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On job board. Some goof posted 11:50 hour for 2 years experience

Posted By: OMG we are Walmart employees on 2005-10-26
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i have 19 years experience and still type 220+ lines/hour
without having to cherrypick. That's just what we do when we get into a backlog. That way, we never have to outsource ... thank God ... and we won't lose our jobs to India ... even BETTER!
I have 13 years experience and just started a hospital job working from home making $16 an hour

and with a really good incentive plan.  I live in the Kansas City area.  $10 seems like a low starting point even with only two years experience which is the usual benchmark for hospital MT jobs. 

It's been my experience that the low end of the pay scale for hospital employed MTs was around $12 an hour.  Also, it's been my experience that the pay offered is usually based on years of experience and how well you perform on the transcription test.

I would say if their pay is that low, they should at least be making it up with incentive and it doesn't sound like they are.


Do you need to have 2 years full time experience or just 2 years' experience? nm
Please see my question on company board -posted on wrong board
All word questions need to be posted on the Word board. Please use the correct board to post.
All word questions need to be posted on the Word board. Please use the correct board to post.


Are you the one who posted on the Ask the Dr board?

I go to "The Stop Smoking Center" for online support.  I quit for eight years, but this past 13 months have been so crazy that I relapsed exactly one year ago.  I've been peeved at DH and stressed over a lot of stuff, so I lit up one night while out with a friend.  I quit again for three months using Zyban, but relapsed yet again after stopping that.  I do OK during the day with not smoking, but DH smokes outside at home so it's tough to stay quit being around him.  I just keep making excuses to not quit.  That means I'm just not ready yet.  People handle their emotions and stress fine without smoking.  I handled everything fine for eight years without smoking, and those eight years were pretty hairy, too..  For me, it's a question of replacing my bad emotional crutch with a good one.  (Exercise!)

Good for you for making the decision!  You can do it!  Google the support board I told you about, and I'll probably be around here if you want to buddy up or anything.

This is posted on the job board:

...7 cpl for a 65-char. line with room for increase. Please send resume and place "ESL MT" in the subject line. These are very difficult accents...

Is this serious??  THAT is why there is nothing left to this profession.  Applying for and accepting jobs like this is what has been the kiss of death for MTs.  I hate to think what they would pay for non ELSs - 5 cpl?

I have posted this before on another board
My DH cousin jokeingly said to be a Transcriptionist all you have to do is know how to type and spell. I said "okay, spell pterygoid muscle." After a long blank stare he said, "There is no such thing". Like I said he truely was joking but so many people think there is nothing to this job.
Look on the job board, someone just posted a weekend only job - nm
It should be posted on the Company board, please.
On another board here, I posted a news
article which actually identified this New Zealand company as being owned by a HUGE American national....everyone laughed at me and said this was old news - offshoring. But it was sure news to me that it was my company and now in New Zealand. Personally, I'd love to transfer there. Lots of nice sheep and trees.
Silly me, you posted t his on the Gab board too - sm
I got confused!!!!!
sorry...posted on wrong board
Someone posted abbreviations before this board went
bonkers and I had copied it down. When site went down, so did my copy. Does anyone have a good site for abbreviations? Thanks.
I also posted on the political board, but -
I did not refer to Obama or McCain and the political side of it, I am interested more in how it is effecting us in the United States. Everyone else is posting here about their jobs and that is what I am talking about. I don't care about policies right now, I am wondering how every day life is going to change.

And, no, I am not being rude, just explaining myself.
Just posted on the Political Board
a long rant on this - please refer to that. But also see this website.

It's time to take a stand MTs!

If you are the OP, you also posted this on the Company board
As being a position with Keystrokes. I didn't think KS hired ICs?

Color me confused but...?
At the top of the Company Board is posted ....s/m
' Don't make your decisions based on someone else's recommendation - Administration '
One guy posted on message board, saying he was on his laptop in the car.
He said they are doomed if they do not open up the highway going the opposite direction, as you said. And, fuel is an issue, needless to say.

Mandatory evacuation should have been ordered soon, they are saying, as opposed to voluntary.
Okay, Top Ten Reasons Why... posted on comedy board

This one is good.

I believe they are posted on "Job Seeker's Board"
Posted on Coder's board, but cannot get a reply
This is an awesome link... Thanks so much, I posted this on another board (sm)
Was referred to this Tips & Techniques... No clue what it meant... This explains a lot. Thanks so much.
Bloopers can be posted on the Comedy board.
Hi Donna. I posted to you on the autoimmune board

Other people have posted about the ad on the company board--
--but the posts were deleted. I'm not sure what's up with that.
Administrator I posted my name for looking for an MT job on your job resume board and I dont see it
We have not moved this topic to the Company board. Perhaps you posted it
there initially thinking it was the Main board.
Re above message - just posted on technical board. Need help badly.
As always, political posts should be posted on the Politics board.
Posted another quick and good one on recipe board for you.
Posted on the Gab Board about name suggestions for my cookie business if anyone would like to help
I'm not sure how busy the Gab Board is compared to this board, so I thought I'd post here as an fyi. Thanks for any help :)
Sorry to disappoint you but I've never posted on the newbie board!
people sometimes goof off at work, nothing wrong with that
 It doesnt take up THAT much time.
I agree. And as someone posted on another board here, it's hard to care about it when the dictat
Being these are pretty darn important documents, it's equally as important for us to get it right as it is for them to slow down so we can truly actually hear what they're trying to say. It's a joint effort that often falls short on their end for whatever reason.
To the service who posted a job ad on the Main board, the reason your post
was removed is because all job ads are to be posted on the Job Seeker's board. Any "well-deserving MT" knows to look at that forum for that "chance to work for an excellent company and make an excellent line rate". Feel free to post your ad there.

