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Productivity board to be added today.

Posted By: Administrator nm on 2005-08-19
In Reply to: Where do you usually talk about productivity? - MT 2. sm


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oops....cant spell today, supposed to be literally, not litterally. I added a T too many. hehe. nm
Can someone help me on productivity board? SM

I didn't know if that board is frequented a lot, but posted a couple questions there.

Thanks so much for your time.


Please help on Productivity board. TIA nm
See productivity board.
Productivity Board?
Where the heck did the productivity board go?
Did I just dream there was a productivity board here now?
Productivity board post
Please view post on productivity board re: SH back up from technologically challenged.
Is there anything on the Productivity or Technical board?

Doesn't this belong on the productivity board?
I would call IT or check productivity board sm
as would be so much more efficient easier to get IT to work correctly than to try to work back words and get autocorrect to work - IT should work with just about anything - not so with autocorrect
This post should be made on the Productivity board. Thread locked.
Because you're all over this board today
on a beautiful Sunday attacking all the "bitter" MTs with bad attitudes.  However, you are the epitome of bitterness.  You're starting arguments and justifying your own bad behavior.  Have you ever heard the saying that when you're angry at someone, you're really angry at yourself?  Are you having a bad day, hon?  Home life got you down?  Stressed out?  All alone and lonely?  Do you just need a hug?  We're here for you if you'd like to open up about what's really bothering you. 
Is company board down? No posts from today. nm
Did you look at the company board? Just scroll down the page for posts from yesterday and today!
This was posted earlier today on the Gab Board and now I am reading this statement from this Pakista
Posted By: Sheri Steadman Administrator (see details inside) On: 2008-02-27


The mtstars.com domain name has been hijacked, so this website will probably go down and then come back up with old information (not current posts). We are setting up at mtstars.net and taking legal action to regain the mtstars.com domain. Please do not post at this site further as the domain has been taken over by an offshore entity.

Thank you for your loyalty over the years, but know that we are not gone. We plan to have mtstars.net up and running very soon ...

HELP with Shorthand. Suddenly today when I tried to start work today.sm

my ShortHand would type only the first letter of an expansion and then take all the letters away!  I checked and the Type It button is grayed out!  I have restarted the computer and looked on the Shorthand Help menu but can find nothing that applies.  Can anyone please help me ASAP?  I am lost without it!  TIA

Perhaps you are right. This one is dated today. The original article was on Yahoo today also with

But this article states it would only affect new customers right now.  So I am upset over nothing.  I went through heck with BellSouth when they charged me a surcharge of an extra 50 a month and then would write a letter saying I had to switch to a long distance service and pay by the minute because of my "excessive" use. They told me the unlimited charge was for an average of an hour a day not somebody who worked out of their home and I needed to switch a business plan at over 200 a month charge.  I switched over to cable because of that and then to read that cable was going to charging on a per use fee and not a flat monthly fee it upset me.  It is the nature of our work, VR, only paying for VBC, having headers and footers taken away, now being charged for being on line, etc.  It just seems that everything is done to keep to insure less money.

well it added up for me,
characters divided by 65 -- they DO count spaces.

plus i just rec'd the unexpected check for 'errors' of over $400, yeehah!! and another letter explaining the new 'pay plan' which includes another week off for FT'ers, pay based upon experience, etc. MQ, like i've said before, is always improving, i love this company!! i just hope they continue to be who they are and not ever sell out!!
Thanks for your Feedback.

MTStars Support Team.

Should have added.
new platform, even after 3 months typing about 300 lines less per day.  Plus they might be doing away with incentive pay, so seeing what is "out there."  The insurance coverage also got so much worse with 3,000.00 deductible, no meds covered, etc., which is a huge benefit loss.  Will probably stay there, but seeing what other companies offer for a good overall pay/benefit package.
Oh I also added more RAM
I also added more RAM and it made not one whit of difference
ADDED: She knows she's likely to lose some accounts due to poor quality but figures she'll worry about that later. I think it's a horrendous way to run a business, but nevertheless, it's exactly the way it's being done.
Also, I should have added that if your
facility goes by BOS, a copy of that is also an excellent idea. BOS2 is what is most commonly used, however there is a BOS3 out now. I would not purchase these, however, until I had a job and was told that I needed them as they can be quite expensive and not everyone has flipped over to BOS3. There are many things in these books on style, how to type certain things in reports (not always logical), etc.
Have you added in the other benefits

The company has great benefits that can add up to several thousand a year. Paid downtime. Paid holidays. Vacation/PTO starting the first year. No equipment rental fee. Big discount on word books. Rental library for medical education. Reimbursement for continuing education. Decent insurance. Might make a difference.

HomeSchoolers Added.

On our Partner site (Under General Category), see the Menu on your left for General Boards link.

Thanks, MTStars Administration.

