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well now there's a trend. doesn' t everyone in auburn, alabama live in a trailer?

Posted By: just curious on 2005-08-04
In Reply to: Auburn, Alabama - passing by

what college do the trailer park students attend?

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No, everyone in Auburn, Alabama does not live in trailers.
A lot of the students attend Auburn University.
Auburn, Alabama
Not me. Live in Alabama and it's hot here. nm
How dare you? I used to live in a trailer and was not a skank

I do not live in a trailer park, but you are one snobby B-
just hope he doesn't start a new trend--ewww!
I can't stand it if I accidentally forget to put mine on. I can usually tell pretty quickly if I do. Just not comfortable to me (or anyone else around probably).
trailer parks have long been the but of jokes about the people who live in them.
You know that. If you choose to live in a trailer park that is certainly your right but sorry the stigma is there and I nor the OP created it. There was a running joke about Paula Jones (Clinton's "friend") being trailer park trash. Why? I don't know as I do not live in trailer park nor do I want to because I don't want the stigma. I was looking at property in North Carolina and there was no zoning regulation so the property was across the street from a trailer park which brought property values down. I am not making this up nor do I create it. It is what it is. Oh, BTW, there is a new show coming on MTV, a parody I think of the home improvement shows, where a gay biker type grit, tries to rehab trailer homes. Hilarious. Again, I didn't make it up nor stigmatize trailer parks. Someone took a concept of their idea of people and their trailer homes and ran with it. There is also the same idea in Blue Collar TV with Jeff Foxworthy on Comedy Channel.

Bottom line, there is a stigma to living in a trailer park and you have to learn to live with that. I personally can't live with the stigma and do not entertain the thought of moving to a trailer park. I think it would be hard on my kids to have that trailer park stigma on them as they enter school.
lucky to live in a trailer park where she has to defend her way of living?
I would pack up and move if I had to defend where I lived and I would not consider myself lucky.
hey, how come you don't live in a trailer park? if i'm a snob, there are millions of snobs w
live in a trailer park. why do you think people make fun of trailer parks on tv or called clinton's girlfried, paula jones, "trailer park trash" when trying to dismiss her sexual lawsuit against him. trailer park trash is not a joke/phrase others have to wonder about. they have an image and it's pretty much well earned.
Look, if you knew me you wouldn't have said those things. I live in Alabama! We hate sm
them-thar' fags. Honestly, I am probably the MOST unprejudiced (if that's a word) person in my entire family! I'm constantly rolling my eyes at THEM because they use inappropriate names to refer to people and I don't like it.

I am a conservative who doesn't believe in same-sex marriages! I am totally against it.

What I am saying is this: This lady is NOT making this stuff up. It happens. We may not like it, but it happens. and here's the real kicker: We need to love these so called "degenerates." We really do. Like the Beatle's song goes: All you need is love...

Love can make them turn around. Really!
Okay home is where the heart is but if you live in trailer park next door to red neck grits
with a mullet and bleached blond hair who drink beer all day and let their kids run wild, your little trailer park heart filled home becomes a bit of a headache because of the neighbors who may not have the same ideals or morals/ethics you do and they are SO CLOSE you can't shut them out of your world. Cheap housing brings in cheap people and in trailer parks you pretty much get what you get neighbor-wise. So my heart may be in my little trailer but my neighbors are part of my homelife.
Who doesn't live with you (sm)

And who needs it, LMAO.

And who has time for goofy men like that.

Thank you to all who responded.

It doesn't matter where you live (sm)

There are bad neighbors anywhere you go.  You can start praying that they'll move, we did that at my place and have good neighbors now.

Be glad there is some room between you though, at least their windows are not 10' away from yours.

Trailer's and trailer parks

Saw on the Travel Channel the ones in Malibu...I HAVE a home appraised at 239,000 and only wish I could sell it, get rid of all the sniveling neighbors and move into a nice trailer & park, where I could actually have the time to enjoy me neighbors and live, rather than work my butt off for this "brick house"

Keep your attitude, and enjoy your home.  My bro lives in a fantastic "mobile home estate" and has just the best community.  He had emergency surgery,quite unexpected, but you can rest assurred there were meals at his door, which was swept off and his yard and garden well tended.