Thank you.
MT Week prizes are posted on the Main board. Watch for them and then
follow the directions to enter. If you see a post that has a winner announced beneath it, that prize is no longer available.
This was posted earlier today on the Gab Board and now I am reading this statement from this Pakista
Posted By: Sheri Steadman Administrator (see details inside) On: 2008-02-27


The mtstars.com domain name has been hijacked, so this website will probably go down and then come back up with old information (not current posts). We are setting up at mtstars.net and taking legal action to regain the mtstars.com domain. Please do not post at this site further as the domain has been taken over by an offshore entity.

Thank you for your loyalty over the years, but know that we are not gone. We plan to have mtstars.net up and running very soon ...

After years of sitting down and getting 1 job an hour....
I finally got out.  They don't care if 300 people type 50 jobs a day or 3000 people type 1 job a day.  Makes no difference to them.  Hey, if you don't make their minimum line count, they don't have to provide you with benefits, so it's a win-win if you don't get much work.  I can only hope that a company that cares that little about their employees will eventually implode upon itself.  It took me over a year of scouring the employment opportunities at the local hospitals before I finally got a job with a hospital.  For the first time in 17 years of doing MT, I feel like somebody.  I was also fortunate enough to get a job that has all their MTs at home telecommuting, so it's best of both worlds.  I know that isn't possible for everybody, but maybe if enough people "bail" on these nationals who HAVE all the hospital accounts, and they're left with inexperienced "typists" who will eventually mess up the work so bad that the hospitals get mad, maybe hospitals will go back to having their own department where at least they have some quality control over the finished product.  That's my hope for this profession.
Thanks ... guess I'll have to check it out some time ... like I need to find more ways to goof of
How many years experience as MT? nm
Yes, I could see 9 CPL with 18 years experience!
I am just a newbie doing clinic reports. I get 7 CPL and am grateful that MQ was willing to hire me right out of school. I sure hope all the bad rumors do not materialize. I am hoping to get in more experience before the rug is ripped out from under me. I am glad that you posted. There were rumors about the 'new' minimum lines being 8,000 PPP and I am only up to 6,000. So I might be Okay in that area. Did they state anything about any certain percentage of reports going to QA. That is another rumor going around, that only 15% of reports can go to QA, which does not make sense as I know they don't want us GUESSING what the doctor said!
With 2 years experience!
It is a good thing to make that much with so little experience. HOw did you start editing with only 2 years experience? How can you possibly know enough of the language of medicine to edit? I call someone with 2-4 years experience a newbie not an experienced editor.
Is this right? MUST HAVE: 2 years' experience
15 years of experience and you don't know
Well, she's now said she has 16 years MT experience
and explain to me how she has been in this field for 16 years and does not know medical terminology?  An impossibility.  Maybe she did not understand their format, how to access or send back work, any number of other issues - but if you have that many years experience - you definitely know what you are doing MT-wise.  And I am the poster from below who was let go after all the changes by the MTSO - and her true belief that her way was the RIGHT way and the only way and how could I not see that (???).... there are so very, very rude people out there - lucky for you perhaps you have not met one yet - your time may still come - and perhaps you will take a different attitude.  I agree that there are really some dingy MTs out there - I do QA - I see it daily - the terms are hysterical they come up with - well they are funny when they are not serious - but you don't last 16 years and not know your stuff. 
Thanks. You can do it with 14 years' experience! (nm)
7 years experience here, doing
multispecialty clinic work for local lady who has her own accounts and get .10 per gross line, also work for a medium sized national and get 7.5 per 65-char line. Same as the other poster, would rather have enough of the .10 per line, but it is not there.
With 22 years of experience. :)
10 years experience s/m

I've been with MQ for going on 10 years now and only make 7.75 cpl.  I am a "tier 2" - doing acute care basic 4, clinics, specialty clinics and even some cardiac procedures and OP notes.  I recently interviewed with 3 companies and was offered anywhere from 8.5 to 9.5 cpl.  With your experience, I would certainly expect to be making 9 cpl, unless you can pick up some private accounts on your own. 

Another thing to consider is whether or not you'll be needing benefits.  My experience has been that IC pay is a little better because there are no benefits.  The line rates I listed above do not include any incentives which may be offered.  That's also something you should take into consideration when looking.  Those rates are based on a 65-character line - spaces and demographics included.