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Not me. Live in Alabama and it's hot here. nm

Posted By: A on 2005-07-28
In Reply to: Anybody live where it's cold? - A Texan


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No, everyone in Auburn, Alabama does not live in trailers.
A lot of the students attend Auburn University.
well now there's a trend. doesn' t everyone in auburn, alabama live in a trailer?
what college do the trailer park students attend?
Look, if you knew me you wouldn't have said those things. I live in Alabama! We hate sm
them-thar' fags. Honestly, I am probably the MOST unprejudiced (if that's a word) person in my entire family! I'm constantly rolling my eyes at THEM because they use inappropriate names to refer to people and I don't like it.

I am a conservative who doesn't believe in same-sex marriages! I am totally against it.

What I am saying is this: This lady is NOT making this stuff up. It happens. We may not like it, but it happens. and here's the real kicker: We need to love these so called "degenerates." We really do. Like the Beatle's song goes: All you need is love...

Love can make them turn around. Really!
I'm in Alabama! nm

2.16 to 2.19 in Alabama. nm
If you don't mind me asking, what was the name of the small company in Alabama?
44 Y/O in Alabama
Several of us in Alabama.
Do most of you work for companies or have your own accounts?
Alabama MT
I am in central Alabama - Bibb County - have only worked at home for about 4 months now and absolutely love it!
why no, i don't live in snobville. did you think you knew me? i live in heritage hills a suburb
it takes a little longer to get to work and shopping but thank god i have some privacy and am away from the congestion.  lovely trees and lakes all around.  maybe about 20 minutes to a large shopping mall.  but no, i don't even know where snobville is.
Auburn, Alabama
Thanks so much for your help here.  We're retired,  my husband is a retired truck driver and THANK GOD we have the ability to help others in need.   If we can just find out who, what, when and where, we're prepared to rent a truck, do a drive here locally and bring the stuff but we've made phone call on top of phone call and no one seems to know how we can help except to donate to the Red Cross but we want specifically to help the forgotten people.
$15.00 an hour for MT in Alabama
I work prn for a hospital in Alabama.  I make $15.00 an hour.  This is with no benefits and no insurance.  When I worked full-time for them, I made $12.00 an hour and had benefits and insurance. 
45 yof, MT 10+ yrs, med field 20 yrs Alabama nm
I think so (Alabama doc with accent!)
I have to admit I'm flipping here a bit.  My son took my headphones to school somehow and I'm having to do this without headphones!  Thank you so much!
Katrina in Mississippi/Alabama

Does anyone know of contacts in Mississippi/Alabama that are needing help for their people who have lost everything?  We chose to donate cash to the Salvation Army.  By the time I got around to cleaning out my closets, neither the SA or ARC were taking clothing donations and I'm one of those people who is very bad about buying things and then never wearing them so much of the stuff has tags still attached, not exactly junk.  Now that it's gathered up, I'll just donate it to our local Helping Hands but would like do whatever we can do to help the people of Miss/AL in particular.   It seems they are the "forgotten refugees."  At least in our area, we see very little about them but did see a news clip last night that looked like they were as devastated as NO, if not more so.  Surely they need help too?  TIA for any info.

RE: Katrina in Mississippi/Alabama
We had the same problem. All kinds of good stuff and no one had room left for donations of clothing, etc. Our community came up with the idea of a gigantic garage sale and donate the proceeds to the Red Cross. So that is exactly what is happening next weekend. Sorry if this is a double post, my cat ran over my keyboard. He feels so good every morning!!
Alabama here - Huntsville area

I'm also from Alabama, in the Huntsville area.  If you're an IC in this area, you're lucky to get .12 per line.  Huntsville is supposed to be so high tech with all the NASA, Boeing and Marshall Space Flight Center stuff; unfortunately, the doctors in the area still have the 1975 price mentality! 

I know there is a large transcription service in your area that handles some physicians in this area and they're only charging .12 per line, so it may be a bit much for B'ham.  If you would like to know who I'm referring to, please e-mail me at tow46@aol.com and note this in the subject so I won't delete it.

North Alabama Transcriptionists
Are there any hospitals based in North Alabama who use at-home Radiology Transcriptionists?
Huntsville, Alabama Hospital

Does anyone have any experiences to share about Huntsville Hospital in north Alabama?  I put in an application thinking it was only sports medicine (I have PT experience mostly), but their Medical Secretaries probably transcribe for the full range of hospital services. I'm supposed to get in touch with them tomorrow to talk.


50-year-old female Alabama
Broomtown, Alabama, near Summerville, Georgia.
Back off Alabama, Jack!
them-thar' fags????

You know...I came on here to rip you up but I think you did that to yourself...I just would like other people to know that at least ONE person in Alabama isn't emotionally/mentally/morally challenged as this poster.

