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As per your request, Pets and Entertainment forums have been added.

Posted By: Administrator (sm) on 2006-04-17
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a video for your entertainment


I thought it was hilarious.

For entertainment purposes only, but listen to your
They've done nothing in the entertainment industry
Time to double your dosage and take a nap, dear. Sounds like you've gone over the deep end and are taking this way too personally.

You need to get out more.
If you have an Entertainment book there are coupons in it.
I needed the morning entertainment. My Monday will now be a better day!
Suggestion: new board category--Entertainment
Maybe you should consider establishing an Entertainment board, so that the Main Board doesn't fill up with so many long threads about movies, stars, and TV shows. I truly don't mean this as a knock to anyone,--and I enjoy these--but you do have to scroll through a lot of pages sometimes to get to the business-of-MT-type discussions. Just a thought. 
$2500-2600 not counting entertainment, doc/dentist

That's just rent, phone, electric, car, car ins., gas, and food.

American Idol discussion on Entertainment Board (nm)
I encourage you to stay with your pet in your home. If you are stupid enough to put animals above the welfare of humans, we, the rest of the human race, can do without you.

I do not want to be exposed to someone's animals with their ticks, fleas, dander and fur while I'm trying to ride out a storm in a shelter.

You have no right to inflict your animals on me. I do not want my tax money going to feeding and housing someone's pets (unless they are a helping animal, like a "seeing eye" dog or one of the dogs and monkeys that help disabled people.

You idiot animal lovers who put your pets before people need to put up the money to build/rent your own shelters for animals and leave the rest of us out of it.
Not just here, but on other forums
people have nothing better to do that trash others.
Tired! Yes, I spent "forever" over there. Those are truly special and I found myself "lost in the forum world" and before I knew it over an hour had gone by! Now, the trick is to save up some quality time to learn what I want it to do for me, what I already know and how it applies to that program, and then learn what I need to know and USE IT! Do you use it with IT? I think I want to go over to those forums again right now and I need to stop myself because it is 11:15 and I have to get up early! I don't know, but I may stay up all night if I dare go there! I saw where someone on the forum wanted to import their glossaries and other lists and had trouble, but do you know if you can save your glossaries as text files and import them that way like in RN? I really miss DOS too, and find that finding paths in Windows is not too straightforward in every case, but still am looking forward to finally letting go of my "obsession" with PRD and DOS. I guess I am old, but still it worked so well and it wasn't "broken" so why did they change everything to Windows stuff? Could you hear the whine in that? Sorry! I need to shut up now and either go to bed and get sleep or go over to that forum and learn stuff! Thanks again for making my entire year with that advice!
There is a forum for Pets under
If there is a board for a particular topic, the topic is supposed to be taken to that board. I will be emailing the Administrator.
available upon e-mail request

Quick Reference Guide (24 pages) as well as Instruction Manual (114 pages)

I think it would be appropriate to request this account.
If you are already familiar with the account you will be more productive and that is to the advantage of the company.   I recently applied to a company that has an account that I had worked on for many years.  I did not request this account, but did state that I had worked on it for many years and this was the account they had planned to put me on.  I ended up not taking the position because the company offshores. 
Anyone have pets that pester more than sm
the family, phone or doorbells?  I swear my 2 dogs have it in for me today.  I didn't take them for their 1/2 hour walk this morning and now they are being absolutely horrible. Won't leave me alone for anything.  Yikes, what a mistake.  Yep, this is the absolute worst they have ever been. One at the door staring at me and the other under the desk pawing my leg.   I've skipped the walk for 2 days now. Tomorrow I won't and I bet they leave me alone!  Shame on me.  Full moon maybe? 
neglected pets
...funny you should bring that up. I have been so
busy with school and work, my normally sweet cockatiel birds have been monsters!! I have a large office and a couple of months ago they decided they wanted to stay there so I moved in there. What a pain! They sense when I'm stressed and rushing. That's when the screaming starts. I had to leave my office for a half hour, and when I came back, the new telephone cord was chewed off, my papers were chewed and shredded, and one bird was shredding my reference books!!! They are so demanding. If I don't pay attention to then for a half hour before I start working, I will pay dearly!!! But I do so love them!
I got the login request, too
Couldn't even SEE a webpage because it was asking for login and password.
per your request, I just emailed you *S*

request an abatement
We are in something similar right now. The IRS kept our refund this year and after some checking around we found out that we still owed $2500 in principal plus interest and penalties from a business my husband had 9 YEARS AGO. We have gotten refunds every years since then. It's insane. I sent them a check for about half of it, which covered the principal and sent a letter requesting an abatement (cancellation) from interest in penalties, detailing why this was justified. Probably won't work but worth a try. They cashed the check super fast but still waiting to hear on the rest.
References available upon request (sm)

References are private information and I would just state the above at the end of the resume. I've done this for years without a problem. If the employer is interested in hiring you, they'll ask for them.



Yes, distractions such as forums are
real time/line-stealers. I'm not working today and have some online research to do so I'm here today more than usual.