Must be a trend
We are having roast with potatoes and carrots too. Cooked in the crock pot all day. Wouldn't know what to do without it!! It's just so hard sitting here all day having to smell it. My tummy has been growling...can't wait to eat!!
I also use Trend. I just bought a new computer with Vista and it came with the computer. So far it's working great.
Seems to be the trend in this business
Sliding downhill bit by bit. I hope you find a solution too :(
Anyone else notice the trend.
I'm just amazed when I look at the Job Seeker's board and every job has at least 400 or even up to 1000 views.  Are that may people really looking for jobs. I think most of us are just not happy where we are and are always looking for greener pastures, but what I am finding..there aren't any..This professional has gone way down. Between the line rate and less-than-average benefits, why do we want to waste our times with the frustration. At this point, I think I can make more at Star Bucks and I hear they offer great benefits including medical insurance. I'd rather make a latte than put up with this stress...At least, those customers are appreciative of their coffee!!!
You can go to Trend housecall and run

free and it works.  You don't have to buy anything.  Last year when I had a horrible tough virus I was able to get around the virus disabling on my system using the online scanner.  It will clean and correct what it can.  Those viruses it can't, it will give you to the tool (for any worm or trojan viruses).  After you do that and you're clean, get your virus protection on there ASAP.  Here's the link ...



reversing OUTSOURCE trend ?
that I will not make the money that the hospital pays me. But is it true - that outsourcing is being reversed? I'd love to hear that ... so many more options for decent employment would come our way.

THanks !
Trend Net from http://www.newegg.com!
I too believe it is a trend, basically to cut costs. As far as MQ, SM
I don't work for them, but honestly, from reading posts, seems like they were just bought out by a mad scientist who thinks up ways to drive people crazy. Sort of a game of how far can we drive people before they crack.
Thanks, I have Trend Micro. I'll try that.
Just supposedly it might not work with some programs. Has anyone had trouble with Trend Micro having problems with certain software or programs?
It's not deep at all. It's a trend and I am glad to see it go away with Jude Law's
movies miserably failing at the box office.  There's nothing deep about that.  Just the facts maam.
is the new trend to not put spaces after a number and the measurment--sm
6cm?  I got QA back stating that the space I entered 6 cm was incorrect.
Trend Micro is the only security software I use.
Trend? Lets go back to the 60s, Rock Hudson...
Epitome of masculinity by your standards and he turned out to be as gay as a song  bird!   Talk about girly...so you never know, Toby Keith maybe hiding a few secrets too!   
I have Trend Micro PC-cillin and have never gotten a warning for this site nm
Obviously in whatever was said about trailer parks,
nobody was referring to you and you seem to have taken it too personally.  No flames here.  Just understand, trailer parks got their bad name long before you came along.  Yes, there are some nice ones out there, but the majority that get into the spotlight get there because of bad things.  So, don't take it personally unless it applies to you and hopefully now that you've had your rant you feel better.
Trailer "trash"
I also live in a mobile home but not in a park at the present time.We have our own five acres of land. We get this slander type of talk all the time. Half of my relatives live in nice double wides. Who cares?? At least we are not paying big bucks per month for a house payment just to keep up with the Joneses. When some of the people who live in fancy houses lose their jobs, their house will be the first thing to hit the auction block. We owned a huge house in a nice neighborhood but since being retired, who needs all that upkeep plus the high taxes???

I say live and let live. I personally like mobile homes, trailers, double wides,manufactured housing--whatever you want to call them.
Trailer parks
My neighborhood will allow it, but they have a lot of obstacles -- fortunately. I don't even thing trailer park developers or landlords care about the folks they sell to. Trailers DEPRECIATE in value, unlike standard housing. Banks won't even lend money to finance or mortgage them. You have to finance them through other means, usually with high interest rates. Not a smart investment.
Trailer Parks
Where the heck have yu been? I know may peple with great educations.. problem is the job market is pathetic. You sound like a person from SNOBSVILLE.. you ought to me up with my ex. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about living a mobile park. and for your information lady, you bettr have good credit and a good recommendation or else the will not take you in some of the trailer parks. You are a snob and an arrogant woman. Where you from NEW YORK? Have you ever lived in a a mobile home park. Most low income could NOT afford it, after all when you have to pay 500 bucks a month for lot rent. you are so full of it....I live in a mobile home court and Love it. it's clean, with security, and there are no old mobile homes in this court. Get off your high horse...GEEZ.. THEY DO REQUIRE CREDIT CHECKS MS SMARTY PANTS.
Don't need to be cleaning no trailer.
Y'all can jist haul it off and git you a new one iffen it gets dirty.
I would rather have someone haul it than me with a trailer (sm)
We had to rent a trailer to put behind out pickup one time to go pick up some jet skis.  It was only about a 90 mile drive, but it was a horror.  We went through a lot of construction and the lanes were narrow.  I wasn't driving, but if I had been, I would have crashed.  DH was even amazed that he got them through without scraping the sides. Even if it costs a little extra, I think it would be well worth it to have it hauled for you.  They will insure it.  I know it has "special value", but I'm sure it will be fine.  Good luck.  Let us know how you make out.
How are hiring companies getting away with trend towards IC versus employee status SM
after the lawsuit that determined that IC was indeed an employee because she was told when to work, what days of the week.  The company got into trouble with employment laws because of this a few years back, yet I see most of the job postings on this and other sites are mostly IC.
I'm in Alabama! nm

