fraction of the employees win.  Do they think we are second-graders? 
If you haven't signed non-compete forms...
with a company you are employed by now, and you leave the company, is it acceptable (legal) to contact a client of theirs and offer your IC services if you really want that account as your own?  Any suggestions from anyone having ever done this before would be much appreciated.
Both? I thought Spheris had a "no compete" rule.

At least that is what I was told.  Or maybe this is just a new thing?

I fail to understand what the "competition" would be.

Walmart is good. The regular supermarkets are going to be forced to compete.
It all works for the good of the consumer.
I purchased Shorthand and Jon Knowles program. I have about 500 shorthand entries. During downtime, I add more. I have set hours. I get up like I am going out to work. Shower, put on m/up, comb hair, etc. Make coffee/cereal, and do a few household chores before I sign in at 8:30. I do not move until I have done 25 reports. Take a 15 break, take out some for lunch, type 25 more reports. Eat lunch while I am watching a few mins. of Y/Restless. Look at email..Look at local paper online. Email buddy in Texas. On Mondays, take a few minutes to discuss D/Housewives. Type 20 more rports. Watch 15 minutes of Passions. And for the afternoon stretch, I type until I have about 80-90 reports. If my baby stays with my sister, I will type until I have 100-120 reports. During school year, I might type straight through until I have 40 reports. You just have to stay focus. A few days a month, I take an hour lunch away from home to be around grown people. I have been doing this 7 years and gross about 40,000 yr b/c I also do taxes. You have to stay focuses. I plan on making about 52,000 this year. In between I wash a load of clothes, iron, etc....plan meals. Just stay focused. I get depressed if I have a week paycheck less than a grand.

How in the world do you accomplish so many lines.

I am genuinely interested in any advice you might have. I struggle to meet minimums when work is available.


productivity help
I need any advice, tips, cheats that you can offer to get my daily line counts up. I use Instant Text and autocorrect but I still work about 12 hours to get about 900 lines. I'm supposed to be working 8 hours and getting 1080 lines. I am really frustrated...can anybody help, please...
there is a great book called saving Keystrokes available through Amazon.com. It helped me alot.

Where do you usually talk about productivity?

I don't see a board for increasing productivity.  I usually just post questions on the main board but think I will get more information if I post questions on the board specifically for productivity.


Can someone help me on productivity board? SM

I didn't know if that board is frequented a lot, but posted a couple questions there.

Thanks so much for your time.


It's like a tic with me. I can't help it. I correct it then. That is BAD for productivity. nm
Please help on Productivity board. TIA nm
See productivity board.
Productivity Board?
Where the heck did the productivity board go?
That was the best program ever, especially for productivity. sm
That was always my argument against Windows - it slowed everything down, but progress moves on and I was forced to move on.

Now, I can just only remember what a great program that was for what we do.

productivity programs

Our company is currently using Winscribe dictation system, but they did not buy the transcription side of this, which creates a database and templates and saves the work to a file. 

I am looking for productivity program that works the same way that is reasonable.  ADS may be one but I have no feedback on this. 

Any suggestions.


Bayscribe productivity.....

For anyone who uses Bayscribe, do you do real well productivity wise on one account and then accomplish absolutely nothing on others?  The short notes, the in and out, in and out business; it takes up so much time, I have just spent over 2 hours with just under 200 lines.   Is anyone else's experience the same?

BayScribe productivity
I have 2 accounts that I work on, and I do seem faster on one of them which is the more difficult one oddly enough. I don't feel like I go in and out a lot. I love the fact that everything is done on 1 screen (demographics, transcription, and copies). Having to toggle through a ton of screens is one of the reasons I left my last company.
Here is a macro from Productivity.com
Have you tried productivity talk? You can also
google it. 
Productivity Site
I am fairly new to Instant Text.  However, there is a site at:  http://www.productivitytalk.com/forums/index.php  This site specializes in MT productivity and there are several very experienced people here.  Check it out, you'll be glad you did.
IC productivity question HELP PLEASE
I need some advice please!!! I work for an IC company where I edit reports. My problem is that I cannot see my productivity. The only one that has access to my productivity is the hospital which then returns it to my company and they email me my stats for the entire pay period. I guess what I am wondering is that I am new to the whole IC world and was wondering if I should put my trust into the hospital to give my company my correct stats. I asked my company if there is another way around this and they said no!!!! PLEASE RESPOND WITH YOUR ADVICE GOOD OR BAD!!!
No productivity access
Did you request a copy of the productivity log submitted by the hospital? That is all you have to do if your company did not submit one to you automatically. In addition, keep your own private long with accession numbers and times, anything you would need to support a discrepancy. There are a lot of programs out there that do not support that type of operation, so do not think you are being lied to. Just make sure they are right.
How to increase productivity

The more targeted your glossaries are, the faster you get to your words and phrases. Are you using doctor- or specialty-specific glossaries combined with your own base glossary?

Are you concentrating on phrases rather than on words? The big keystroke savings kick in when you concentrate on the phrases your doctors say all the time.

More about productivity at the link below. I hope it will give you some quick tips.


Try Productivity Talk.
Google it, and then search on autocorrect. There should be some tips there on how.

I know how to do it; but I'm on shift right now and can't take the time to walk you through it; sorry. If you haven't figured it out by this afternoon, post again, and I'll see if I can help with more detail then.