And if you have a problem with that, I'll let Carlos Mencia do the talking for me! Du-du-doh!!!!
Any North Alabama Transcriptionists?
I posted on the state board, but I don't think many people go to that board.  I was just wondering if there any home-based transcriptionists near me.  Thank you for your time.
North Alabama Transcriptionists
I am in Limestone County.
You can still get grape Nehi in Alabama. sm
I love the peach Nehi too. You can make some really good ice cream using what ever flavor Nehi you want and two cans of Eagle Brand.
Moving from Alabama to Sacramento, CA
Getting married in December.  Fiance' has been there for a year now.  How is the transcription job market in California.  I have a work-at-home job, but thinking maybe I can get something local.  Compared to Alabama, the cost of living is extremely high though.  How is the climate there, any and all info appreciated.
Sweet Home Alabama
Sorry so long in responding...went on vacation.
why yes the quality of air where i live is quite different than where the city people live.
Lots of pollution.  That's why everyone is moving away from the city and areas zoned for multiple housing units and low income housing and trailer parks.  Population is dense and near manufacturing.  So yes, the air is different but millions of people pay a little extra for the quality, the space and privacy afforded to those who move out of polluted crowded areas such as you defend.  There is always a reason why some areas and housing is cheaper than others.  Maybe it is the air and maybe it's something you can't quite put your finger on but you know you would prefer not to live in certain areas.  You know what I mean or are you living in one of those areas?  They tell after awhile you block out the sounds, the smells and get used to the pollution.  I don't know.  I didn't stay long enough to test the theory.  My mental and physical health is way too important to me. 
I know they live a long time, so if there is a chance they will out live you - sm
make sure you make provisions for them in your will. I have only had cockatiels and some finches, so don't really know anything about the bigger birds. I love African Grey's but they are very expensive.
document solution center alabama


I was just wondering if anyone had any good/bad info on this company. I can't seem to find much information on them. Thanks.


The state (Alabama) penalized me this year.
I was told they do not the first year, but after that they do. It was like $50, and I will have to pay it again this year since it was June when I was hit with it, but I am seriously thinking of paying estimated tax starting next year.
Here in Cherokee County Alabama August 8 is first student day.
My DH works at the local school and he has been getting ready.
Anyone have a good source for Alabama doctors, where you can find them by just last name or a few le
In North Alabama, school starts back August 4th. We get out the end of May.
Live and let live. Don't force your lifestyle on me.
I used to live in MN now I live in MS and they were both cold last night!
Will take MS cold over MN cold any day, and I don't miss the snow. I miss the Mall of America, though!
I live in PA, can I help? If they are close to where I live, I would go check them out for ya!
Where in PA is this company?
You must live where I live. I ran into the same sort of SM
situation when I was the president-elect of the local chapter and the VP-elect of the state chapter. I bailed out. There was no fighting it.
LOL! Don't live in NH. Live in ConnectiTAX. LOL NM
Can you live on 7.75 cpl or do you need 9.5 cpl. If I could live at the lower, that is what I
Each state has different laws. Where I live, if I have clients in the same state I live in, yes I ne
have clients from another state, no I do not need a license. Every state is different. I checked with my attorney and the State Business offices.
I don't. It's not available where I live (sm

I go to my mom's and flip through and don't miss it at all.  All of her stations and hardly anything on to watch.

OMG - how do you live without TV?....I'd die
without my sports! Football season is here, college all day Saturday, NFL all day Sunday, and Monday Night. As well as NHL is back. I would die without my TV.

Not to mention 24 hours on Monday night, Boston Legal on Tuesday night, ER on Thursday night, Law & Order and CSI other nights, as well as my HBO and Max for movies.

Don't know how you do it, but bless you!
Where do you live?
I'm tired of it, too.  I would love to be able to go outside without getting heatstroke!  My animals are in the house all the time, too.  Too hot for them to be outside.
Or go live over there with them
Maybe you could go live in NO
You only live once....
No, sorry for you! Wise up and have some fun - you live only once you know!
Actually where I live...
Its on at 11 a.m. - still 2 darn early for me (night shifter)....but yeah, that show can be addicting.
I live in PA and it is 2.69 where I live. nm
Where do you live?
In the Northeast? 
I don't know where you live, but
in Houston, illegals are a real problem.

That is the problem though. They come in the food stamp office driving 30,000+ cars! I cannot get my daughter in headstart because we make too much money. We do not get reduced lunch, and I am fine with that. I would like to have her in the same school as my son though. I even offered to pay for it! Every parent during my son's orientation, everyone, who was sitting there getting their reduced lunch approved and were in there for the headstart had kids wearing Air Jordans and the like. My kids had Wal-Mart shoes on! I see people using food stamps who are wearing Hilfiger. It is crazy. They should be held accountable. If you get on assistance, you should have to, mandatory, complete job training. You should be required to prove you were looking for a job. If we have to, they should do home checks! They say you have to look for a job, fax resumes, but it is not consistently followed up on. They have job training, but it is not mandatory. We should hold them accountable. If we did, it would not be so easy to live off the system.

My mom didn't get any assistance either. The only thing she applied for was the counseling, which she could not get. That is it. She worked 2 jobs as long as I can remember. We didn't have anything either. I got teased many times for my clothes. Then she finally got us out of the bad neighborhood into a good school district and I was going to school with kids driving cars worth as much as my house. That is okay though, because it made me a better person. It made me respect the value of a dollar, work hard for what I want, etc. My mother taught me those things through the hardships she had to go through and me seeing her work so hard. When you have a welfare family, that same mentality is only passed on. Until we do something to change that and hold them accountable, you are just breeding more and more that will expect the same things.