2.16 to 2.19 in Alabama. nm
If you don't mind me asking, what was the name of the small company in Alabama?
44 Y/O in Alabama
Several of us in Alabama.
Do most of you work for companies or have your own accounts?
Alabama MT
I am in central Alabama - Bibb County - have only worked at home for about 4 months now and absolutely love it!
Lived in a trailer for years
The only reason I'm not still in one is because I moved in with my boyfriend who had a bigger house.  If I was by myself, I would buy another trailer.  I was always perfectly happy in mine; actually, I loved it, and could afford it, without going into serious debt.   I would buy a newer trailer right now if my boyfriend would agree, because I hate a 2-story, but haven't convinced him yet.
A trailer would be an improvement over my house.
I would love to be able to afford a nice trailer.  At least most of them have two bathrooms.  Right now they are out of my league.  I live in an older house on a farm (170 acres that we have paid for).   I am not sure I would enjoy living in a "park", but more because of the lack of privacy than for pride.  Now there are really nice upscale communities of manufactured homes.  Of course there are still a lot of snobs around who look down at their noses at anyone who does not live up to perceived standards.  My brother works for a dealership.  I have visited and looked at those homes.  Some of them are out of this world.  Some are made up to the quality of a regular house and cost accordingly.  With some of the shoddy construction I have seen in new homes lately, no one really can honestly say that these houses are any better than a "trailer".
Trailer park dwelling
Fine if you want to live in a trailer park, but you should have to pay property taxes. If you want to be treated like everyone else, then pay taxes like everyone else. We had this issue in our community, and we did fight against having a trailer park, because that means the surrounding community has to subsidize the schooling, police, fire, garbage pickup, and all the other services for a trailer park or manufactured home community. I found all this out during months leading up to stopping a trailer park developer. I do believe trailer park dwellers should be treated like everyone else, which means they should have to pay property taxes like everyone else. Currently, in Michigan, they don't. That's not only wrong, it is preferential treatment for manufactured home communities. I'm sure you're as respectable as you say, so start paying your own way instead of making a community subsidize you!
The trailer I had was not on a permanent foundation,
the wheels were removed, and the interest rate was not outrageous.
why no, i don't live in snobville. did you think you knew me? i live in heritage hills a suburb
it takes a little longer to get to work and shopping but thank god i have some privacy and am away from the congestion.  lovely trees and lakes all around.  maybe about 20 minutes to a large shopping mall.  but no, i don't even know where snobville is.
Adware is extremely limited. Try Trend Micro House Call.
Thanks so much for your help here.  We're retired,  my husband is a retired truck driver and THANK GOD we have the ability to help others in need.   If we can just find out who, what, when and where, we're prepared to rent a truck, do a drive here locally and bring the stuff but we've made phone call on top of phone call and no one seems to know how we can help except to donate to the Red Cross but we want specifically to help the forgotten people.
$15.00 an hour for MT in Alabama
I work prn for a hospital in Alabama.  I make $15.00 an hour.  This is with no benefits and no insurance.  When I worked full-time for them, I made $12.00 an hour and had benefits and insurance. 
45 yof, MT 10+ yrs, med field 20 yrs Alabama nm
I think so (Alabama doc with accent!)
I have to admit I'm flipping here a bit.  My son took my headphones to school somehow and I'm having to do this without headphones!  Thank you so much!