You can configure it yourself and have one added in
Added" rather pay to have it done right the first time.
The added pay for the CMT some companies SM
pay, like mine, is on top of basic pay, so you'd even make more than yourself if you had the credential.
One more thing that can be added - (sm)
You said: 'I was informed by 48 out of 54 potential employers that the CMT Credential that I thought I earned was false, counterfeit, and not worth the paper it was printed on.'

To all thinking of obtaining AHDI's CMT test (supposedly the 'legit' certification):


How do you spell S-C-A-M ?
TL is a do nothing, worthless added layer of
management to make some people think they are more important than they really are.  Most of them know jack-sh** about anything, are just company pets and get paid to be a PITA.  
I have explained several times now that we have added the
Indian URL to the Google Adsense filter so that it will stop appearing, but it does take a few days for it to take effect.  We have NO control over Google when a banner appears, but we can remove it though it does take time on Google's part.
Cool! Thanks. I added it to my favorites!
That is because tobacco co. added 10% more nicotine
I quit for fives years beginning in 1989. It was difficult but five years is a long time. Then, married a smoker...well, tried to quit again numerous times, going for 1-1/2 years without only to start again in 2002 and then 10 months without and starting again this past June.

I want to quit, the price is outrageous. The cough is so unappealing. And my mother just died of respiratory failure.

sry that should be c'mon, my shorthand was on and added the th. nm
He added over 200 to the counter right from the start.

It's a trick.

Hi, Lisa. Have you added macros to SM
your Expander yet for many of the common VR changes--such as for backspacing over a comma, adding a period, and capping the first word of the new sentence? How do you drop common words like, say, "she" into a sentence on the run? I hit "k" and in it goes, but I'm off scanning the next line by then and don't actually see it. Do you constantly use your program's function for jumping the cursor to the point of dictation and vice versa (assuming it has one)? This is a big speeder-upper.

And a reality that's hard for some to run into: Editing skills and talents are different than transcribing skills and talents. Reading fast and accurate becomes big. Punctuating fast on the run was always desirable, but it's more significant now as the ability to simply get the letters on paper becomes less so. Are you one of those this work suits or one it doesn't? If yes, keep working on speed. If not, move on sooner rather than later.
Glad you added that (:) to clarify. (nm)
I signed it, and added my 2 cents, as well.
The India ad is a Google ad and has been added not to show, however

it does not not remove instantly. It usually takes hours to a day for these types of ads to no longer appear.  We have no control over what ads pop up, but we can set them up to no longer appear once we see them and can block the URL. 

Thank you.

Should have added below that my Infinity USB pedal works with it as well.

It would be a lot of added risk to an already risky surgery. nm
oops..i added my feathered friends.
I guess I should have added, now I use EXText with ESP and I love it. I just wonder if I could
even make it better.  I have ShortHand too, but I stopped using that when I started this job because they have ESP. 
I signed it, and added my 2 cents' worth, as well!
Maybe we should print copies of this letter, stand outside hospitals and clinics, and hand copies of it to patients as they're leaving. Or else put it on their windshields in the parking lot.
The ad above for Naukri is a Google ad & is not allowed on this site. It has been added to our

our Google filter, however it takes about 4 to 6 hours for it to be removed.  We have no control what Google ads appear, but we can filter them out.

Only US MTSOs whether they outsource offshore or not can post on MTStars, however offshore services and offshore job banks cannot.

I should have added to type it as "corneals" if verbatim account.
As per your request, Pets and Entertainment forums have been added.

Just added a favorite funny to the Comedy Stop

It was popular in the 1990s, but I was able to find it again by googling.   I discovered that it is not a true story, which is disappointing, but just pretend it is. 

You were just snotty, rude, and added nothing intelligent to the thread.
I purchased Shorthand and Jon Knowles program. I have about 500 shorthand entries. During downtime, I add more. I have set hours. I get up like I am going out to work. Shower, put on m/up, comb hair, etc. Make coffee/cereal, and do a few household chores before I sign in at 8:30. I do not move until I have done 25 reports. Take a 15 break, take out some for lunch, type 25 more reports. Eat lunch while I am watching a few mins. of Y/Restless. Look at email..Look at local paper online. Email buddy in Texas. On Mondays, take a few minutes to discuss D/Housewives. Type 20 more rports. Watch 15 minutes of Passions. And for the afternoon stretch, I type until I have about 80-90 reports. If my baby stays with my sister, I will type until I have 100-120 reports. During school year, I might type straight through until I have 40 reports. You just have to stay focus. A few days a month, I take an hour lunch away from home to be around grown people. I have been doing this 7 years and gross about 40,000 yr b/c I also do taxes. You have to stay focuses. I plan on making about 52,000 this year. In between I wash a load of clothes, iron, etc....plan meals. Just stay focused. I get depressed if I have a week paycheck less than a grand.

How in the world do you accomplish so many lines.

I am genuinely interested in any advice you might have. I struggle to meet minimums when work is available.