Good luck!
Did you look under forums on this site?
There is a new site for Billers/Coders.
Where are the nursing forums?
I cant find them :(
We have two recipe forums.

http://www.forumatrix.com/General/b/3.html   and



Equipment forums say you have to really hit
Yes, bonuses are reserved for the pets, not
based on cooperation, quality, or anything else, just whether your team leader thinks you are wonderful and so does Deb, but if you are on Deb's list, you get nothing, so just stay quiet in your corner and say nothing or she will slam you.   
family pets while working
Have a chair behind my work chair and I HATE when at 2-3am, my cat wants my attention and all of a sudden I feel this "tap" on my back..no one else here but me but I swear everytime he does that it scares me to death lol
Katrina's Displaced Pets

As most of you know by now, lots of the evacuees are refusing to go because they don't want to leave their pets behind.  For all you you pet lovers out here, I've found two sites that are trying to help out in this area that I thought I'd pass on...

www.hsus.org   (Humane Society of America)



Please pray for our little dog, Fluffy,  who is in the hospital right now and on oxygen.  We just came from there and he is having a lot of difficulty breathing.  He has swelling on his spinal cord and they are unable to do additional testing to find out why because of this complication.  Please everyone say a prayer for him that his breathing stabilizes and they can find out what the problem is. 

Thank you and God Bless

Thank you!! I did request a stop payment and a nm
wire transfer or overnight but have had no response yet but it hasn't been that long either. Waiting for a response. I did email someone else who also works for them but no response from that yet either. My point is exactly as you said, being a week late, i am in deep trouble and it has costed me a lot as i go from check to check so like me and my kiddos are starving waiting on this check, lol. on the other hand, i make good money with this acct and don't want to tick them off as i love this acct but i am in a bind needing my money.
Has anyone ordered pet meds from Entirely Pets?

My dog has Cushings and is on $200.00/mo worth of meds and we are going broke between them and the $1000.00/year testing needed,  not to mention shots, etc.  We are paying about $80.00/month for one medicine.  I found it at Entirely Pets for $32.00/mo - a big savings.  The package they show is the exact same as what we get from the vet, the dosage and the # of pills is also the same.   I read the description and it doesn't say anything about it being a generic or anything else that would raise a red flag.  I checked this med at 1800PetMeds and it is $60.00/month there. 

I'm going to ask my vet tomorrow what she thinks.  I don't think she'll have a problem with me getting meds from another source but I'd like to hear feedback from an outside party too. 

I would ignore the request and if they persist
tell them absolutely not!

I would not give any samples of my hard work to anyone.
Just stayed at Drury, they allow pets.
I think you should request that your case openers
be fellow MTs, a bunch of us round-bottom women instead of those skinny little girls. That'd be a treat!
I have Mohawk and it does great with our pets...sm
It's neither the cheapest nor the most expensive carpet. Look around your area for a discount place as you can oftentimes find name brand carpets at a reduced price due to overstocks, discontinued items, etc.

Strange request from MTSO

I applied with a company that advertises on this site.  One of their requests was that they wanted a picture of my home office and one of myself - a full body shot - I thought that a little strange.  I didn't know whether to contact the IRS or what as far as the home office went - but then, of course, the MTSO which was hiring only ICs required working specific hours, so that blew that deal - since I do know that the IRS can and will disallow your home office deductions if you are an IC and are required to work specific days or hours - as you are then deemed an employee under their rules.  But the picture thing, that just seems weird.

Not other forums and chat sites for MTs. (NM)
getting forums on pers computer??

I can't seem to figure out how come i can't get the full list of forums (left column) as i have on my job computer, put onto my personal computer...i used the exact same address in the address bar ...any help would sure be appreciated! 

Does anyone know of any legal transcription forums

The nastiness had some attention on other forums, and seems to (SM)
have toned down. Good Luck! Small steps add up to big things. And, "Well-behaved women rarely make history."
This issue has gotten out of hand. See the available forums to

the left and if your question or comment fits in any of those categories, please post there.  Perhaps you do not understand how the back end of discussion forums operate, but simply put, when one forum is jammed with posts it bears heavy on the server.  This is why we have a variety of boards to choose from. 

Thread locked.

Any word on why we have no forums at the left yet? nm


I have seen the forums in the left colum all along.
It is a javascript. Do you have javascript enabled?
I just think boards/forums are a place to hit

Did you try going to the general escription forums?
Is it Willie that moderates it? Anyhoo, someone in there asked about getting a USB adapter a while back. Maybe one of the techs can help you. I would LOVE to be able to use my laptop with a pedal.
Trouble with links on these forums anybody?n/m


I so hoped they would. I felt for that little boy and others who had to leave their pets.
Not to mention extremely dangerous for your pets - sm
especially the flea collars, shampoos, etc. Totally agree. Awful products. Should be banned completely.
Tarro for ants (keep away for Children and Pets)
Worked great for me - like nothing else!
MANY reasons to request a read receipt -
One of them is that someone claims to not receive your e-mail when everyone else in the world does. I finally figured out the person I was e-mailing was playing games. SO, not everything has to do with being a control freak.
Better yet, keep your pets indoors in a/c and out of parked vehicles. nm